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Best Golf Clubs for a 15 Handicap

The mid-handicapper is considered to be the best position in golf. It is better than the low handicap and high handicap players. Mid-handicappers can hit the ball straight down the green. Additionally, mid-handicappers get to make awesome birdies and parts just at the right moment. It is no wonder that in many golfing competitions, mid-handicappers are often winning it. However, mid-handicappers tend to have a challenge when hitting the greens, especially when holes are longer.

Every golfer, regardless of handicap, wants to strike longer in their iron shots. At the same time, you want your shot to travel in a straight line for more birdies and pars. It is a great thing that brands have improved their technology and innovated to come up with the best golf clubs for a 15 handicap. It becomes more effortless to hit the ball longer and straighter.

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What Does It Mean for a Golfer to Be a Mid-Handicapper?

Best Golf Clubs for a 15 Handicap

The handicap index laid down by the USGA is rather complicated. But it does an awesome job at balancing out golf players of various skill levels. Handicap is either a single-digit or double-digit number. When it comes to mid-handicappers, the number is between 11 and 20.

A majority of males playing golf at about 40% are considered mid-handicappers. What this means is 40% of men on the green can hit good shots. They’re able to achieve a good amount of distance. However, the same percentage struggles with consistency because they can generate hits between their good shots.

That being said, mid-handicappers, without a doubt, will benefit from clubs designed for maximum forgiveness. These should be utilized to boost consistency. In particular, irons should balance between awesome play and forgiveness. 

What Is the Difference Between Irons Designed for Mid-Handicap and Low Handicap?

Irons designed for mid-handicap players will have the following design features:

  • The irons are cavity back to provide a more forgiving sweet area.
  • The clubs are designed with an offset hosel to provide straighter shots.
  • They are equipped with perimeter weighting to improve the sweet spot.
  • It will include a five iron and an additional sand wedge as well as a pitching wedge.

Mid-handicappers must purchase game improvement clubs that allow the golf ball to launch into the air more effortlessly and precisely. Because of this, longer distances are inevitable.

But low handicap golfers can improve the game with thin-soled blade irons. It delivers optimal control and feel. Low handicappers, in most cases, select irons that match their pro level game style.

How Do Special Mid-Handicapper Irons Enhance Your Game?

Best Golf Clubs for a 15 Handicap

Just the thought of being able to hit more greens makes you want to go to the golf course more. When you can predict where a golf ball is going to land, you will be playing your game more confidently. Being able to get closer means making more birdies and pars. Eventually, you will be dropping your handicap from double digits to single-digit.

The following is what happens when irons are created for mid-handicap golfers:

  • It results in a higher launch with minimum effort.
  • Balls land well on the greens.
  • Most crucially, mid-handicap irons are forgiving when balls are struck off-center.

Features to Consider When Purchasing Mid-Handicap Irons

The material of the shaft and flex

When it comes to materials, the top choices are graphite and steel. The former is a good match for golf hybrids and drivers. When it comes to irons, steel is superior to graphite, especially when it comes to feel.

Without a doubt, graphite aids in distance when you swing at slower speeds. Because of this, drivers design for high handicappers as well as beginners utilizes a graphite shaft. Since the weight is minimized, it provides an additional speed and distance.

When it comes to the shaft flex performance, it will depend on your swing speed and not your handicap. Typical flex works best for players with a 70 and 80 mph swing speed. A stiffer flex is suitable for swing speeds between 80 and 90 mph. Beyond 90 mph, you should select a stiffer shaft flex. But anything beneath 70 mph will require the use of an L flex or A.


When it comes to mid-handicapper golfers, it is crucial to select irons with cavity back. It is the best fit simply because they provide effortless hits. This is thanks to their wider soles that are often a design of game improvement clubs.

The clubhead is also created with a redistributed perimeter weighting to trigger forgiveness and stability. Even if you frequently miss hits between good shots, your consistency will not get compromised.

Steer clear from blades as a mid-handicapper. These types of irons are only suitable for low handicappers who are professionals with years of experience. These irons are designed for optimal control.

How Do Cavity Back Irons Enhance the Performance of Mid-Handicappers?

Best Golf Clubs for a 15 Handicap

Wide Sole

Cavity back irons are designed with a wider sole. A lower CG will put additional weight behind and below the ball on every shot. Simply put, the wide sole provides a higher launch even when you hit off-center. The additional sole weight bounces off the turf rather than dig into the ground. This is in contrast to thin-soled blade irons.

Beginners have an advantage with an extremely fat sole. However, when it comes to mid-handicappers, they are also likely to benefit from a significantly fat sole. 

Perimeter Weighting

There is a hollowed-out back structure utilizing spare metal fastened around the perimeter when it comes to perimeter weighting. It creates more mass behind the golf ball. It is ideal for correcting missed hits.

Golf clubs that are perimeter weighted offer a larger sweet spot. Because the clubface is enveloped with a reinforced perimeter weight, it is also a feature of top reviewed golf irons for seniors. It is designed to enhance forgiveness and distance for slower speed in their swing.

Muscle back irons, on the other hand, feature weight behind their smaller sweet spot. Meaning off-center strikes are likelier to shoot a greater amount of pain up from the club that will reverberate to the fingers.

