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7 Best Golf Shorts for Hot Weather 2024 [Best Picks!]

Comfort is paramount whenever you’re on a golf match. This allows you to move freely and achieve the best impact on every swing. But during summer, the golf course can be too hot that wearing pants isn’t a good idea. This is where the best golf shorts for hot weather come in. Aside from the shorter fabric, you should also look for the right material and construction.

Here are our 7 best golf shorts for hot weather:

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Golf shorts or pants?

Both are ideal on the golf course, but there are some advantages and disadvantages. Still, we recognize that it all boils down to your preference.

You’ll typically see professional golfers wearing pants whatever the season is. This is the prescribed outfit for the game, but it doesn’t mean that shorts are not allowed.

Shorts are still allowed in the golf course, especially if you’re just playing for fun. However, most golf organizations have specific rules about length and fit.

First, golf shorts shouldn’t be too short. It should always be above the knee level and not shorter than that. Also, golf shorts should have a fit of trousers. That means loose and not tight-fitting. Some women’s golf shorts have a tighter fit, but many golf organizations discourage an extremely skinny fit.

So which one should you wear? It depends on the game and the weather. If it’s unbearably hot, you can don your golf shorts. However, it also exposes your skin to direct sunlight. It’s a matter of finding the balance between these two aspects.

Best Golf Shorts for Hot Weather [Buying Guide]

The thing with the best golf shorts for hot weather is that it’s more than just the fit. You have to check several aspects, just like buying other clothing pieces. Of course, you’d want one that will give the best bang for the buck.

For this to happen, you should check the following:


The first thing you have to check is the material of the shorts. Nowadays, you can find a limitless fabric composition in the market. The most common is polyester and a blend of various fabrics. Those made specifically for golfing can be made of performance fabric with excellent moisture-wicking abilities.

Another thing about the material is washability. We always opt for shorts that can be tossed into the washing machine. Whatever your choice is, your golf shorts should put up to regular use.

-Fit and size

Next, you have to guarantee that the golf shorts will fit you well. Usually, golf shorts are sold in the same sizing as typical shorts. Check your waist size and the fit of the piece. Remember, it should always have a slack fit and a length that’s not shorter above the knee. S

Take note that individual brands will have their specific sizing charts. Avoid relying on a single sizing matrix since it may not be the same with other brands.

-Moisture-wicking properties

During a hot day, your golf shorts should keep you comfortable. That’s only possible if the material has excellent moisture-wicking abilities.

Avoid cotton at all costs as it absorbs moisture and traps it for hours. Polyester is a great choice, too, especially if blended with other moisture-wicking materials.

If you have the budget and you want golf shorts that will stay dry all day long, look for performance fabric instead.

-Style and color

The style and color of golf shorts are a matter of personal choice. However, if you want to stay cool during the game, consider lighter colors since it deflects sunlight.

Still, the most common option in golf nowadays is black. There’s no rule or limit to the color of your golf shorts as long as it follows the prescribed length and fit.

Just a little note: your socks should always match the color of your shorts.

-Belt loops and pockets

You should get golf shorts with belt loops on it. Most golfers will use a belt to tuck their shirts properly.

Aside from that, you should also look for pockets. During the game, you’d have to keep tees and markers close. Instead of going back and forth to your bag, you can stash these items in your shorts’ pockets.


Last but not the least, consider how much you’re planning to spend on golf shorts. As a single piece of clothing, golf shorts shouldn’t cost you a fortune. Sure, some golfers are willing to shell out as much as a hundred bucks for a nice pair of shorts. Still, you can look for budget finds that give great value.

7 Best Golf Shorts for Hot Weather


OUR TOP PICK: PUMA Golf Jackpot Shorts for Men
best golf shorts for hot weather

Product Name: PUMA Golf Jackpot Shorts for Men

Product Description: If you're a fan of polyester shorts, then the PUMA Golf Jackpot Shorts is the right choice for you. It's made of 100% polyester with a button enclosure. Also, these golf shorts sport the DRYCELL Technology that keeps the sweat out of your skin. This way, you stay comfy and dry during your game. Moreover, this PUMA piece has the PWRSHAPE technology that allows the shorts to keep its shape. It produces a smooth, slimming effect, thanks to its four-way stretch fabric. With these shorts, you can swing and move without feeling any restrictions.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Material Quality
  • Fit and sizing
  • Comfort Level
  • Performance
  • Value for Money


Another thing that we like about this pair of PUMA shorts is the silicone gripper tape on the waistband. It keeps your shirt tucked nicely as you swing. It also has on-seam pockets and belt loops to complete the package.


✔️Gripper tape on the waistband

✔️Available in 26 different colors

✔️DRYCELL technology to keep you dry


❌None so far


Nike Flex Men's Core Golf Shorts

best golf shorts for hot weather

For those who want a little stretch on their golf shorts, the Nike Flex might be the perfect choice. It’s made from a combination of 95% polyester and 5% spandex. This allows you to move, squat, swing, and walk freely without the shorts feeling too tight.

Also, the brush twill fabric of these shorts adds a soft feel while wearing. And to keep you dry on a sweaty day, this piece has the Dri-FIT technology. It will keep the sweat off your skin so you can play without worries.

