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Best Driver for High Swing Speed – Buying Guide

After a game of golf, golfers over the age of 50 find that their bodies tend to resist them more: muscles take longer to loosen up, and ailments persist rather than vanish after a good night’s sleep.

The first thing that slows down when golfers become older is their swing speed. We’ve learned from simple arithmetic that the harder we swing, the farther the ball travels down the fairway. There is a different factor at play when making a straight drive, but keep in mind that swing speed equals Distance.

So, how can we mitigate the negative impacts of aging on our golf game off the tee? To increase our MPH, we need to locate the Best Driver for High Swing Speed.

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Cobra Speed Zone Xtreme Black & White Check Price
Callaway Big Bertha B21 Check Price
Callaway Epic Flash Star
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πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ Distance vs. Accuracy

Don’t settle for a few more yards at the expense of accuracy. Manufacturers know you desire distance, so they often cheat by using longer shafts. Although a 46-inch shaft will almost always provide you more yards, it will almost always result in poorer accuracy and more excellent dispersion.

πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ Adjustable Loft

Changing the face angle by adjusting the loft. Increasing loft closes the face, whereas lowering loft opens it. You may use loft adjustability to enhance accuracy by knowing the connection between loft and face angle and the impact face angle has on where your ball begins.

Best Driver for High Swing Speed

πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ Looks vs. Performance

Don’t put too much emphasis on appearances. Golfers often claim that they can’t hit a club properly if they don’t like the way it looks, but there’s little data to support this claim. Golfers often achieve exceptional outcomes with clubs they profess to hate. Hold an open brain when it happens to a club that may not be aesthetically attractive to you.

πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ Adjustable Weights

Not all weighing systems with adjustable weights are made equal. Look for methods that enable you to transfer substantial mass across a larger region of the clubhead while maintaining the weight near the perimeter of the golf club to get the most out of moveable weight. Ball flight will be little affected by lighter weights transferred over short distances or between crucial points.

Best Driver for High Swing Speed – Top 8 Picks!

β›³ Best Overall

Best Driver for High Swing Speed - Best Overall

Product Name: Ping G410

Product Description: There wouldn't be a Ping Driver on this list of drivers for mid-high handicappers if it didn't include one. Ping has built a reputation for impressing most players with modest swing rates, and this driver may be their finest yet. A higher ball flight is one of the main characteristics you can always rely on upon Ping drivers, and this one delivers. With a slower swing speed, getting that higher launch that provides your ball carry may be difficult. With this club, those days are gone.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Design
  • Performance


You may now clip that corner or take it over those trees since you were made to “go for it.”

This club also has adjustable weights and lofts, so it may grow with you as your skills develop. To obtain some lift, I suggest keeping it on the highest loft possible.

Unless it’s a windy day, you can lower the temperature by a degree or two.

Since the face of this golf driver has been enlarged, missing the sweet spot isn’t as large of a trouble as it used to be. This greater size forms it one of the biggest you can buy, making your mis-hits almost invisible.

That distinctive Ping sound is still there! As a result, even if you miss your shot, it will still be playable. It’ll sound like you smashed it, and your teammates won’t be able to tell the difference.


  • Increase the pace of the club.
  • Sliding weight and adjustable loft
  • The light black finish is stunning.
  • Solid sound signature
  • The clubface is bigger.


  • Minimalist vibe

β›³ Runner Ups

Cleveland Launcher HB

Best Driver for High Swing Speed

Wedges were formerly synonymous with Cleveland. Launcher drivers have taken over Cleveland’s golf club manufacturing during the last decade.

And it’s not without cause.

Cleveland comes to the aid of high-handicappers all over the world.

This is the Best Driver for High Swing Speed for players with a mid-high handicap who want to gain some distance off the tee.

The head-on, this is one of the lightest on the market. With this golf club, breaking the 90mph barrier is a distinct possibility.

