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5 Best Sunglasses for Golf Players

Sunglasses are an important accessory to own as a golfer. They help you see better out there in the bright light. You will have an easier time playing if your eyes are protected from the UV rays and there is enough shade to see better and far. It is why we want to look at the best sunglasses for golf players. At the end of this guide, you would know which are the ideal sunglasses to buy.

Let us see what are some of the top options for you to consider below.

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Top 5 Best Sunglasses for Golf Players

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Oakley Men’s 009154 Half Jacket

Product Name: Oakley Men’s 009154 Half Jacket

Product Description: These sunglasses offer the best UV protection ever as they can filter up to 100% of all the UVA and UVB rays. This should make you feel comfortable to use the sunglasses no matter the conditions outdoors. The use of lightweight Plutonite lens material ensures better comfort, low on weight, and protection against impact. The sunglasses come with the Prism Lens Technology. This type of technology is important for enhancing the color, contrast, and detail. Even when wearing the sunglasses, you should have a clear view of the golf course and play even better. These lenses are also seen as ideal for spotting the transitions between the fringe, rough, and fairway. The sunglasses have the Patented High Definition Optics (HDO) that provide you with superior optical clarity. No matter which angle you look at, the clarity is maintained.

Offer price: $$

Availability: InStock

  • Quality
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Lightweight


The aim of these sunglasses is to give you better clarity as compared to other options in the market. The Prism Lens Technology will help to enhance the overall color so that you can see better on the golf course. The lightweight design should make the sunglasses to feel comfortable while wearing them. The nose pads and ear-socks also enhance the overall comfort.


✔️The best protection from UV rays

✔️They use Prism Lens Technology for clarity

✔️They are lightweight


❌The sunglasses are pricey

Runner’s Up

Callaway Sungear Kite Golf Sunglasses

Photo credit: Amazon

Callaway is a top brand for making the best golf equipment. We expect that they still make the best sunglasses for golf players. The Sungear Kite sunglasses are good in terms of UV protection. They are rated to offer 100% protection from the UV rays. This makes them ideal for anyone looking to have a great time golfing without any worries.

These sunglasses also come with a more secure fit. You do not have to worry about them falling whenever you take a swing at the golf ball. The secure fit works for all conditions for you to always feel confident about them.

The Kite sunglasses are also lightweight. Being lightweight makes them comfortable for a golfer to wear them for long hours. To improve the overall comfort, they also come with adjustable Megon nose pads. You can always adjust them depending on your needs for a perfect fit.

The lenses of the Kite sunglasses let in more light twice as much as other common sunglasses. This ensures you have a better depth perception and improved performance for chipping or putting.

✔️Comfortable sunglasses
✔️Offers a secure fit
✔️Offers 100% UV protection
❌They have a chunky design

Under Armour Igniter Sunglasses

Photo credit: Amazon

If you buy things based on brand, then Under Armour sunglasses should easily appeal to you. Even the design is better than the model above. They are no longer chunky. For most people, they would feel better getting something sleek as compared to other golf sunglasses.

The sunglasses come with a Grilamid frame built for durability. Even if you use them for several seasons, you should find them still being ideal to last you for a long time. The frame material is also good for lightweight properties. You will not feel that the sunglasses are too heavy on your face.

As part of the design, these sunglasses come with co-molded rubber nose pad and temple arms. The result is that you end up with a non-slip comfortable fit all the time.

The UV protection for these sunglasses is at 100%. That is what you want considering you would be spending hours on the golf course.

✔️They are lightweight
✔️The sunglasses offer a no-slip comfortable fit
✔️The lenses offer superior optical clarity
❌The sunglasses have a cheap overall feel

Maxx Domain High Definition Sunglasses

Photo credit: Amazon

These sunglasses are for those looking for something sleek in terms of design. No one wants to wear the chunky golf sunglasses all the time. To make them even better, these sunglasses offer 100% UV protection. You should now step onto the golf course with confidence knowing that you are safe from the sun.

The lenses are made of shatterproof polycarbonate material. Such lenses meet or exceed the ANSI standards on the lenses. You should feel safe while wearing them since these lenses will not shatter on impact.

The use of the half frame design leads to having lightweight sunglasses. Wearing heavy sunglasses can lead to discomfort. That is not what to expect with these sunglasses. The sunglasses are further contoured to fit better in various conditions such as wind, dust, and other debris.

The polymer frame is made of TR-90 plastic. The material is known for its durability, flexibility, and lightweight nature.

