Best Budget Golf Rangefinder – Our Top Picks!

Do you want to reduce your golf score and your handicap to score a win? Then you must get the best budget golf rangefinder to help you manage your shots and distance better. It’s a small device that can improve your shots by making it easier to estimate the distance.

Not only does it help you make better and accurate shots, but it also adds more excitement to the game!

With this, we’ve scouted over 50 rangefinders and came up with these eight picks. And these will 100% level up the game for every golfer.

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Our Top Pick!
WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder
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Shot Scope PRO L1 Golf Rangefinder Check Price
Precision Pro Nexus Golf Rangefinder Check Price
Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Rangefinder Check Price
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Benefits of Budget Golf Rangefinders ⛳

Golf rangefinders, though they’re a common sight on most committed golfers, it’s still a relatively new device to newbies. So, you may be wondering, what can it do for me? The following are some of the benefits you can enjoy when using a rangefinder: 

  • They help you make accurate estimates. A golf rangefinder can measure the distance from your point to the hole more accurately.
  • It speeds up gameplay. Since rangefinders can help you make more accurate shots faster, they can hasten your gameplay. 
  • They’re convenient. These tiny devices usually have ergonomic designs that are easy to carry around and use. So you can take them anywhere on the golf course. 
  • You can play more independently. You don’t need to constantly consult a yardage book or depend on markers when playing with this gadget. 
  • It helps you choose the best golf club. A golf rangefinder helps you pick the best club to achieve the best ball trajectory based on the measured distance. 
  • Play safer. The device helps you avoid hazards based on its accurate distance measured, allowing you to play safer. 
  • It lets you understand the course better. A rangefinder helps you know the distance to all targets and landmarks across the whole golf course, not just the flagstick. 
  • Avoid settling in blind spots. Finally, these devices can help you get out of blind spots thanks to their GPS feature. 

You can enjoy more benefits when using a golf rangefinder, but those I mentioned are the key ones that can help you improve every game! And the best part is, you don’t need to splurge your cash to get one. 

If you’re looking for the best budget golf rangefinder, I reviewed eight of the best options in the market below. 

Best Budget Golf Rangefinder – The Top 8!


Product Name: WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder

Product Description: When it comes to the best budget golf rangefinder, my go-to is the WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder. It can measure up to 800 yards without a single inaccuracy. Moreover, it can calculate up to 250 yards and flag lock. With this, you can get fast and accurate measurements in real-time! That means you can adjust your shots better and get a higher score. In addition, to make it even more convenient, the product comes with a fast focus feature. As a result, you can see the object you measure regardless if you're near or farsighted. Furthermore, you can adjust it to meters for those who are more familiar with the metric system. Finally, with its slope on/off function, you can use it during tournaments.

Offer price: $$$

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  • Durability
  • Design
  • Functionality
  • User-friendliness


This product also comes with an innovative design updated with a battery cover. With this, you don’t need to worry about your batteries falling off during any of your games at the course. Pair this with its premium features and build, and you’re getting a rangefinder that will last you for years with proper care.

The only issue with it is that this is around 1 to 2 yards off compared to other brands and models. But for its price and quality, there’s no better product for your money’s worth than WOSPORTS!

Overall, for its price, there’s no contest. Not only will you get decent yardages, but the product will also help you make any game more exciting. At a quarter of the price of most brands, this will definitely give you a bang for your buck!


Comes with an innovative design for ease of use. 

It can measure up to 800 yards. 

Has a sturdy build for lasting use in the golf course. 

Lightweight design for easy carry and storage. 

Has a slope mode function for easy tournament access. 


You need to change its batteries often. 

Has a lower range capability than other brands. 


Shot Scope PRO L1 Golf Rangefinder

The next product on the list is the Shot Scope PRO L1 Golf Rangefinder. It’s a small rangefinder that you can tuck away in your pocket between shots for your convenience. In addition, this quick-rising laser rangefinder boasts plenty of unique features. 

The product has a customizable red/black optics display and a precision clear lens. With these two, you can ensure the display is readable in all circumstances. So whether it’s raining or sunny, you can always see accurate measurements!

Moreover, it comes with a target-lock vibration, ensuring you can lock targets confidently. Aside from this, the rangefinder also comes with innovative adaptive slope technology. This offers slope-adjusted distances for better shots against different elevations in the course. And you can turn this off when necessary. 

Despite being a budget rangefinder, it can calculate distances up to 875 yards! This figure is a unique find in cheaper models, and it’s perfect for ranges within 220 yards. Not to mention that it’s also waterproof! 

Finally, my favorite feature of this product is its scanning mode! With this, you can hold down a button and instantly get readings on different targets as you move and scan the area. 

