Top 10 Gift Ideas for Golf Member and Guest

Are you seeking some suggestions on how to make your guests feel as welcome and satisfied as they have always been while they are participating in golfing sessions with you? You don’t need to look any further!

Giving your golf members the good feeling they all need when they step into your golf course is the best way to keep them coming. As long as they know that you care about them, more than just benefiting from them, they will value you as much as you value their time and energy. Trust me, this is true!

So, what could be the best options for your golf member and guests gift ideas to receive from you? Keep reading because I will give you various ideas for your next giveaways!

What is a member-guest tournament?

A member-guest tournament refers to a golf tournament in which a member of the golf club (from a private one or involved in an organization) invites a non-member to be his or her partner in the game. 

Member-guest tournaments got their start in private golf courses, where guests are only allowed on the golf club with the permission of a member who has invited them.

Why do you need to give gifts?

In the truest sense, any individual who involves himself or herself in something – like golfing for the first time or golfing to relieve their stress, surely wants to feel good afterward. However, your ultimate motive is for them not just to feel good but to relish their best moments when playing the sport, and you can achieve that by giving them freebies or tokens. 

I know you will jive with me when I say that making them feel appreciated will urge them to play more and more, right? So, get some things other than what’s inside the golf bags and entice your members and guests with a blast!

1. Branded flasks

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Even though your guests can avail your golf bags while they come in the golf course, you can reconsider giving them branded flasks. Aside from quenching their thirst after a long game, they will appreciate your kindness for sure. 

Below are the common things to consider when buying a hip flask:

✔️ Size

How big of a flask would you get as a gift? Perhaps, you can hand over a bigger size since your members and guests will not be carrying it around the course. The good feeling about golf is that you get to relax and put out your things for a much longer time than climbing a mountain. Right? It’s a nice idea to give bigger flasks for more liquor storage. 

However, make sure that it fits the golf pocket, and the golfers can reach it anytime they wish to. Their comfort over aura matters the most. 

✔️ Material

What kind of material would they want? What suits them the most? I suggest that you consider the ones made of metal and can be engraved with names or logos. Or if you have younger guests, some of them may find the contemporary ones even better. In addition, you may want to think of flasks made from recycled plastic – that way, you get closer to greener choices. 

✔️ Adjustability 

In terms of this, do you want a lid that will stay hooked to the flask when opened? Or you are just searching for a typical curved design or something a little rounder that can fit within a bigger bag or pocket? This way, you can create some imagery on your head about what would be the perfect fit for your members and their guests.

2. Dozen Golf balls

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Of course, this is a common thing, but your guests would love to get a free set of golf balls, and this adds to their excitement! Most golfers would never say no to your offer. 

Maybe when you give them the branded ones like Titleist Pro V1, you’re most likely have them wanting more. But, before you consider giving golf balls, here are some things to keep in mind.

✔️ Branding

We all know that the more the brand is known, the more convenience and quality. You can consider golf balls from Titleist (as mentioned above), Nike, Bridgestone, Callaway, or Srixon. Or you might want to choose among Wilson, OnCore, and Honma. No doubt, they offer great golf balls which suit the interest of your members and guests.

✔️ Feel

Compression affects how you feel. When a golf ball is created, it is compressed to reduce its size. The lower the compression, the more changeable or springy the ball becomes, traveling further and straighter. 

The spin is reduced as a result of low compression. If you want to hit consistently straight shots, choose a golf ball with low compression. This is a basic fact, and most of your members have ideas about this. However, some guests have little to no knowledge of this one.

Perhaps, the golfers would be consistently hitting the free balls all-around their tournament. 

✔️ Speed of swing

When you’re swinging your golf club at speeds ranging from 85 to 95 mph, that puts a good move on the ball, therefore you should use medium-compression golf balls. When you purchase from those who utilize irons, the driver swing speed will undoubtedly fall to 70 to 80 mph, with iron heads and steel shafts.

✔️ Distance

Look for a long-distance golf ball. The visitors could be future members as well. Increasing your distance is the quickest approach to reduce your handicap. Distance golf balls are designed to go a long distance while compensating for slice and loop shots more than a tour-quality golf ball would. Consider them your member’s or guest’s best golf balls.

✔️ Gender

There is a distinction in the quality of golf balls between men and women. Women’s golf balls are often softer and have greater distance than men’s golf balls. Because of this, the ball can travel further with fewer swings.

Men with fast swing rates, on the other hand, like to utilize golf balls with high compression because they can better control the trajectory of the ball.

