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7 Best Golf Shirts for Hot Weather in 2024 [Buying Guide]

Playing golf under the scorching heat takes skill. The heat, blinding sunlight, and a sweaty body will directly impact your game. So to make sure that you’ll be as comfortable as you can be during a hot day, you should wear the best golf shirts for hot weather. In this post, we will help you choose the right pieces as well as some of the best picks that you can find in the market.

If you’re on a rush, here are our top 7 picks for the best golf shirts for hot weather:

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The real deal about golf shirts

For newbies, the common question is this: what makes golf shirts so special? As much as you can wear your typical sweatshirts or baggy polos, golf shirts are made with specific features. It needs to be more breathable than other shirts together with sweat-wicking properties.

Aside from that, manufacturers of golf shirts have come up with various technologies that make golf shirts comfier in the course.

Overall, golf shirts can be bought at cheap prices. However, if you want premium quality and pieces that will last for long, you should invest a budget for your outfit.

Best Golf Shirt Brands To Consider

When it comes to golf apparel, some brands stand out among the rest. The following are some of the outstanding brands that offer durable and comfy golf shirts:


These sports brands produce shirts specifically made to suit the needs of every golfer. They have sweat-wicking and highly breathable selections for both men and women.

Still, the brand is just a general consideration. You have to peruse the material and overall value of the golf shirt you’re planning to purchase. Below, we crafted a comprehensive buying guide before we dig deeper into our personal picks.

[Buying Guide] The Best Golf Shirts for Hot Weather

Looking for the best golf shirts for hot weather? Let’s look into these factors first:

-Comfort is paramount

When it comes to golf apparel, comfort is everything. For hot weather, look for a breathable and sweat-wicking material that will keep you cool. This is important, especially if you’re up for a long game.

Aside from that, avoid see-through shirts, no matter how much you want to get wind into your body. It may work for windy days, but if the golf course is scorching, you’ll be too sweaty to concentrate.

Take note that comfort is important, especially for senior golfers.

-Moisture Wicking Golf Shirts

Nowadays, golf shirts come in either the classic cotton or the modern tech fabric. Here’s a quick look at the two materials:


Cotton is easy to find, plus it has excellent sweat-absorbing capabilities. It’s also easy to wash and comfy to touch.

However, when it comes to summer golf games, you may need to keep your cotton shirts in the closet.

Cotton absorbs sweat and keeps it there. Over time, you’ll get soaked and start to build smell. Also, cotton traps sweat, which prevents quick-drying. Nevertheless, it’s a great option for cold days.

*Tech fabric

When it comes to hot weather, tech fabric rules the game. This synthetic fabric has excellent sweat-wicking properties that pull the moisture away from the person’s skin. Tech fabric is more flexible and lightweight than cotton.

Moreover, this type of fabric was made by combining various fibers and applying a chemical finish. Take note that tech fabrics are made for functionality and less about aesthetics. Overall, it performs better than cotton on hot days. 

-Opt for cooling features

Next, you should ensure that the golf shirt you’re buying has excellent cooling features. Brands like adidas, NIKE, and Callaway all have their own versions of cooling golf shirts. Below we reviewed these picks to see which suits you best.

Some have mesh underarms to encourage airflow. Also, golf shirts have a unique fabric that stays durable even if it’s thin.

-Anti-microbial properties

It’s also important that the shirt you’re buying has some sort of antimicrobial properties. This will prevent odor buildup even if you have been sweating for hours.

-The right fit is crucial

Aside from picking the material meticulously, you also have to focus on the size of the golf shirt. This is to ensure that you’ll be comfortable and that the fit will not impact your swing. Generally, you’d want a golf shirt that’s not too tight but not too loose either.

Always refer to the sizing chart of each brand to ensure the best fit. Take note that a medium on adidas may not be the same on NIKE or Hanes.

-Short or Long Sleeve Golf Shirts

During summer, some golfers opt for long-sleeve shirts to protect their skin from UV rays. Still, some prefer short sleeves to keep their arms cool.

This is a matter of preference, actually. If you are to wear a long-sleeve golf shirt, make sure that it’s highly breathable and won’t stick to the skin once you start sweating. Most of all, make sure that the stretch of the arms and the armpit area doesn’t limit your range of motion.

-Invest in durable pieces

As much as you can buy cheap shirts, you’ll end up re-purchasing due to poor quality. So to make sure that your golf shirts will last long, consider it an investment for quality.

Premium shirts have durable stitching so it can endure regular washes. You’d want a shirt that stays good as new even after months of use

-Look for added UV protection

Playing golf will expose you to direct sunlight. This is why you should look for a shirt that comes with a layer of UV protection. This is to prevent sunburns and to reduce the impact of sunlight on your skin.

