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Best Golf Drivers For Beginners

As a beginner golfer, choosing the best golf drivers is a step that should be taken seriously. Choosing for the best golf driver is a crucial factor for golfers because it is the primary tool in playing. It will significantly influence fun and enjoyment if you choose the golf driver of high quality equipped with useful features. Here is a list of the best golf driver for beginners that you can look into.

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Best Golf DriversBrandExpert RatingCheck Price On Amazon
Callaway Great Big Bertha Check Price
Wilson Staff D7 Driver Check Price
Taylormade M2 Check Price

Cleveland Men’s HB Driver Check Price
Cobra Fly Z Check Price
PGX Offset Check Price
Top Flite Gamer Tour Driver Check Price

1. Taylormade M2

The driver’s head and shaft have a 10-degree loft. Its overall skeletal feature is made from titanium that distributes its overall weight into the whole driver for lightweight use. This is one of the most recommended golf drivers for beginners from TaylorMade.

Its head and shaft have a 10-degree loft. Its overall skeletal feature is constructed from titanium that distributes its overall weight into the whole driver for lightweight use. This golf driver consists of a 6-layer carbon crown to make it durable. It has a thin-wall speed pocket for easy control of the ball.

It is perfect for beginners because it is very forgiving. This golf driver makes sure that the ball speed is always at a consistent level. You can choose from three different loft styles which are in 9.5, 10.5, and 12 degrees. This driver is included on the list of the best driver for beginners because of its easy usage and affordable price. 


  • Hammerhead Slot
  • Made from titanium
  • It had 6-layer carbon crown
  • Deep & More Active Speed Pocket
  • Geocoustic Technology
  • 3 loft styles to choose from 
  • Twist face
✔️Smooth high launch
✔️Deeper and active speed pocket


❌It doesn’t have an adjustability feature

2. Callaway Great Big Bertha

This driver uses innovative new technology in delivering its functionalities. It is known as one of the lightest golf drivers because it is made from Triaxle Carbon Crown and Titanium exo-cage. Since the driver is lightweight, it is easier to launch the ball in high motion. The package comes in two interchangeable weights: in 2g and 12g for a customized launch angle and spin-rate. 

Its shaft has been proven and tested to deliver consistent power, speed, stability, and control for both the ball and the driver. This is a good option as distance and accuracy are what you are after. The aerodynamic head shape, as well as its lightweight design, is the right combination. Its sleek design is easy to store that will not take so much of your space.

The jailbreak technology utilization allows you to customize how the head and face are positioned to target the desired distance effectively. When you always hit the target distance, it would result in a more enjoyable play. It makes use of the Gen R-Moto technology just to reach yards of distance. The Optifit Hosel provides eight different angle configurations to choose from, making it on the list of the best golf driver for beginners. 


  • Made from Triaxle Carbon Crown and Titanium exo-cage
  • Two interchangeable weights head (2g and 12g)
  • Jailbreak technology
  • Gen R-Moto technology
  • Optifit Hosel with 8 different angle configurations to choose from
✔️Lightweight with 10g overall weight
✔️Available in different angle configurations
✔️Can deliver a golf ball up to 18 yards
✔️A good rating on Amazon

❌It is quite expensive compared to other golf drivers

3. Cobra Fly Z

This one is a perfect choice for both beginners and experts. The unique features such as the Crown Zone Weighting Technology, MyFly8 System Adjustable Loft, SmartPad Technology, and the Speed Channel results in more convenient usage. The speed channel face pertains to the way this is made. It has a thin but durable face, an ideal wall structure to increase the ball speed.

The Crown Zone Weighting Technology ensures that the crown doesn’t have any weight to easily control the positioning and the golf ball. The Forged E9 Zone Face technology is responsible for ensuring that the overall weight is lightweight, especially on the face area and in the hosel. While the MyFly8 System Adjustable Loft functionality allows you to position the loft for you to suspend the golf ball correctly. 

You can adjust the loft into eight settings. This is applicable for beginners because of the SmartPad Technology pairs with the adjustable loft allowing for correct launch angle. SmartPad Technology ensures that the head is in the right size, so beginners will not have difficulty finding the sweet spot and hitting the ball.


