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10 Greatest Professional Golfers from Florida

Many of the game’s biggest Professional Golf legends are from the Sunshine State, Florida. As the state grew in popularity at the turn of the century, so did its golfing reputation. As a result, not only does Florida have the most golf courses in the country (over 1,250), but Palm Beach County has the most of any county in the country (over 160). Golfers from Florida have a unique charisma when playing the sport.

When it comes to facilities, professional golfers will accept nothing less than the best for the golfers from Florida. Luxurious clubhouses, beautiful fairways, and immaculate greens are as essential to them as finding the appropriate accountant, caddy, and chef, which is why Florida is the professional golfer’s mecca.

Let’s dive into details on the top ten best golfers from Florida.

Camilo Villegas

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Camilo Villegas is a professional golfer from Florida who competes on the PGA Tour. Villegas joined the PGA Tour in 2004 and got his card just before the 2006 season. Unfortunately, he missed out on the Master’s Tournament by a single spot on the Official PGA Tour Money List (11th). He did, however, make his maiden Masters participation in 2007 after placing in the top 40 of the 2006 Official PGA Tour Money List.

Bubba Dickerson

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Benjamin Gordon “Bubba” Dickerson is an American professional golfer who played on the PGA Tour and competed nationwide. He is recognized for winning the 2001 US Amateur Championship. Dickerson was a member of the European Challenge Tour in 2003, the NGA Hooters Tour in 2004, and the Nationwide Tour from 2005 through 2019. He qualified on the PGA Tour in 2006 and 2007.

Robert Duval

Robert Duval is a professional golfer from the United States, particularly in the state of Florida. And he is best known as the father of David Duval, a former world number one. He had roughly a dozen top-10 finishes, including a wire-to-wire victory at the Emerald Coast Classic in 1999. His victory occurred on the same day that his son David won The Players Championship on the PGA Tour, propelling him to the top of the global rankings.

Jeffrey Michael Klauk

Jeffrey Michael Klauk is a professional golfer from the United States who has competed on the PGA Tour and the Tour. On the Nationwide Tour, he has two professional victories. One was at the Preferred Health Systems Wichita Open in 2003. The other occurred five years later, in 2008, at the Melwood Prince George’s County Open, when he finished in the top 25 on the 2008 Nationwide Tour money list.

Woody T. Blackburn

Woody T. Blackburn is a former professional golfer from the United States who competed on the PGA Tour in the 1970s and 1980s. Blackburn’s first professional victory occurred in 1976, at the Walt Disney World National Team Championship, alongside playing partner Billy Kratzert. Unfortunately, he had an abysmal stretch in which he missed the cut in twenty of twenty-one tournaments, and he lost his PGA card in 1984, forcing him to requalify for the tour with the rookies.

Nolan Jay Henke

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Nolan Jay Henke is a professional golfer from the United States who has competed on the PGA Tour and the Nationwide Tour. Henke has three PGA Tour victories. His first victory came in the 1990 British Columbia Open. After that, he won the Phoenix Open, was fifth on the money list, and had six top-10 finishes in 1991. His third victory came in the BellSouth Classic in 1993. His best primary finish was a T6 in the 1992 Masters Tournament and the 1993 PGA Championship.

Mark McCumber

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Mark Randall McCumber is a professional golfer from the United States who has competed on the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour. In 1974, he went professional, and in 1978, he joined the PGA Tour. Between 1979 and 1994, McCumber won eleven times on the PGA Tour, including the prestigious Players Championship (1988) and Tour Championship (1994). (1994). In addition, he and Ben Crenshaw won the World Cup for the United States in 1988.

Laura Brown

Laura Alicia Brown is a former collegiate and professional golfer from the United States. She was named Southeastern Conference (SEC) Freshman of the Year in 1988 and first-team All-SEC and honorable mention All-American in 1991 while playing for the Florida Gators.

Terry-Jo Myers

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Terry-Jo Myers is a professional golfer from the United States who competed on the LPGA Tour. She received the LPGA Tour’s Heather Farr Player Award in 1997 and the Golf Writers Association of America’s Ben Hogan Award in 1998.

Daniel Mazziotta

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Daniel Mazziotta is a professional golfer from the United States who competes on the PGA Tour Latinoamérica. Mazziotta began his professional career in 2011 on the NGA Pro Golf Tour and the West Florida Golf Tour. He won six times, one on the NGA Pro Golf Tour and five on the West Florida Golf Tour, before gaining his PGA Tour Latinoamérica playing rights for the 2014 season.

Top Florida Golf Trips

With the PGA Tour currently in its annual Florida swing, you’ll be thinking about scheduling our next Florida golf trip. Here are the top places to look for when planning a trip to Florida on our next Golf venture.


The state’s largest and most populous city is home to some of the state’s most famous and known golf courses, including the No. 2 public course in the state and the No. 11 public course in the country. So you will indeed have a memorable experience swinging your shots in the golf courses in Jacksonville.


