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Best Golf Simulator Under 5000

The majority of golfers will enjoy having a golf simulator at home. But many cannot afford high-end systems costing five figures or more. Golfers want to play no matter the weather or the hour of the day. A golf simulator provides them this convenience. But you may not want to spend more than $5000. Fortunately, the technology for golf simulators has been enhanced over the years. There are plenty of mid-range solutions sold on the market that can meet medium to low budgets. Keep in mind that you might not get a full simulator set up at this price range that will include an enclosure, projector screen, and a top-notch monitor. But you will still get a good experience with the best golf simulator under 5000 and improve your game.

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Buying Guide

Best Golf Simulator Under 5000

As a golf enthusiast investing in a golf simulator will serve you for the long term. It is a huge step in leveling up your game. Because of this, it is crucial to consider all features that will affect your golf simulating experience. It should match what your goals are.

The following are some crucial factors you need to consider when checking which golf simulator is most suitable for your needs.


The size is extremely crucial to a golf simulator. You will find that there are plenty of simulators at $5000. But you will only have a net set up in this case. Others do come with a screen and projector, but it will be limited in size. You will require a space to swing your longest club without being impeded.

You should measure your area’s width, length, and height and compare it to the minimum requirements of the golf simulator you are considering.

The typical space requirements for a full set up will be 10 feet in all directions. Regardless if you use the simulator in areas outdoors or indoor living areas, your space should easily accommodate the equipment.


Another crucial factor is portability. If you have no net or mat, mobility won’t be an issue. Net setups are typically easy to install, takedown, and travel with. In contrast, screen and projector setups are less portable. But they can be transported nevertheless.

Consider whether you will have a dedicated area to put your golf simulator in or whether you will need to move it constantly.

Factor in as well if you want to travel from time to time and take your golf simulator with you. Perhaps you want to pack it in your luggage during the summer when you vacation at a golfing club.

If you plan to travel with your simulator constantly, you may want to steer clear of simulators with screen projectors because it can become a hassle. If you are planning to purchase a net only, then make sure that transportation is effortless.

The great thing is golf simulators under $5000 are more portable since they are smaller.

Nets and screens

Overall, there are three choices with golf simulators:

  • You have the option of a screen and projector that will project your shots on a virtual driving range or a golf course.
  • You can hit into a net but can still view your shot data and see the ball fight on your computer or tablet.
  • Some options will have no netting or screen, and instead, utilize foam balls or plastic balls.

The cheapest option will be the third one, and in many cases, this kind of setup will cost less than $1000. The most expensive option will be the second.

But the most immersive set up will be number one. It is also the most expensive. It will typically increase the cost of your golf simulator up to $4500.

To get the full golf simulation experience, you want to feel like you’re playing on the real green. You need to invest in a screen and projector simulation set up.

However, if you are content seeing your shot data on a phone or tablet, you might want to consider a net.

But if your goal is to work on and improve your skill from the convenience of your home, some will debate that it doesn’t matter if your hits are seen on the big screen. However, this is your personal choice.

Interestingly, more than 50% of golf simulators used by enthusiasts utilize a net rather than a screen.

Simulator Software

Best Golf Simulator Under 5000

You should also factor in everything you want to do, such as games you want to play and activities you want to include in your golf simulator.

There are plenty of software options. One example is Skytark, which offers three membership options:

  • The basic plan will include a practice driving range.
  • The game improvement plan includes many games as well as a numeric display and other advanced features.
  • They also have a play and improve plan, which has all the features of other plans and a fully integrated world golf tour.

Opti shot utilizes software that allows you to practice and play several different games, including stroke play, best-ball, and alternate shots.

The Mevo plus have E6 connect as well as the Golf Club. E6 connect is extremely customizable. It offers various simulations from training aids, tournaments, and many others. The Golf Club will offer not only your typical practice range but also other multiplayer modes. You can join online tournaments and events, and it even allows you to design your golf course.

Other great software is TruGolf, Creative golf 3-D as well as Fitness golf.

Ask yourself what software features you require. Do you only want to practice on the range or play on a world-class course? Perhaps you want to do both. Check what software options are included when checking simulators. Make your purchasing decisions accordingly.


If you don’t want to spend $5000, it is perfectly fine. However, do you want to spend money on simulators that are subpar? There are better setups that can be purchased in the range of $1000-$4000. How close to the magic number $5000 are you willing to go?

Keep in mind that you get what you pay for in terms of equipment and software. You will further your game with a more realistic golf simulator.

You don’t have to pay the full cost of $5000 for a simulator. You can take advantage of financing options that allow you to pay for your purchase over a year or beyond.

Frequently Asked Questions – Best Golf Simulator Under 5000

Best Golf Simulator Under 5000

What are the space requirements for the best golf simulator?