The lightness also aids in the prevention of tiredness. Because the driver swing is the most difficult you’ll make all day, you’ll want to save power if you wish to play well on the 18th and beyond.

Here’s How It Works Scientifically

For slower swing speeds under 90 mph, a deep clubface is also essential. The additional bounce from being one of the deeper faces will give it a trampoline appearance.

Cleveland has made significant improvements to the look of its Launcher drivers throughout the years.

They are no longer apparent high handicap golf clubs. The designers worked hard to give this new driver a more professional appearance.

The color palette alone demonstrates this. It has a gorgeous black finish that gives it a sleek appearance that makes it seem quick the moment you glance at it.

The “Ferrari” appearance and feel are further enhanced by a pair of alignment ridges on top. When you waggle it, it gets your blood going.

  • The clubhead is very light.
  • Forgiveness requires an extra-deep face.
  • Styling improvements
  • With a low center of gravity, you may have a better launch.
  • Ideal for older golfers and those with a slower swing speed.
  • There is no way to change it.

Cobra Speed Zone Xtreme Black & White

Best Driver for High Swing Speed

“Wow!” When you get your hands on this club, the first thing you’ll say is

It only seems to be capable of hitting explosives when remaining in your backpack.

It features a sleek new design that cuts down on air resistance. You may now increase your speed to approach the coveted triple digits of mph.

To the carbon composite crown, the streamlining effect is maintained. It has two “fins” that alignment aid but are mainly used to cut through the air. The crown is constructed of carbon to make it as light as possible.

The Clubface Is Deserving of Its Critique

It’s made using CUP face technology, which boosts the MOI. That is to say, and your ball will fly straighter.

Cobra may enhance the size of the sweet spot by wrapping the face around the front of the clubhead. This implies that even with a sluggish swing speed, your off-center shots don’t lose too much Distance.

The CNC machined front also contributes to your Distance. This feature is unique to just Cobra (at the time of writing this article), and it aids Distance even at slower swing speeds.

It elongates the face as much as possible while remaining within the confines of the regulations. A narrow face creates a more springy effect, which improves ball speed. As a result, the term Speed Zone was coined.

  • Looks ultra-stylish
  • CUP technology is a kind of face technology.
  • Back weighted in tungsten.
  • For a sluggish swing speed, a low center of gravity is necessary.
  • Face machined by CNC
  • If you previously have a higher ball flight, this isn’t ideal.

Callaway Big Bertha B21

Best Driver for High Swing Speed

Without mentioning the Big Bertha, you can’t speak about which Best Driver for High Swing Speed is ideal for 90 mph swing speed.

This updated version is ideal for the typical golfer or a beginning golfer, and it’s perfect if your swing shoot is around 90 mph.

This year, flash face technology is all the rage. It expands the sweet spot and improves the speed of your ball on off-center smashes. This makes your poor photos seem fantastic.

Callaway is venturing into new territory.

This is the first time Callaway has released a driver with a high launch. And, considering their track record with drivers, I was excited for this one.

They’ve released an extremely easy-to-hit driver by shifting the CG low and FORWARD. This results in a VERY low spin.

When it comes to drivers, less spin is beneficial on all fronts. Once your ball hits the ground, it helps add Distance to your roll.

It also lowers the curvature of your shots, allowing you to keep your nasty banana slice shot form in limits and playable.

Bertha has been producing her huge drivers for a long time for a purpose, and they travel a long way at the end of the day.

  • The adaptability of the loft
  • For a more prominent sweet spot, use flash face technology.
  • There are also jailbreak bars for tour drivers.
  • CG is very low.
  • Perfect for players with a mid-to-high handicap.
  • It’s a bit “heavy.”

Callaway Epic Flash Star

Best Driver for High Swing Speed

For its forgiving and long drivers, Callaway has always been a friend to amateur golfers all over the globe. This is the Best Driver for High Swing Speed of them all, with all of the necessary features and a swing speed of 90 mph.

