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Taylormade R7 Irons: A Comprehensive Product Guide

Of all manufacturers and brands well-known in the golfing industry, Taylormade already put its name on the top. Due to its production of innovative and high-quality products, this brand really stands out from the crowd. Taylormade R7 Irons golf club set is actually one of the remarkable products from their top-of-the-line items.

In this blog post, we’ve made a comprehensive guide about this one-of-a-kind golf club set from Taylormade. Check here if you are considering buying one.

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Taylormade R7 Irons – Product Description

Generally, the main objective behind the creation of Taylormade R7 Irons is to comply with the needs of the golfers to improve their performance. This golf club is actually an old model from Taylormade. However, due to its exceptional features, it still has the ability to compete with the other innovative golf clubs in the market.

The company already released the newest models of golf clubs like the R9 and R11 Irons. These latest iron versions have already displaced the popularity of the R7 Irons. Yet, the older model of R7 is still remaining to be a good option for most golfers. These players are those who really aim to have a higher ball and exert firmer loft to reach further distance.

Product Overview:

The R7 Irons from Taylormade had been packed with little technological advancement. Because of that, golfers may able to create high ball flight and long-distance. Give credits to its wide head component together with its strong loft as these highly support the irons’ objectives. Moreover, there is the presence of the Reverse Cone technology in this iron set within its face. This is for the purpose of producing extreme ball speed for excellent distances.

taylormade r7 irons
Image courtesy of Golf Monthly

Additionally, the said technology employed within this R7 Irons model from Taylormade has the ability to maximize all very thin faces. Eventually, this will then result in the generation of optimum performance. In terms of the low center of gravity within the irons, the absolute cavity style in the clubhead part is the main responsible for that. With this, a more stable and higher ball flight outcome will be achieved. R7 Irons also contain a soft aluminum layer within their inner cavity and have the ability to absorb sounds and vibrations. So, using this iron set will allow golfers to feel a soft but solid effect upon impact. Another thing that this R7 Irons set boasts is the incorporation of the exclusive Taylormade Launch Control (TLC) technology. Optimization of the ball trajectory is highly achievable through this.

  • Offer a generally bigger sweet spot through the redesigning of the clubface. So, this basically means that every time the golfers take a swing and hitting the sweet spot, they no longer guess where the ball flight is.
  • Provide a much more forgiving iron within the course due to the presence of the large sweet spot. You really not need to have a perfect mastery of the swing because this golf club will generally do the entire job for you.
  • Give the result of a significant spin value because of the clubface. The faster the spin of the golf ball is extremely excellent for achieving control and accuracy of the distance.
  • Generally packed with innovative technology
  • Highly durable and stable due to the off-center hits
  • Great value for money
  • If there is a bigger sweet spot on your irons, expect that you will also be dealing with a huge clubhead as well. Basically, larger irons tend to be distracting for other golfers. But, in case this is not an issue for you, then R7 Irons won’t be a big deal.
  • There are golfers who noticed that this golf club generally produces quite lesser distance.
  • The older model of irons along the Taylormade golf clubs product lines

R7 Model Golf Clubs Set Product Features

Although an old model, the R7 Irons also entail key features that they are actually proud of. These make them stand out from their competitors and from the newer models of golf clubs in the market.

1-Inverted Cone Technology (ICT)

Basically, the main function of the Inverted Cone Technology or ICT is to improve the coefficient of restitution or COR. It is located on the clubface. With this feature, the effectiveness to transmit energy from the golf club to the ball will significantly increase.  Moreover, the ball flight will be straighter and only involves less spin. Basically, this only means that the ICT feature of the Taylormade R7 Irons allows the ball to achieve farther distance on a higher speed and stable flight patterns.

2-Speed Pocker Technology

The integral core of the clubface is generally known as the sweet spot. Taylormade totally utilizes the full capacity of the Speed Pocker Technology in order to produce a large sweet spot for the R7 Irons. Meaning to say, this large sweet spot must be highly credited to the powerful combination of this incorporated technology, smoothness, and speed. With the main concern of Taylormade on designing the big sweet spot on this iron model become easy for golfers to bring about the decent and furthest strike.