✔️100% UV protection
✔️Flexible and lightweight
✔️Shatterproof lenses
❌The fit is not as secure as many would want

Maui Jim Sunglasses Ho’okipa B407 Rimless Frame

Photo credit: Amazon

For anyone who is looking for stylish sunglasses, then this should be an ideal consideration. They look good and still work great. This is something that should appeal to many people.

To make them function as good as they look, the manufacturer uses PolarizedPlus 2 Lens technology. This technology is important for shielding your eyes from harmful UV rays and glare. The next time you use them on the golf course, you will have no trouble seeing over the various transitions.

The sunglasses also have a soothing rose tone. It is not just for looks, but rather great to deliver clarity in various light conditions.

The polycarbonate construction for the frame is ideal for to ensure better durability. You will also find them being great for impact resistance.

As for the comfort, these sunglasses should live up to your comfort needs. You can wear them for long hours without feeling uncomfortable.

✔️The lenses enhance color clarity
✔️The sunglasses are lightweight
✔️They offer an outstanding UV protection

How to Choose the Best Sunglasses for Golf Players

Photo credit: Golf Discount

With many options in the market for the best sunglasses for golf players, it can get confusing as which one is the best. Below, we look at some of the factors that can help you pick the best out of the many available.

The Lens Color

The lens color varies from one model to another. The color is important to help in improving color contrast. Finding the best color will make it easy for you to experience better vibrant colors even in low-light conditions. Some of the common lens colors for the best sunglasses for golf players include amber/brown, rose/red, gray, and green.

Amber/brown lenses are good for enhancing the contrast between the light and dark colors. As such, the player should have an easy time seeing the ball with improved clarity against the green grass backdrop and the blue sky.

Red/rose lenses are also good for increasing the contrast between dark and light colors. This makes them ideal for putting on the green and overall reading of the green accurately. Well, on bright days, these lenses will not darken much as other lenses leading to slight eye strain.

Gray lenses are good for most outdoor sports and golf is among them. It is a neutral tint, meaning that the eye perceives the colors in their truest form. It is why they are the most popular option.

Green lenses are good for reducing glare, which might affect your game on overall. These lenses are also ideal for maintaining color balance and heightening contrast. This results in better clarity on the golf course.


The design is going to vary a lot depending on the manufacturer. The most important thing to note should be that most will come with a semi-rimless frame design. A full rim style is not ideal as it can cause obstruction. To find the best design, it is best if you check out several models of sunglasses to see which one is ideal for you.

Frame Technology

The frame technology will include things such as the grip, coverage, and fit. Get a perfect balance of these three and you should have the best sunglasses for golfers.

The best grip is a must-have feature for all golf sunglasses. The grip helps to keep the frames from falling off your face. Having the right grip also helps to optically align the sunglasses the whole time you are gaming. Most models would have a rubberized grip on the nose-pads and temples.

The coverage is another important feature. For golf sunglasses, you need something with a full wrap in terms of coverage. The full wrap coverage is ideal for protecting your eyes from the sunlight in all directions. As such, your eyes will always remain protected when playing all the 18 holes. The wrap around feature also enhances peripheral vision. This is still ideal for anyone on the golf course.

We could not forget to mention the fit. Having the best fit for sunglasses means you end up with the most comfort even off the greens. The comfort is majorly influenced by the nose bridge and temples. Some might have adjustable nose pads so that you can set them where they feel comfortable.

Lens Technology
Photo credit: Golf Digest

The lens technology will affect how you enjoy using the sunglasses. The first thing to look at under lens technology is the mirror coating. For someone who plays mostly in a sunny area, then go for sunglasses with a darker base tint. The additional mirror coating is essential for protecting the eyes from the sun.

The mirror lenses work great by reflecting the light away from the lens and at the same time make them look cool. Mirror coating is also what gives the sunglasses their color. You might see one color on the outside, but it is different when looking through the lenses.

As for prescription golf sunglasses, you will have the option of buying either bifocal or progressive lenses. Such sunglasses make the play area look smaller than it actually is and thus might affect your performance. However, if you have been wearing them for a while, then you should have no problem using them more often.


The price will vary from one model to another. It comes down to what you will be getting with a certain price point. It is best if you go ahead to research more about the sunglasses before buying. It is because sometimes you end up with high quality sunglasses at an affordable price. This does not mean you end up purchasing the cheapest you can find as some might not offer the best performance that you need.


The best sunglasses for golf players vary a lot in terms of design, fit, lens color, and other factors. It comes down to a golfer to pick the best golf sunglasses that provide the best golfing experience. We have reviewed several models above, which should be ideal for you to use while golfing. Make sure that you get sunglasses with the best fit. This ensures that sunglasses do not throw off your game. With the right sunglasses, your golfing just got better.