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4 Excellent Short Golf Clubs To See!

If your height isn’t blessed with great height, of course, you’re going to need the best short golf clubs. Even so, the game of golf doesn’t rely solely on greater height or strong muscle build as an advantage. The only advantage you will need in golf is the matter of experience, hence practice makes perfect. Although, with shorter golf clubs, there’s an advantage to make your swing becomes better with more upright and improved accuracy and control.

This article will examine some of the advantages of short golf clubs with some tips and tricks in order to further improve your golfing skills. If you happen to consider picking this sport, or whether you are just thinking of it, you come to the right source of information.

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Does height affect help in golf?

Some sports have required certain statures which makes greater height seem to be an advantage at all. But when we think of sports like golf, it’s not really height that matters.

People who are newcomers or even from the people who even just have a popular misconception that height is might, is there really a correlation between the way they play and the advantage of being tall, and should you really worry about it?

Although, as per the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA), the average height, or the most productive height of golf players that wins is nearing the height of 6 feet tall, specifically 5 ft 10 to 6 feet 4. But Ian  Woosnam has a stature of 5 feet 4 tall and yet he garnered the 1991 Masters winner of “Wee Welshman”, and he rightly nailed it.

All the more,  being short in stature has advantages, you have the lower center of gravity which provides you better balance, and it’s easier for you to connect a swing which makes a great compact. This is due to the elbows close to the sides and your arm muscles are putting more effort than for someone with long limbs. 

The reality is that there is no impact with regard to height accordance. What matters is how developed the muscle memory of swinging the club and also the leverage. As the saying goes, practice makes perfect.

Would you shorten your golf club?

Whether you are going to transition your golf club into a shorter one, or you are short in stature, will it affect your performance or would it lead to any other consequences? Probably not. Sometimes it’s the best way to shorten your gold club especially if you’re not too comfortable with your posture or the way you swing which is really a matter of personal preference.

But golf club manufacturers have a strong market presence with introducing the use of longer clubs to maximize profit by getting golfers to opt for longer yardages. And it’s perfectly normal to have short golf clubs instead of longer ones. There are still contentious debates circulating on the internet about whether longer or shorter golf clubs are better ones. At the end of the day, it still boils down to your personal choice.

What if your short golf clubs are too short?

You probably have considered going for short golf clubs, but what if it’s too short? Okay, you now have set yourself with your desired golf club only to find out that it’s too short for you. Too short means it’s not a good thing. Chances are, it will affect your playing style in the long and you only begin to notice that it’s somehow affecting your overall performance.

It’s a good thing if you use short golf clubs which is appropriate for you and it will no doubt give you more accuracy and perfect to make a full swing. But if the golf clubs you are using are too short, first, your playing will become stiff and you lose the ability to swing wide open which is vital to accumulate more power.

Furthermore, if the golf club is way too short, it loses a decent amount of weight, enough to make a comfortable swing that connects to the ball the moment it has made an impact. Even if it’s an inch shorter than your ideal golf club, it’s a no problem situation, but once you take the ball and make a swing, you will somehow notice the difference in your ergonomic and also in the power

There actually some signs if your clubs are too short or too long.

Below are the common caveats indicating the club you are using is too short:

  • In to out swing path
  • Bending too much at the waist
  • Your rhythm is too rushed
  • The ball tends to go to the right
  • The ball often make contact on the club’s heel
  • Uncomfortable feeling

Below are the common caveats indicating the club you are using is too long:

  • Your playing position is so upright
  • The ball usually fly too high and often to the left
  • You can’t move your lower body using proper swing techniques
  • The club shafts bear less weight

4 Excellent Short Golf Clubs To See! OUR #1 CHOICE

OUR TOP PICK: Callaway Golf Club

Product Description: Coming from our top pick, the Callaway Golf 2018 Rogue. This is the ultimate badass especially if you are an experienced golfer who is so picky when it comes to quality and carefully curated to specific golfers. One of the most celebrated types of golf club in the market today, this Callaway golf club has the best combination of accuracy, distance, and ease of use. With all that, it creates one of the best golf clubs to ever cater to in the world of golf. Not for an average joe or a beginner golfer. The weight of this golf club is extraordinary giving more precision, and the right amount of power when swinging, and it also gives control from each loft. It's relatively weightier that is designed for experienced golfers who know how to swing from the relatively heavy golf club. The steel shaft is made from the standard full set of irons. One of the best ways to configure the golf club posses prime qualities of being an excellent product is through the sound and feel when swinging the golf club. This one is among the golf club that possesses great sound and feels. Thanks to their urethane microspheres which creates excellent damp for reducing the unnecessary sound and provides a great feel without compromising the speed of the ball.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Performance
  • Ease of use
  • Value for Money


All in all, this should be on your top list whenever you are about to play golf at an experienced to pro level. This is great for short golf players who want to take advantage of their potential by investing in high-quality short golf clubs.


