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Best Golf Irons for Beginners in 2024 and Buying Guide

Playing golf as a beginner is fun when you have all the right equipment. As a golfer, you need to find the right set of irons to play better. With the best golf irons for beginners, you can considerably improve your game. Since there are many types of irons available, you might not be sure what kind of irons to buy. That should not be a problem when we can offer you the best guide about them. We look at the top options for you to consider before spending your money.

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Types of Golf Irons You Should Know

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The common types of iron include forged irons and cast irons.

Forged irons

Forging irons use the old technology where the metal is sunk into a rough shape, then followed by hammering it into the desired shape. The manufacturer keeps the forged iron having a close approximation of what the final club head will look like.

The carbon steel clubhead is then finished through grinding, milling, and polishing to achieve the best look. The result of the process is a solid one-piece that looks like it is ready for use. Forged irons are aimed at good players who want the best feel of the club as compared to cast iron. Also, this type of iron is good for shaping shots and controlling trajectory.

Cast irons

The other type you will face is cast iron. For this type, it involves pouring of liquid metal into a specially designed mould. A mould is used in cases where the manufacturer needs to achieve complex head designs. The casting process is generally cheaper and easier for most manufacturers. It is why cast irons will have a lower price tag.

Top 4 Best Golf Irons for Beginners

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s Launcher CBX Iron Set

Product Name: Cleveland Golf 2018 Men’s Launcher CBX Iron Set

Product Description: Any beginner will love the experience that comes with using this golf iron. The manufacturer is known for making the best golf irons for all skill levels. First, we find that this model presents you with the best quality in terms of material and construction. The result is that you end up with a model that offers the best value for money. This should be appealing to a beginner looking to start their golfing career. The design also has a traditional and appealing look that works for most golfers. The golf iron has a solid topline look which inspires confidence. For many, it is neither too thin or thick. The inclusion of a cavity helps to give the best forgiveness and control that any beginner would need. The overall weighting of the golf iron is optimized for beginners. Each time a beginner will use it, they should experience an easy and forgiving launch

Offer price: $$

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  • Versatility
  • Construction
  • Ease of use
  • Quality


This is a top option for most beginners because it is forgiving and easy to control. Anyone using it should be comfortable with the forgiving launch as it helps them learn how to play golf better. The overall weighting of the iron is made for beginners. This is because it is positioned low and back. The quality of the iron is also good so that you feel it was worth investing your money to get it.


✔️It is highly versatile

✔️Offers a decent distance

✔️It comes with a great feel


❌The set is slightly more expensive that other beginner sets

Runner’s Up

Callaway Golf Big Bertha Iron Sets

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Callaway is no stranger to making some of the best iron sets in the industry. This one is not any different as it will live up to your expectations. It will still offer the best value for money. For this range of irons, the manufacturer put in years of research and development. It is why you find them being popular. These irons also come made of the best material and advanced design to make golfing even better for you.

Most beginners would struggle with distance and speed. The manufacturer had that in mind when designing them. The results are that you will have a better ball speed and distance each time you use them. These drives are also designed to deliver high speeds across the face. Even if you hit the ball slightly off-center, you should still end up with impressive speeds.

The center of gravity of these irons is set low in the head. The aim is to give you high and effortless launches each time you swing the iron.

✔️Comes with leading technology and design
✔️Highly forgiving set
✔️ It is easy to launch the set
❌They are pricey

Cobra Combo F-Max Mens Golf Iron Set

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For a golfer looking for the best amount of forgiveness in a set, then this is a nice consideration. The set is also good for someone with a slow to moderate swing speed. They also use the ultralight technology to help in achieving higher clubhead speeds. This should translate in greater distances too.

The heads on the irons have a low profile and a deep undercut too. This means that you have a low and back center of gravity. This type of COG makes the set ideal for better launching and you should experience the best forgiveness too.

The grips are noticeably larger than what you get with average irons. Such a design is great to give you more control and comfort. Anyone using this type of iron set should enjoy better accuracy and consistency.

✔️The set is light and fast for better speed and distance
✔️Easy to launch
✔️Highly durable
❌Not the best for players with faster swing speeds

Mizuno 2018 MP-18 MMC Fli Hi Iron

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Mizuno as a brand is no stranger to making some of the best iron sets in the world. This set is not forged like other common models, but the overall construction still makes them highly durable. The manufacturer uses high quality multi-material combination with a precision design. The result is that you have a set that feels premium and still affordable.

As for the design, the irons have a hollow build with a maraging steel face and tungsten toe weight. These two ensures that the irons have the best launch, remain forgiving on a beginner, and carry the ball quite well. You should also notice that the face is also light and thin to help build better speed for the ball.

