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14-Way Stand Bags – Our Buying Guide 2021!

Whether you want to keep organized golf stuff or stay cozy on the course, we always aim for something that could perfectly store our golf clubs. And, of course, we always want to keep those clubs near to us whenever we are on the golf course. So, the suitable approach for this is the 14-way stand bags. Here, you can put your clubs, towels, umbrellas, and even your favorite drinks.

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In this post, I listed 5 of my handpicked golf bags that I’ve personally carry on my previous games on the course. See which one really stands out for you!

What to Look for When Buying the 14-way Stand Bags?

It is no wonder that you could see lots of 14-way stand bags available in the market. That’s why checking some of those most important considerations should not be ignored. Aside from helping you decide which one to choose, you will also ensure that you are getting the best one out there. So, here are those considerations that you should have to look for:


Basically, without any content, the golf bag should not weigh greater than a couple of pounds. Keep in mind that when the bag is lighter, it will be easier to transport and carry around. With that, you won’t find any issues when walking on the golf course.

But, lightweight golf bags may not be as durable as those of the heavier counterparts. So, knowing that, what you’ll need to find is a golf bag that features the right combination of durability and portability.


When it comes to golf bags, there are two primary styles dominating the industry. They are the stand bag and the cart bag. But, some manufacturers are taking their product in the middle of these two. As you will go along our list of golf bags below, all of them are stand bags in which some have an appearance of a cart bag.

Generally, the cart bags have plenty of compartments in which they have been paid for. Moreover, they exhibit a pretty cool appearance. Most of the pros are playing in the course using this style of a golf bag. Meanwhile, the conventional-style stand bag comes with lesser rooms. Yet, it is much easier to carry around during your weekend playing.

If you get stuck on which one to choose, it is highly advisable to come after the one that has a lightweight feature. Asking why? Well, this is due to the fact that lightweight golf bags are ideal for walking within the course. Although some space would be compromised, you will gain some more movement on the other hand.

Insulated Pouch

Having insulation on each pouch is one of the excellent features of a golf stand bag. It offers great ease for golfers in terms of portability as plenty of golf courses do not permit the carrying of coolers around. If you are the type of player who likes to bring some ice-cold drink on while playing, having this feature on a golf stand bag is a plus.

Moreover, golf bag pockets with insulation are excellent channels to keep the drinks more enjoyable during the hot season. The ice inside your water bottle would never easily liquefy because of the function of the insulated pouch.

Additionally, insulated pouches are different from each other. That’s why you may find some that have drain valves which make cleaning an easy one especially when there is an untimely spill. It is also a big help in case you are highly susceptible to the occasional mess.


Most of the golf stand bag features a backpack-like strap. This is generally a good addition to the bag especially if you decide to have a walk around the course. Another strap feature to consider here is the single strap which is commonly seen on a cart-type golf bag. However, some golf stand bags also used on some occasions.

Generally, the backpack strap has the main function of distribution of the clubs’ weight in an equal amount within the shoulders. Having that, the golf bag adds a relevant lesser value of pressure within the lower back.


Actually, golf bags that gives value in storing different accessories is generally one of the main things to look out for. Over the years of development and giving a great amount of service, most golf bag manufacturers incorporate this feature of accommodating other necessary items needed inside the golf course. Some golf bags already offer additional rooms to insert towels, umbrellas, and club cleaners.


Well, in a golf bag, it is very important that you go after a product with lots of compartments. And moderate-sized storage inside a bag is far more recommendable than those big rooms penetrating it. Remember that if you have lots of pouches in your golf bag, it means that you have all the opportunity to maintain a good organization of your stuff inside it.

Top Pick for the 14-way Stand Bags

OUR TOP PICK: Callaway Stand Bag Chev Model

Product Name: Callaway Stand Bag Chev Model

Product Description: Callaway Stand Bag Chev Model is a 14-way stand bag that pretty much plenty to offer. Aside from a highly appealing design, it also has very effective and well-balanced features. It primarily gives spacious storage for 14 golf clubs, useful pouches, and comfortable straps. Well, the pouches have insulation which will maintain the coolness of your drinks that can refresh you within the course. Made of lightweight and breathable fabric, this Callaway golf stand bag is very portable while walking on the golf course. Not only that, but it is also well-made and the premium quality fabric will not make you sweat on a hot day in case you decide to walk the course. However, this golf bag is quite pricey compared to other stand bags listed here.

Availability: InStock

  • Sturdiness
  • Lightweight
  • Value for money
  • Comfort


Callaway Stand Bag Chev Model is, no doubt, an excellent golf stand bag. But, prepare your pocket when you opt for this product as it will cost you bucks. Yet, its high-quality builds and exceptional features make it worth buying. Product Features: • With insulated pockets for storing beverages • Attractive compartment and overall design • Highly durable


• Elegantly looking • Very portable


• Too costly


Sun Mountain Generation 4.5 14-way Stand Bag

14-way stand bags

In terms of spaces and compartments, the Sun Mountain Generation 4.5 14-way Stand Bag is generally competitive. This bag is highly durable with nine pockets that all offer enough room for any possible items you could think to carry with you during the game. Aside from that, this golf bag from Sun Mountain comes with flexible and stylish features.