  • Crown Zone Weighting Technology
  • MyFly8 System Adjustable Loft
  • SmartPad Technology
  • Speed Channel Face
  • Forged E9 Zone Face technology
✔️Has the ability to take your golf ball at a long distance
✔️8 settings loft adjustability
✔️Can deliver a golf ball up to 18 yards
✔️Versatile use
✔️A good rating on Amazon

❌The golf ball may spin a lot

4. Wilson Staff D7 Driver

This has a straightforward design and functionalities. It weighs about 192 grams that makes it on the list of the lightest. You can easily distinguish a Wilson driver because its crown has Kevlar and carbon fibers covered with a varnish finishing. It offers three different kinds of shaft: the regular, senior, and stiff flex shaft.

It is considered one of the best for beginner golfers because of its dynamic launch control. The dynamic launch control is based on the angles you can set for optimization, in 9.0º, 10.5º, and 13º. When this hits the ball, it produces a pitched metallic dink.

The materials used in the loft and in the crown, which are the Kevlar and the carbon fibers, neutralize the vibrations created between the loft and the ball; that is why it has a distinctive sound. Another useful feature that this D7 driver holds is that it has an oversized loft, so beginner golfers will not have a hard time hitting the ball. Even though it has a simple build, you can still count on its features that will make your golfing experience worth it.


  • It weighs about 192 grams
  • Made from Kevlar and Carbon Fibers 
  • Dynamic launch control
  • You can set the crown in three different angles
✔️Three kinds of the shaft to choose from
✔️Oversized loft
✔️Produces a distinctive sound as the ball hits the loft

❌It doesn’t have adjustability features

5. PGX Offset

This PGX Offset is always on the list of the best driver for beginners because of its affordability. This is a budget choice because of its price that will not shortchange on its features. Even though it is affordable, you won’t be dismayed by what it can offer to your hobby. The overall physical appearance has a sleek design because of its white and green touches with a matte black finish.

Because of its fully developed hosels, you have the option to lift or lower it depending on the height that you are comfortable with. The ability to raise or lower the height is because of its adjustability. Some golf players are not comfortable if they hold a relatively lightweight golf driver. Since this driver is light, you have the option to add small plugs just to add additional weight. It makes use of the offset technology for slice reduction for straighter shots from the tee.

Its loft can be tilted up to 10.5 degrees, and its lie is about 58 degrees. Its exterior features are made from graphite, which is lightweight and more durable. It undergoes multiple quality tests to ensure that it can be a good option for accuracy, strength, and forgiveness. Its flexibility level is just on the middle level, which is regular and stiff, making it one of the best for beginners.


  • Offset technology
  • Comes with a headcover
  • Made from graphite
  • Loft can be tilted up to 10.5 degrees and its lie is about 58 degrees
✔️It has a sleek design
✔️Lightweight but you can add up the weight
✔️Ergonomic design and has an excellent grip

❌The paint easily chips off

6. Cleveland Men’s HB Driver

This driver is known as the solid and easy to swing driver because of its ability to strike your ball a great distance. It has a versatile use, whether for a high handicapper up to a professional. It features a Hibore crown that influences a low-spin trajectory with a high-launch when hitting the sweet spot. This golf driver makes use of a bonded hosel, which creates more stability for an improved launch condition.

It features a Cup Face Technology that increases the ball speed whatever the golf ball’s impact on the driver. For more personalized use, it has a shaft that comes in three flexes and loft options. It makes use of a Flex-Fin Technology that makes sure that the impact on the ball will influence the speed resulting in increased distance.

It utilizes a high-bore technology that can reshape to crown for a more distributed weight for a more comfortable and higher launch. This driver offers three flexes, which are regular, senior, and stiff, and it has two loft degrees, 9 degrees, and 12 degrees—the overall shaft made from graphite results in more efficient and excellent use. 


  • Cup Face Technology
  • Comes in three flexes and loft options
  • Flex fin technology
  • High-bore technology
  • Headcover inclusion
  • The shaft is made from graphite
✔️It has a sleek design
✔️Versatile use
✔️Straight hitting
✔️Excellent and comfortable grip

❌Some golfers get annoyed with the sound created

7. Top Flite Gamer Tour Driver

If you would look into the list of the best golf drivers for beginners that has an affordable price, expect that this Top Flite Gamer Tour Driver is on top of the list. You will not have a problem with its performance because it delivers a high launch at a longer distance. Its physical characteristic is a titanium-made for an elegant and durable looking driver.

Its titanium-made parts are paired with its graphite shaft, giving you the impression that it will last even though you would frequently use it. The overall body is a matte finish to avoid glare, primarily when used on a sunny day..

It is the best option for beginners because it features its oversized club head at 460cc that will support maximum forgiveness. For a more balanced and stable feel, the shaft has flexibility between the regular and stiff. It has a heel weight placement to make sure that slices and hooks are minimized. 