Its flash face technology, which produces a more incredible bounce off the clubface, is the star of the show here. This additional bounce will improve your ball speed immediately off the tee, allowing you to keep your drives in the air for longer.

A more bouncy face also straightens your ball, allowing you to be more forgiving when you.

IF you hit it incorrectly.

It’s not entirely soft and bouncy, however.

Here’s How Callaways Goes About Doing It.

On the interior, it’s supported by steel bars, which offer a rock-solid basis for the club’s structure.

These bars offer stability, which helps to make such long trips possible. As you swing, they tighten.

This boosts the speed of the ball even further.

We’ve all been on the cart route at some point. On the other hand, this club strikes your golf balls with the same force as a cart route. You won’t have any scuff marks if you finish up on the fairway.

Unlike some other drivers, the adjustability is extremely helpful for getting a suitable loft for you.

An adjustable weight aids in transforming hooks and slices into draws and fades (unlike the Callaway Mavrik driver).

  • A smoldering face
  • For stability, there are jailbreak bars.
  • Carbon Crown for Weight Loss
  • Loft and weight are both adjustable.
  • There is very little room for error.

Mizuno ST190

Best Driver for High Swing Speed

Mizuno is well recognized for its high-quality irons. They’ve recently started channeling that expertise and experience into their drivers.

Although there aren’t many of them on the road right now, that is likely to change in the coming years. You may be able to get in on the ground floor with one of these since it is ahead of its time.

This driver’s most remarkable feature is the clubface.

It has a super-strong forged CORTECH face. When the ball is hit, it provides the driver an additional “pop.” This is a relatively uncommon feature on a driver. It provides you a better sense of how to shape the ball.

Designed for swings of up to 90 miles per hour

But it’s the unique wave sole that makes this ideal for swings over 90 mph. It’s designed to increase the CORAREA, which keeps the ball moving even when it’s struck off-center. So even if you fail the lovely spot, this expression will compensate.

The top of the skull also contributes to forgiving. This face improves MOI by being made of robust yet lightweight carbon. When the MOI is high, the face is less prone to twisting on off-center impacts.

Finally, if you don’t like the loud “tin can” noises that other drivers produce, you’ll fall in love with this driver. Solid strikes provide a firm yet muffled sound that is considerably gentler on the ears while frightening your opponents.

  • For high ball speeds, an aggressive wave sole is used.
  • When compared to its opponents, it is very cheap. It has a high MOI for straighter drives.
  • The sound is understated.
  • The adaptability of the loft
  • Traditional design
  • A bit heftyΒ 

Wilson Staff D7

Best Driver for High Swing Speed

You may stop reading right now and purchase this lightweight driver if you have a high(er) handicap and a swing speed of 90 mph.

I understand you came here searching for a brand name to brag about to your friends.

When you tally up the score after the round, though, you’ll understand why this premium driver is so high on our list.

Increase the speed of your swing

First and foremost, it is very light. So you should anticipate a few extra mphs in your average swing speed straight away, which is never a bad thing.

You may release more incredible clubhead speed throughout the whole round without feeling tired.

It’s so light because the driver isn’t adjustable.

Let me describe how they created this a significant advantage before you laugh. Wilson has long been known for producing some of the finest drivers on the market. Gene Sarazen used Wilson clubs.

As an outcome, they are knowledgeable in the science of bombing.

There are three options to consider.

  • When you purchase this driver, you will choose the loft that is ideal for you. Each golf driver head from Wilson has been tailored to its specific loft.
  • If you choose the 13Β° driver head, the weight has been adjusted in that head by shifting it back and towards the heel.
  • This will improve your launch angle and prevent the toe from opening up by slowing the heel down into contact as an offset driver operates.

On paper, this driver may not catch your eye, but give it a try for 18 holes, and you’ll thank me later.