Because of the various impressive features of the irons, you will notice that they are designed to be true players irons. The muscle back irons might not always appeal to beginners, but since they are good at what they do, most beginners would be happy to own them.

Having the satin and chrome finish makes them look professional and classy. You will definitely feel that they are worth spending your money to get them.

✔️They offer great playability
✔️The set comes with a satin and chrome look
✔️They have a maraging steel face
❌The blade design might not appeal to all beginners

Selecting the Best Irons for Beginners

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What iron number should I get?

Golf irons come in different numbers. The sequence of golf irons depends on the angle of its loft. It comes in 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and 9-iron versions.

Basically, the 3, 4, and 5-irons have the lowest loft and can be very difficult to hit. These mentioned irons have a lower launch height, meaning you need accuracy and power when using it.

This is the same reason why older or senior golfers and beginners opt for 6, 7, 8, or 9-iron types. You can also consider a pitching wedge (PW). This is the iron that comes after the 9-iron type.

Once you have mastered high-loft irons, you can get your hand on lower lofts for added skill. In fact, learning the lower-loft irons can boost your distance and improve your handicap score.

The Design

When it comes to the design, some of the options you would have include blade irons and cavity back irons.

Blade irons are characterized for having a thin face, compact hitting area, a thin top line, and designed for better players. The design of blade irons helps to distribute the weight evenly throughout the head, making it have a sweet spot in the center of the head.

Cavity back iron is designed to have a cavity or recess in the back of the head. The aim is to concentrate more weight around the perimeter of the iron. Since more weight is concentrated on the edges of the clubhead, then the manufacturers can increase the iron’s Moment of Inertia. This is simply the forgiveness of the club.

Between the two, getting a cavity back iron might be ideal for a beginner as it is forgiving. You will also benefit from a larger sweet spot.

Shaft Material

The shaft material is important so that you buy a durable iron for you to enjoy. Some of the shaft types you can get on the market include steel shafts, graphite shafts, and multi-material shafts.

The most common shaft material is steel. Steel is preferred as it is stronger and heavier. Being heavier makes it produce less flex whenever using it. You should find it being more accurate and consistent. The carbon steel used in making shafts is also thick. Being thick allows the iron to provide consistent flexibility and torque.

Graphite shafts are not as common as steel shafts. However, they are still desirable for being lightweight and flexible. The benefit of such an iron is that you will have better swing speeds and even unlock more distance in the game. The drawback of graphite shaft is the feel. You do not a consistent feel of the iron each time you use it. Also, the process of making graphite is expensive than steel.

The multi-material shafts are even rarer than graphite shafts. Just as the name suggests, these shafts are made by combining several materials. In this case, they combine graphite and steel. When you choose such an iron, it would have the best of both worlds, however, it will be expensive.

For a beginner, choose a model made of steel shaft and you should be good.


Getting the right length of the golf iron is important for taking the best swings. The right length is determined by the height of the golfer and the size of the shaft. Having a longer shaft means your hands will be further away from the ball.

Take note that the shaft length of the iron decreases as its loft angle increases. This is why lower-loft irons (#1-4-irons) have the longest shafts. These are ideal for flatter ball trajectory but with long distances.

On the other hand, there are mid-length irons. These are #5, #6, and #7. These have higher lofts than the first three irons, but not as high as short irons. It’s best for higher launch height for small hills and obstacles.

Lastly, there are the short irons or #8, #9, and pitching wedges. Since these have the highest loft, it also has the shortest shafts. This is ideal for short distances, say below 90 yards.

You will notice that all long irons will have a graphite shaft. This is because graphite is a flexible material that should allow for different swing types.

Understand more about your height before buying the golf irons. Most manufacturers will have the height highlighted so that you can pick the best golf iron based on your height too.


What is loft? Well, loft is the club face angle. It is what controls the ball trajectory and affects the distance it will cover too. For a beginner, it is best if you opt for a higher face loft. Leave the lower lofted drivers for experienced golfers. The lower-lofted drivers require more skill to get the right trajectory and distance out of a swing.


The swing speed is going to be determined by the head shape and weight. If you want a faster swing speed, then go for a heavier head. It will also give you more control. A lighter head is ideal for slower sling speeds. Compare the various options available to find the right model with the best head for a beginner.

*Iron type

Moreover, you should check what type of steel is used for the clubhead. Basically, you’d have to choose between cast iron and forged iron. Here are the differences between the two:

-Cast iron

Cast iron is often perceived only as the alternative to forged iron. This is produced by pouring the liquid steel into a mold so manufacturers can come up with complicated clubhead designs. With this simple process, cast irons are cheaper and easier to find.

Also, this is the material of most irons with perimeter weighting and multi-material construction.

-Forged iron

On the other hand, forged irons are produced with the help of a blacksmith. The rough metal is hammered until it forms the desired shape. This is why forged iron is mostly found on muscle-back irons. With the addition of grinding, milling, and polishing, there’s no doubt that this club would be much expensive than cast irons.

