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Taylormade M2 Driver Review: An Ultimate Product Guide

Another old model of the golf gear from the Taylormade brand, the M2 Driver really made a successful journey in the golf industry. Generally, it only has a basic technological setting but with quite a solid feel. With that, it tends to be a popular buying pick of most golfers worldwide. If you want to know why this old golf driver model positioned itself to the top, check this Taylormade M2 Driver review.

In this post, we discussed a brief product description of the M2 Driver. Moreover, also included here is the list of product features that lead this golf club driver to the limelight. Read with us below and discover the wonders of the M2 Driver from Taylormade.

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Taylormade M2 Driver Review – Product Overview

Most golfing products from Taylormade are, no doubt, a top favorite of most PGA Tour players. And a great inclusion here is their M2 driver which is generally the main hook. Basically, the excellent qualities of the Taylormade M2 Driver are due to its design and engineering.

Moreover, this golf driver reduces weight on the clubface and also decreases the center of gravity. Aside from that, Taylormade generally found ways to elevate the Moment of Inertia on this golf club driver. Golfers who opt to use the Taylormade M2 Driver can actually experience highly exceptional distance, speed, and forgiveness. Geocoustics technology is one of the innovative features of the M2 driver. However, it usually comes with a very premium price, yet the reasons for buying are generally lining up to justify its greatness.

  • Made with cutting-edge technology through brilliant engineering
  • Sound and design are supported by the significant Geocoustic technology
  • Great distance having incomparable launch and forgiveness
  • Good loft coverage with complete tweaking ability within the hosel when fitting
  • Generally pricey in which a single golf club will cost you a lot of money
  • Produce an explosive sound that is somehow distracting for some

M2 Driver Product Features

taylormade m2 driver review

As part of our Taylormade M2 Driver review, we will show you the qualities behind this golf club that make them outshine the rest. From the brand itself, Taylormade, the M2 Driver is definitely a wonderful golfing tool. So, with that, we will try to check every single detail about this top-of-the-notch golfing equipment.

1-Player Handicap

Well, the scratch golfer can also use the M2 Driver of Taylormade, however, it is specifically designed for those players in the course who are looking for forgiveness rather than playability. This golf club is highly suitable for mid to high handicappers. So, better to forget this driver if you want ball workability and produce fades and draws in every tee box.

2-Design and aesthetic

There are actually two versions of the M2 Driver from Taylormade. These are the 2016 and 2017 models. The difference between the two is that the leading edge of the latest model tends to be a little bit narrower. Yet, the powerful blend of the white titanium edge and the black carbon alloy on the side is still a gratification.

The head style is really hot which comes from round and pear-shaped ones. Meanwhile, the clubface is quite larger for about 7 percent. That way, the sweet spot of the club has been maximized. Another star to its look is the silver weight in a circular pattern and adding up the Speed Pocket slots within the area for added style.

Generally, the sole is well-fitted and highly seems quite busier. It is also the main part of the Taylormade M2 Driver that puts it to the pedestal. Wanna know why? Well, it is because of the Geocoustic technology that it has over the sole. So, with this, you may end up having an excellently-styled and an exemplar golf club driver on hand.


In terms of the build quality, it seems like it is very hard to start making a Taylormade M2 Driver review. It is not because you do not have something to say about it. In fact, there is a myriad of qualities here and I really don’t know where to begin. Well, the M2 Driver is composed of six-layer carbon alloy and sleeker 9-1-1 titanium within its sole.

The Speed Pocket feature gives a good appeal but also helps in a triple flexibility output of the ball speed. Moreover, the area of the titanium within the sole of the M2 Driver is incorporated quite deeper. Because of that, the weight of the golf club has been reduced a little.

If you also add the benefit of the Geocoustic technology here, the weight of the Taylormade M2 Driver will generally be saved down to 25g. This has been equally transferred deeper down the driver’s sole. Actually, its purpose is to reduce the center of gravity as well as to transmit the Moment of Inertia overhead.

That measurement leads the MOI on an elevation value above 5000 g/cm2. Having that, you will maintain more quadrate golf clubs during mis-hits. All of these features highly support the exceptional forgiveness of the Taylormade M2 Driver.

Adjustability remains within the driver’s hosel even if it has a stronger aluminum material. Hence, this is quite easier to clamp during fitting. Additionally, Taylormade M2 Driver has the noble and potent Fujikura shaft. This makes this golf club driver aesthetically appealing and really possesses an intimidating look.