  • For longer distances, it’s very light.
  • Affordably priced
  • The weighting is adjusted according to your loft choice.
  • Vibration is reduced by the three-piece head design.
  • In the clubface, there’s a lot of room for error.
  • The look is simple.

TaylorMade M6 D-Type

This driver is the outcome of plenty of research and development. Even Bryson DeChabeau would be blown away. They didn’t hold back with the experimental hypotheses since it’s the leading edge of new technology.

Welcome to the Physicist’s World.

To optimize Distance, having a high COR is highly desired. Each golf driver is examined to verify that it is within the USGA’s maximum allowed limit.

If a driver’s COR isn’t near enough to the legal limit, a specific resin is injected into the driver’s face to raise it.

This is a function that was previously exclusively accessible to tour professionals. It’s comforting to know that ordinary folks get the same care.

But what good is increased ball speed if it’s sprayed all over the place?

What Is The Greatest Way To Maintain It In The Fairway?

They’ve brought back their hugely popular twist face technology to keep your golf ball on the short stuff.

TaylorMade is the only company that offers this functionality. On off-center strikes, it’s a process that enables the face angle to bend and compress.

As a result, it may adjust and prevent your golf ball from going too far off the beaten path. You’ll lose some feel, but who cares as long as you stay in the fairway?

  • Among its rivals, it has the highest COR.
  • Face-twisting technology
  • Carbon sole with extra lightness
  • Loft that can be adjusted
  • For a more prominent sweet spot, use the Hammerhead 2.0 slot.
  • Not inexpensive.


Performance should be your priority when searching for the finest drivers in 2021, but there are a few other causes to examine before buying.


It’s essential to choose the right shaft. It may be utilized to improve launch and spin conditions and have a significant impact on accuracy. Weight, stiffness, and torque are important variables that influence how the clubhead bends and twists as it is delivered to the ball, affecting your ability to deliver the club consistently and make straighter strokes.


Several manufacturers continue to provide low-cost, made-for-driver shafts as standard choices. The performance is generally acceptable (though not as good as a properly installed aftermarket shaft), but make no mistake: manufactured for shafts are often chosen to increase profits rather than performance.

Best Driver for High Swing Speed

While dealing with a qualified fitter is recommended, we realize that many of you will purchase off the shelf. Even though most manufacturers provide two or three stock shafts to select from, finding the optimum fit within a stock lineup is still essential.

Finally, although we always suggest prioritizing performance while evaluating costs, golfers should consider manufacturers who don’t shrink their shaft choices to provide better value. Titleist continues to provide a diverse range of featured shafts. Mizuno and COBRA should also be commended for stocking Fujikura Motore X F1 and F3 shafts that are “real-deal.”


Distance reigns supreme. We understand the desire to get a few more yards. Still, given the comparable distances across drivers, we think golfers should emphasize tighter dispersion and consistency over gaining a few extra yards.

Those few yards may be worth preceding for most golfers in favor of lower numbers (tighter standard deviations) and smaller circles (better dispersion).


It’s essential to realize that you have choices if you’re having trouble with a slice. The most efficient way to reduce right-side misses is to use dedicated draw-bias drivers (no moveable weights). On the other hand, a variable weight driver may be a better choice if you’re searching for anything to help you enhance your swing.


Finding a driver who fits a swing speed of 90 mph may be difficult due to the many drivers that meet that criteria.

It has both positive and negative aspects.

The important word is that you can now dig down to the finer details to get the most acceptable driver for your specific swing.

The disadvantage is that there are so many possibilities.

πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ Examine the address

This will be a critical element since it is the point of view that counts the most. When you glance down at your club, it should instill confidence in you.

Best Driver for High Swing Speed

When you’re swinging the club, you want to feel as though nothing can go wrong. It doesn’t matter whether you’re swinging slowly or quickly.

Consider the form, as well as if you want a big driver or something more aerodynamic.

