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6 Cheapest Golf Balls – Our Recommended List!

There are instances inside the golf course that you may have to lose a ball. This may not be only once but twice or even thrice. Because of that, gearing toward the nearest sports shop to replace the lost golf balls is generally not a surprise. In connection to that, players, especially the novice, must have to set a certain budget for the golf balls. And the suitable solution for this without giving pain to your wallet is to have the cheapest golf balls available.

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In this blog post, I reviewed here 6 of the most affordable golf balls in town that I’ve personally used during my previous visits to the golf course. Check and find out which one is the most budget-friendly!

What to Look for When Buying the Cheapest Golf Balls in the Market?

Okay, looking for the cheapest golf balls may generally make you realize that all those available in the market come with uniqueness and distinct features that make them stand out from the rest. All brands entail features and specifications that one will surely fall into. Novice players may also consider those balls as the best golf balls for beginners.

Well, golf balls that are manufactured under one brand are also different from one another. Keep in mind that they used different materials, went into the different construction processes, or possess different dimple patterns. All of which are the primary factors that may have an effect on the way the golf ball is affected by the swing.

Generally, on the external aspect, most golf balls have a similar appearance. A golf ball usually has a standard size of about 1.68 inches in diameter. All golf organizations do not generally require dimples around the golf balls. But, based on experience and innovative testing over the years, it reveals that the dimples provide a good aerodynamic style.

Moreover, the dimples around the golf balls decrease the drag as it also maximizes the flow of air surrounding the ball. Knowing these golf ball components will give us more comprehension of the specifications that we should have to look for. And with some bit of knowledge about it will allow us to end up on a better decision on which one to buy.

1-Ball construction

One of the components of golf balls is the layers of material that it has in which is the basis of identifying the golf balls. Naming it is generally very basic as it usually comes with 1-piece, 2-, 3-, 4-, to 5-piece. There is only one solid mass material present on a 1-piece layer golf ball. The material Surlyn, which resembles plastic, acts as a coat to other types of ball. Urethane may also be used as an alternative material for this.

Moreover, the 2-piece golf ball is generally an ideal golf ball for use of novice players and recreational golfers. Meanwhile, the golf balls with 3-piece and 4-piece are frequently ideal for skilled players inside the course. Yet, the 5-piece ball is not usually a popular ball within a regular golf course.

Generally, a 5-piece golf ball is an ideal choice on golf tours in which most professionals play. Keep in mind that the higher the layers of a golf ball, the more it provides special property sets. This is generally applicable for various gameplay conditions.


Basically, a single layer is made of one material only, as simple as that. Since it only has one material and layer, the properties of the golf ball also tend to be limited. However, in terms of affordability, this one perfectly fits in. But also expect to experience a very low performance.

That’s the reason behind most beginners are using the 1-piece golf ball. It is just basically for the purpose of starting and practicing the perfect shot hitting the ball.


This time, the golf ball is on a higher level. The parts already include the core and the cover. Usually, the core part can be a liquid or solid one. The latter is commonly made from a rubberized material. You may find some golf balls having sturdier cores while some tend to have bigger but softer integral areas. In terms of the cover, it may also vary from one ball to another.


Core, mantle, and cover are the three layers that are parts of the 3-piece golf balls. Well, the measurement for each layer highly depends on the brand and the manufacturer. Meanwhile, the design is where the materials may highly depend into. As far as innovation is concerned, newer and modern designs give more improvement to the golf ball’s performance.

4-piece / 5-piece

In addition to the three layers, there is also the presence of an inner cover in the 4-piece golf balls. This is usually located amidst the mantle and the core of the ball.


This feature is actually incorporated into different layers of the ball. It generally determines the way the golf ball exerts its action inside the golf course. Rubber and silicon constitution are the most common materials being used. However, manufacturers are still patenting on using their own formulations and materials.


A ball movement within the axis on a right angle to the flight path is known as the spin. The two main classifications of the golf ball spin are the sidespin and backspin. Generally, the sidespin is the spin type that all golfers are trying to avoid. It will take your golf ball either to the left or right movement based on the direction of the swing.

Meanwhile, the backspin is usually the one that highly needs maximization. Supporting in pushing the air down that provides a lift to the golf ball which usually elevates the flight trajectory is the responsibility of the backspin.

Normally, hook shots may appear if you incorporate additional sidespin. But, being on the green will result to have unexpected sidespin. This can be really frustrating after all.

So, to avoid that, check the golf ball which classification of spin it may create. Look at the golf ball if it is under low, mid, or high spin.


