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Top 5 Best Stand Up Golf Bag

When you are into the game of golf, there is something more to consider than the golfing equipment. One of these is the golf bag that will generally help you to bring some refreshments on or other of your golf essential needs. That’s why it is actually better to have a lightweight golf bag for the purpose of easy handling. But, in terms of golf bags with legs that usually stand-alone, what is the best stand up golf bag to have?

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You don’t actually need to be an expert in playing golf in order for you to realize that golf bags come with different designs and styles. Each of those golf-related products basically has its own features that make them stand out from the rest. And, that’s what are we going to find out in this article. So, if you are interested to know the best stand up golf bag available in the market, just keep on reading with us!

But, before that, let us first have some basic information in setting up a golf bag. Moreover, we will also try to differentiate the two common types of the golf bag.

Ways in Setting up a Golf Bag

There is actually no rule to be followed when it comes to setting up a golf bag. Yet, organizing the bag may give you the opportunity to be familiar with the positioning of the clubs. Doing so can generally save your time within the course.

Some golf bags entail certain space for different golf clubs that allow particular placement for them. You can basically place some taller clubs in front of the golf bag. This means that logical arrangement is still needed even without the ruling per se. So, here is the normal practice of setting up the golf bag.

1. Organize the front compartment

The front part of the golf bag is the side that’s typically far from the strap. In this design, it is better to begin placing all the woods along with the putter at the front compartment. It is also in the front compartment where the hybrid club also belongs.

2. Make up the second row

Next, move on to the second row and place there the mid-to long-range irons which typically start from 3 through 7. For a more organized manner, basically place the 3 iron on the inside panel of the bag, the side close to your body. The remaining clubs should then be placed to the outside portion. 

3. Moving on to the final compartment

The short wedges will generally be placed on the final compartment. These wedges include the pitching wedge, sand wedge, 8, and 9. In this compartment, the lob wedge is also included. The placement of the irons is similar to the placement of the long irons.

4. Placement of the accessories

The most important accessory that you need to carry within the golf bag is the towel. This accessory is commonly placed in the front panel of the golf bag where it is clipped. It will basically hang down on the bag once it is propped up on the stand.

Positioning the towel on this placement is highly accessible especially in need of cleaning the club after the shot. Aside from that, golf towels generally include a metal hole to clip it easily into the front bag.

5. Use the extra pockets

Other key items that are needed to be included in the golf bag are the balls and tees. In order to carry more items, golf bags consist of two extra pockets located at the lower back of the bag. Put the tees basically at the smaller pockets.

The placement of the pocket is generally on the higher part of the bag that gives accessibility because tees are more required than golf balls. Moreover, it is within the lower part of the larger bag where the golf balls should be placed as they require too much space.

The Difference between Cart Bag and the Best Stand up Golf Bag

Every time you shop for a new product, the most important thing to consider is to go after the one that basically complies with the golfer’s requirement. The purpose of keeping various clubs, balls and tees is the principle behind the creation of every golf bag style. Yet, the golf bag is usually categorized as an excellent cart bag or the best stand up golf bag.

Cart Golf Bag

If you want to have a bag that needs to be placed in a cart, it is usually the cart bag. Basically, the cart bag must be taken all around the course. The cart bag also contains a strap so that it can sling over the shoulder. However, the one thing that it cannot able to do is to let it stand on uneven surfaces.

Keep in mind that even an excellent cart bag is not able to stand directly on the fairway. But, it perfectly does over a smooth and flat surface. Once you opt to use a cart bag on the course, consider buying or renting a hand cart. Or, you can also attach it to the power cart. Yet, cart bag has more room and lots of compartments for the purpose of better organization.

  • Ability to push and pull the bag over the course through a cart
  • Do not need to carry the bag and its weight within your shoulder
  • Need to acquire a cart for transporting the bag
  • Incur additional cost
  • Difficult to pull over sloped terrains

Best Stand Up Golf Bag

The stand bag usually has a similar appearance with that of the cart bag. Yet, its biggest difference is the built-in legs that it has. The legs generally let the bag to be on an angle the time you have a shot. Like the cart golf bag, the stand bag can also fit inside a cart, but many golfers prefer to carry the stand bags when roaming around the golf course.

