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5 Best Golf Balls for 90 mph Swing Speed

The type of golf ball you use can largely impact your game. It is why you should consider getting the best ball for your game. Today, we want to look at the best golf balls for 90 mph swing speed. The swing speed is the rate at which the club head hits the ball. Depending on the composition of the ball, the reaction can be different. Swinging at 90 mph is a mid-range swing, so the ball should be just right to experience the best lift and flight.

Below, we have a table summarizing some of the top models and their expert ratings.

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Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls Check Price
Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls Check Price
TaylorMade TP5 Prior Generation Golf Balls Check Price
Nitro Long Distance Peak Performance Golf Balls Check Price
Wilson Staff Duo Staff Optix Golf Balls Check Price

Top 5 Best Golf Balls for 90mph Swing Speed

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls

Product Name: Callaway Golf Superhot Bold Matte Golf Balls

Product Description: These balls are built with the HEX aerodynamics in mind. The results are that you get better distance off the tee. The balls also have a better control so that accuracy is no longer an issue even if you swing at 90mph. For many, they think that these balls have a moderate feel. The feel is just right enough for different players. This type of feel is also ideal for someone looking for high forgiveness from the ball. Even for those shots that do not match with the middle of the club head, you will find the execution being right. How about straightness in the flight? Well, most players have found the ball to fly straighter than what they would have gotten with some balls. This is all possible as the balls have a low spin that improves the consistency of your game. The balls also come with a 3-piece construction feature. They are then finished off with an ionomer cover. These two features improve the overall performance in terms of covering a long distance. The red color should still appeal to most people who want to track their ball in the air.

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  • Value for money
  • Durability
  • Aerodynamics
  • Construction


Callaway is a top brand, so we expect these balls to be ideal for various swing speeds. The HEX aerodynamics pattern is all about improving the balls’ performance. You would be happy to know that they are ideal for playing long distance too. These balls are also good for short game spin and control. Getting the balls to where you aim should now be easier.


✔️High quality construction

✔️The balls have improved aerodynamics

✔️They have better control for all shots


❌Some prefer a white color for golf balls which is not available

Runner’s Up

Bridgestone E6 Speed Golf Balls

Photo credit: Amazon

You probably know Bridgestone for making the best tires. However, the company is also good at making the best golf balls too. The E6 speed golf balls are some of the best in the market. The manufacturer put a lot thought and process into them. The result is that you end up with golf balls with great workmanship.

These balls are built for both accuracy and distance. The multilayered design is all about giving better ball control both on and off the green. With improved accuracy, even hitting the ball at 90mph should be fine for any golfer.

The E6 speed golf balls also come with a low driver spin. The results are that the balls can go farther just as you would want. These balls also have the delta dimple design. Yes, the dimple design also affects how the balls perform. The delta dimple design leads to smoother air resistance. That is what you want when looking to enjoy better aerodynamics with the golf balls.

You can choose between yellow and white balls. If you have had visibility issues with your golf balls, then you have a remedy right there.

✔️You get straighter shots always
✔️They are good balls for speed
✔️The balls are beginner-friendly
❌They are prone to scuffing and scratching

TaylorMade TP5 Prior Generation Golf Balls

Photo credit: Amazon

These balls have been recommended even by the finest players in golf. It just goes to show that the manufacturer came up with one of the best golf balls you can buy today. Considering that they come with a 3-layer core system, this should be ideal for many users. The layers improve the overall compression of the balls to ensure they have the right feel and performance.

With good compression, you will have higher levels of energy being transferred from the clubhead to the ball on impact. Each shot with these balls always leads to more speed. Having more speed means covering more distance with ease.

There is also the dual-spin feature added to the balls. This is possible because of the ultra-soft cast urethane in addition to a semi-rigid inner cover. These two working together leads to having an enhanced spin on the green.

Generally, you will experience more ball control each time you play with these balls. The pack contains 12 white balls, which should be enough for many games to come. Even for those who tend to lose their balls, they should have enough supplies.

✔️Great performance both on the green and off the tee
✔️The balls have the best spin
✔️They have an enhanced performance in terms of speed
❌They are pricey

Nitro Long Distance Peak Performance Golf Balls

Photo credit: Amazon

These golf balls are ideal for anyone looking for peak performance and maximum distance off the woods. All that is possible because the balls have a white-hot proprietary core technology. It took years to develop this technology so that players can enjoy using them on the golf course.

These balls are affordable as compared to most models in their class. You will be getting more value for your money whenever you decide to get them right now. The balls are also semi-translucent to boost visibility while you are playing.

As for aerodynamics, you will love the design of the dimples that boost the performance of the balls. Each ball has symmetrical 352 dimples all designed to increase the lift and decrease the drag. You should note that the balls have a better spin ration for better greenside control.