Most golf shirts made of tech fabric has this feature. Still, you should use a trusty umbrella even with this added perk.

-Check the washing requirements

Just like any clothing item, you should always check the manufacturer’s instructions in washing the golf shirt. Most golf shirts can be machine washed, though it will vary on temperature and drying options.

Generally, you should use only one scoop of active detergent. After that, wash your golf shirt in a gentle setting. After washing, air-dry the golf shirt but avoid direct sunlight. You should also avoid machine drying as this will damage the shirt.

ONE IMPORTANT TIP: Never use fabric softeners, especially on tech fabrics. This will strip off the sweat-wicking finish and ruin the synthetic fibers of the shirt.

Take note that it’s totally fine to wash this shirt with other clothes, but always segregate colored ones.

-Consider the color and style

The color of the golf shirt is just a small element that will also make a difference in comfort. For hot weather, avoid dark-colored shirts as this absorbs heat. This is a general logic that applies to all clothes. Always opt for lighter colors like white, baby blue, orange, cream, and so on.

Some golfers pay a lot of attention to the overall look of the shirt. There’s nothing wrong about squeezing in a little aesthetic to match your style.

-Overall value

Also, always get the right balance of quality and price. Sure, you don’t want overly cheap pieces, but not everyone has the money to splurge either. Anyway, if the cost isn’t an issue, always focus on quality beyond aesthetics.

5 Best Golf Shirts for Hot Weather


OUR TOP PICK: adidas Men’s Golf Climacool Shirt
best golf shirts for hot weather

Product Name: adidas Men’s Golf Climacool Shirt

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best golf shirts for hot weather, we recommend the adidas Men’s Golf Climacool Shirt. It’s made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane together with the Climacool technology. This makes the body well-ventilated even under the sun. Also, this has a high-stretch characteristic as well as a lightweight feel that keeps you comfy on the golf course. And since it stretches well, you can guarantee a full range of motion while wearing this shirt.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Comfort Level
  • Sweat-wicking properties
  • Breathability
  • Stretch
  • Value for money


Aside from the combination of white, black, and maroon, this shirt is also available in different colors. Feel free to choose what suits your style.

Also, we like that the sizing chart of adidas fits true to size. Overall, this shirt has premium quality at a very reasonable cost. And if you’re serious about golf, this is a great investment for your next big game.


✔️Climacool technology

✔️High-stretch fabric for comfy moving

✔️Premium quality


❌None so far


NIKE Zonal Cooling Camo Golf Polo

best golf shirts for hot weather

If you’re into a camo look, don’t miss the NIKE Zonal Cooling Golf Polo. This is made from a stretchy and circular knit fabric with raglan sleeves for a distraction-free game.

Aside from that, this camo polo comes with the proprietary Zonal Cooling technology of NIKE. Also, it’s equipped with the Dri-FIT technology for excellent breathability and quick-drying abilities. So even if you sweat a lot, this golf shirt will keep you feeling fresh so you can focus on your shots.

Also, we like its rolled forward shoulder seam that contributes to the comfortable movement. Also, unlike cheap shirts, the camo print is engineered into the fabric to make it last longer.

This camo golf shirt is available in gunsmoke gray, indigo fog, obsidian, olive canvas, pure platinum, and vintage lichen. Also, it has a two-button placket for a classic golf course look.

✔️Zonal Cooling technology
✔️Dri-FIT technology
✔️Engineered camo design

❌None so far

Under Armour Golf Performance Shirt

best golf shirts for hot weather

If you want to save some bucks, we recommend the UnderArmour Golf Performance Shirt as one of the best golf shirts for hot weather. It’s made of 95% polyester and 5% elastane for a nice stretchy feel. Aside from that, this has a loose fit, true to classic golf shirts.

This has anti-odor technology to fight the growth of microbes and bacteria that will cause a foul smell. Also, it’s great in wicking sweat and drying moisture fast.

Overall, this shirt is soft, lightweight, and mildly textured. It’s comfy to wear on any golf game, especially under the scorching heat.

Make sure that you refer to the sizing chart of Under Armour to get the best fit. Also, since this is a loose shirt, you can adjust the sizing if you want a tighter size.

✔️Anti-odor technology

❌The loose fit may not be appealing to all golfers

Callaway Cooling Short Sleeve Polo

best golf shirts for hot weather

Next, we have the Callaway Cooling Golf Polo. It’s made of 56% polyester and 44% Outlast polyester. The Outlast fabric boosts the temperature regulation properties of this shirt. It prevents heat from getting a trap between the skin and shirt to ensure the utmost comfort.

Also, this golf shirt adapts to the thermal changes in the environment. It keeps you cool during summer and warm during winter. This absorbs excess heat so your skin won’t feel it.