A strap or backpack harness is also present on the stand-up golf bag for easy handling. Comparing to the cart bag, this bag is basically smaller and more compact. Meaning, the room is limited for storing additional golf equipment.

  • Maybe a means of exercise around the golf course
  • Helps to burn fat and boost endurance because of its weight
  • Easy to set up on any type of environment even on slopes
  • Factor for having back and shoulder sore

What to Look for When Buying the Best Stand Up Golf Bag

Here are some of the factors that you need to consider before buying the best stand up golf bag:


Usually, for bags, more storage the better and this also applies true for the best stand up golf bag. In relation to this, the design of the storage is more focused on an ergonomic aspect of the pockets than the number of the pocket. Actually, a pocket tends to be useless if it is not highly accessible or seems to be useless.

The best stand up golf bag is considered to have a good pocket design which does not produce overlapping. Moreover, it should not also lower the functional space provided by the pocket on the adjacent side. The intelligent layout of the pockets allows them to act to its best function without restriction as it gives more spaces for the essential items you need to keep.

Bear in mind that water bottle pockets must be accessible enough and big as well to accommodate the amount of water that you need. Aside from that, a bigger insulated pocket is actually better. This applies true for those golfer snackers.


We’ve said that the more storage there is the better. But, in terms of the pockets, more is not always a better option. Actually, 14-way dividers handle everything to be put in place. Yet, this tends to be frustrating when it comes to the design of the best stand up golf bag most of the time.

For stand up golf bag, the 4 to 6-way dividers are actually more functional. Moreover, it is also important to remember that the divider consumes too much space, even gives weight, inside the bag. Additionally, if you increase the number of clubs inside the bag, snagging motion as you pull them out also increases as well. That’s why the best stand up golf bag with a well-designed top separates the club properly thus preventing snagging while having a better organization.


When we speak of carrying or handling the bag, comfort is another important thing to consider. A good thing to know is that improving comfort is available in the market as part of the product purchase. Yet, most importantly, the best stand up golf bag comes with shoulder straps and additional padding to support the lower back.


If you are a golfer that tends to roam around the golf course, you might likely consider the weight of the best stand up golf bag. Actually, you will not generally be affected by just a single pound. However, the added mass can highly contribute to the levels of fatigue throughout the course.

*Stability of the built-in leg

The best stand up golf bag includes essential parts such as the opening, frame, and the materials. Moreover, keep in mind that the main requirement of the stand is its sturdiness and durability the moment it is entirely packed with golfing tools. Properly standing in the right position, the best stand up golf bag easily opens up. Meanwhile, it also keeps closed as it is placed on your back.

5 of the Best Stand Up Golf Bag

OUR TOP PICK: Callaway Golf Stand Bag

Product Name: Callaway Golf Stand Bag

Product Description: Callaway is the name that you can actually count on in terms of the golf clubs. Now, it also proves its reputation on golf bags. That’s the reason why the Callaway Golf Stand Bag is the best stand up golf bag in town. It basically consists of dividers that come in full-length having a 5-way top. And due to its lightweight feature, carrying it with a complete set of a golf club is really convenient. It has a designated holder for the glove on the side and for the tee in front. This only shows practicality on the design of the best stand up golf bag. The sturdiness and responsiveness of the stand legs generally make give an excellent golf bag.

Availability: InStock

  • Sturdiness
  • Lightweight
  • Comfort
  • Value for money

Product Features

  • Include full-length dividers and easy-to-hold handle
  • Also, it has glove attachment, tee holder, and functional pocket
  • Professional-looking appearance


  • With 5-way top
  • Include extra pockets and handle


  • With cheap buckle


Sun Mountain 4.5 Generation Golf Stand Bag

best stand up golf bag

The Sun Mountain 4.5 Generation Golf Stand Bag is an easy to carry golf bag with separate dividers for golf clubs making it the best stand up golf bag. It generally includes Air Flow hip padding to give support at the lumbar area of the bag. Another of its great features is the E-Z Fit Double Strap technology that is padded and highly adjustable.