3-Taylormade Launch Control (TLC)

This golf club manufacturer generally boasts for its exclusive technological trademark, the Taylormade Launch Control or TLC. The main purpose of this is to provide an opportunity to condition the club head’s weight. Its purpose is in order to establish six launching adjustments sets. Through that, it usually permits golfers to enhance trajectory and achieve optimal distance at the same time.

taylormade r7 irons
Image courtesy of The Sand Trap

4-Trans-Deep Cavity Style

Generally, the cavity structure of the R7 Iron model of Taylormade comes on an extremely abysmal design. This basically means that the clubhead primarily possesses a lower center of gravity. With that, golfers may highly expect more stable and higher shots delivery.

5-Aluminum Moistening Web

Within the inner cavity of the R7 Irons situated an aluminum layer. The main function of this sheet is to act as a fence in absorbing vibration. And decreasing the roughness of weaker strikes would be end result of this. Moreover, golfers may also achieve a smooth but firm feel during an impact.

6-Stock Shafts

Usually, the material that the stock shafts of the R7 Irons come from Reax Graphite or T-Step 90 gram steel. With this, players will get a minimal torque that generally offers better control. On the other hand, the medium-high kick-point is highly applicable for swing speeds within the medium to high range.

Taylormade R7 Irons – Product Rating

A very forgiving iron, R7 model of golf clubs from Taylormade will generally do the entire work for you, regardless of the swing speed. Both the short and long irons are exceptionally built and provide a huge value of confidence on the shots that can definitely affect the game. In case you are still in doubt about what this R7 Irons can give you on the course, here is its rating based on the different golf clubs’ aspects.

Product Highlights

Product Name: Taylormade R7 Irons

Availability: InStock

  • Value for Money
  • Forgiveness
  • Technology
  • Performance
  • Quality & durability
  • Look & feel

Product Highlights

• Extreme ball speed for excellent distance • Great vibration absorption with delicate but firm touch upon impact – goodbye to stinging around the grips when having a bad hit. There will be an even distribution of vibrations on the entire iron. • Low center of gravity for better stability and elevated ball flight pattern • Maximize trajectory • Offer two kinds of shafts – the T-Step steel or the graphite shaft


Actually, the price of the Taylormade R7 model is really no brainer. And for the offered cost, people are turning into this golf iron model as a great option in terms of the best value on quality despite its old version. This is also a golf club set perfect for beginners who are just attempting to enter the golf world. Aside from that, the R7 Irons is a solid set of golf clubs to have that can generally last for years.


Well, the main objective of the design for the R7 Irons is to hit the ball easier. Since it has the Inverted Cone Technology that takes the COR on the optimum level, the wider portion of the clubface will offer similar momentum while transferring the ball. This is true even when the thickness around the top line is decreased. Aside from that, this is highly crucial for most beginners who tend to hit the ball from a wider portion of the clubface.

Add this up to the delicate aluminum moistening web and you will definitely experience a soft sound upon launching which is very satisfying for players. With this, you will also notice a less harsh sound of those poorer shots. The players will generally get the required feedback for improving the swing speed as well as the skill without the effect of the clanking ring.

Moreover, when it comes to forgiveness, the R7 model is the one suitable for average golfers and low handicappers. Because of that, this golf club highly provides increased stability and great consistency. So, the player’s confidence will eventually be enhanced.


Based on the key features of the R7 Irons version of Taylormade, this golf club is packed with a number of technological advancements. There is a complete rebuilt on its clubface focusing on the sweet spots which result in no missed shots. The Inverted Cone Technology generally did its best on this iron model. Though the ICT is not that noticeable in terms of appearance, it is very obvious upon hitting the ball.


Generally, the style of this iron is to incorporate more distance and elevation at every shot in order to enhance confidence. The shots basically have hefty spring and make the balls have a great flight. That high flying distance which can be credited to its huge club head and low gravitational center is the main thing that most novice players are looking for.

Compared to other golf club models, the ball flight is not the same as a balloon curve. Instead, lots of players will have to find a greater consistency curve beyond the long-distance shots. Yet, the distance coming from this kind of irons, which is an old one, and on newer innovative models, is not merely the same. However, for the most part, golfers always achieve some gains to be progressive.

Moreover, the R7 Irons possess qualities of iron models considered to be game improvers. This golf club is really beneficial for average golfers due to the straighter ball flight and longer shots coming from the hits on the off-center.

Overall, this R7 Irons model performs very well just like with the other popular irons used on tours. The golf clubs can able to perform in any condition regardless if it is short grass or long rough.