Moreover, this Callaway piece comes with Opti-Shield UV protection as well as Opti-Dri moisture management. Also, this shirt has the Opti-Vent and Opti-Cool technologies to guarantee the breathability of this shirt while you wear it. This short-sleeve shirt is pampering wear for all golfers during a scorching day.

Overall, this has a medium thickness that’s not too lightweight but not too heavy either. It’s available in orange color with a horizontal stripe on the chest and upper back.

✔️Opti-Cool and Opti-Vent technology
✔️Outlast fabric blend
❌None so far

Callaway Women’s Opti-Vent Open Mesh Polo

best golf shirts for hot weather

For the ladies who are looking for a golf shirt, we recommend another Callaway piece. This Open Mesh Polo is made of pure polyester equipped with Opti-Dri technology. This wick moisture away so your body stays fresh during the game.

Moreover, this sports a 6-button placket to suit the bosom of the ladies. Also, it has a Chevron rubber on the back neck for heat transfer. This is paired with the OptiVent technology for excellent breathability.

Also, we like the two-toned effect of this shirt that gives the fabric a nice accent.

Overall, this has a semi-fit cut that’s available in a variety of colors including Medium Blue, Carrot Orange, Purple Magic, Salsa Red, Vibrant Green, and white.

For those who are worried about the mesh material, fret not, because this isn’t a see-through type. It’s thin and lightweight but still bears a solid look.

✔️Unbeatable cooling technology
✔️Chevron rubber heat transfer
✔️6-button placket design
❌Some buyers find it a bit too thin

NIKE Women’s Dry Golf Polo

For the ladies who are fond of stripes, the NIKE Women’s Dry Golf Polo is the one to go. It has a sleek striped design with a 3-button placket design. Also, it has a fitted cut that every lady golfer would love.

Aside from that, this shirt is made of pure polyester with Dri-Fit technology that should be washed in cold water. Also, it has a dropped back hem for extra coverage as you swing, pick golf balls, and set up your shots.

This has a classic silhouette design as well as a polished finish to keep you stylish on the golf course. Also, it’s not see-through and can be worn without an undershirt.

If you are to order this NIKE shirt, check the sizing chart and consider going a size up. Many buyers have advised that sizing up would give the best fit. Take note that this is form-fitting so you have to be particular with the size.

✔️Dri-Fit technology
✔️Dropped back hem
✔️Sleek stripe design
❌You have to get one size up for the best fit

Hanes Sport Women’s Cool Performance Polo

For those who want to save some money, you’ll never go wrong with the Hanes Sports Cool Performance Polo. This is made for the ladies who are looking for a semi-loose fit. It’s made of pure polyester with a double-needle bottom and sleeve hems.

Moreover, this has a 50+ UPF protection as well as rapid-dry jersey knit fabric. This way, the fabric can pull moisture away from your skin to keep you comfortable during the game.

Also, we love how Hanes removes the neck tags for added comfort. This way, you can stay focused on the game as the match heats up.

We also like that it has a silky texture that will glide smoothly on the skin. Also, this fits true to size, which is a big plus.

Lastly, this Hanes golf shirt is available in black, deep red, deep royal, graphite, white, navy, and pink colors.

✔️50+ UPF protection
✔️Tag-less neck
✔️Double-needle hems
❌None so far

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the best material for golf shirts?

A: Tech fabric, also called performance fabric, is ideal for sports apparel. This has a special layer that pulls away sweat from the skin and keeps the person cool even on a hot day. Also, it’s lightweight yet durable, though it comes at a rather higher price tag.

Q: What is the difference between a polo shirt and a golf shirt?

A: Typical polo shirts are made of cotton and suitable for indoor and casual wear. However, golf shirts have a special performance fabric that makes it ideal for sporting events. Some golf shirts also have a breast pocket to store a glove.

Q: What should you not wear when golfing?

A: Denim is definitely not made for the golf course. It’s not breathable and it doesn’t have a good stretch that will allow your body to twist during a swing.

Q: What are the best golf shirt brands?

A: Some of the best golf apparel brands are adidas, NIKE, Callaway, Hanes, UnderArmour, PUMA, FootJoy, and more. These brands stand out due to their exceptional sporting products, aside from golf shirts.

Q: Should I get thick golf shirts for better protection from UV rays?

A: Thick doesn’t always mean that the shirt has excellent UV ray protection. For example, tech fabric is thinner, but it offers better UV protection than thick cotton. Modern golf shirts have a special finish that deflects harmful rays from your skin.

Final words

The best golf shirts for hot weather will keep you comfy and in top gaming condition. Unlike typical polo shirts, the 7 picks we reviewed above are made to unleash the golfer in you. What do you think of our suggestions? Share your thoughts with us!