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The Swing Speed Charts – Which One You Fall In?

Swing speed is actually an essential thing for consideration as ball distance in golf is concerned. But, attaining a quick clubhead speed doesn’t happen overnight. This will actually require time, practice, and knowing your target velocity that falls on the swing speed charts. Having an idea on that will allow you to practice with confidence on the driving range and help you to increase your speed.

As we go along with this post, we will show you the different charts for the swing speed. Moreover, also stated here are the suitable strategies intended to elevate the rate of speed swing into the golf course. Let’s check them out below!

Various Swing Speed Charts

Generally, through the use of the right golf gears and equipment, you can have a higher chance of enhancing the golf swing speed. For you to be guided accordingly with this, here are some of the swing speed charts that you must look at to give you an idea about your target swing speed.

Swing Speed Chart Based on Age and Gender

The swing speed chart below basically shows the required speed men and women should exert depending on their age.

AGE (in years)MENWOMEN
10 to 169383
17 to 2911393
30 to 5010388
50 to 609873
60 and above9372

Swing Speed Chart Based on Distance

This next swing speed chart primarily reveals the relationship of the speed to the ball distance. Keep in mind that various speed golfers possess distinct abilities that have a direct connection with the speed and golf ball distance.

swing speed charts
Image courtesy of Swing Speed Radar

The swing speed chart above shows that the swing speed of pro golfers during PGA Tours is generally faster compared to those average golf players. Aside from that, they also achieve greater distance as well. Looking at the chart, you may also wonder why professional golfers usually hit the golf ball for amazing distances.

Most of the time, they can hit distances not only by using their golf driver but also the other golf clubs. This will also lead to thinking about how players can able to elevate the speed of the golf club head. Actually, they come up with this question as they notice that it is one ideal way in cutting shots within their golf game.

Factors Affecting the Swing Speed

In order to create a perfect speed with every golf club swinging, you basically needs to check on these following factors:

1-Right Equipment

Putting your hands on the appropriate golf clubs that are highly suitable for your height, agility, and ability in playing golf is very important. Getting older generally contributes to losing the speed of the golf club heads. With that, the driver with more angles within the clubface is worth having. Here is the other essential golfing equipment that you need to acquire so that swing speed can be elevated as well as increasing the distance.


For the purpose of increasing the swing speed, you need to have a good golf driver for distance. Usually, this equipment aims to have great distance together with consistency. This is generally an ideal addition if you want to elevate the distance of the driver.

Aside from that, it is a great help in practicing the drills for clubhead speed enhancement. Moreover, also look for golf clubs that offer optimal benefits in providing distance within the tee shots. It is also perfect golfing equipment in gaining more confidence in your swing.


The first good pointer in elevating the speed of the clubhead is to come up with the best golf driver shaft intended to give better distance. The function of the golf shafts is to fasten the speed of the clubhead and seem to be far better in terms of flexibility. Another helpful pointer to keep in mind is ensuring the measurement of the length of the driver shaft.

Knowing that is highly crucial in achieving a good swing speed and ball distance as well. Additionally, the golf club shafts are also advantageous in the development of more confidence.

2- Appropriate Technique

The next thing to consider when you decide to increase the swing speed is the employment of the appropriate techniques in playing golf. If you tend to follow the inappropriate technique, then completeness of any drills and use of the best golf equipment may not really help. So, the best solution here is to equip you with a concrete foundation for the improvement of the swing speed within the golf course.


Initially, rotation is an essential technique in golf that allows players in generating the speed of the golf club head. A smooth full rotation generally focuses on the mobility of the shoulders and hips. This will permit the production of a quick swing speed.


The next technique in generating the speed of the golf club head is emphasizing the downswing. Hitting the ball on a usually hard approach is the most common technique that plenty of golfers are using. This will eventually lead to achieving a wild combination of backswing and downswing.

swing speed charts

Another important pointer here in terms of generating the acceleration is during the time the downswing achieved to the level of the hip. This is in comparison with the actual golf ball impact.

Friendly Tips:

Here are more helpful reminders that you should keep in mind in relation to the execution of the appropriate techniques in increasing the swing speed. When executing the golf club head speed, it is always important to be very mindful of the grip, stance, and timing.

  • Firmly grip the golf club, but do it not in a choking grasp position. This will basically allow the players to observe the correct torso, hips, and shoulder rotation.
  • Giving off a wider stance will offer great stability that also permits the weight distribution from the inner leg or hip going into the outer lower extremities. However, also keep in mind that a wider stance also limits you to exert movement in rotating the hips.
  • It is also very important to time the swing speed of the highest golf club head with the moment of impact or MOI. Always observe the whooshing sound and maintain your head down while playing.  

3-Bodily Movement

Generally, the movement of the golfer may also have a great impact on the swing speed. In case the golfers elicit poor body movement, chances are, they can acquire golfing injuries as well as reducing their athletic performance. Good to know that implementing the appropriate stretches may be of big help in elevating the bodily movement for golf.

Stick Mobility is actually a special golfing device intended for mobility as a great channel in knowing that you maintain on the right track. Moreover, the required bodily movement in performing on an enhanced level within the golf course is also measured.

