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4 Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners (Unbiased Reviews)

Are you new to disc golf? Well, you are at the right place to learn more about the sport. Some view disc golf as being simple, but that is not always the case. You still need to take your time to perfect the sport. Having the best disc golf discs goes a long way to improve your skills and become a pro at the game.

There are times people thought you play disc golf just as you would Frisbees. What you need to understand about disc golf discs is that they travel over a long distance. All this time, they can maintain a preferred speed, turn, fade, and other aspects.

We will go through the types of golf discs, top models in the market, and a buying guide. By the end of this guide, you should have enough information about which models are ideal for you. Let us jump in already.

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Uses and Types of Disc Golf Discs

There might be multiple classifications of disc golf discs, but the main four categories include fairway drivers, distance drivers, putters, and mid-range discs. For any new disc golfer, you need to understand the differences between these types to choose the correct one.

Maximum distance drivers
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The discs will often be classified as maximum distance drivers because they can cut through the air at impressively high speeds. As such, these discs can go very far sometimes in excess of 400 feet. It is only possible for them to go far when thrown using the right technique and power. When not thrown properly, such discs will lack control and end up getting less distance.

The video below has some tips to get you started.

YouTube video

To identify them, you will notice that they have thick rims of 2.1cm or greater. Their speed rating is also 10 or higher.

Control or fairway drivers
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Fairway drivers do not travel at the same high speeds as distance drivers. For them, they are designed to have thinner rims. This makes them more stable, fly straighter, and generally easy to control. These drivers have evolved over time to become the best right now. Since they are easy to control, a beginner should find it easy to use one.

Midrange discs
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These discs have a more rounded edge as compared to the others. They will fly slower because of their less aerodynamic edge. These discs are designed for maximum accuracy and control over a short distance. It is common to find experienced disc golfers using them to tee off during their sessions.

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These are the slowest of the bunch. As much as they are slow, putters are still easy to control. Just know they would not go far. Comparing them to the others, putters fly very straight. This makes them good for landing in the basket and also doing approach shots.

Putters can be ideal for beginners who are trying to get straight shots during a practice session.

Top 5 Best Disc Golf Discs in the Market

Our Top Pick

Our Top Pick: Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach Golf Disc

Product Name: Innova DX Aviar Putt and Approach Golf Disc

Product Description: This might just be the oldest and most popular putters available right now. It is popular for being stable and providing the best consistency while in the air. Most people would use it for approaches, chain hunting, and short drives. The model does come with a smooth rounded nose and a flat top. That is what you need when you have to do disc golf putting. The best part is that the model is available with varying weights. You can get models weighing as low as 145 grams while others as high as 175 grams. As you can see, it should be easy for both beginners and advanced players to find the best disc for them. As for the rating, the speed is 2, glide 3, turn 0, and fade 1.

Offer price: $$

Availability: InStock

  • Quality
  • Accuracy
  • Ease of use
  • Usability


This is a solid putter that should appeal to both beginners and advanced players alike. Just make sure you choose the correct weight as that varies a lot. Also, the design of the disc makes it stable and consistent when playing. You should find it ideal for approaches, chain hunting, and short drives.


✔️Available in a variety of weights

✔️Accurate for playing approaches and putts

✔️Several colors available


❌The rim is too deep for consistent perfect releases

Runner’s Up

Gateway Leaf Stamp Wizard Golf Putter

Photo credit: Amazon

This is another beginner-friendly putter on the market. It does come with an under-stable approach and straight flying characteristics. These two make it easy for turnovers even at high speeds. Depending on color preference, you should find several color options for this model.

Many appreciate the intensity that this putter brings to their game. Even seasoned players can find it as a suitable disc for them to use.

As for the weight, you should find it a bit heavier as compared to the others. Such a feature makes it ideal for throwing on every course and different wind conditions. Its weight of 170 to 176 grams makes it ideal for giving you the best balance in mid-air. Even in windy conditions, it should still feel stable.

✔️It is great off the tee
✔️The disc is stable
✔️It is ideal for windy conditions
❌Not the best for stronger flicks

Discraft Buzz Elite Z Golf Disc

Photo credit: Amazon

If you want midrange disc golf discs, then this is your best bet. People love it for its consistency, reliability, and ease of control. Even for its construction, the plastic material varies. You get to choose the best material that you want. At 177 grams, you should find it being on the heavier side.

The model comes with a stability rating of 0.5, meaning that it will fly straight for a level throw. Thanks to such stability, it is loved by people of all skill levels. Other benefits of this golf disc include consistent release, comfortable feel, smooth, and nice grips. Each time you release it, you can always end up with a better accuracy.