3. Golf Shoes 

Photo Credits: Kevin Cox / Highsnobiety

Additional collection to their golf shoes would make them smile even more. They can imagine themselves wearing alternating shoes, apart from their favorites. Meanwhile, this is a challenging task – you need to note their sizes before their play. You can ask them virtually or in any, you might find helpful.

👟 Golf Shoes Make Their Play Worthwhile

Golf shoes are required because of the radial forces generated by the golf swing, which are vital to maintaining the golfer’s contact with the ground. In addition to providing players with greater stability and mobility throughout their swing, golf shoes substantially improve grip on the golf course.

👟 Which is better? Spiked or Spikeless?

Indeed, the top spikeless golfing shoes are frequently regarded as a compromise in performance, but this is away from the truth in most cases. Spikeless shoes, as opposed to traditional cleats, feature far bigger regions encompassing the entire shoe base, which provides significantly better traction.

While the best spikeless golf shoes are not only for casual golfers who want something stable, comfy, and durable, they are also becoming increasingly popular among professionals opting for spikeless footwear.

The tread will last longer if there are no spikes or cleats to wear away at it. Because of the more understated design appears less like specialist sportswear and more like a fashionable pair of sneakers. Furthermore, unlike spikes, you do not have to change your shoes when you’re at the club. Consequently, you’re the first person in line at the bar, hoping to get the first pint in before someone arrives.

So, which is which? That depends on you. The best thing to do is to ask your members and guests for their preferences.

4. Gift certificates

Who doesn’t like gift certificates? Probably, no one. This will excite each team to play because a reward awaits – talk about gift certificates! It’s like handing over some big discounts to avail in a grocery shop or convenience store. 

You can also do this through a raffle. The winners will either get a $100 gift certificate each, or you can ask them to decide the prize. 

5. Shirts

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For added comfort and protection, you might want to give them extra shirts. It will make them feel like a pro-golfer in the long run. Don’t forget to add these details in mind:

👕 Have sweat-wicking shirts

When you wear moisture-wicking fabric, moisture can readily flow from your body to the outside of your garments. This can aid in the removal of sweat from your clothing and the preservation of your dryness. The catch for this one is that the substance contains capillary gaps that are visible. The capacity of a liquid to pass through small spaces is referred to as capillarity.

Talking about golf wear, wicking happens when perspiration penetrates the fabric and becomes saturated. The sweat can reach the outer layer of the garments because of the capillary forces. From there, the moisture spreads deeper across the surface, aiding in the evaporation of the sweat.

The longer the game, the more your members and guests can dwell under the sun. So, if by chance they wear what you gave, it can be added to their fun. 

👕 Comfort

Aside from the shirt’s ability to wick moisture, the fabric should also bring comfort to the golfers. 

Golf shirts should be lightweight, breathable, and slightly stretchy. This will keep the golfers comfy all day and help their movement on their swings. In fact, some golfers prefer a bigger size for a more relaxed fit and better hit or swing.

👕 Look

Aside from the comfort and sweat-wicking properties of clothing, the look of a golf shirt is critical. Despite its great appeal, golf is a refined sport — which is why most courses demand collared shirts. Additionally, many golfers enjoy visiting a restaurant or bar following a session, necessitating confident dress.

👕 UV Protection

Certain fabric blends are used in some golf shirts to protect against the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. This will protect you from sunburns significantly more effective than a regular cotton shirt.

Here are the top 10 Clothing Brands for your members and guests:

  • Nike – Nike has been a world-renowned athletic brand for a justifiable reason since 1964. With its Dri-FIT technology and sophisticated styles, golfers can play with confidence. Your body will move freely in this fabric that wicks moisture away from your skin.
  • Adidas – This golf wear resists wind and stretches organically with your hand movements. This company entered the industry in 1997 and is now a category leader. The shoes’ arch provides support, and the varied designs keep you looking swish.
  • Puma – Puma, is constantly looking forward while maintaining true to its legacy. Beginning with its golf range in 2004, their designs incorporate agility and performance while maintaining a sense of flair and comfort. Its cutting-edge fabrics and seasonally appropriate designs will have you looking good with every putt. The brand has earned a strong reputation for assisting sports enthusiasts in looking their best and performing their best.
  • Lululemon – Lululemon is made for active bodies and is ideal for golfers. This brand’s fabric is designed to move with you, giving you maximum flexibility. The leggings keep you dry, and thus the polo shirts make you appear cool while you score.
  • Under Armour – Embrace Under Armour’s revolution. This brand’s sportswear is meant to improve your golf. Modern technology is used in the iconic polo shirts and flexible grip shoes for a better swing. Every shot, pro or amateur, will be a hole in one.
  • Polo Golf Ralph Lauren – This brand provides exceptional style and performance excellence. The classic polo shirt, pullovers, and pants will put you up against the greats. Despite its traditional design, each piece is expertly constructed to help you give your best game.
  • Calvin Klein Golf – Calvin Klein Golf embodies the brand’s clean look with a supreme sporty edge. It combines high performance with traditional tailoring. From the first through the 18th hole, you’ll be the finest dressed.
  • Champion – Champion is a classic athletic brand that can take you from the golf club to the fitness center looking sharp. This brand has revolutionized what it means to look good while golfing. Your next game will be better using Reverse Weave innovation and the famous C symbol!
  • Lacoste – Lacoste is known for its contemporary take on classic tailoring. With exceptional fabric movement and flexibility, you can make the best ensemble on and off the course. Its preppy palettes and iconic tennis shirt make for a stunning combo.
  • Original Penguin – Wear Original Penguin to extend your swing. This business, which claims to be the inventor of the golf shirt, turns the game on its head. Wearable technology allows you to move and play freely while looking stylish. Your other round of 18 holes could be in shorts or long-sleeved hoodies.

Choose from these brands for your gifts!

6. Compression Socks

Photo Credits: Healthline

This is a cool gift, especially for the oldies. Also, the young ones will thank you for the compression socks because it is essential. 

Lack of circulation causes foot pain and swelling on the golf course. The heart needs to work hardest to get blood into and out of the feet and legs. Because gravity pulls on the body, blood can accumulate in the feet, causing pain and edema. Compression socks work as an extra layer of muscle, compressing veins to increase blood flow. 

By getting these for them, you care for their health as well.

7. GPS Device

The necessity for GPS rangefinders grew fast with the introduction of the GPS and subsequent publicly available distance measuring devices.

Modern GPS devices may provide accurate information within about 5 feet, making ball control and club selection much easier. They can also show the hole layout, including hazards, green layout, and pin position.

8. Headcovers for Golf Clubs

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I bet you think this is an old-style gift idea, but this is also important. 

We know that headcovers shield golf clubs from unintentional harm. Because golf clubs are constructed from exact alloy metals and steel shafts and lightweight carbon fiber, they are exceedingly sensitive when not being utilized to strike a golf ball off their club faces.

You intend to let the golfers protect their clubs’ heads with headcovers. This keeps the clubs from slamming against one another, whether walking, driving a golf cart, being carried to and from your house, or even sitting in the trunk of your car between rounds.

If you want them to have modern head covers, you’re in luck. Most contemporary drivers and woods come with excellent headcovers. These helmet covers complement the driver’s style and brand to show off their new gadget.

Hybrids and fairway woods have sleek, stylish headcovers from OEMs. Retro-styled golf hat covers are available from Jones, Stitch, and Seamus. Golf headcovers are certainly a commodity, but their use on the course is increasing.

Animal headcovers are also popular. Tiger Woods once made it popular to wear a golf club head with a stuffed animal cover. Suddenly, there were more monkeys, tigers, lions, and bears in golf. Any PGA Tour group — even a bunch of young golfers — will have plush animal headcovers.

So, is this a go-to? Definitely yes!

9. Magnetic Hat Clip with Ball Marker

Photo Credits: Amazon

Well, this is a fancy thing, but your members and guests will truly appreciate this one. Wearing them on their hats will boost their feeling like a pro-golfer. 

You can have customized hat clips if you wish to and give them to your members and guests to mark their hat identities. It’s a fair golf accessory for all!

10. Books

The last on the line are books. You heard it right. You never know who bibliophiles are among your golfers. Even if they are not into reading, having such literature to gauge themselves upon and learn more can be fantastic!

If they wish to acquire more skills and techniques regardless of their skill level, they can have Harvey Penick’s Little Red Book. 

I can also recommend 18 in America as Dylan Deither’s golf journey across America is an awesome read. Moreover, “Tales from Q School” by John Feinstein also brings you inside “golf’s sixth major.” Feinstein brings you on an incredible journey through Q school – these books will surely warm your members’ and guests’ hearts! 

Final Thoughts 

Searching for a perfect gift is trivial, so I hope you got some ideas from this article. Even though golfers have different preferences, they will appreciate your initiative. I must say that regardless of your gifts, it’s the thought that counts. 

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