In terms of quality, this iron model from Taylormade comes with a shaft that basically involves good grips. With this, it can generally withstand any weather and harsh elements. But, one downside that I do not like with the R7 Irons is the possibility of shaft rust. Rusting still persists even if I did regular care and cleaning maintenance of it. However, the R7 golf club model is highly sustainable that can last for years.


Basically, the design of the R7 Irons is really eye-catching. With its yellow and black color style over a silver background, the cavity is generally deep and tends to have some more discreetness. Well, this design is highly advantageous for those who are running away from the advertisement of other golf club’s beginner levels.

But, then again, the clubhead is quite large which makes the ball look like a minute one. So, if you are those golfers who are more after a sleek and sophisticated appeal, this won’t really suit you. Yet, if you are more after simplicity and effectiveness, the R7 version is highly functional at all.

When it comes to the feel, Taylormade R7 Irons really offers an amazing touch on the hands. As mentioned above, the clubface acts to absorb any vibrations from the impact and evenly distribute it on the entire club. So, this will allow the golfer to feel like getting in touch with the air rather than getting the feeling of hitting the ball.

R7 Golf Iron Clubs Product Comparison to Other Golf Clubs

In case you are not satisfied with what the R7 model from Taylormade can offer and you are still looking for more, here are some other golf clubs in which the R7 is highly comparable. The irons below are in great comparison with the R7 version. But, if you are taking affordability as your great consideration, then the R7 Iron from Taylormade is still your perfect choice.

Callaway Rogue X Golf Iron Set

Generally, the Callaway Rogue X Golf Iron Set is an extreme choice for novice or even average golfers. Yet, most amateur golfers find it easier to handle the X20 model of this brand. In contrast with the R7 Iron model, there are still more skilled players who are happy in using the R7. Perhaps, the R7 offers a great opportunity to escalate players on a higher level because of its versatile feature.

Cobra Max Iron Set

Another wonderful brand that is well-known in producing irons is the Cobra Max Iron Set. This is generally built for amateur golfers and more and more people find this as a good way to improve the handicap. Forgiveness and flexibility on the course are what you can get from using this Cobra Max Iron Set.

Moreover, engineers behind this Cobra brand of the iron set already figure out the proper way on enhancing the ball flight and allow them to fly in an accurate manner. The short irons that it has been very easy to set around the greens. Whereas the longer ones tend are a little bit easier to manage while taking the swing.

Yet, this golf iron set may generally have a heavy bottom, using this will definitely boost the confidence of high handicappers. Overall, the Cobra Max Iron Set is a great option if you are one of those who are looking for a game improver.

Titleist T300 Iron Set

This golf club is another game improvement compared to the R7 model of Taylormade. It generally concentrates on distance and forgiveness at the same time. Basically, it offers a great combination of tremendous feel and workability.

The progressive shape is one of the excellent features of the T300 golf club. It has wedges that are more likely similar to a golfers’ club. Moreover, you will end up with a wider sole once you gear on the long irons. Titleist T300 Iron Set is a great choice for those who are after forgiveness and distance all throughout the game.

Taylormade R9 Iron Set

Obviously, the R9 is the newer and most innovative model of R7 having some advancement in technology. In addition to the features of the R7, the most important feature added to it is Velocity-Control Chamber or VCC. This feature highly supports reducing the shocks far better.

Aside from that, Taylormade also enhanced the Inverted Cone Technology to be able to control the distance farther more. In totality, there is really no more significant difference between R7 and R9 Iron models in terms of their functionality. Choose the R9 model in case you want to develop new innovations and if you are willing to spend some more bucks.

Taylormade Burner 2.0

Another set of irons from Taylormade that embraced innovative technologies is the Burner 2.0 model. Moreover, it is also a maximum game improver in the world of golf. Actually, the design of this golf set compared to R7 Irons aims to improve the skills of mid-high handicappers, the R9 is a decent option for most pros.

Final Verdict

If you really have to explore deeply, you will able to notice the wonderful features of the Taylormade R7 Irons beyond its simplicity of style. New players in the golfing world may find this highly beneficial especially those who have not yet their skill mastery. Moreover, this iron is also a good investment for those who want to reduce their handicap in an affordable manner. Yes, there are really newer golf clubs available in the market, but this older iron is definitely a total game improver.