*Sole type

Next, you have to know what sole type is on the iron you’re planning to purchase. The sole refers to the base of the club which gets in contact with the ground.


With narrow soles, you have to add more power to your swing to lift the ball even further. For high handicappers and beginners, narrow soles aren’t advisable. This is usually used by experienced players who have developed excellent techniques.


On the other hand, there’s the thick sole. With the additional weight at the bottom of the iron, you’ll get a boost in momentum and swing. This will help you send the ball farther.

*Center of gravity (COG)

The COG or center of gravity will dictate how much forgiveness the iron has. Forgiveness refers to the boost you get so you’ll get less chance of poor ball contact and bad swings. And for beginners, you’d want an iron with the most forgiveness.

An iron with a low COG will send the ball higher and easier. Take note that the COG is dependent on the construction, placement, and balance of the club.

Also, this overlaps with the thickness of the sole and the size of the sweet spot.

*Game improvement irons

If you want to have added edge on your games, a game improvement iron is a great choice. These clubs have perimeter weighting as well as a bigger sweet spot for more accurate shots. Also, this type of iron has a low center of gravity to aid with the launch of the ball.

Any iron made to improve your shots is considered a game improvement type. This is best for beginners.

*Handicap level

Next, you should consider your handicap level. This refers to the numerical measurement of a golfer’s ability within a given course. The lower this number is, the better the golfer that person is.


For mid handicappers, choosing the right iron can be challenging. They can alternate between steel and graphite shafts depending on their swinging technique. Nevertheless, they should use game improvement irons with a hint of forgiveness and better distance.

Don’t fret if you’re a mid-handicapper. A large chunk of golfer players on the planet is classified as such.


Next, for high handicappers, forgiveness is the name of the game. They need as much advantage as they could get from an iron. Take note that most high handicappers have inconsistent swings, which causes high numbers.

What we recommend here is a thick sole and a graphite shaft to compensate for the bad swings. As much as you can dig into advanced irons, you’re just going to make your start a bit more difficult than it should be.

*Senior irons

For beginners, a senior golf iron could be a great choice. This club has a lot of forgiveness, higher flex, higher loft, and perimeter weighting. All of these features will help improve your game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How far can you hit a 2-iron?

A: In average men’s distances, a 2-iron can hit up to 190 yards. As for women, 2-irons average around 170 yards. It still depends on the performance of the golfer and his or her swinging techniques.

Q: What is the easiest iron to hit?

A: This varies from golfer to golfer, depending on their preferred configuration, weight, and material. Some find lightweight irons with softer flex to be easier to swing. Meanwhile, others prefer stiffer flexes to suit their swing technique.

Q: How long do golf irons last?

A: Most irons last for long, even a lifetime for casual golfers. For pros and everyday golfers, about 10 years is a good rule of thumb, though some can last longer than this period.

Q: Do golf irons go dead?

A: No, unlike other golf clubs, irons don’t go dead. However, when the grooves on the clubhead have been worn out due to countless games, you’ll need to purchase a replacement.

Q: Do blade irons go further?

A: If compared to cavity back irons, blades are less forgiving. Still, blades aren’t goners as it suits a variety of golfers, depending on their techniques.

Q: Do irons lose distance over time?

A: As long as the components aren’t damaged, it’s not typical for irons to lose its distance even after many years. If you maintain your clubs properly, an iron can last for more than a decade.

The brand

You cannot just buy the golf irons from any brand. It is safer to opt for the top brands with the reputation of delivering the best products. All the products we have reviewed above come from top brands. Well, top brands include Callaway, Wilson, Mizuno, and TaylorMade.

Sometimes reading the customer reviews can also help you understand more about the golf irons. You should never have to deal with low quality golf irons when other people rate them as unreliable. Reading other customer reviews can help you save money.

Test before you buy

If you are not confident about buying certain types of golf irons, then you should test them before buying. May be your friend has the same type of golf irons that you want to buy. Get a session on a golf course to see how they feel before investing your money.

What is your price range?

Before you can decide which golf iron is ideal for you, anyone would have a price range in mind. The golf irons will vary a lot in terms of price range. It is up to you to find the best product within your budget. It is surprising how sometimes you can get the best model, but still affordable. The most important thing for you to do is compare various models first before picking a winner.

In Summary

The best golf irons for beginners are those that help them master golfing. Most would be forgiving so that a beginner can have better launches, speed, and distance. We have covered several models above and they all live up to the needs of many beginners. You can choose any of the models mentioned above and you should be good to go. With more practice, any beginner can get better and then buy irons meant for pros. Some of the irons on the list can still be ideal for pros who want to play with a certain style.