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Best Golf Shoes for High Arches

There are many golfing enthusiasts worldwide. Golfers who have an intense love for the sport are always excited to stroll on the green every single day. Unfortunately, some people cannot go for long hours because of foot pain. If your foot has a fallen arch or high arches, expect the game of golf to be harder for you since it requires hours of walking and standing. It may also hurt if you stretch your foot. Arch pain is extremely annoying for golfers. However, you can easily manage this condition by wearing the best golf shoes for high arches. It has extra support and cushioned footbeds. The following are some features to look for in a golf shoe.

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Why Do You Need Optimum Arch Support?

Best Golf Shoes for High Arches

The foot receives the stress of the human body. It carries all the weight and then distributes it equally on the ground. If your foot has fallen or high arches, it doesn’t redistribute bodyweight properly. It is also resulting in arch pain due to imbalanced distribution of weight.

There are plenty of foot difficulties that can arise if you do not treat arch pain. You might be thinking about how a shoe can offer better arch support.

Not every golf shoe will be designed for this condition, but there are specially designed shoes for this unique purpose.

What Is the Difference Between a High Arch and a Fallen Arch?

Both conditions are abnormal to the foot. It interferes with regular activities such as walking, running, exercising and other sports activities.

In a majority of cases, people who have fallen arches or high arches will feel no discomfort at all. There are other factors to consider. High arches are a bit hollow than typical arches.

If you observe there seems to be a space at the foot’s bottom, you have a high arch. Fallen arches are the antithesis of high arches.

Top 8 Features of the Best Golf Shoes for High Arches

Best Golf Shoes for High Arches

Special insoles

When you need arch supportive footwear, the first thing you need to consider is a good insole. If you have an extremely hollow arch, your insoles must have an upward wave.

If not, it will not support the arch of your foot. When it comes to flat feet or fallen arches, the footwear must utilize a different design. It is recommended to check the insoles of the footwear before you purchase them.

It is also crucial to test it for comfort. If it is comfortable, then it might be the best pair for you.

Wide toe

The footwear you select must have a wide toe box. It provides optimum flexibility and smoother toe movement. This feature is crucial when you walk around the green and swing the ball.

Golfers often suffer from toe pain. It is a common foot disorder among golf enthusiasts. If you have any toe issues, you need to wear golf shoes with wide toe boxes.

A majority of people will have wide feet. Thus, it is crucial to try the best golf shoes for high arches.

Cushioning for footbeds

The footwear you purchase must have an optimum cushioning mechanism. It must be made with specialized synthetic materials that help you walk easily and flexibly.

The arch support will depend on the footbed type. Footbeds must utilize a specially designed shock absorbing material as well as supportive orthotics.

Synthetic sole

The footwear must have synthetic soles that minimize additional shocks and provide better traction. To mitigate excessive stress on the arch of the foot, the sole should be designed properly.


When you’re checking out the best golf shoes for high arches, it is crucial that the shoe is lightweight and not awkwardly designed. One option is to choose a simple pair with proper insoles, a wide toe box, cushioned footbeds, and a streamlined design. It must have everything you need to eradicate arc pain.

For Wide feet

if you wear the same golf shoe pair every time, you might suffer foot issues soon. It would be best if you steered clear of narrow fit shoes. Instead, try out golf shoes with arch support.

For Heel pain

If you suffer from plantar fasciitis or experiencing annoying heel pain, all you need is to invest in a pair of shoes with maximum heel support.

A wide heel design is crucial for people who suffer from foot pain. Unfortunately, a majority of golf shoes aren’t design that way.

For Knee pain

If you suffer from knee pain, it is crucial to find a pair of golf shoes to eliminate your knee pain. Experts recommend wearing shoes with a heel cup design that promotes natural heel alignment. Abnormal heel alignment is a culprit in knee pain.

Facts About Cushioning – Best Golf Shoes for High Arches

Regardless of how cautiously you have chosen your golf shoes if it doesn’t have optimum cushioning footbeds, your foot problems might worsen. When you stroll and walk around in the green for long hours, it is crucial to wear best-cushioned golf shoes.

The following are features to look for in the best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis:

  • Wide toe boxes for smooth toe movement
  • Wide heel base for shock absorption
  • Properly cushioned footbeds
  • Precisely fit insoles for arch support.
  • Deep heel cup design
  • Heel stress absorbing technology
  • Ultra-lightweight

Features Every Golf Shoe Must Have

Best Golf Shoes for High Arches


Every golf shoe must have an optimum fit. Golfers require comfortable shoes not just for strolling on the green but also for optimum posture and stance. Golfers need to be confident with their gear, especially their footwear, to feel connected to the ground. Comfortable golf shoes are crucial for the game of golf and can make or break the game. The perfect shoes help boost a golfer’s sport.


Playing a round of golf feels awesome. But to reach this state, golfers must have footwear with optimum breathability. This goal is achieved by utilizing microfiber materials and mesh, which allows airflow and mitigates too much sweating of the feet. Dry feet mean comfortable feet. It is essential to have golf shoes with optimum airflow.