4-Performance and manageability

Overall, this Taylormade M2 Driver review would say that the performance of this golf club’s driver is highly exceptional. Although there is limited adjustability, the launch is generally good and this club is really a forgiving one. The distance is very excellent as well in which is supported by a dominating sound at impact.

From all the Taylormade line of exceptional products, the M2 Driver is really a bomb. This is underpinned by the join force result of the firm and satisfying feel. Using this golf club driver, vibrations are highly absorbed and mitigated. Due to that, you will generally notice a lesser sound rib within the clubhead.


Well, for the price, I may say that Taylormade M2 Driver may leave you bankrupt especially golfers who are tight-budgeter. Honestly, this golf club driver is really pricey. But, when you tend to look on the other side around, its well-rated appeal, performance, and feel make M2 Driver really worth buying.

Taylormade M2 Driver Review – Product Rating

Taylormade M2 Driver really works wonders and because of that, it is generally well-rated. Check here for the breakdown of its aspects in which the overall attributes outweigh its high-ceiling price.


Product Name: Taylormade M2 Driver

Product Description: Handicap Range: Low-High Hand Availability: Right & Left Lofts: 9.5O / 10.5O / 12O Club Length: 45.75” Swing Weight: D3 Adjustability: Loft and Face Angle Stock Shafts: Fujikura Pro XLR8 56 / Fujikura Reax 45 Flex: Regular / Stiff / X-Stiff / Senior Flex Grip: Dual Texture 30

Availability: InStock

  • Forgiveness
  • Value for money
  • Distance
  • Adjustability
  • Shaft Options
  • Look & feel

Product Highlights

• Introduce Geocoustic technology that generally alters the overall appearance of the sole as well as the sound and feel of the driver. You will generally hear an explosive sound at impact when using this golf club driver. • Offer optimal performance and forgiveness due to the fixed and low positioning of the center of gravity • Adjustability features are significantly present • Further add extra forgiveness because of the incorporation of the Speed Pocket technology that is deeply embedded


Generally, Taylormade M2 Driver is a very forgiving driver even during mishits. The powerful innovative combination of the Geocoustic sole, carbon crown, and Speed Pocket contributes to the very low dispersion rate of the driver. Moreover, in terms of the center of gravity, it is basically set on one firm and permanent position. Because of that, the Taylormade M2 Driver can launch greatly and have an excellent spin rating.


Well, despite of its high-ceiling price, it is fairly good and well compensated by the M2 Driver’s overall performance and quality.


Taylormade really finds its way to improve the weight and the speed pocket of this M2 Driver version. With that, the ball speed and distance have been increased. 


Excellent addition to the exceptional feature of the M2 Driver from Taylormade is the adjustable loft sleeve. With the adjustability feature, the loft of the golf club driver can be altered and can be set to your preferred launch. Generally, loft adjustability is highly beneficial in improving performance. So, the Taylormade M2 Driver is the best pick if you are looking for that feature.


Since the M2 Driver model of the Taylormade product line is already an old version, the custom shafts that it has is quite limited. But, even so, the stock shaft present here is really a good one. It generally comes with a standard shaft options flex including the Fujikura Pro stiff, regular, or the senior flex.

Testing has been made for this to support its speed and performance. And good to know that the result of testing reveals that the shaft of the M2 Driver is considered one of the best shafts available in the market.


The color scheme and the carbon composite crown are perfectly blended with this M2 golf club driver to give a more aesthetic appeal. Like what we’ve mentioned above, this driver produces an explosive sound. And don’t be surprised because it literally is. So, if you do not like to hear that sound on the course or you are easily get distracted by noise during the game, Taylormade M2 Driver is not for you.

Taylormade M2 Driver Product Comparison

taylormade m2 driver review

In case you are not satisfied with what Taylormade M2 Driver can highly offer, or you quite hesitant because of its price, we have here some product options that you may consider. Substantially, the product options below also exhibit as much as comparable product features, performance, and quality to that of M2 Driver.

Taylormade M6 Driver

Compared to M2 Driver, the M6 model of golf club drivers from Taylormade is generally longer. But, in terms of forgiveness, these two are quite equal. Moreover, the M6 Driver possesses the most innovative and greatest technology. And when it comes to the sound, M6 produces a less explosive sound which tends to be quieter than M2 Drivers.