This has a standard fit that passes golf standards. It’s also available in several colors like white, dark gray, khaki, and navy blue.

Nike Flex has two front sides and two back pockets. It’s more than enough to get you going on your games.

✔️Dri-FIT technology to keep you dry
✔️Standard fit
✔️Lightly stretchy fabric
❌The sizing runs a little small than usual

IZOD Men's Classic Golf Shorts

best golf shorts for hot weather

If you want an added sun protection, you should invest in the IZOD Men’s Classic Golf Shorts. It’s made of 100% polyester with sun protection equivalent to UPF-15. This UV protection will keep your upper leg safe from the harm of the sun.

Aside from that, these golf shorts have a four-way stretch fabric that allows you to move in all directions without any hassle. It’s also available in a variety of colors like caviar, stone dust, khaki, nickel, and midnight black.

This pair of shorts is also machine washable. After each game, simply put it in the wash for cleaning.

Moreover, the IZOD Golf Shorts have four pockets: two on the sides and two on the back. Overall, this classic pair matches any golf polo you have.

✔️4-way stretch fabric
✔️Added UPF-15 sun protection
❌Consider going a size up

adidas Men's Ultimate Golf Shorts

Another stretchy option that you can try is the adidas Men’s Ultimate Golf Shorts. It’s made of 88% polyester and 12% elastane. It’s highly durable and allows you to move in any direction comfortably.  Aside from that, these adidas shorts come with a silicone gripped on the waistband to keep your shirt tucked properly.

With an inseam of 10 inches, this is a perfect outfit on your summer golf outing. It has a stretchable waistband that allows full mobility even during squats.

Moreover, this adidas piece has UPF 50+ sun protection. It’s also very stylish and available on a wide range of colors like khaki, dark blue, bright blue, gray, pink, green, and even yellow.

We also like that these shorts have a water-resistant finish that also comes handy during rainy days.

✔️Extremely breathable
✔️More stretchable than other options here
✔️Waistband gripper
❌Could run a bit long for short users

Nike Golf Bermuda Women's Shorts

For the ladies looking for the best golf shorts for hot weather, we recommend the Nike Golf Bermuda Shorts. It’s made of pure polyester with a hook-and-eye enclosure to keep the shorts stylish. Aside from that, it also sports Nike’s proprietary Dri-FIT technology that wicks away sweat and moisture.

These shorts allow full mobility with the addition of the notched hems. The front and back pockets are also handy storage for your tees and markers.

For these shorts, you can choose from four different colors like khaki, white, black, and gray. Its finish has a little shine, which adds a water-resistant effect to this piece.

These shorts are very breathable and lightweight. Although the material is thin, it doesn’t see through and stays durable even during regular use. It’s already a steal for its price since these shorts can serve as an all-around outfit.

✔️Dri-FIT technology
✔️Notched hems for added mobility
✔️Stretchy fabric
❌None so far

KELLY KLARK Golf Bermuda Shorts

Another option that we recommend is the KELLY KLARK Bermuda Shorts. It has a chino design made of 75% bamboo rayon, 20% nylon, and 5% spandex. It’s very stretchy and bears a Jacquard texture. It uses a zipper and hook-and-eye enclosure.

Moreover, these shorts are mid-length from the inseam. It has a simple yet elegant look that suits any polo or top you prefer while playing. Also, this is a super comfy piece that you can wear in and out of the golf course.

If your’ e not happy with these shorts, you can contact KELLY KLARK for a 30-day return or refund option.

Overall, this is a stylish pair of shorts that suit a variety of occasions. It’s made for sports, but you can also wear it on casual events. Just take note that the waistband of these shorts doesn’t stretch as much as the rest of its fabric. We recommend that you get the size that perfectly suits you.

✔️Very stretchy composition
✔️Highly breathable rayon
✔️30-day refund or return guarantee
❌Some people don’t like the texture of the fabric

PGA Tour Women's Motionflux Tech Short

Last but not the least, we recommend the PGA Tour Women’s Motionflux Shorts. It’s made of tech fabric that’s a combination of 98% polyester and 2% spandex. This gives a nice stretch that remains comfortable to wear on the golf course.

Moreover, these PGA Tour shorts sport the SunFlux technology that provides UPF 50 protection. It’s paired with the DriFlux technology that absorbs moisture and sweat. This way, you can play without feeling uncomfortable during your swings.

It’s also equipped with a stretch waistband with an invisible front zipper. This gives a tailor and snug fit for every golfer. Aside from the side pockets, the back has welt pockets perfect for storing scorecards.

These shorts are available in five solid colors, including caviar, black iris, bright white, peacoat, and sleet. Overall, it’s a flattering pair of shorts that can serve as an all-around piece of clothing.

✔️DriFlux Technology to wick sweat
✔️Hidden zipper
✔️Welt pockets for scorecards
❌The white version is a little light

Final words

The best golf shorts for hot weather will help you stay on top of your game. Instead of letting sweat compromise your performance, you can choose the right outfit to wear on the golf course. It includes a comfy pair of shorts and a golf shirt that suits the hot weather.

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