Do you find changing from fairway woods to irons highly challenging? Well, you do not need to try helpless methods and practice perfecting long irons. All you need to have are the best hybrid iron sets. This golfing equipment dominates the market by storm. And, now most golfers are using these hybrid sets in replacement of the long irons.

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In this blog post, I reviewed here 5 of the best-performing hybrid combos in town. I personally used most of the selections here from my previous games on the golf course. Check them out below and see which one suits your preference.

The Best Hybrid Iron Sets Buying Guide

In order to help you in narrowing down your choice, you must have to consider some of the important features that you should have to look for in hybrid iron sets.


Keep in mind that hybrid iron sets can generally improve the game. Their main function is to reduce your scores. That’s why in choosing the shaft, make sure that it is made of graphite material. When compared to the steel shaft, the graphite one generally offers more distance. In order to easily distinguish the two, the iron set with a steel shaft component is quite heavier.

Moreover, because of its heaviness, the steel shaft is not applicable for beginners. But, this type of shaft usually comes with better feedback. However, high handicappers generally go after graphite shaft iron sets because of their more durability. Aside from that, graphite shafts increase forgiveness and allow an easier hitting method which is the best golf irons for beginners.


Hybrid iron sets with optimal forgiveness generally support golfers in launching the ball over the air. It also helps out in working well through various lies. For a conventional iron set, you will be surprised by the elevation of forgiveness that they have. But, since they have variations of lies, hybrid iron sets will have a great way out of this.

Moreover, forgiveness can be highly achieved through considerations of the back designs of the cavity, perimeter weighting, and shape of the head. Generally, the hybrid golf combo makes to optimizes forgiveness. Also, hybrid sets with maximum forgiveness are the right ones for mid and high handicappers.


The great thing about hybrid golf sets is that they are well-known for making higher launches which immediately elevates the distance. Usually, the number of hybrids is directly related to the number of replacing iron. Yet, there are times that this is not always the case. If so, it is highly advisable to check on the hybrid-iron chart for this as it may help in matching the loft with that of the iron.


Actually, the normal cost of the best hybrid iron sets falls on a very high cost. Well, you may generally end up knowing the pricing behind these hybrids once you set a comparison between the price of a single hybrid and a single iron. Generally, the hybrids are high-quality golf clubs that are sold having a graphite shaft. This usually incorporates an extra cost to this type of golf club.

Recommended List of the Best Hybrid Iron Sets

OUR TOP PICK: Callaway Mavrik Hybrid Golf Set

Product Name: Callaway Mavrik Hybrid Golf Set

Product Description: Being one of the best hybrid iron sets, the Callaway Mavrik Hybrid Golf Set highlights 3-hybrid and 4-hybrid with 5 to 9 irons. Together with the package is a piece of pitching wedge. The thing that makes this hybrid iron combo stand out is that it can be a perfect replacement for a 3-iron. And since there are various club choices, this iron set from Callaway is a highly versatile one. Moreover, it uses tungsten weighting upon its launch optimization in order to allow the deepening of the gravitational center and increase of speed. Meanwhile, the urethane microspheres absorbing vibration that it has offers a balanced feel to create a more enjoyable golfing experience. Aside from that, this feature also elevates the coefficient of restitution or COR and the speed as well.

Availability: InStock

  • Shaft performance
  • Speed
  • Distance
  • Forgiveness


Callaway Mavrik Hybrid Golf Set is generally a golf iron combo that offers an increase in distance. Thanks to the A.I., jailbreak, and face-up technology that it uses which are all behind its success in the golfing industry. Having that said, Callaway Mavrik Hybrid Golf Set is really worth buying. Product Features: • Uses Artificial Intelligence to produce a relevant increase in the ball speed • With made tungsten energy core to offer a maximum launch and ball flight • Has urethane microspheres to absorb unnecessary vibration • Includes an excellent performing lightweight steel shaft for an easy play • Utilizes an Iso-6 technology that resembles steel via a stabile feel and consistent launch


• With selections for right and left-handed • Graphite and steel shafts options are available • Elevated speed and distance • Plenty of forgiveness


• Only includes pitching wedge


Cleveland Golf HB Iron Set

best hybrid iron sets

Cleveland is one of the best hybrid iron sets as it already performs at excellently high levels despite being a new player in the market. Actually, Cleveland is already an established name in the golfing industry making hybrid iron sets. However, the birth of this Cleveland Golf HB Iron Set is the start of all the improvements in making hybrid iron golf sets.

Basically, these are hollow golf clubs that are highly beneficial in providing extreme amounts of distance and forgiveness at the same time. Moreover, it is also a progressive set that creates changes from long irons to short ones in terms of the clubhead size. It also boasts its HiBore crown that is mainly responsible for the improvement of weighting and gravitational center.