Offset Hosel

Cavity back irons are best suited for mid-handicap golfers. The reason is they are built with offset hosel. The clubhead is composed of a hosel or neck positioned at the front area of the clubface. With this, the face is set back slightly away from the neck of the club.

Higher offset generates higher trajectories regardless of the clubface loft. With a higher offset, you as a mid-handicapper can attain higher levels of height shot. It is extremely useful if you struggle with getting the golf ball airborne.

You may not have yet developed the skills needed for squaring the face on impact. You will require an offset design to perform it for you. Without a doubt, it promotes a draw along with mitigating the possibility of hitting fades.

Steer clear from the following golf irons as a mid-handicapper

As a mid-handicapper, avoid golf irons that are labeled blade, muscle back, pro, as well as player irons. These are built for low handicap golfers as well as more advanced players. It has features unsuitable for mid-handicappers.

It has a smaller sweet spot as well as more weight positioned behind the sweet spot. The hosel is not offset since pros find it more effortless to slice with this kind of design. Overall, these kinds of irons make it more difficult to hit.

Top 3 Best Golf Clubs for a 15 Handicap



Product Name: Cleveland Golf Men’s Launcher HB Iron Set

Product Description: The initial experience with a Cleveland launcher will be awesome. You will find a golf ball flying rocket-like as it goes straight. You won’t necessarily be looking to gain extra yards with these clubs, but instead, you want to have straighter shots, both provided by these best golf clubs for a 15 handicap. The ball flight is higher and makes quicker stops on the field, and improves pitching. It is a result of wide sole irons, which are suitable for mid-handicappers and high handicappers. Cleveland golf launcher HB iron enhance distance and accuracy by a forgiving easy to swing engineering. The irons promote closer proximity. It is ideal for golfers who are challenged by height and distance.

Availability: InStock

  • Material
  • Construction
  • Design


The hollow construction can move the weight deeper toward the perimeter for a higher MOI and stable clubhead. This results in amazingly consistent ball speed and distance. This is true even if you don’t hit the ball at the center every time. Higher strength steel face is engineered to be ultrathin to be flexible at impact and result in longer distances. It provides more weight to the perimeter for additional forgiveness. Long irons are engineered to be hybrid -like in shape to enhance forgiveness.


  • Promote more distance and accuracy 
  • Forgiving, easy-to-swing design
  • Promote closer proximity to the hole


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

TaylorMade Golf M6 Iron

Best Golf Clubs for a 15 Handicap

Taylor-made is a brand that always meets expectations. It even goes beyond that. With this new iron design, it allows a combination of exceptional distance feel and sound. The M6 iron provides optimum control and feel, which are perfect for mid-handicappers.

These irons utilizes a speed pocket, which is another state-of-the-art technology. It increases the speed of the ball, even in the case of missed hits. Additionally, the reengineered forgiveness transforms the whole experience with its wider sweet spot, taking up the entire clubface.

Get more speed with Speed bridge technology. The newly engineered Speed bridge structure provides the ability to use faster Speed pocket technology resulting in an ability to play greater distances.

Technology also enhances sound and feel. The Speed bridge technology mitigates low-frequency vibrations for a more awesome sound at impact. The advanced compression damper mitigates unwanted face vibrations for a softer and more solid feel on every shot.

These best golf clubs for a 15 handicap is engineered for optimum forgiveness and playability. The hosel utilizes a fluted design and 360° undercut, which efficiently lowers the CG to optimize launch angle and ball speed resulting in a stronger and more penetrating ball fight even at low face impacts.

  • Reduce low-frequency vibrations
  • Effectively filters unwanted face vibrations.
  • Increases launch angle and ball speed
  • No negative reviews so far

TaylorMade 2017 M2 Men’s Golf Iron Set


Taylor-made utilizes geocoustic engineering. Every shot results in a confidence-inspiring feel and sound with no undesirable vibrations. Utilizing state of the art engineering, these irons provide forgiveness for off-center strikes.

Taylor-made engineered the weight to be at the lower section of the clubhead to enable a higher launch to gain more distances. These M2 irons can hit the golf straighter and are extremely forgiving.

The acoustic engineering and geometry are combined to create a multi-material fin badge.

These irons are engineered to provide extreme forgiveness on shots that are struck near the heel or toe. Everything is complemented by state-of-the-art Speed pocket technology.

It utilizes a head design superior to other distance irons. It mitigates offsets in the topline and the short blade length resulting in a great look.

The edges of these irons have been carefully designed for optimal turf interaction.

With the material utilizing dense tungsten, these irons feature tungsten weighting in the 37 irons with mitigated CG to enhance launch and improve ball speed.

These newly engineered irons feature top lines and shallower blade heights combined, resulting in a compact look. The face lots have been integrated into the design to preserve ball speed on shots that are struck near the heel or toe.

  • Provides added forgiveness
  • Speed pocket technology
  • Features a smaller overall head design
  • No negative reviews so far

Final thoughts

After several sessions on the green, you will be able to know your handicap. It is crucial to know this number so you will know the best equipment for you. Many brands cater to mid handicappers who are in the range between 11 and 20. These irons will have a particular design and engineering to accommodate your weaknesses in the game. Purchase the best golf clubs for a 15 handicap for a more satisfying game and better hits.