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Top 3 Camo Golf Bags — 2021 Best Picks!

Did you know that a camo golf bag is a great gift for any occasion? Golf bags come in different shapes and sizes. Each one has functions that make it special. The different pockets, features, and dividers allow you to store as many essential golfing items as you like.

In this article, I’ll be sharing my top 3 picks for the best camo golf bags on the market!

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What are the Different Kinds of Golf Bags?

Did you know that there are a lot of kinds of golf bags that you can choose from? That’s right! To be exact, there are exactly five kinds of golf bags on the market right now. Let me share with you each one and how much they usually cost.

Carry bag

Carry bags are the most common kind of golf bags that you can buy. These usually have comfortable shoulder straps. Beginners tend to prefer a carry bag because they are easily transportable. If you don’t own a golf cart yet or if you want to walk the course instead, carry bags are perfect for you. 

Cost: $50 to $150

Cart bag

Cart bags are attachable to golf carts. These are usually preferred by professional and competitive golf players. These kinds of bags have a lot of pockets, dividers, and other features. Even though they are heavier, you can still use this if you prefer to walk the golf course. Although, expect some kind of body strain after a long day.

Cost: $100 to $600

Stand bag

Stand bags, on the other hand, are the lightweight cousins of a cart bag and the heavier sibling of the carry bag. They hold a lot of storage but are still very lightweight to carry. What makes these bags special is the legs or “stands” that allow these bags to stand on their own. While you play, everything in your bag will be within reach.

Cost: $100 to $500

Tour bag

Tour bags are the heaviest kind of golf bags. They are heavy because these can hold the most items. They have a lot of pockets and dividers that are able to hold professional golf equipment. Tour bags tend to be the most expensive and the most preferred by golf athletes.

Cost: $200 to $1,000

Travel bag

Travel bags are made to be heavily padded. The pad protects the golf clubs during travel through car, plane, or ship. They can be made of fabric, wood, or metal. You can be assured that your golf clubs will be at their top-notch condition even after travelling for many hours.

Cost: $30 to $300


Everyone needs a little help in selecting the best camo golf bag for them. That’s why I’ve put together a comprehensive list of things to look out for when shopping for the best one for you. Remember that at the end of the day, it will be your call on what kind of camo golf bag works for you.

Number of Pockets

The number of pockets on your camo golf bag should matter to you. After all, golfing is a sport that requires you to perform under almost all kinds of weather. That means that you may need items that will keep you dry or things that will hydrate you.

Not only that, but there are other essentials that you need to carry around as well. These things are in the form of snacks, water bottles, sun screen, golf balls, your mobile phone, ball markers, some tees, and a lot of towels. If you don’t have enough space for your essentials, you may have made the wrong purchase. It’s always better to have more space than not enough space.

Number of Dividers

A divider is the number of places that you can place your golf clubs inside your camo golf bag. When you’re shopping for a camo golf bag, you will usually see that some items list their golf bags as “14 Way” or “10 Way.” That number means how many dividers are in the golf bag. More number of dividers means that there are more clubs you can put in. Before you find yourself buying a golf bag, you have to count the number of clubs that you own and will be using often. That way, you won’t have unnecessary space in your golf bag.

Shoulder Strap Style

There should be straps that will enable you to carry your camo golf bag like a backpack. That way, the weight of your bag will be distributed evenly across your body. Once the weight is distributed evenly, it won’t take a toll on your back. The shoulder strap should be heavily padded and wide for maximum comfort. The shoulder strap style of your camo golf bag is especially important for older people who have back problems. 


OUR TOP PICK: Sun Mountain C-130 Camo Golf Bag

Product Name: Sun Mountain C-130 Camo Golf Bag

Product Description: The best camo golf bag that I’ve ever purchased would be the Sun Mountain C-130 Cart Bag. The size is pretty big that it may look intimidating, but it’s a lot more lightweight than I expected as it only weighs 8 lbs without the golf clubs. To be exact, the dimensions of this golf bag measures approximately 38 x 18 x 12 inches. This camo golf bag isn't the only design available. It comes in a wide range of colors and designs to choose from. You're able to store all your personal belongings and essentials but will still have a lot of extra space for other golf accessories. The pockets are quite accessible and I like how well this camo golf bag was designed both aesthetically and functionally. A feature that is not talked about enough is the cooler pocket. They are able to keep your cold drinks stay at the same temperature even during the hottest day. If you’re out golfing with a friend, there is enough space to fit drinks for the both of you. It’s not hard to travel with this bag as the straps make them secure to your golf cart. You won’t have to worry about your clubs moving around. The carrying straps are quite comfortable and easily adjustable.

Brand: Sun Mountain

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Storage
  • Transportability


The overall design of the Sun Mountain C-130 camo golf bag is superb. Everything was designed with the customer’s needs in mind. There are numerous pockets for you to keep your things. It’s not hard to transport because it’s lightweight. The straps of this camo golf cart are also quite sturdy. I like that it stands on its own as well. As for the material, the zippers are smooth and feel expensive. There are a lot of features that I like about this camo golf bag. There are dividers made out of cloth that separate up to 14 clubs or a putter compartment. That way, your golf clubs won’t get all tangled up. Picking the golf club that you need to use is as easy as 1-2-3. There are so many pockets that you can use to store whatever items that you need on the golf course. The fabric of this Sun Mountain camo golf bag is also very thick and doesn’t look like it’s going to tear any time soon. After several months of using it, it has become my favorite. I suggest that if you have the funds to upgrade your golf bag, this is the one for you!


