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GC2 Golf Simulator Review 2024

GC2 Golf Simulator

What is Golf Simulator?

A golf simulator is related to a game of golf played in both indoor and outdoor settings. It is a technical system that the players use to play no matter the weather or time is. 

The golf simulator is a combination of hardware which includes radars, hitting mats, cameras, optical sensors, nets, screens, sound system, and projectors. The software consists of capturing the data like the ball speed, club speed, spin, horizontal and vertical angle, club path, etc. Within a virtual environment, it simulates the shot. 

Types of golf simulators 

There are various types of golf simulators available depending on the different technologies used to track the club data and ball. Some examples of different types of golf simulators are photometric simulators, radar simulators, and infrared simulators. 

Alternative to GC2 Golf Simulator

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Use of golf simulators

With the help of a golf simulator, one can play golf on one of the simulated golf courses.  The sensing device can capture data based on both ball and the club head speed to get information on accurate speed and direction to the monitor in real time. 

Golf simulators are becoming quite popular among golfers, be it a professional golfer or an amateur one. Any golfer can use a golf simulator package to practice and even record and analyze their performance based on the records that the golf simulator has tracked. Thus you can come up with a game improvement plan.

The best and most fantastic fact is that with the help of a golf simulator, you can play in many golf courses worldwide without even visiting those! It will give you a real-life feel as the simulator portrays a very natural effect of trees and plants and other foliage, making the image look natural. 

Review of GC2 Golf Simulator

GC2 Golf Simulator

GC2 and GC Quad can be termed as the standard-setter when it comes to quality. You can rely on GC2 for its accuracy, speed, and reliability. Here we will discuss the main features of this product which are sure to match your requirements.

Accurate reading of the placement of the ball

You can place the GC2 advanced launch monitor on the ground behind the location of the golf ball. It is one of the best ground-based monitors and can read the exact location of the ball accurately. 

Unquestionable accuracy in terms of displaying results

GC2 simulator delivers the perfect results, which you can’t question. Be it good shots or bad; the results are accurate. The best part is that GC2 provides you with precise head speeds along with smashing drives.

 No golfer can deny the fact that smashing drives are the most popular part of golf. So everyone expects a perfect result displayed on the monitor. Well with practice at home alongside this accurate launch monitor.

If you upgrade the base GC2 to HMT, which is Head Measurement Technology, you will achieve more perfect data on the swings and the clubhead’s impact on your golf ball. 

HMT helps provide instant feedback on important information like smash factor, impact location, clubhead speed, etc. 

Superfast speed

Another excellent feature of the GC2 device is its speed. It can read and display the shots much faster than you can believe. Once you hit the ball, the GC2 high speed cameras grabs and register it within a time of just .4 seconds and display it on the screen. The shots which are displayed on the screen are pretty fast. 

GC2 golf simulator offers a perfect hitting zone

You do not need to think hard about placing your ball so that GC2 can read. It has a large hitting zone. In other words, what you need to do is roll the ball within your hitting zone, and as soon as the signal turns green, you are ready to start. 

GC2 simulator gives you the freedom to use the ball of your choice

Many simulators would require you to use specific balls with certain patterns or dots that have a metallic reflection effect. It is to help the device get the perfect reading. 

Here lies the difference between the other devices and GC2! GC2 gives you the freedom to play with any golf ball of your choice. You even have the option to play with the regular balls. 

GC2 comes with a protective shield

You must be concerned about the protection of your high-budget purchase. What if you hit the golf ball, which directly hits the launch monitor, and smashes the screen. Don’t worry! GC2 monitor provides you peace of mind. 

It has a protective shield or case which prevents the ball from hitting the screen directly. The shield is made of super-hard plastic, which is known as a polycarbonate protective shield. So matter how errant your shots are, the protective shield is there to save the GC2 screen. 

Easy portability

You can carry the package  to any place to practise as the GC2 simulator provides easy portability and easy setup. 

GC2 is quite expensive in comparison to other models available. However, considering the features of GC2, your investment will worth it. 

Now that we have discussed the device’s features, we will check out the flaws and positive notes of GC2 golf simulators.


  • It provides accurate reading in terms of placement of the ball.
  • Accurate results displayed
  • Superfast speed
  • It is battery operated
  • The device offers both Bluetooth and USB connectivity
  • You can use it in both indoor and outdoors
  • It provides a large hitting zone
  • You can use any regular ball
  • The device has a protective polycarbonate shield 
  • It offers easy portability and set up.  
  • GC2 comes with intelligent and modern camera photometric technology, which is 10,000 frames per second to accurately read the launch angle.
  • Simple for recreational golfers to come up with their own game improvement plan
  • Commercial grade launch monitor.
  • Though the device is available with FSX software, it supports additional software options via packages like GS Pro and TGC2019.
  • Placed on any given surface, it will never fail to provide you with accurate readings and measurements with accurate ball flight.


  • GC2 simulator price is not the cheapest
  • The software that is used, FSX official software, is also expensive
  • The premium courses are costly too
  • It needs HMT to provide club data
  • GC2 is not quite user-friendly when it comes to swapping between right-handed and left-handed players. 

Final thoughts

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Though GC2 will indeed make you feel the pinch in your pocket, however try and forget the price, if you are a golf lover, you cannot deny that the cost will be worth it even after considering all other minor flaws of the device. You can consider GC2 as one of the best golf simulator experience in the world of Golf. All in all a truly impressive simulator and an accurate solution to playing the vast collection of golf courses around the world without the need for a passport.