My only issue here is that it’s tiny, and it can slip off easily. Anyway, you can be more careful when using it. 

Overall, with the rangefinder’s flag lock technology and slope, it’s a great bang for your buck. And with its comfortable design and hard casing, you can count on the PRO L1 Golf Rangefinder for a long time! 

  • Waterproof design for convenient use in all weather conditions.
  • It has red and black dual optics for better calculations.
  • Comes with target-lock vibration for more accurate measurements.
  • Uses adaptive slope technology for easy practice.
  • Measures up to 875 yards.
  • Due to its small design, it can easily slip off your hands.
  • It’s very sensitive and can affect readings.

Precision Pro Nexus Golf Rangefinder

Are you looking for a flexible golf rangefinder that can keep up with your pace in the course? Then look no further than the Precision Pro Nexus Golf Rangefinder! It has a scanning feature where you can continually scan, giving you readings in real-time. 

The most notable feature of this rangefinder is its TAG technology. It uses Target Acquisition Technology, allowing you to scan continually. In addition, while scanning, it focuses on your specific target, improving accuracy. 

Moreover, for more accurate readings, it comes with an advanced target lock function. It uses a first target acquisition system. Here you can receive accurate yardages on your set locations – and not beyond your target. 

Also, this rangefinder is easy to use and is 100% USGA tournament legal. That means you can use it for professional tourneys! And the best part is, it’s water-resistant, making it ideal for all weather conditions. 

The issue I have with this golf rangefinder is it can only measure up to 400 yards. And this isn’t enough to cover larger courses, especially during tournaments. So if you’re looking for something that you can use for all events, I suggest looking somewhere else. 

Otherwise, if you only need it for casual golfing, then this is the perfect partner for you! Plus, you don’t need to worry about wasting your money since it comes with a 1-year warranty. So in case you’re not satisfied with the product, you can always replace it. 

  • Tough and water-resistant build for lasting use.
  • It comes with a carrying case, lanyard, cleaning cloth, and 3-volt battery.
  • Lightweight design for easy storage and carry.
  • Uses TAG technology for more accurate readings.
  • Comes with a limited 1-year warranty.
  • It can only measure up to 400 yards.
  • The carrying bag that comes with the product is flimsy.

Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Rangefinder

When it comes to quality products at affordable prices, Bushnell has got your back. This company specializes in all sight- or viewing-related products, including golf rangefinders. And one of their best creations yet is the Bushnell Tour V4 JOLT Golf Rangefinder

This product is a certified tournament legal golf rangefinder that boasts excellent quality. Moreover, it comes with a 5x magnification power, giving you a clear view of up to 1000 yards! With this, it’s one of the most capable budget golf rangefinders in the market. 

Furthermore, the product features low vibration, allowing for more accurate readings. And to help you make better shots when its scanner hits a flag, it makes the range clear for the shot. 

We also found it easy to use, carry, and store. Even if you have naturally shaky hands or had a couple of drinks, expect accurate readings! 

But the most significant feature of this product is its JOLT technology. It provides brief vibrating bursts, reinforcing its laser locked onto the flag. With this, you can use what professionals use and feel the exact distance of each shot. 

However, the problem with the product is that it isn’t waterproof. Anyway, you can wrap it with a waterproof cover to use in the rain. So this shouldn’t be much of a problem. 

  • Small and lightweight design for convenient storage and use.
  • Has 5x magnification for a clearer picture of your field of view.
  • Tournament certified.
  • Can measure up to 1000 yards.
  • Uses JOLT Technology for more accurate shows.
  • Doesn’t have a waterproof design.
  • Isn’t the cheapest, but definitely worth the price!

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder

Do you want to see what the pros see in the course but don’t want to break the bank? Then invest in TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder. TecTecTec is one of the most popular golfing brands and has some of the best rangefinders out there. 

The TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder is a laser model with a pin sensor that can measure up to 540 yards! And the best part is, you can do this continually. 

Its newest pin sensor technology allows you to get accurate readings – fast. All measurements are detected with 1-yard accuracy, allowing you to make better shots. Also, it enables you to measure overlapping items without affecting the readings accurately. With this, you can measure hazards or wooded areas with ease. 

In addition, its lens display has multilayered optics. That means you get premium and clear views that are easy to read and understand.

Aside from that, its durability and build are among the best in budget models. In addition, it’s incredibly lightweight and compact, weighing in at 6.5 ounces! So that means you’ll barely feel it when you’re carrying it. 

Moreover, it’s water-resistant and allows you to get the clearest views even in the rain.

