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Buying the Best Golf Hat For Hot Weather & Sun Protection 2024

Are you having a match in the middle of a scorching day? One thing you shouldn’t forget is a nice hat. Golf hats aren’t just for vanity. The best golf hat for hot weather will prevent you from squinting under direct sunlight. It also protects your face from sunburn. Here, we reviewed 5 of the best golf hats that will keep you cool and covered on the course.

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Popular Golf Hats

There are many types of golf hats out there. If you’re new to this accessory, the following are some of the choices you should consider for these outdoor activities to keep your head dry and for the extra sun protection..

– Golf Ball Caps

Ball caps are the most common type often worn by Tiger Woods, Rory McIlroy, and Justin Thomas. It has a round crown that covers most of the scalp. This is paired with a stiff peak or semi-brim on the front.

Overall, ball caps are fashionable options that complement all golfers. It’s also inexpensive and available in different designs. Although it may seem hot to wear, you should look for one with a vent technology some use a mesh fabric.

-Golf Bucket Hats

Another golf hat that you can see on some golfers is the bucket type. This offers maximum sun protection with a sloping brim. It’s very comfortable and cool to wear given that you get the right material.

If you want 360-degree protection against sun rays, bucket hats are the best choice. This golf hat is also inexpensive and can be machine-washed

-Golf Visors

For those who find other hat types too hot to wear during humid weather, you can opt for visors instead. It’s like a ball cap, but without the round crown. The brim is the same with ball caps which is strapped around the head with a Velcro or metal enclosure.

Take note that visors don’t offer a lot of protection since it exposes the top of your head to direct sunlight. Still, it’s popular among female golfers as it allows them to wear their hair without the hassle, not to mention that visors are stylish.

-Golf Wide Brim Hats

Golfers who want full sun protection while staying classy will like wide-brim hats. Some of these hats have a fedora-like top, which makes it appealing for many senior golfers.

If you’re planning to purchase this hat, look for a lightweight piece with excellent ventilation. You wouldn’t want to feel uncomfortable during the game.

-Golf Ivy Caps

Ivy caps have been a growing trend among golfers. It’s a British hat with a round top and a low profile. It also sports a small yet stiff brim. In the U.S., ivy caps are also known as newsboy caps, though the latter is another type of hat.

Buying Guide for the Best Golf Hat for Hot Weather

If you’re looking for the best golf hat for hot weather, you must consider the following points:

-Check the material

Golf hats can be made of a variety of fabrics. You must look for a breathable comfort option using a  moisture wicking fabric and has an odor-control feature.

Polyester is one of the most common golf hat materials. It wicks sweat though not a good absorber. Still, polyester hats are good options if it has enhanced ventilation by means of a mesh backing. You can also look for cotton blends for excellent absorbency with added breathability.

However, you’d want to avoid pure cotton hats as it can be a little hot to wear, especially if it doesn’t have ventilation.

There are also leather hats as well as wool-lined caps. Both of these are no-nos if you’re looking for the best golf hat for hot weather. Wool and leather are hot to wear and the best for cold weather.

-Get the proper fit

Most golf hats have an adjustable strap, but you should still check its size. Sizing the golf hat is important, especially if you have a smaller or larger head than most. Don’t be blinded by the design alone. Comfort for the golfer is a very important factor.

Take your head’s circumference using a tape measure. Make sure that it’s in the middle of your forehead for accurate measurements.

Once you have the size of your head, compare it to the sizing chart of the hat you’re planning to buy. Usually, these hats have a fit range so it wouldn’t be difficult to find one that suits you.

-Level of sun protection

If your aim is to protect your face and head from direct sunlight, you must look for a golf hat with the utmost protection. Wide-brim and bucket hats are the best options here, though it’s not as stylish as other options. Anyway, hats are supposed to protect you so style should only come second.

Take note that melanoma or skin cancer is on the rise for many golfers due to their continuous exposure to UV rays. The likes of Justin Thomas have battled this condition before.

As much as hats can be a little uncomfortable, it’s best to get used to wearing hats for sun now.


Golf hats can get really sweaty. You have to wash it on every game to prevent bacteria and odor buildup. A wide range of bucket hats are machine-washable, making it a very convenient option.