It is recommended that you have at least 9 feet of clearance for your simulator. It is enough space for any golfer to swing a driver without damaging nearby objects and structures. It is also recommended that you provide a space that is 12 feet by 12 feet for the entire set up. It will include a mat and screen. There are some compact setups on the market that can accommodate a smaller space.

Which room is the best place to put a golf simulator?

It will depend on your personal preferences as well as space limitations. But there is no limit on where you can place your equipment. Aside from space considerations, it would be best if you also considered electrical outlets for your devices. It will include your projector and display monitor. You might also need to connect to the Internet to play in tournaments with software such as World golf tour and other Golf club video games.

Top 3 Best Golf Simulator Under 5000


Are Golf Simulators Accurate

Product Name: SkyTrak – Home Series Package

Product Description: The sky track home series is a midrange option in the best golf simulator under 5000. You can purchase it for $3100. It is a proper golf simulator that you can be proud of. It is affordable without slacking in performance. With this unit, you get precise and realistic swing metrics. Get your swing speed, launch, angle, spin rate, and many others. It shows you the real data on distances and shot shape. The large monitor can be utilized with iPads and androids as well as PCs. Once you hit your shot, the golf shop and shape data will come up on your device, delivering real-time feedback. The net return is an awesome feature that makes this golf simulator for the home extra enjoyable. The net utilizes premium handmade quality materials that are designed for years of use. The home turf mat is also engineered by net return and can be utilized both indoors and outdoors. It is a well-sized turf mat, comfortable and easy to. It is an awesome turf mat you can be proud of and enjoy using.

Availability: InStock

  • Build
  • Equipment
  • Software


Get awesome durability with the stainless-steel connector head slot. It won’t get loose nor fall out from your device like typical micro cables. The nylon braided cord is tangle-free. It optimizes your experience when charging your devices.


  • The large monitor can be utilized with iPads and androids as well as PCs
  • Net return is an awesome feature that makes this golf simulator for the home extra enjoyable
  • Can be utilized both indoors and outdoors


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Flight Scope Mevo Plus Launch Monitor

Best Golf Simulator Under 5000

If you want something comparable to the Sky track, you should look into flight scope Mevo plus.

This simulator includes the latest state-of-the-art technology and performance features. Many debate that it is even better than the Sky track in certain aspects. Many users confirm that it performs better than Sky track when used outdoors.

Similar to the Sky track, the Mevo has simulation capability. It even comes with a limited version of E6 connect. It is compatible with the golf club software. Have a space for a hitting area, and you can see the simulation displayed on the PC or iPad.

The real technology of the Mevo Plus is the ability to measure swing parameters such as distance, ball speed, and clubhead speed. It is also able to show data on the spin loft, spin axis, and roll distance.

Applications compatible with the Mevo plus improve your game with features such as real-time play data, automatic video capture, and training.

The large monitor in the Mevo plus is compatible with E6 and the golf club software. But one downside is the E6 software can only be used in an IOs device. PC users need to purchase the full version of the software to utilize it with the Mevo plus.

  • Includes the latest state-of-the-art technology and performance features
  • Ability to measure swing parameters
  • Large monitor in the Mevo plus is compatible with E6 and the golf club software
  • No negative reviews so far

Opti Shot 2 Golf Simulator for Home | Golf in A Box Series


If you need a simulator set up that comes with a screen and projector, but you don’t want to pay the full cost of a Sky track, this best golf simulator under 5000 is a great option.

Opti Shot 2 comes with everything you will ever need for an immersive golf simulator experience. Improve your game regardless of the weather or season. It can save you thousands of dollars compared to other simulators that perform the same functions.

You can game with your clubs and real golf balls. It comes with a net 7.5 feet tall and weighs 20 pounds making it extremely portable.

The 6’9-inch screen can be effortlessly attached to the net via Velcro tabs. The Opti Shot 2 mat is engineered so that the Opti Shot 2 device can fit perfectly into it.

You will need a minimum space of 8.5 high x 9 feet width x 10 feet in length. Set up is effortless, and you can call customer service anytime you need help.

Keep in mind that Opti Shot 2 doesn’t typically come with side barriers. But you can purchase them as an add-on. If you can game without the projector and projector screen, you might want to check golf in box 2.

  • Comes with everything you will ever need for an Immersive golf simulator experience.
  • Improve your game regardless of the weather or season
  • The 6’9-inch screen can be effortlessly attached to the net via Velcro tabs
  • No negative reviews so far

Final thoughts – Best Golf Simulator Under 5000

If you are a golfer passionate about your game, you need to play regardless of the weather, season, and hour of the day. Perhaps you need to golf to expend your energy and stress, or perhaps you want to use your extra time to improve your skill. It will be awesome if you have a golf simulator. Play any time with a budget-friendly best golf simulator under 5000. There are plenty of choices on the market that feature fun software and functional equipment, allowing you to game at every level.