Generally, this M6 Driver model from Taylormade is an addition to those one-of-a-kind products on their list. However, this is not the perfect driver to suit every handicap. And compared to M2 Driver, adjustability is not as good as expected. But, this driver model can be praised well for the more distance and more forgiveness that it may offer.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Tuning resin is basically injected in order to optimize COR within the entire face and to optimize the ball speed as well as the distance
  • Offer a new innovative face curvature that lowers the side spin and gives off straight-forward shots
  • With aerodynamic sole style combined with inertia generator to increase the speed of the clubhead for added distance
  • There is a designated slot provided for the flexible Hammerhead to offer a bigger sweet spot. Moreover, the ball speed within the center spikes is being preserved.
SpecificationsM6 DriverM2 Driver
Hand AvailabilityRight hand / Left handRight / Left
Loft9O / 9.5O / 10.5O / 12O9.5O / 10.5O / 12O
Stock ShaftsFujikura Atmos BlackFujikura PRO XLR8 56 / Fujikura Reax 45
FlexRegular / Stiff / X-Stiff / SeniorRegular / Stiff / X-Stiff / Senior
Table of Comparison: Taylormade M6 Driver vs. Taylormade M2 Driver

Cleveland Launcher Turbo Golf Driver

Actually, Cleveland Launcher Turbo Golf Driver is a newer version compared to the M2 Driver of Taylormade. And in terms of distance and forgiveness, these two golf clubs are generally quite similar to each other. Additionally, this golf club driver from Cleveland also has the same price ceiling as the M2.

The Cleveland Launcher Turbo Golf Driver tends to be the golf club driver for beginners compared to Taylormade M2 Driver. But, the latter is generally a quite close comparable alternative to take into account. In general, the Taylormade targets the younger golfers while the Cleveland brand concentrates on the older ones.

Product Features and Specifications

  • With Turbocharged cup face that offers higher COR within a bigger impact area to have a great ball speed and further distance
  • Include a redesigned Hi-Bore crown that generally reduces the center of gravity for maximum launch
  • There is a significant increase in the Moment of Inertia which delivers additional speed
  • Have very light hosel for an elevated launch and more forgiveness
  • With counterbalanced shaft style due to the Miyazaki C. Kuma center of gravity
SpecificationsCleveland Launcher Turbo DriverTaylormade M2 Driver
Hand AvailabilityRight hand / Left                      Right / Left
Loft9O / 10.5O / 12O9.5O / 10.5O / 12O
Stock ShaftsGraphiteFujikura PRO XLR8 56 / Fujikura Reax 45
FlexRegular / Stiff / X-Stiff / SeniorRegular / Stiff / X-Stiff / Senior
Table of Comparison: Cleveland Launcher Turbo Driver vs. Taylormade M2 Driver

Cobra F9 Speedback Golf Driver

Basically, the Cobra F9 Speedback Golf Driver is a great choice to consider if you see that adjustability in Taylormade M2 Driver is not sufficient. This golf club driver from Cobra is generally suitable for all-level golfers and highly offers an excellent addition to the ball speed and distance. Moreover, an edge point of this golf club over M2 Driver is that the price is somehow lower.

Additionally, if you are a 20 handicapper, this golf club can generally improve your game on the course. Using this Cobra F9 Speedback Golf Driver, many beginners are taking the difficulty to a fast improvement process. That’s why this golf club is a popular pick for most athletics.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Highlight Speedback technology for achieving a real maximization of aerodynamics and low center of gravity resulting to make as the fastest and longest driver on the Cobra product range
  • The design that focuses on the circular crown and leading-edge highly improves airflow to have an optimal speed and stability
  • Incorporate an additional multi-material tungsten weight component that gives off a deeper center of gravity. With this, it provides maximum club and ball speed together with the low spin to achieve extreme distance.
  • With CNS Precision Milled face that highly delivers the thinnest and hottest clubface from Cobra product lines
  • Have a dual roll technology that provides extra miles to the drive
SpecificationsCobra F9 Speedback Golf DriverTaylormade M2 Driver
Hand AvailabilityRight                                        Right / Left
Loft10.5O / 12O9.5O / 10.5O / 12O
Stock ShaftsUST Helium 50Fujikura PRO XLR8 56 / Fujikura Reax 45
FlexRegular / Stiff / SeniorRegular / Stiff / X-Stiff / Senior
Table of Comparison: Cobra F9 Speedback Golf Driver vs. Taylormade M2 Driver

Final Verdict

After having this Taylormade M2 Driver review, it is proven that this is a golf club driver that solid, long, trustworthy, and actually forgiving. Since it is another old model from Taylormade, it doesn’t boast any innovative features. But, all qualities that it has been are more than enough to make its job perfectly done especially for mid to high handicappers. To sum it up, the Taylormade M2 Driver is an exceptional driver with extreme feel and forgiveness.