For ball caps, visors, and other golf hat types, you have to clean it manually using a brush, soap, and water.


Golf hats can sport different types of closures. This part is very critical as it ensures proper fit and that the hat will stay in place.

Velcro straps are commonly used on visors and offer an excellent level of adjustments. It’s also easy to wear, though the Velcro may lose its stick later on.

On the other hand, you can also look for slide buckles. This is commonly seen on ball caps and helps adjust the fit on the fly.

You can also consider plastic snaps or rivets that click in place. It allows you to adjust the fit, though not as versatile as sliding buckles or Velcro straps.

Lastly, there’s the brass buckle. This has square buckles that clamp the fabric strap. Like sliding buckles, you can adjust the fit of the hat to your desired width.


The color and look of the hat is just a bonus, but it will give more value to your purchase. Try to look for a hat color that matches your outfit. Also, for a cooler feel, opt for lighter colors like white and gray. Black is chic but it also traps more heat.

-Value for money

Lastly, always consider the overall value of the hat. You don’t have to spend tons of money on a single accessory. Just make sure that it’s durable and can last for years.

Best Golf Hat For Hot Weather – Top 5 Picks


OUR TOP PICK: Nike Authentic Dri-FIT Perforated Cap
best golf hat for hot weather

Product Name: Nike Authentic Dri-FIT Perforated Cap

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best golf hat for hot weather, we recommend the Nike Authentic Dri-FIT Ball Cap. It’s made of pure polyester with the Dri-FIT technology that manages moisture and keeps you cool during the match. It has a perforated back panel for excellent ventilation. It also sports a contrast underbill to reduce sun glare so you can focus more on every shot and in reading the green. This is a six-panel cap with a Velcro hook and loop strap closure.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Breathability
  • Comfort Level
  • Fit
  • Style
  • Value for Money


This is very soft and highly adjustable to suit almost every golfer. This is available in six different colors like white, navy, blue sapphire, green, black, and gray.

Also, this is very lightweight and perfect for matches during the summer. It keeps the sweat off the face, though some mention a slight fitting issue. This could be due to the shallower cap since this Nike Dri-Fit hat has a lower profile than other hats.

Overall, this is a hat that gives the best bang for the buck. Even professional golfers love it.


✔️Moisture management technology

✔️Perforated back panel

✔️A contrast underbill for less glare


❌Has a shallower crown


Callaway Golf 2019 Pro Hat

best golf hat for hot weather

Another ball cap that we like is the Callaway Golf 2019 Tour Hat. It’s made of performance fabric that wicks away sweat and prevents odor buildup. Aside from that, performance fabric is popular for being lightweight but durable.

We also like the UPF 30 UV protection of this hat, which will guard your skin from any damages. It also has a deep fit with an adjustable Velcro back strap. For heavy sweaters, this hat comes with a moisture-wicking sweatband that will keep moisture away from the facial area.

This is very soft and will remain comfortable even for long plays. It also has a nice professional look that will complement your outfit in the golf course.

The Callaway 2019 Pro Hat is available in six different colors. However, the white one tends to stain fast if worn during hot days. So if you don’t want to deal with rigorous cleaning, consider other colors like blue, gray, or red.

If you have a large head, this Callaway cap will suit you well. It’s highly adjustable and fits most users.

✔️Perforated back panels
✔️Made of performance fabric
✔️UPF 30 UV protection

❌None so far

TaylorMade 2019 Tour Golf Hat

best golf hat for hot weather

For the fans of TaylorMade, the 2019 Tour Radar Hat is a must-have. This has performance fabric that repels moisture and prevents odor. That’s paired with a moisture-wicking waistband with an adjustable tuck-in back strap.

This cap has a dark underbill that prevents the effects of the sun on your vision. You can read the green and line your shots easily while wearing this cap, thanks to its pre-curved visor.

This TaylorMade cap is very lightweight and comfortable to wear. We didn’t have any issues with the fit, plus the material stays cool under the sun. It also bears the TaylorMade logo on the front as well as M5 and TP5 on the sides. 

Unlike regular caps, this one has a more sporty look and quality. Nevertheless, you can wear it while playing golf or as a casual hat for other activities.