✔️Great for all skill levels
✔️Impressive accuracy
✔️Has a low stability rating
❌Some feel it is too heavy for a midrange disc

Innova DX Leopard Golf Disc

Photo credit: Amazon

If you are in the market for a fairway driver, then this is the best option for you. The model is ideal for roller shots, tailwind, and anhyzer. The model is sold as part of the starter kit that any beginner should consider getting. They also have a limited fade and reliable flight.

For an advanced player, you might notice that the disc has a high turn and glide. This makes it great for manipulating the flight pattern and going around obstacles. Any beginner should have it and practice with it more often to get better shots.

If you want to get lower scores, this is a great choice. This is because it is good at straight-flying and easy to throw on overall.

✔️The best straight-line driver
✔️This disc is beginner friendly
✔️The model is good for turnover shots
❌It is not the best for forehand throws

Disc Golf Discs Buying Guide

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Buying disc golf discs should not be hard when you have the right factors in mind. We look at them below.

The type of disc golf disc

We have discussed types of disc golf discs above. To recapture, the common types include distance drivers, control drivers, midrange discs, and putters. You have to get the right disc type depending on your skill level.

Because you might want to learn how to use all of them, sometimes you can get the best of each category. No one remains a beginner forever, so you have to be prepared to handle all the disc types.

The flight paths

The flight paths are based on the speed, glide, fade, and turn. Once you understand these ratings, you should have an idea of what is the best disc golf disc.

Speed is the first rating that people look at when buying a disc. The fastest disc will have a speed rating of 13 to 14. The slow discs on the other hand will have a rating of 1 to 2. Any disc above a speed rating of 8 is a distance driver, 6 to 7 is a fairway driver, 4 to 5 is a midrange driver, and less than 3 is a putter driver.

Glide is the ability of the disc to stay in the air. For a disc that glides higher in the air, it should be able to go further. Glide is great for someone looking to achieve the best distance. As a result, it is not the best for putts or approach shots. Glide ratings will be from 1 to 7. A disc with a high glide rating means it will stay in the air for longer.

Turn and fade affect the stability of the disc. The stability in this case means the ability of the disc to fly straight. Look at the type of stability you will get with a disc before buying as it varies from one disc to another.

The plastic type

The plastic type can have an influence on how the disc flies considering that there can be wear over time. The most common plastic types used in making discs include basic plastics, middle grade, ultra-durable, premium plastics, and ultra-light.

Basic plastics will be the cheapest on the market because the quality is low. Even if they are low quality, they tend to offer a good grip. But that is where the benefits end, as they can wear quickly. They also tend to get scratched and nicked easily.

It is easy to conclude that premium plastics will be the best of them all. They are durable and offer an excellent grip. However, they are not cheap. As much as they are expensive, many find them ideal for optimal control and performance.

Disc weight

Disc gold discs will have different weights depending on the type and manufacturer. Most will weigh between 165 to 175 grams. To make them weigh less, some are now made using special plastic blends. The Professional Disc Golf Association is responsible for regulating the weight of discs based on the diameter.

To learn more about these standards, check out the PDGA tech standards before picking a disc for your next game.

Discs having lighter weight will have a more under-stable flight path and are likely to turn over. The heavier discs on the other hand, are less likely to turn over and will be more over-stable. For a beginner, start with a lighter disc.

Disc color
Photo credit: Werner’s Trading Company

As for the color, this is going to be a personal preference. You will find that most of the discs, if not all, come with bright colors. These colors allow you to easily spot your disc from a far considering golf courses are green. It would be great to have different colors for each type. This helps to quickly pick the right type depending on the application.


The disc dimensions are also important for anyone looking to buy their first disc golf disc. As part of dimensions, you need to look at the diameter, height, rim height, and rim width. These are the important dimensions that determine the category under which the disc falls.

Most discs will have a diameter of 21 to 21.4 cm, a height of 1.65 cm to 2.11 cm. As for the rim height, it is where you grip the disc. A tall disc will have a taller rim height and vice versa. The thickness of the plastic can still affect the rim height.

Here is a video with additional tips to keep in mind.

YouTube video


If you are a beginner in disc golfing, then consider buying the putters. Throwing putters can be fun and engaging as compared to the other types of golf discs. Once you get used to throwing the putters, then you should have an easier time switching to the other types of golf discs. Take private lessons if you have to until you learn how to play disc golf. It might take some time, but once you become an advanced player, it is quite an interesting game.