Product Features:

  • Highlights turbocharged face with high strength steel for more elevated ball speed and enormously far distance
  • Totally hollow built having an inner stabilizing frame that offers extreme forgiveness
  • Made with HiBore Crown for deepened weighting to create to hit, elevated ball flight
  • Produce a smooth transition from long irons to short irons through the help of progressive shaping
  • Progressive style
  • With 4 iron option
  • Create a better flight of the ball
  • Quite pricey

Cobra Combo Golf Set

best hybrid iron sets

The Cobra Combo Golf Set is another example of the best hybrid irons available in the market. It is also a progressive iron that has new and highly improved qualities. In terms of getting too long irons, you may actually compare this hybrid iron combo to the fairway woods. Moreover, it resembles the conventional iron once getting down the wedges.

It also highlights a hollow design and boasts for their E9 face that allows you to have a big leap over the clubface. Deciding to grab this hybrid golf set will offer you an option between graphite, stiff, or regular type of golf shaft.

Product Features:

  • Made with an extreme strength steel face known as the Forged E9 Face that uses various thickness from E9 technology
  • Includes baffler rails for the effortless glide of the golf club in any turf condition
  • Has a hollow design that provides excellent power of a hybrid launch and distance
  • Ease of launching
  • Better distance
  • Too costly
  • Short irons come in quite a large size

Majek MX4 Flex Graphite Golf Set

best hybrid iron sets

Another name that is starting to make a sound in the market is the Majek MX4 Flex Graphite Golf Set. As one of the best hybrid iron sets as of today, it claims to provide a well-balanced distance and forgiveness to the players. They generally aim to offer these qualities at fair pricing.

A great feature of this hybrid combo set is the way they are easily hitting the rough. And with just a single swing, you can immediately return to the fairway. This is due to the approach that these golf clubs launch from the rough.

It basically has a progressive design that resembles an iron over its wedges making it one of the best hybrid iron sets. Most irons have a pure graphite shaft which is highly ideal for golfers possessing medium to slow swing speed. So, if you are looking for a hybrid golf iron combo that is durable enough to stay for long and, at the same time, performs greatly, this one is your perfect match.

Product Features:

  • Made of 100% pure graphite golf shaft
  • Highlights a pro velvet grip
  • Offers wide range selection of length and sizes
  • Provides optimal forgiveness
  • Fair pricing
  • Ideal to be used over the rough
  • Gives off better distance
  • Only has a right-handed option

Powerbilt EX-550 Hybrid Iron Set

Actually, most of the exceptional hybrid iron sets available come at an expensive price. The good thing is that the Powerbilt EX-550 Hybrid Iron Set is an affordable golf iron combo option. In case you are having difficulties in dealing with long irons or conventional iron combos, this one is right for you.

The body construction of this hybrid iron set is generally in hollow construction. Moreover, the graphite shaft comes in a senior or regular type. The progressive design gives hybrid look with its long irons and conventional look due to its short irons.

Product Features:

  • With a hybrid design that traverses from wide sole to narrower sole of the long and short irons giving off a balance of forgiveness and precision
  • Made of enclosed hollow construction creating thinner face and boosting the distance
  • Highlights conventional wedge style
  • Shafts are built with graphite materials
  • Affordable price
  • Hollow body design
  • Provide inconsistent output among lower handicappers

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Generally, the 200 yards of hybrid measurement doubles its effectiveness when compared with the long irons. For around 180 to 200 yards, the hybrids seem to be more effective. Knowing this, always remember that golfers should not bring irons that have the ability to hit more than 180 yards. Rather, just go on with a hybrid for this.


A: Usually, 5 wood is a lot easier to hit off of the tee as compared with that of the 3 hybrids. Yet, if you generally pull driver most of the time, do not force yourself in using a 3 wood or 5 wood rather than a hybrid. After all, a hybrid might still be the best choice for this.


A: The fairway wood basically comes far better but at the cost of those that are quite difficult to hit. In case you opt for something that can far beyond distance, then this will be your best choice. Meanwhile, the hybrid usually comes with great consistency and tends to be easier to hit. Aside from that, you will have to manage the shots that will have to get closer to the green from a distance.


A: Well, in terms of the ease of hitting, most golfers are coming after hybrids than the long irons. In contrast, there is a number of golfers that basically prefer the use of long irons to hybrids. But, still, hybrid clubs remain the number one choice of lots of recreational golfers and high-handicappers for an easier-to-hit function.


A: Even pros use hybrid golf clubs in their golf bag. But, it is very seldom to see those pros having 5 or 6 irons to switch into a hybrid. Yet, in the case of two or three iron, pros replacing them with hybrids are very common. The reason why pros like hybrids are due to the satisfaction that they get on an excellent go-to selection coming off the rough.

Final Words

Hybrid iron sets are generally advantageous in improving your skills in playing golf. Aside from that, this golfing set will lead you to successfully escalate to the next level with the course. Moreover, opting for one necessitates you to consider some of the essential factors like the shaft, loft, forgiveness, price, and other features that come with it.

What do you think of the hybrid combos we reviewed here? Do you think of any other hybrids that are not included in our list above? Please share your thoughts with us!