The way the golf ball responds under pressure is called compression. In terms of golf balls, it pertains to the way the golf ball squeezes during its impact over the clubhead. If the compression level is higher, this basically means that the golf ball is harder. For golf balls, the highest compression level is rated at around 200, meaning the golf ball is not able to compress anymore.

Harder golf balls usually produce a “click” made of higher-pitch when getting on an impact. On the other hand, golf balls with lower compression levels create a softer feel with lower sound during the tee-off.

This ball compression level is highly suitable for golfers who have lesser experience and like to take complete advantage of the bounce effect. But, those players that are strong enough on the course who possess a good swing can have longer and accurate shots using a hardball.


The golf balls usually seem to be sturdy and tough balls. Actually, it is, but the time also comes that it may also get lost and get damaged. A golf ball hitting a tree or within something may lead to denting or breaking of the golf ball. It may even acquire some scuffs or scratches. Other golf balls may even get damaged even inside the golf bag. So, better look for one that is made to last longer.

List of the Cheapest Golf Balls of 2021

OUR TOP PICK: Top Flite Extra-Long Distance Golf Balls

Product Name: Top Flite Extra-Long Distance Golf Balls

Product Description: In terms of the production of the cheapest golf balls in town, the Top Flite Extra-Long Distance Golf Balls are included in the list. Most of their golf balls are highly suitable for mid handicapper due to their high functioning feature. But, don’t worry, if they claim they are affordable, they really are and it won’t break your bank. The extra-long distance variety of the Top Flite golf balls are packed in fifteen pieces. So, better to consider this when you are checking for pricing. It has a very powerful integral part which is the main responsible for the distance provided by the golf ball.

Availability: InStock

  • Value for money
  • Softness
  • Durability
  • Warmth


If you are more on spinning the ball within the greens, this Top Flite Extra-Long Distance Golf Balls is the best one for you. Aside from getting lots of excellent features, you can also have it for an affordable price. Product Features:Number of piece: 2 • Coverings: Ionomer material • Type: Hard • Compression Rate: 90 • Spin Level: Low • Price: $19.99


• Provide plenty of off-tee distance • Applicable for swing speeds of medium to high • Hard to scratch or scuff covering material


• May able to spin much more within the greens


Vice Drive White Cheapest Golf Balls

cheapest golf balls

Another name that is starting to dominate the golf industry is Vice and its goal is to make quality but affordable golf balls in the market. Although one of the cheapest golf balls, the Vice Drive White Golf Balls tend to be of high quality. It is generally suitable for those of medium to a little bit fast swing velocity. So, if you are in line with that, come to this as your best pick.

Moreover, the Vice Drive White Golf Balls have a quite higher compression. This could lead you to have a bit hard golf ball especially if your swing speed is not as decent as expected. Aside from that, this affordable golf ball can have a low spin off the tee which is an excellent golf ball feature. Another impressive thing about this ball is how the dimple pattern supports the ball to maintain its flight.

Product Features

  • Number of pieces: 2
  • Coverings: Du Pont Surlyn material
  • Type: Medium Hard
  • Compression Rate: 100
  • Spin Level: Low
  • Price: $19.99
  • Quite harder
  • Highly suitable for medium to fast swings
  • Hard to cut cover
  • Ideal golf ball for distance
  • Not to be chosen for too slow swing velocity

Srixon Low Compression Golf Balls

cheapest golf balls

For many years, the Srixon Low Compression Golf Balls already made its name as one of the cheapest golf balls in town. Well, the performance and the price are generally proportional to each other. Meaning to say, this is a low price for a great performing golf ball. Being a long golf ball, it is basically designed to achieve low spin and lots of distance off the tee.

Moreover, you will not experience any hardness from this distance golf ball when you reach around the greens. What you’ll get with the Srixon Low Compression Golf Balls is a great performance. Aside from that, you may also experience being on the greens as much as you can do it off the tee. But, the one thing missing here is the absence of some greenside spin.

Product Features:

  • Number of pieces: 2
  • Coverings: Ionomer material
  • Type: Soft
  • Compression Rate: 71
  • Spin Level: Low
  • Price: $16.99
  • Excellent distance
  • Straight flight pattern
  • Less durable

Callaway Distance Warbird Cheapest Golf Balls

cheapest golf balls

The Callaway Distance Warbird Golf Balls are already circulating in the market on and off. Many golfers are now in the state of knowing that this one of the cheapest golf balls provides a perfect balance of distance and forgiveness. Give credits to its hard type feature that is responsible for achieving the excellent distance.