As you go along the market and look for this golf stand bag, you will find the various color selections available for this golf-related product. With that, it ensures you that your fashion would be well-complimented. But there are two concerns observe with this golf bag. The first one is its weight which seems to be a little bit heavier compared to other options. And the other one is the price that also tends to be pricey for those golfers who have a tight budget.

  • Highly durable
  • Very fashionable design
  • Enough room for storage
  • Way too heavy to carry
  • Pricey

Cobra 14-way Stand Bag Ultralight

14-way stand bags

Cobra 14-way Stand Bag Ultralight also boasts some of the exceptional features of a golf stand bag. It can accommodate 4.5 lbs of contents to be carried around the golf course. It also features 8 individual compartments designated insulated pockets for storing water bottles and other beverages. Quick-release straps and cool flow foam hip pad are also present providing extreme comfort and breathability. Durability could never be an issue with this golf stand bag as it is made of 100% Polyester material.

  • Plenty of compartments for storage
  • Highly durable
  • Flexible base
  • Straps seem difficult to adjust

PowerBilt Golf TPS 14-way Stand Bag

Well, if you are looking for a less expensive golf stand bag than the other first two options, the PowerBilt Golf TPS 14-way Stand Bag would be ideal for you. Having the same components with its Callaway golf stand bag competitor, this one is a budget-friendly option. You can also get the same spacious construction of 14 individual compartments for storing golf clubs.

Moreover, it is also made with breathable fabric which offers comfort while roaming around the golf course during the hot season. It also highlights designated rooms for bringing accessories like towels or club cleaners within the golf course. There are also other five separate compartments that allow for ease of organizing your other golfing stuff.

However, some golfers find some issues with the straps of this golf stand bag. It seems a little fragile. But, don’t worry, it doesn’t call for immediate concern, yet as you go along, you may possibly experience the issue down the line. In case you walk around the golf course most of the time, problems with the straps will most likely happen.

  • Made of breathable fabric
  • Plenty of spacious room
  • Fair price
  • Straps tend to be fragile

PROSiMMON 7” DRK Stand Bag

If you will give yourself a chance to pick this PROSiMMON 7” DRK Stand Bag, you will definitely see how good it is as a 14-way golf stand bag. Aside from its lightweight feature, it is also affordable making it ideal for those who are on a tight budget. However, compared to the other golf bags included in the list, this seems to be smaller. Well, it is not surprising because of its lightweight property.

Despite the small construction, it highlights five separate rooms and designated compartments to store towels, umbrellas, and other accessories. You can bring on the cheapest golf balls you have and your favorite water bottle. But other than that, there is no more PROSiMMON stand bag can give. Meaning to say, due to their small size, the golf clubs may do not have much room to move freely inside this example of the 14-way stand bags.

  • Easy to carry
  • Affordable
  • Lots of compartments for accessories
  • Space is compromised to give way to its lightweight feature

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Generally, in a golf bag, dividers are highly important to keep things separated from each other. For instance, a 4-way golf bag contains four dividers to maintain the division between the golf clubs.

Meanwhile, a 14-way stand bags has 14 dividers that separate the golf clubs from directly get in contact with each other. Moreover, these dividers have lengths that traverse their way in a length same as the one with the bag. These are known as full-length dividers.


A: Since dividers are very important in a golf bag, it is a good idea to know the number of dividers that you should have to look for in a golf bag. Usually, the golf bag dividers range from 1 up to 15.


A: Actually, 14 clubs or more than that are highly allowable to carry inside the golf bag. However, it is also important to know that the additional clubs should not be used during a golf round. In case your wedge produces lots of glare, the best solution to address this is taping over its top during the round. With that, you can still make use of the club.


A: Following the rules of the United States Golf Association or USGA, carrying for greater than 14 clubs by a golfer in a golf bag is not generally allowable. The usual clubs to carry along the course inside a golf bag are a putter and the three types of woods which are the driver, 3- and 5-wood. Additionally, eight irons from #3 to #8 irons together with the pitching wedge can also be carried along inside the golf bag.


A: Well, bringing on clubs in a number greater than intended will cause you a penalty which is the two strokes for every single hole where there is a breach of the rule. Meaning to say, not realizing of carrying 15 clubs inside the golf bag until having a play within the second hole will give you a penalty of four strokes.  

Final Words

A golf stand bag is one of your best buds that can come along with you during your game on the golf course. It has features that make you comfortable carrying it as you decide to walk around the course for quite some time. Moreover, other considerations that you have to look for before you grab a golf stand bag include the weight, style, insulated pouches, straps, accessories, compartments, and other features that may come with it.

What do you think of the golf bags we reviewed here? Do you know any other golf bags that you think must be included in the above list? Please share your thoughts with us!