Carrying it is excellently comfortable because of its 3-layered foam construction. Moreover, the Sun Mountain 4.5 Generation Golf Stand Bag also entails friendly features of the cart bag. This generally includes the cart-friendly base foundation, leg-lock system, and cart strap buckle.


Because of the excellent features empowering the Sun Mountain 4.5 Generation Golf Stand Bag, this best stand up golf bag is actually a very versatile one.

  • With a sturdy leg-locking technology and cart-friendly base
  • Include a water-resistance pocket
  • Consist of the well-padded grip handle
  • Have rain hood
  • No warranty

Izzo Golf Stand Bag

best stand up golf bag

Most people believe that in terms of the bag, a super lightweight one does not give durability and good organization feature. With the Izzo Golf Stand Bag, this best stand up golf bag is generally an exception. Through its high-strength polyester material, this golf bag entails long-lasting durability.

It also has internal SmartGRIP handle which is also an excellent feature that this golf bag boasts for. Having full-length dividers, the Izzo Golf Stand Bag is actually a 4-way top bag. The storage of this best stand up golf bag is really not a problem because of the presence of various holders for glove and umbrella. It also includes a towel clip for the hanging of towel and rain hood is also present.  

Product Features

  • With integrated SmartGRIP handle
  • Made of 4200 Polyester fabric material
  • Provide better organization due to the 4-way top
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • High strength
  • Easy to lift
  • Customizable pocket
  • Not long-lasting

MacGregor Golf Stand Bag

best stand up golf bag

The MacGregor Golf Stand Bag basically entails features that you will not tend to see with the conventional golf bags. That’s the reason why it is the best stand up golf bag. The proof is the dual-automatic pop-out stands that usually extend while you set the golf bag. Additionally, it also has a split resistance feature.

A 6-way divider top is also a part of the MacGregor Golf Stand Bag. It also has 3 full-length dividers for the purpose of untangling of shafts. In terms of comfort, there is the adjustable double shoulder strap and a high-quality molded EVA padding on the hips.

Product Features

  • Automatic pop-out legs with slip resistance feature
  • Adjustable double shoulder strap
  • EVA hip padding
  • Include Velcro glove storage, umbrella holder, rain hood, golf towel clipper
  • High-quality golf bag
  • With multiple pockets available
  • Comfortable
  • None so far

Champkey Durable Golf Stand Bag

Champkey Durable Golf Stand Bag will end your search for a state-of-the-art stand up golf bag. A premium load capacity aluminum alloy generally made up the bracket of this golf bag. Aside from that, despite the additional pockets that it has, Champkey is truly a lightweight bag. So, storing the balls, tees, water bottle, and your other golf essentials is not a problem making this product one of the best stand up golf bag.

Other features to look for are its sturdy yet comfortable handle and the plastic and rubber bottom which is highly resistant to friction. Basically, the Champkey Durable Golf Stand Bag is a comfortable walking buddy.

Product Features

  • Contains aluminum alloy bracket
  • Packed with additional storage pockets
  • Made with the combination of rubber and plastic bottom
  • Friction-resistant
  • Excellent holding capacity
  • Metal clip breaks easily

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Although, it is said that stand up golf bag is somehow similar with the cart bag, converting one cannot be done. Basically, the stand bag includes some padding on the back thus preventing injury once gets in touch with the spine. On the other hand, the cart bag usually has pockets on the said location.


A: The standard number of dividers in a golf bag is about 14. Dividers usually act as a separating slot on every club inside the bag.


A: Golf bags that are big are those considered as golf tour bags. It generally weighs about 10 to 12 pounds. There is enough storage rooms inside this golf bag so that all the golfing essentials of the pro golfers may accommodate.

Final Thoughts

Roaming around the golf course during the game may be challenging especially when you need to bring all the golfing essentials with you. This is where the best stand up golf bag comes in. It basically assists the golfers to accommodate all the items of the golfers so that they can be easily carried by the golfers anywhere within the golf course.

However, buying this kind of golf-related product must consider some factors including the storage, dividers, weight, stability of the legs, and other features that come with it. Additionally, in terms of the golf bag, purchasing a premium quality one is a good choice of investing in golfing products for a long time. So, rather than choosing an affordable golf bag, it is actually ideal to invest your money on the one that keeps its durability for long years.