  • 460cc oversized head
  • Titanium-made for an elegant and durable looking
  • Shaft made from graphite
  • Anti-glare because of the matte finish
  • Equipped with a heel weight placement 
✔️Excellent head design
✔️Oversized head for a sure hit
✔️Ergonomic and comfortable grip

❌The hand orientation is in the right hand only

What To Consider In Choosing For The Best Golf Driver?

  • Shaft Material

Drivers are made from either metal, steel, titanium, or graphite. Out of these four common materials, most are made from steel or graphite. If you are a beginner, it is advisable to make use of one that has a shaft made in graphite because it is more affordable and lightweight. There are also drivers used by most professionals that have a shaft made from graphite because it is said that its hitting capacities with their increased swing speed, always hitting the sweet spot ensures a faster ball speed aiding more distance.

  • Club Head Shape and Size

The ideal club head is around 440cc and 460cc. The bigger the size of the driver’s head, the more weight it holds. For beginners, it is advisable to use a larger head with more space so that there are higher chances that you will be able to hit the ball. The clubhead also comes in different shapes such as round, square, or pear-shaped. The shape of the head has a significant impact on how well you would control the ball. That is why to choose the right driver’s head that will suit you.

  • Loft

The loft plays a vital role in the distance that your ball may go. It is described as the degree of the angle in the golf driver’s face. As a rule of thumb, the higher the loft’s grade is, the more chances your ball will travel a greater distance. This is one of the critical elements that are usually overlooked when searching for a good driver. 

  • Price

There are different kinds of drivers that have varying prices. The prices are usually based on the brand and the features that it can offer. With a wide choice of drivers in the market, you aim to search for the one that has the best value.


Are the best beginner golf drivers also suitable for a high handicapper?
The simple answer is yes, as both are looking for a driver that can hit the ball straight and long while still showing some forgiveness if not everything about the stroke is perfect.

As a beginner, which loft driver is most suitable for me?
Well, that depends a lot on how far you are driving at the moment. If you are already driving 250 yards plus a 9º or 9.5º is worth a look. If you are not even managing 200 yards yet, then I would go for a 12º that should make it easier to gain more distance—failing that, a 10.5º suits most golfers. A driver with an adjustable loft is another option open to golfers.

What size club head should I choose?
Well, the larger the clubhead, the more chance of hitting the ball in the sweet spot. The majority of driver head sizes are 460cc so go with that and no smaller.

How long should a golf driver last me?
Golf driver’s technology is advancing at a slower rate year on year, that is until the next significant advancement shows up. Your golf driver was designed to last you until you decide it’s time for an updated version. The chief factor in retiring your beginner golf driver is when it doesn’t suit your improved style anymore. You’re likely to increase your swing speed as you progress as a golfer moving from a high handicapper, so you may stand to gain from a different shaft and possibly a lower loft figure.

Which Driver shaft should I be buying?
Driver shaft options are senior, women, stiff, and extra stiff. Depending on the distance of your drives at the moment, the choices would be.
Up to 210 yards senior or women. Between 210 and 260 yards, a regular would work a treat. Over 260 yards, and you have a greater swing speed to the golf ball, so you need to be looking at a stiff or extra stiff to offer maximum distance.

What does a higher loft driver do?
It will increase your backspin, thus allowing your shot to travel straighter and achieving your maximum distance.

Final Thoughts For A High Handicapper – Beginner Golfer

If you are a beginner golfer, there may be many challenges that you would encounter, especially as you are still learning the craft. Using the right equipment will help you advance from being a beginner to becoming a more professional player.

Forgiveness in the club for beginner golfers and high handicappers is a significant thing. A driver’s forgiveness will assist in keeping the ball straight and long from the tee. No one with a high handicap wants to be stood at the tee with their friends around them, worrying about the launch angle will they hit it on the sweet spot with enough swing speed to increase the ball speed.

Since golf equipment designers recognize this issue, they develop drivers with larger sweet spots to lower the side spin, which generates slices and hooks.  

High handicappers with a slow swing speed will also love the innovation as it significantly increases distance while decreasing the side spin, thus helping any beginner golfer much. 

Our Top Pick: Callaway Great Big Bertha

Product Name: Callaway Great Big Bertha

Product Description: This golf driver makes use of innovative new technology in delivering its functionalities. This golf driver has been proven and tested to deliver consistent power, speed, stability, and control for both the ball and the driver.

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