Elastic urethanes for enhanced sound and feel Excellent quality Enhances your overall performance


Not for beginner golfers

TaylorMade M6 Driver Golf Club

Garnering great reviews from consumer golfers, the brand TaylorMade has gained a reputation and among the top brands that make high-quality golf clubs with no level distinction.

Whether you are a beginner, advanced, or a pro, this one may be yours for a better price point and this will never back you whenever you play.

Features speed injected twist face. The head of this club has been optimized for overall great performance that is designed for greater ball speed.

With its highly innovative twist face curvature, and a corrective angle for on-off center hits, plus engineered with greatness for side spin reduction, what more could you ask for this golf club. It’s absolute perfection.

Its sleek material made with a carbon sole and added aerodynamic shaping design, this is probably one of the best short golf clubs that you will ever buy. That said, this material and design will allow increasing your club speed and greater distance.

Overall, you will want to play golf and take it seriously upon buying this one of a kind golf club. Its distinct features are built for great performance and significantly affect how you play. A great consideration when opting for a great golf club.

  • Speed injected
  • Innovative aerodynamic design
  • Great factor to preserve ball speed
  • Way higher for the standard price point

PGX Offset Golf Club

The Pinemeadow golf has features that resemble the company’s product like Titleist or Callaway. This is actually a manufacturer that is great at making clone clubs and this is an excellent route to choose if you are on a budget and waiting for a grander upgrade.

It’s an offset driver, this allows you to square the ball once hit. This is great for impact and it’s important as it will result in straighter drivers. Also, it has a 460 cc driver similar to Wilson Juniors which allows you take have an edge over the others.

The elegant design makes you motivated to play golf for aesthetic plus performance-wise because of its matte black finish with green and white linings for sleek and great appeal.

All in all, should you buy it? Yes! if you are a weekend golfer and want to hang out with fellow golfer friends, this is one for you. Have this while playing along with your clients for a better chance of closing a deal. Plus the 460 cc driver is great for the above-average golf players and even for starters alike. The price is worth it and it’s absolutely a great buy.

  • Elegant matte black finish
  • Anti slice technology
  • Graphite material
  • None so far

Wilson Juniors Complete Golf Set

Last but not the least, Wilson is among the brand that is very well known in the field of golf and even in other sports.

Wilson has been on the market for about 100 years and its quality and premium golf equipment makes the golf players become loyal to this brand because of the high-quality equipment it caters to all golfers which enhances their performance and overall experience of the game.

Designed for short stature and for teens to fully maximize their potential in swinging the club. Engineered for better game improvement, this has a 460cc driver ideally for new golfers.

It has stainless steel iron and built with a low center of gravity in order to get the distance and accuracy better. Nonetheless, this is actually lightweight in a structure perfect for teens also. The carry bag is breathable on the shoulders because of AirFlow shoulder straps that are highly adjustable.

With its lightweight build, this is easy to launch for better greenside control and to make the shot more improved.

All in all, this is a perfect go-to when you are out hunting for nice short golf clubs. It has every features you need plus, given the product’s known brand, this will never let you down and it will even complement your golfing skills into an improved one.

  • Perfect size for shorter height
  • Lightweight
  • Stainless steel
  • Best value
  • None so far

Of course, there are benefits of having short golf clubs

Shorter golf clubs give a more precise impact on the ball and a more powerful swing because of the arm muscle you use, and these are just some of the several benefits. If you are more comfortable or wanting to get comfortable with short golf clubs, you have no reason to continue using long golf clubs. And these are the benefits of having short golf clubs.

Swing planes and shaft angles are better

Golfers who use long shafts have difficulty getting the best position for finding the sweet spot of shaft angles and swing planes. The shorter clubs provide a better angle on the ground and the distance wherein the clubhead travels. Also, short golf clubs prevent you from lifting the club from the body.

Improves your club control

It’s no doubt that having a shorter golf club has more control and comfortability compared to a longer shaft – if it’s suited to your stature. A shortened cub has more authority because of reduced flexibility turning it into a more controlled swing and a precise hit of the ball. After all, the ultimate goal is to have more control to get accurate measures when taking a nice swing.

More accurate

While longer golf clubs are more rampant because they are great for great distances, its reality is that it lacks precision which also affects better accurate swing. Short cubs have more likely to improve swing accuracy that is the most important thing to have as a golf player.

Final thoughts

Whether you are golfing just for fun or taking it seriously, the most important element of playing golf is to have fun with it. There’s no better way to improve yourself if you love what you are doing. Furthermore, what also contributes to the overall performance and what drives you to play golf is having a nice pair of golf clubs.

There are certain golf clubs that are built for performance and make you the best golfer. On the last note, it doesn’t matter if you are a tall or short golfer what matters is your skill and your practice. True enough that each has its own pros and cons but at the end of the day, it’s all in you that makes you become the best.