Not every golf shoe will be waterproof. In many cases, water-resistant golf shoes will not score high in terms of breathability. It isn’t easy to come up with materials that combine both needs. Because of this, compromises are made. If you play in rainy weather, it is crucial to have water-resistant shoes. You will probably need a golf umbrella as well. Water-resistance helps with comfort in the field. However, it is up to the golfer to choose the best golf shoe that fits their individual needs. Hopefully, the shoe design makes the best of breathability and water resistance.

Outer soles and inner soles

Golf shoes must have comfortable and padded insoles. It keeps you comfortable playing hours of golf. Some manufacturers have gone further with designs than others. In many cases, you will need golf shoes with padded insoles. When it comes to outer soles, it must be durable. The material must either be synthetic or rubber. It must connect with the surface in a manner that is suitable to your needs.

Top 3 Best Golf Shoes for High Arches



Product Name: NEW BALANCE NBG1701 Spiked Golf Shoe

Product Description: Golf shoes must be designed for maximum performance and comfort. These best golf shoes for high arches are made from 100% microfiber leather, creating an extremely durable rubber sole. The optimum cushioning is crucial for individuals suffering from plantar fasciitis. This shoe utilizes EVA midsole for optimum cushioning and premium water-resistant microfiber leather on the upper sides. This shoe has a flexible design, rubber outsoles, and removable cleats. The soft spikes on the shoes are washable. If your feet are wide or you have a high in-step, purchase these shoes without second thoughts. These insoles utilized provide enough cushioning. If you suffer from plantar facilities or any heel pain, then the best golf shoes for high arches for maximum heel support is recommended. Its features include a rubber outsole, water-resistant microfiber, cushioned midsoles, and thin light locking cleat system. This footwear is your friend for the best game ever.

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  • Material
  • Durability
  • Comfort


New balance focuses on helping athletes achieve their goals. They have been designing footwear for more than a century. Because of this, you won’t find them spending money on celebrity endorsements. Instead, they invest in research and development. Because of this, they have designed a range of products that produce optimal results. Designs must fit perfectly. This brand is dedicated to making the finest shoes for the same reason athletes wear them, to achieve the very best.


Endurance rubber outsole Water-resistant microfiber leather upper Cushioned midsoles


No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

NIKE Golf Men’s NIKE Lunar Control II

Best Golf Shoes for High Arches

Nike golf men Nike lunar control utilizes an excellent design and maximum arch support. It guarantees 100% flexibility. These best golf shoes for high arches utilizes power transfer zone technology. It is equipped with Flywire midfoot saddle and Lunarion cushioning as well as a contoured Sockliner.

The footbeds are optimally cushioned so you can walk around in the course for long hours without suffering any arch pain. Nike lunar control has incredible shock absorption so that you can walk for hours with no issues.

If you suffer from foot pain, then this is the best option for you. Nike utilizes water-resistant leather and provides a two-year limited waterproof warranty.

If you search for the ultimate footwear with ergonomic design, durability, flexibility, traction, and supports natural motion, Nike is your go-to brand.

Nike golf shoes are passionate about designing groundbreaking products that enable golfers to perform at their peak. Your footwear is your foundation for every shot. Nike has developed many styles for comfort while promoting optimum balance, transfer, and power via impact. Nike golf footwear is well-designed with ergonomics, natural motion, and flexibility in mind. It supports golf-specific needs for traction, lateral support, and walking comfort.

  • Ergonomic design
  • Supports natural motion and flexibility
  • Provides lateral support and walking comfort
  • No negative reviews so far

PUMA Men’s Titantur Ignite Golf Shoe


Puma ignite has an eye-popping design with its unique color scheme. It utilizes a 100% micro leather and synthetic rubber sole. The state-of-the-art technology has made these best golf shoes for high arches lucrative and unique. This puma pair can even regulate temperature for optimum comfort.

Meaning you can stroll on the green for hours under any weather. The shoe provides extra cushioning for the foot bottom, crucial to managing plantar fasciitis and arch pain.

This pair accommodates narrow feet and fits extremely well and comfortably. There are plenty of color options in the same style so that you can choose your favorite.

Puma Ignite golf shoes are designed with puma’s patented power frame, a lightweight, durable midsole that gives optimum flexibility and traction. It also utilizes dual flex grooves that give your feet support a wide range of motion. These best golf shoes for high arches provide amazing comforts with the DZ insoles and ignite foam midsole. You can depend on this pair of shoes for lightweight support and durability.

  • Full-grain leather upper
  • 2-year waterproof warranty
  • Lightweight, durable midsole
  • Gives your feet flexibility and traction
  • Grooves give your feet support and a wide range of motion
  • No negative reviews so far

Final thoughts – Best Golf Shoes for High Arches

The game of golf requires you to be on your feet for hours. If you are enthusiastic about this game and yearn to be on the green most days, keep in mind that you will require top-notch footwear. It is especially true if you have a high arch or a fallen arch. Your foot will have unique and special requirements when it comes to footwear. Before purchasing the best golf shoes for you, check crucial features such as padding and width. Make sure it utilizes durable materials and state-of-the-art design to help you deliver your best in every game.