Both aesthetic and functional

Can stand on its own

Cooler pocket can hold many drinks

Easy access to all pockets

Full-length golf club dividers

Has 10 deep pockets

Has a dedicated putter compartment

Includes a lot of storage space

Includes matching rain hood

Lightweight and easy to transport


No bad reviews!


Sun Mountain 2021 4.5LS Camo Golf Bag

The second on my list of picks for the best camo golf bag is the Sun Mountain 2021 Men’s 4.5LS 14-Way Golf Bag. I do believe that this camo golf bag belongs on this list because it’s the less expensive version of the Sun Mountain C-130 Camo Golf Bag but is almost as good. There are similar functions of the Sun Mountain 2021 4.5LS Golf Stand Bag to the Sun Mountain C-130. However, one of the most defining features that differentiate this camo golf bag is that this one includes legs at the back of the bag. These legs act as a stand for when you want to prop up your camo golf bag on the golf course. 

It is worthy to note that this Sun Mountain 4.5LS camo golf bag is slightly smaller than the Sun Mountain C-130. It measures 36.5 x 12 x 9.5 inches only, making it compatible for both men and women. There are 14 box dividers that are perfect for your clubs. Nine pockets are also found around the camo golf bag. These pockets are perfect for storing your personal belongings and golfing essentials while you’re on the course.

Since this is a bit smaller than your regular golf bag, it’s a lot lighter and thus easier to carry. I haven’t found any design flaws in this camo golf bag. Everything is working as it should. I suggest this camo golf bag for people who have just begun to take golfing as a hobby. It’s a great golf bag for starter golf clubs. If you have a friend who might need a new golf bag, this is the perfect gift as well.

  • Amazon’s Choice
  • Best value for a camo golf bag
  • Has 9 deep pockets for personal belongings
  • Includes 14 compartments for clubs
  • Includes a stand to avoid toppling over
  • Includes a matching rain hood
  • Perfect as a gift
  • Perfect for beginners
  • No bad reviews!

Ram Golf FX Deluxe Camo Golf Bag

The last, but definitely not the least, camo golf bag that deserves to be on this list is the Ram Golf FX Deluxe Camo Golf Bag. By far, this is the cheapest option that you can get from this list of picks for the best camo golf bag. If you are an absolute beginner who isn’t even sure that you’re going to pursue golfing, this is the one to get. It already has everything that you could ask for. It has 14 dividers for all your clubs and putter wells. There are velour-lined pockets that allow you to keep your wallet, watch, or jewelry. Included in this camo golf bag is a cooler pocket for you to avoid being parched under the harsh heat of the sun.

I noticed that the shoulder strap is quite comfortable. It distributes the weight of the bag equally so it’s not too hard on the back when I carry it. Speaking of transportation, this camo golf bag fits easily in all golf carts. It’s also very easy to strap in and secure. I did notice that the zippers are made out of plastic. However, even after several years of using this camo golf bag, it’s still holding on pretty strong.

The feature that I like the most is that the pockets are deep and are strategically placed. These pockets are all easily accessible and hold a lot of items. I bring a lot of stuff out on the golf course, but I have never filled all of the pockets to the point where I lacked any space. You’ll find that you’ll be able to bring everything you need but will still have room to spare. That’s why I highly suggest this for beginners and people who want to try out golfing.

  • Best bang for your buck
  • Perfect for absolute beginners
  • Includes 14 dividers for golf clubs and putter wells
  • Cooler pocket can hold multiple drinks
  • Comfortable padded shoulder strap
  • Includes a rain hood
  • Zippers made of low quality


Q: Why are golf bags so expensive?

A: Golf bags are so expensive because of how they are made and who made them. If you’re looking at luxury brand golf bags, then expect to be paying a bit more for the quality of the bag. There are many golf bag manufacturers that charge more if there are more pockets, dividers, and features of your golf bag.

Q: Should I buy a cart bag or a stand bag?

A: The answer is: it depends on your judgment. If you are still strong enough to carry heavier items, then a stand bag should suit you well. However, it also depends if you want to walk the entire golf course yourself. If you own a golf cart, getting a cart bag should be your priority. There are also some stand bags that have safety straps that you can use to secure it to your golf cart so that your things won’t fall out.

Q: What are the pockets for on a golf bag?

A: There are many pockets on a golf bag for a good reason. That is because you need a lot of equipment in order to play golf. These essential items are your water bottle, towels, tees, space for your phone and jewelry, and more. It’s a lot better to have more space than not enough space.


A camo golf bag is a great selection. The design is simple and classic. This will act as the perfect gift for a person who is in the army or someone who simply likes the camouflage design. With all the features, pockets, and dividers, who wouldn’t be happy with one?

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