Anyone looking for durability will be impressed by the construction of these balls. The cut-proof cover is made of Dupont Lithium Surlyn material. You should find them resistant to scuffs and scratching. No need to buy new golf balls soon.

✔️They are semi-translucent for better visibility
✔️The balls are highly durable
✔️They have an increased lift and decreased drag
❌The putting performance could be better

Wilson Staff Duo Staff Optix Golf Balls

Photo credit: Amazon

Wilson as a brand has been around for decades now. We always expect that their balls would perform better. They do not disappoint because these balls are quite good considering that these balls won the 2019 Golf Digest Hotlist Gold Award.

One of the best features is that they appeal to players with mid-range to slow swing speeds. This is where most players are in terms of golfing.

The balls have a compression level of 29. This compression is low by most standards. It is not easy to find such a compression for a 2-piece construction.

The low compression is good for distance shots. No other ball with the same type of construction comes close to it. The same thing goes for its spin.

The 302 dimples as part of the design of each ball ensures there is better aerodynamics. This in turn affects the overall flight. The shallow dimples are meant to minimize the air pressure so that you can have a better flight and more velocity.

The ionomer blend used in the construction of the balls is good for getting the most distance off the tee. Since there is less spin generated, your shots will be straighter than when using other types of balls. The overall durability of the balls is also good.

✔️The balls have an impressive performance
✔️They are affordable
✔️They are beginner friendly
❌They are not as soft as expected

Buying Guide

Photo credit: Golf State of Mind

No one is a perfect golfer, even the PGA golfers. They all need to experience a ball with some value of forgiveness. This feature comes in handy when you have to make corrections to your shot. It is expected that you will not strike the ball at the center of the club-head all the time. How the energy is transferred and how the ball reacts are all important. Depending on the forgiveness of the ball, some will launch just as good even if you hit slightly off-center. Just know that balls with explosive speed coming from the inner core will be less forgiving.


For anything that goes through the air, its aerodynamics are important. Whenever you launch the golf ball, it has to deal with drag in their air. Depending on the dimples design and depth, they can influence the flight path, distance, and speed of your ball. So, it is best to look at the dimple design and see how it affects the overall performance of the ball.

Performance on the green

Even if the ball’s performance off the tee is good, you should always consider its performance on the green. For most golfers, this is where they reap most of the results of their hard work. To work well on the green, the ball needs to have enough feel and spin. The feel is the feedback you get in your palm each time you strike the ball. When the feel is sufficient, you will always know how best to approach a shot.

The spin

The spin of a golf ball has an effect on the overall performance of your game as a golfer. Anyone playing off the tee or down the fairway would want the spin to be as low as possible. Having a low spin on the ball means you get more distance from the ball. All the velocity you send from the club will be transferred to the ball getting you more distance.

Once you switch to the green, the preferences change. While on green, most golfers would want to have more spin. This is because you no longer need straighter shots as the holes will be at an angle from where you are located. With a bit of spin, you can get the ball into the hole. It is therefore best to get moderate spin that can work both on and off the green.

Value for money

If you visit a golf shop and ask which product sells the most, then you will notice that golf balls are the best sellers. This is because a bulk of the players are average, so they might end up driving their balls into the woods. Losing balls on the course is nothing new, so more people will go back to get more balls from their favorite store.

Considering that balls will be lowly priced as compared to other golf equipment, it is easy to see why more people would spend their money on them. Even these small purchases can quickly add up over time to become a huge expense.

Forget about the expense, are you getting the best value for money? Many people just buy the cheapest golf balls they can get. As much as there are affordable balls that can deliver great performance, you should always get balls that deliver the best value for money. Compare various balls to understand their features before spending your money.


Should I buy the cheapest golf balls?

No. Since most people are likely to lose their golf balls, they tend to buy the cheapest they can find. However, that can be a downside when you end up with poor golfing experience. It is best to spend more and get better golf balls.

Do all colored balls have better visibility?

Not always. Being colored does not mean you would find them easily after launching. They might be good for tracking while in the air, but the same cannot be said while in the green. You might have a hard time locating them. It is why people love the white balls as they are easy to find in the green.

How good is a swing speed of 90mph?

For most people, a swing speed of 90 mph is an average speed. If you want more speed, you should aim to get over 110 mph.


All the balls we have mentioned above have their merits and demerits. It comes down to what you are looking for in the best golf balls for 90 mph swing speed. Take your time to see what each ball offers before coming up with a decision. Always consider aerodynamics, forgiveness, compression, spin, and value for money when choosing the right ball. These are the features that will affect the ball’s performance and ultimately your game.