Although a hard golf ball, its cover made of Ionomer material supports in softening everything within the green. However, when it comes to the spin, do not expect to experience the one coming from a three-piece golf ball. On the other way around, it wouldn’t give you the feeling of throwing of a stone. Kudos to Callaway for making affordable, durable, and playable golf balls like this Distance Warbird.

Product Features:

  • Number of pieces: 2
  • Coverings: Ionomer material
  • Type: Medium Hard
  • Compression Rate: 90
  • Spin Level: Low
  • Price: $17.99
  • Exert a good flight
  • Heightened integral energy
  • Fair pricing
  • Quite thin covering
  • Can easily get scuffed
  • Lack spinning within the greens

Callaway Magna Soft Cheapest Golf Balls

The thing that makes the Callaway Magna Soft Golf Balls unique is their size that is usually bigger compared to the ordinary golf ball. Actually, the golf state ruling in terms of the size reveals that there should be a minimum size for a golf ball. However, when the maximum size takes in, it really doesn’t matter.

It is usually the visibility feature that the large size of the Callaway Magna Soft Golf Balls is aiming for. And when you look at the address point, it basically turns the game to seem easier. Compared to other two-piece golf balls, this one is generally the softest golf ball available in town.

Throwing the ball will result to have a straight line even in windy situations. This is primarily because of the hex aerodynamic feature that it has. In general, these Callaway Magna Soft Golf Balls are the cheapest golf balls that still offer plenty of performance.

Product Features:

  • Number of pieces: 2
  • Coverings: Trigonometry formulation material
  • Type: Soft
  • Compression Rate: 38
  • Spin Level: Low
  • Price: $22.99
  • Way larger compared to other brands
  • With Hex dimple styles
  • The compression rate is generally lower
  • Not ideal for swing speeds of fast velocity rate
  • Spinning around the greens is not highly achievable

Wilson Tour Tee-to-Green Golf Balls

Usually, the Wilson Tour Tee-to-Green Golf Balls are being assumed to be the golf balls for beginners or high handicappers. Well, the Wilson brand is already a well-known name in the golfing industry that performs well on both groups. Additionally, this established brand is also on the line of creating the cheapest golf balls that also work wonders for the mid handicapper.

In terms of the Wilson Tour Tee-to-Green Golf Balls, it is a pack of 15 golf balls featuring a low compression rate. This generally provides a much farther distance and rolling off the tee for slower swinging golfers. On the other hand, this affordable golf ball is not good at performing the spin around the greens. Well, give credits to the Ionomer covering material that it has as it is highly beneficial in achieving a decent feel.

Product Features:

  • Number of pieces: 2
  • Coverings: Hard ionomer material
  • Type: Medium Hard
  • Compression Rate: 50
  • Spin Level: Low
  • Price: $17.44
  • Budget-friendly
  • Hard ionomer covering material
  • Spinning off the tee is generally lower
  • Do not able to rotate back around the green
  • Not ideal for players that have faster swinging ability

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: So, you want to know if the affordable golf balls can travel quite farther and straighter off the tee? Well, they really can, they can still offer a good swing speed to beginners and average golfers. Moreover, these budget-friendly golf balls are generally perfect for playing decent short golf games.


A: Basically, golf balls that are already been used cause lesser pain. However, there is always an issue linked with playing used golf balls. Most of the time, some golf balls tend to get lost in the golf course so you may able to find a good one at the corners of the woods. And finding one may generally use it for playing. However, in terms of purchasing recycled golf balls, it is always beyond the decision of most players for some good reason.


A: Usually, being new to golf necessitates you to find the best of everything. From golf clubs, golf bags, to golf balls, all these are essential when you are within the course. But, in terms of golf balls, the lake golf balls may not be the best pick. Well, as a novice golfer who keeps on losing golf balls and gets disappointed with how expensive they are afterward, then why not give a chance in using lake golf balls for hitting a shot.


A: The new design of golf balls having multiple layers and sturdy cores generally improve the quality of the golf balls. So, with that, golf balls may not go bad or have an effect on the ball’s performance. However, once the golf balls have scuff markings, the ball’s performance will be reduced.

Final Thoughts

If you are just a beginner in playing golf, you may discover that budget-friendly golf balls can also affect the performance, distance, and accuracy of the shots. That’s why it is very important to have a thorough research of the commercially available golf balls that are really affordable. Doing so will help you in saving more bucks due to stocking up new golf balls being lost within the course. Remember that getting the affordable and the right golf balls is always depends on your choice as a user.