You’ll believe you can’t miss with a more oversized head.
A streamlined head, on the other hand, will make you consider how quickly you swing.
If glare is an issue for you, the finish or color is also essential. Matte black is the drabbest color available and is very popular. It seems that the white driver craze has passed us by.

πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ Shaft

It’s critical to choose the right flex for your game. The clubhead isn’t the only thing that matters!

If you’re just doing about 90 miles per hour, a typical flex shaft will suffice. If you’re on the more end of the spectrum, you may want to try a Stiff-Regular (SR) flex shaft.

We do not suggest using a stiff flex shaft to increase your swing speed to the point where a stiff shaft suits you comfortably.

Your swing speed may improve with time, but if you deliberately choose a shaft intended for quicker swing speed players, you will be doing your game harm.

πŸŒοΈβ€β™‚οΈ Weight

If you wish to boost your swing speed, you’ll need to keep track of the weight.

A heavier clubhead will provide you more stability and control. This will promote or at the very least maintain a moderate swing speed.

With a lighter clubhead, you’ll be able to improve your clubhead speed and, ideally, go beyond the 90 mph swing speed barrier.

However, this happens with its own fix of risks since losing weight may enable your swing to become more erratic.

With certain club heads, the weight may be changed. Even if you have one of them, I suggest establishing and maintaining a comfortable weight for you.

Trying to tinker with it on the driving range will add to your doubts.

Is Adjustability a Good Investment?

You’ll notice that clubs with adjustable weights are heavier. This is due to the system that allows you to make changes on your own.

As most avid golfers do, you won’t need this extra weight if you know your swing well. Get a good fit instead of getting caught up in countless adjusting choices.

Your Individual Playing Style

The way you handle your golf game will play a significant role in selecting the Best Driver for High Swing Speed.

Do you like changing trajectories, manipulating the ball’s flight, or choking on the club?

If you choose the right club, it will help you with this. If you want to focus on your ball flight around curves, a smaller sweet spot will offer you greater control over your spin.

Your spin grade will not be as higher as others if you have a sluggish swing speed. You may profit from a smaller sweet spot if you can reach it.

Dog Food for Loose Stool

We’ve assisted many golfers in finding the Best Driver for High Swing Speed for their game, and we get a lot of inquiries about it.

Q: If my swing speed is 100 mph, what shaft should I use?

With that swing speed, most fitters would advise you to try a strong flex shaft. However, there are many options.

When you reach these higher swing speeds, having a club-fitter you can trust may make all the difference in selecting the proper shaft for your game.

Q: The weight and kick point of stiff flex shafts will vary?

The kick point, which is the part of the shaft that flexes the most, maybe closer to the handle or clubhead.

Both will affect the ball’s flight, and finding the perfect mix isn’t entirely dependent on your swing speed. It’s also important to consider your technique and habits.

Q: With a swing speed of 90 mph, what golf ball should I use?

Use a stricter golf ball if you want greater Distance. They’re typically less expensive and further away. The drawback is that you’ll lose some maneuverability since more challenging balls don’t spin as much.

To form your shots, you’ll need spin. When looking for new golf balls, keep this in mind.

Q: What swing speed necessitates the use of a stiff shaft?

For swing speeds of 95-110 mph, a strong shaft is suggested. Utilize the figure below as a lead if you’re not sure what your swing speed is.

The Last Word - Funeral Homes

Be sincere with ourselves about your objectives for the next season with this team. Do you want to be more forgiving? Is it possible to get a higher launch? Is it possible to increase the speed?

Knowing this will help you make a more informed choice. Driver technology (like all technology, ahem – Apple) develops at a breakneck pace.

So keep in mind what you’re trying to do, and don’t get too caught up in the excitement of finding the Best Driver for High Swing Speed.

One of them is the most excellent driver for swing speeds of 90 mph, and they’re all better than your present driver, so it’s a win-win scenario!

Have a good time and hit them straight.