However, some say that it can fail to read or provide repeatable measurements over 200 yards. So this might be something you need to think about before purchasing the product. 

  • Light and compact design for easy storage and use.
  • 6x magnification for more accurate target acquisitions.
  • Simple to use, thanks to its straightforward design.
  • Ergonomic design for stable use.
  • Water-resistant build.
  • Unstable readings over 200 yards.
  • Isn’t as solid as other models.

Raythor Golf Rangefinder

For those looking for a no-frills and reliable rangefinder, the Raythor Golf Rangefinder is your best bet. From slope adjustments to a rechargeable battery, it has everything! So, what’s not to like? 

The product comes with a built-in slope technology, giving you accurately adjusted readings. All measurements are based on the hole’s slope, helping you choose the best club or iron for the shot. Moreover, you can power up with your games thanks to its LCD, 6x magnification display. 

Also, it comes with a slope mode function for your convenience. With this, you can adjust the slope to make it legal for usage in tournaments. 

It has three modes, and the first one provides distance measurement and support. Second, it provides all the features you need, like pin/flag lock. And finally, the third mode is the speed mode, giving you real-time readings of moving objects. 

Furthermore, the product uses advanced acquisition technology and continual scan support. Through this, you can get more accurate readings based on your actual target. Also, its continual scan function lets you read several ranges from many targets at once!

Finally, the feature that most customers like, including me, is its rechargeable battery. You don’ need to cram batteries into your bag ever again with Raythor Golf Rangefinder! Instead, all you need to do is fully charge the device from any charging port. 

  • Accurate and repeatable thanks to its pin sensor and advanced target acquisition technology.
  • Lightweight and compact design for convenient storage and use.
  • Has rechargeable batteries.
  • Comes with its own casing.
  • Measures up to 1000 yards
  • It isn’t a well-known brand yet.
  • Isn’t waterproof.

Nikon Coolshot 20 GII Golf Rangefinder

Nikon is a famous brand in the camera industry, but did you know they also sell rangefinders? And one of their most successful products is the Nikon Coolshot 20 GII Golf Rangefinder.

It uses first target priority technology where you can measure distances quickly. This feature measures the nearest objects, giving you a better understanding of your surroundings. With this, you can make better judgments before making your shot. 

Moreover, its continuous measurement capability gives you a better view of the course. This function is beneficial when trying to measure several objects at once. From the bunkers to the flagstick, this rangefinder has got your back! 

Finally, the product’s monocular comes with an eyeglass-friendly diopter. That means you can use it for long periods without exhausting your eyes. 

Overall, it has a reasonable price for its premium quality. In addition, its fast and accurate readings make it perfect for newbies and pros alike. 

The only issue that most users and I have is that it can’t display slope and non-adjusted measurements. For this reason, it can be a bit challenging to get more precise readings. Anyway, for casual games, this should be an excellent pick! 

  • Light and compact build for easy storage and carry on the course.
  • 8-second continuous measurement features ensure quick and accurate distance readings.
  • Has a long battery life for your convenience.
  • Highly versatile rangefinder that can range any object within sight.
  • Tournament-ready.
  • Readings might be inaccurate in rain or fog.
  • Its lightweight and plastic build makes it extremely fragile.

Nikon Coolshot 20 GII Golf Rangefinder

My last but not the least pick for the best budget golf rangefinder is the Saybien Golf Rangefinder. This product comes with 6x magnification for convenient and accurate readings. 

It can measure up to 1,200 yards, making it one of the most powerful rangefinders on our list! And this product should be fine for any long-distance shots or drives you need to make in the course. 

In addition, its light and portable design make it easier to carry around the course. So you don’t need to worry about the product getting in the way of your shots. Moreover, it comes with a hand carry case, so you can keep the rangefinder clean and secure between each shot. 

Finally, its long-lasting lithium battery means you don’t need to worry about batteries. That’s because it’s 100% rechargeable, and you can charge it using regular USB chargers. 

The only issue with this product is that it can measure up to 1,200 yards, but it has difficulty providing stable readings. Unfortunately, that means you might not be getting the most accurate distances at extended ranges. But it’s still a great value for money!

  • Can measure up to 1,200 yards.
  • Has long-lasting lithium batteries for long-term use.
  • Rechargeable batteries for your convenience.
  • 6x magnification for clearer views.
  • Sturdy and lightweight build.
  • Doesn’t read ranges in longer distances well.
  • Can’t work well in fog.

What to Look For When Buying Golf Rangefinders ⛳

If you don’t want to rely on yardage books or markers, investing in a golf rangefinder is ideal. 