Tumbling over undulating terrain, stunning landforms, huge lakes, and stretches of open savannah, Streamsong Red, placed 112th on Golf Digest’s and also second 100 Greatest courses, necessitates a good approach to tackle one dramatic Coore-Crenshaw-designed hole after another.


The World’s Theme Park Capital is also home to several excellent golf courses. These courses are sure to be a thrill ride, whether on a family trip or, even better, a golf-only excursion.


Apart from the well-known magnificence of Doral, Miami is dotted with courses ideal for a round before the day at the beach or a night on the town.

📌Palm Beach

This seaside town has lots of terrific golf, but four of the top 75 courses in Florida, according to a 2015 Golf Digest study, are located on the PGA National property. In addition, the Honda Classic is held every year on the Champion Course, one of five courses at PGA National.


The excellent golf courses in Naples, Florida, are nestled among the Florida pines. Most courses take advantage of the natural environment to create undulating greens and waste areas of crushed quartz sand. When you visit the location, each golf session will be unique.

📌Panama City

You might think of Panama City as a Spring Break getaway, but it’s also one of Florida’s most stealthily low-cost golf locations, with some must-play courses. There are no visible residences on this Florida course, and there are few flat lays.

Things You Should Do Before Playing a Round of Golf

If you don’t prepare, you’re setting yourself up to fail, as the saying goes. However, incorporating these suggestions into your pre-round routine gives you the best chance of playing well.

✔️Good Sleep

When it comes to golf, sleep is crucial, and you don’t want to be playing when hungover.

✔️Create a Strategy

If it’s your home club, you probably know where to go, where not to go, and which clubs to hit like the back of your hand. However, we still recommend writing it down and planning how you intend to attack the golf course.


When you arrive at the range, it is critical to stretch before hitting any golf balls. And this will warm up the muscles and get them nice and loose, which will help you make the golf swing athletically and prevent injuries.

✔️Clean Clubs

Dirty golf clubs can significantly negatively impact your performance, particularly when generating spin-on approach shots into greens and finesse shots. As a result, you’ll want to keep your clubs as clean as possible.

✔️Plan the day

You don’t want to be rushing around and frazzled before getting to the club and golf course. As a result, organize your day carefully. Allow plenty of time to go to the club and complete your whole preparation before teeing off.

✔️Eat and Hydrate

What you eat and drink significantly influences how you feel both on and off the golf course. So you must eat well and remain hydrated both before and throughout the round.

✔️Hitting the Ball

When it comes to hitting the shots before the course, avoid using the driver. Start with a wedge since it is a simpler swing to make and helps you to ease yourself into the workout.

Things to Keep in Mind When Swinging a Golf Club

There are hundreds of things that novices attempt to remember while initially learning to swing a golf club. In addition, the quantity of white noise in their heads is a continual source of distraction, irritation, and knowledge.

This list is general, and you may find it helpful as you work on improving your golf game.

❕Set your Feet Apart at a Comfortable Distance

It is ideal for keeping the distance between your shoulders at around shoulder width. Remember to keep your left foot slightly open, with your toes to the left of your heel.

❕In your Stance, Bring the Ball Forward

The ball should be in line with your left heel while using longer clubs, such as your driver.

❕Maintain Your Composure

One of the most common problems for novices is that their head moves much too much throughout their golf swing. Many people advise beginners to keep their heads down, yet this advice is deceptive. Our heads move somewhat during a golf swing, but the less movement we have, the better.

❕Count to One While Keeping your Attention on the Point of Touch

This step’s goal is to concentrate on the point of contact between the ball and the club. Furthermore, when counting to one, you maintain your head motionless and allow the rest of your body to finish the swing before searching for your ball.

❕Follow Through with Vigour

Make sure your hands follow through high and come to rest on the left side towards the nape of your neck. You must finish your swing with a beautiful high finish.

❕Less is More in this Case

Most amateurs have a predisposition to overswing. This is because they must strive to swing their club as quickly as possible, and this added effort leads the golfer to lose balance when swinging.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Florida a nice place to go golfing?

A: Florida is a fantastic area to play golf all year since it is one of the few places in America with the year-round sun.

Q: Where in Florida is the most excellent place to play golf?

A: Florida has the most golf courses of any state in the country, and The Palm Beaches has the most golf courses of any county in the country.

Q: Which city in Florida has the most golf courses?

A: Naples not only has more golf courses than any other city in Florida, but it also ranks high in every quality of life metric.

Q: In Florida, how many public golf courses are there?

A: The state of Florida has 1,250 golf courses.

Q: Is Florida the world’s golf capital?

A: Naples, Florida, has been dubbed the “World Golf Capital.”

Q: Which PGA players are based in Florida?

A: Thomas and Rickie Fowler share a street and are as close as any Tour pro in the region.

Final Thoughts

These exceptional athletes are the finest in the game of golf. If you’re looking for some motivation on the golf course, these golfers from Florida can assist. They have surmounted several difficulties and hardships during their careers, demonstrating their golfing skill.

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Are you an aspiring Golfer? Share with us your insights in the comment section; we would love to hear about your experience.