The only thing that we noticed about this cap is it doesn’t have a perforated back panel. Still, each panel has holes for ventilation.

Like most caps, this is available in six different colors.

✔️Dark underbill for better vision
✔️Moisture-wicking waistband
✔️Hole panels for ventilation

❌None so far

Nike Golf Sun Bucket Golf Hat 2.0

If you’re looking for a bucket hat, you should consider the Nike Golf Sun Bucket. This is made of 88% polyester and 12% spandex for a nice and comfy fit. Like the Nike ball cap reviewed above, this one has the Dri-FIT technology to keep you dry even on hot days.

Also, 360-degree brim offers the best protection from the sun. The front brim is 3.5 inches from the crown while the back brim is 4.5 inches from the crown. The extra length at the back protects your nape from direct sunlight. It also comes with an elastic drawstring so you can easily adjust the fit of the hat.

Unlike golf caps, this bucket hat boasts a UPF40+ UV protection. Even though this covers most of your head, it has a perforated crown for ventilation.

Take note that the crown of this hat is soft, but the brim is a little stiff. Nevertheless, it remains comfortable on the golf course.

This bucket hat is very useful not just in golf but also for other hobbies like fishing. We just want to warn since this hat feels tight for users with large heads. Other than that, it’s an excellent purchase.

✔️Extra-long back brim
✔️Dri-FIT technology
✔️UPF 40+ protection

❌A little tight for those with large heads

Rising Phoenix Industries Palm Leaf Fedora Golf Hat

If the style is paramount for you without compromising sun protection, we recommend the Rising Phoenix Industries Palm Leaf Hat. This suave fedora hat has a Mexican vibe that you can flaunt on your friendly games.

This hat offers a UPF 50+ sun protection. This is made of real and natural palm leaf with a faux leather band. It also has metal grommets for ventilation so you’ll stay cool while playing.

The inside of the crown of this hat has a soft fabric lining to absorb sweat. It suits head sizes of up to 23 1/8 inches. It also comes with an inner band to make it fit well.

This is a unisex hat at you can also wear around even if you’re not playing golf. It’s a chic headwear for hiking, fishing, and hunting.

Overall, we love the excellent sun protection. It’s a little flimsy but that’s because the hat is lightweight to keep you comfortable.

✔️Made from real palm leaf
✔️Soft fabric lining
✔️UPF 50+ sun protection

❌A bit flimsy

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you have to wear a hat while golfing?

A: A cap isn’t a requirement for golfing, though it’s useful during sunny and hot days. It helps you focus on reading the greens with some even using the brim of their golf hat to align their shots. Golf hats are added protection against UV rays, but not compulsory, even for tournaments.

Q: Why do golfers take their hats off to shake hands?

A: It’s a common practice for golfers to take their hats off then shake hands with their opponent after the match. It’s a sign of respect and sportsmanship. In fact, this isn’t unique in golf as it’s considered good etiquette for many when greeting people.

 Q: Can you wear your hat backward at the Masters?

A: No. Back in 2011, golfer Rickie Fowler was asked to put on this cap the traditional way after being seen wearing it backward.

Q: Is there a specific type of hat that tournaments require?

A: The type of golf hat you’ll wear isn’t a big deal as much as it’s not a requirement. Still, you’ll notice that many golfers wear the usual baseball caps as it has a longer brim that they can use to line their shots

Q: Why do the golfers have a yellow ribbon on their hat during the PGA Tour in Bellerive County Club?

A: Players in the said PGA Tour wore yellow ribbons on their hats to remember Jarrod Lyle, a fellow golfer who passed away earlier that week. Lyle is known for wearing yellow hats during his matches, thus the yellow ribbon.

Final words

The best golf hat for hot weather will keep the nasty UV rays off your skin. When choosing one, always consider the material and fit. That way, you can wear your golf hat throughout the game.

Above, we reviewed five of the best options in the market. The Nike ball cap is an unbeatable choice, thanks to its moisture-wicking material. It’s also a favorite among professional golfers due to its simple yet lightweight build.

Aside from that, you can also consider our options from TaylorMade, Callaway, and so on. Whatever you choose, always prioritize the sun protection level as well as the durability of the hat. Most of all, you should look for excellent ventilation so the hat won’t be too warm to put on.