Not only do they make easy and quick work of distance estimates, but they also make your games more exciting! And the best part is, there are plenty of premium options you can get at a price you can afford. 

Choosing the perfect budget golf rangefinder can take a couple of tries. So to make it easier for you, here are some of the factors you must consider before buying one: 

🏌️‍♂️ Range (distance)

Budget golf rangefinders tend to have lower distance capabilities than pricier ones. However, they can still provide what you exactly need. 

For instance, the average longest distance for one swing is approximately 200 yards. And with max lengths on most of them going over 600 yards, they should cover enough space. 

Overall, when choosing a budget rangefinder, make sure it can cover at least 500 yards or more. 

🏌️‍♀️ Accuracy

One crucial thing your rangefinder should be capable of is making accurate estimates. So make sure to double-check the accuracy of the device before purchasing one. 

Although most brands claim they measure only a yard off regarding accuracy, this isn’t always the case. 

One way to determine a rangefinder’s accuracy is by seeing if it gives you fast measurements. Doing so lets you save some of your time and ensure it can make accurate estimates.

🏌️‍♂️ Locking Modes and Stability

Pin and flag locking modes on a rangefinder are a valuable way to get crucial measurements early on. Doing so lets you get a more accurate idea of the distance, helping you pick a suitable club or iron. 

So when shopping for a golf rangefinder, find one that highlights its stability. Although this might be challenging to point out, it can make your shopping trip easier. 

To make it easy, I suggest looking for a rangefinder that has a vibrating feature. With this, you should know if you’re locked in – or not immediately. 

🏌️‍♀️ Slope Mode

If you frequent golfing tournaments, you need to ensure your rangefinder has a slope mode. After all, this feature can give you an advantage on the course. 

However, if you’re planning on playing, officials will forbid calculating the slope. Fortunately, some budget golf rangefinders provide a way to disable that mode. 

So when shopping, make sure the brand and model you choose are legal to use in tournaments. 

🏌️‍♂️ Battery Life

Whether you’re buying a budget or expensive golf rangefinder, all are battery-powered. So for the best performance, make sure to pick a model with a rechargeable battery system. Otherwise, make sure to stock up on batteries in your golf bag when going to the course. 

Moreover, having an automatic shut-off feature after inactivity is helpful as well. With this, you can save more battery power and prevent the device from overheating. 

🏌️‍♀️ Lightweight and Durability

Finally, remember that your rangefinder will need to be with you throughout the game. Yes, that means you should be able to carry it around for all 18 holes! 

So to lessen the load, make sure to check the dimensions and weight of the golf rangefinder. In addition, you need to consider the product’s durability. After all, weather conditions on a golf course aren’t always the best. 

To get your money’s worth, ensure the rangefinder is weather resistant. If not, see if it at least has a waterproof and dust-resistant layer.

Q: Is buying a golf rangefinder worth it?

A: Golf rangefinders are definitely worth the investment if you’re looking to improve your game! These tiny devices can help you make better calculations of the distance and slope of the golf course. And the best part is, there are plenty of budget options under $100. So you don’t need to splurge your money to get reliable and accurate readings. 

Q: How do I choose a budget golf rangefinder?

A: When buying a cheaper golf rangefinder, make sure it can hone in on targets at least 400 to 800 yards away. Doing so lets you get a safe enough amount, meaning you can use it at most golf courses. Additionally, at their max range, they should be accurate and within +/- 1 yard.

Q: Is slope calculation worth it on a golf rangefinder?

A: If you often use your rangefinder during practice sessions, having a slope feature is ideal. However, keep in mind that you can’t use it during tournaments since it’s illegal. But using it when practicing can help you better grasp how elevation can affect your shots. Overall, a slope feature lets you determine better ways to make your shot. 

Q: How much should I pay for a golf rangefinder?

A: Golf rangefinders have a vast price range. So you may be wondering, when it comes to budget models, how much should you pay? Keep in mind that when it comes to these devices, price doesn’t always correspond to quality. Generally, a product between $80 and $350 should suffice. 

Q: As a beginner, should I get a golf rangefinder?

A: If you’re new to the sport, getting a golf rangefinder is ideal. That’s because this device can help you measure your shots better and record the club you used to make the shot. In short, it helps hone your skills early on, helping you get better at the game in no time! 

Having the best budget golf rangefinder on your hands lets you make better and accurate shots without breaking the bank! In addition, they help improve your game at an affordable cost, enhancing the overall experience.

You might be well equipped in golfing gear but don’t have a rangefinder. That’s why I made this article to ensure you buy the best rangefinders without wasting your money to hone your skills and make the overall game more exciting!

Do you have a favorite? Let us know by leaving a comment below.