Moreover, flexibility is also crucial here which pertains to the wider motion coverage our body performs. In terms of increasing the swing speed in golf, the more muscle flexibility we exert, it will ultimately elevate swing speed.

Additionally, the balance is also as essential as flexibility. This actually really helpful on maintaining the proportion of the body in a more stable approach all throughout the entire swing.

4-Body Strength

Another factor that helps in increasing the velocity based on the swing speed chart is the strength of the golfers. Maintaining body fitness is a good idea here and can generally work wonders. Generally, you will notice skinny golfers having great distances as they hit the ball. Yet, the PGA Tour as of these times usually involves golfers following a strict workout regimen.


In the field of golf, there are body muscles that are generally working hard compared to others. These muscles are in extreme determination in increasing the swing speed. Overall, complete body strength and fitness are highly crucial. But, the following are the most important muscles that need to be strengthened to achieve an elevation on swing speed:

  • Abdominal muscles
  • Back muscles
  • Muscles in the forearms
  • Glute muscles
  • Muscles in the wrists

You may be wondering why these muscles are highly essential. Well, for some reason, they are the muscles generally involved in the rotation of the swing. Aside from that, they are also the main ones responsible for creating the power that will generate the downswing afterward.


Below are the suitable exercises that will help in the elevation of the club head speed:

  • Bench Press – this exercise is highly crucial for the improvement of the upper extremities and the body strength
  • Bench Side Steps – one of the exercises that helps in enhancing the hip muscles and glutes
  • Medicine Ball Ab Rotation – generally, a good way to improve the muscles of the abdomens
  • Rotational Lunges – the back muscles, glutes, and hips are the main concern of this exercise
  • Squats – this exercise routine is perfect for the development of the muscles within the back and glutes

Different Trainings in Increasing the Clubhead Speed

So, aside from addressing the different factors that affect the elevation of swing speed, there is also available training that will help you in achieving the potential increase in the clubhead swing. Moreover, the training here is also ideal to give emphasis on separated parts of the golf game. The various games in golf that need training are driving and putting together with targeting the speed of swing.

Aside from that, this training can be done at home for practicing using a golf simulator. Here is the speed swing training that you can practice within the driving range. Strictly following the steps below will generally help better in achieving longer golf shots along with speedy swings.

Club Head Speed Swing Training #1

Initially, the number 1 training for the clubhead speed swing generally entails no golf club at all. The training aims to achieve a better feel during the swing at a quicker velocity compared to normal swing speed.

  1. Basically, start by performing the regular driving stance.
  2. Make sure that your hands are free from grasping any golf driver.
  3. Hold the hands in the front position resembling the grip of the driver.
  4. Generally, swing the arms backward.
  5. Immediately follow this step by resembling a golf swing as you are also focusing on the speed and rotation.

Although very simple, the main thing to consider here is to give emphasis on the form and strategy while elevating the swing speed. Moreover, with this specific training, four sets of 6 to 8 repetitions and elevating speed for every set is highly recommended.

Club Head Speed Swing Training #2

Well, the difference between this clubhead speed swing training from the first training is that this does not include the utilization of a golf driver. But, hitting a golf drive by performing this drill is not also achieved.

  1. Basically, start by performing the regular driving stance.
  2. Make sure that your hands are free from grasping any golf ball and prepare with a practice swing position.
  3. Concentrate on swinging the golf club while creating a ‘whoosh’ sound. Observe this normally via the air amidst the position where you would strike the golf ball and where the golf driver comes in.
  4. Keep eyes on more repetitions guaranteeing that you are targeting on form and elevating the speed swing.

Club Head Speed Swing Training #3

This third training requires the purchasing of an economical weighted golf trainer. It generally aims to permit the practicing of the tempo of the swing. Moreover, it will be available handy most likely when you are performing the previous training.

Club Head Speed Swing Training #4

The final training has the objective of returning on the golf grip. As you go on along the performance of the speed swing training, you will able to find the advantages of the appropriate golf grip. This is generally due to the outcomes of the practice. Moreover, the right grip permits the achievement of optimal performance and swing.

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Okay, here’s the catch, swinging the driver more than 105 mph highly indicates the best time to acquire the X stiff shafts within the set. When we said stiff, this actually pertains to the distance range that is considerably fast. The good thing about this is that you wouldn’t get out of the Tour at any particular time. Moreover, setting around 97 to 104 mph through the driver requires you to have a stiff flex.


A: Generally, 93.4 miles per hour is the average swing speed for an amateur male golfer. This is typically for an average distance of 214 yards. Moreover, at an optimal distance, the swing speed of 93.4 mph, gives an average golfer to land on a distance of 255 yards.


A: The average swing speed of most PGA Tour pros is more than 110 mph. Meanwhile, a scratch golfer will fall on an average of about 106 mph swing speed and an average golfer may fall on 93 mph. Finally, at 97 mph, the high solo-digit handicaps move over this swing speed rate.

Final Words

In terms of the golf ball distance, the swing speed is generally an essential factor to consider. Based on the swing speed charts, there is a direct relationship between distance and scoring within the golf course. Moreover, strictly following the tips and strategies in increasing the swing speed and the distance will also give you an improvement in your score once you step inside the golf course.