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Best Golf Ball To Reduce Slice: Our Top 3!

Slices are the most common issue for leisure and high-handicap golfers, but they can also be comfortably fixed with a little preparation and the right tools. Here we’re concentrating on the best golf balls to get rid of this highly undesirable problem. When playing golf, you make sure that you have the best club for each mission or shot, because even though slicing can be partially triggered by taking a swing too quickly or using an inaccurate configuration, the sort of golf ball you choose comes in as our purchasing guide can clarify. Let’s find out the best golf ball to reduce slice!

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Best Golf Ball To Reduce SliceProduct ImageExpert RatingGet It On Amazon
Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf BallCheck Price
Polara Xds 3-Piece Golf BallsCheck Price
Wilson Smart Core Golf BallCheck Price

Why Is It Important To Find The Right Golf Ball For You?

Playing the same golf ball per shot is the perfect way to increase the playing quality and lower scores. The best golf ball is the only weapon in your bag that you need on any shot, but many players are always able to play whatever golf ball they can find lying around. Golfers sometimes believe they’re not good enough to hit the same golf ball shot after shot. That’s the opposite of the fact. No one is smart enough not to do so. Consistent distances, soft feel, spin speeds, green control, and pitch angles all start with the right golf ball.

The Top 3 Best Golf Ball To Reduce Slice: Reviews

Our Top Pick!

Product Name: Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Ball

Product Description: The e6 Soft is a high-performance ball with a soft feel. It is designed to produce straight distance. The advanced mantle and cover work together to provide incredible approach and greenside performance.

  • Durability
  • Value For Money
  • Accuracy
  • Ease Of Use

Your golf game is split into two main sections. This will be a long game and a fast game. In the long game, slicing is more common. This is partly because more force is needed. There’s also a dip in the precision for more force. This is where the slicing starts to come into action.

You will be shocked to find no association between possessing a high swinging pace and cutting the ball more often. However, if you’re struggling with hand-to-eye coordination and have a high swing pace, there’s more likelihood you’re going to have this problem.

We invested a lot of time searching for just the right ball for those dealing with slicing. This has taken a lot of analysis to get hold of the balls offered as providing this feature. We put them through their paces until we got them. Having done this, we’re proud to say that we’ve got some fantastic balls for you.

1. Best Golf Ball To Reduce Slice: Bridgestone E6 Soft Golf Ball

best golf ball to reduce slice
  • Reasonably priced set of balls.
  • Delivers good distance off the tee.
  • It minimises slicing by making shots straighter.
  • Reasonably priced set of balls.
  • Delivers good distance off the tee.
  • It minimises slicing by making shots straighter.

Since 1935, Bridgestone has reliably produced high-quality golfing products. The E6 soft golf ball is built with precision and distance in mind. Seeing that we’re aiming for balls that reduce the slice, we’ve paid more attention to its precision aspect. This is delivered using lowering the spin that is produced when you hit a ball with a driver or a long iron.

The softcore of this ball is such that there is less immediate resistance to the ball’s impact. As a consequence, the motion of Stray is limited. Only what triggers you to cut the ball! The outer layer is protected by Delta Dimples for less air resistance and more power. This will help you boost your overall game with each shot. Your shots would usually be straight for long-distance hits.

The ball is more prone to both air motion and pop-ups. It’s flying straighter. When you’re on the grass, you’re going to have enough spin to get around the course at ease. The ball lands gently and stops easily. This is where your talent is going to matter more than ball assistance.

You will also use this set of balls as the game improves. Bridgestone has an unfair edge over most of the rivals. They have access to data and science from a wide part of their company. They’re still making tires.

This is where their technical developments in rubber come from. Most of the polymers produced in this aspect are then used in the internal center of the ball and the soft outer core.

There are 12 balls in each pack. They’re sold in two colors, white and yellow. The yellow ones are far more noticeable. If your slicing progresses, you will benefit from visually monitoring the flight and path of the ball.

2. Best Golf Ball To Reduce Slice: Polara Xds 3-Piece Golf Balls

best golf ball to reduce slice
  • Delivers better overall performance for most users.
  • Enhances the distance that you get off the tee.
  • The Self Correcting Technology means that you will slice the ball less.
  • Did not get as much distance as the advertising had led us to believe.

This one is being advertised as the perfect ball for those who want to improve their game without missing out on the enjoyment of playing golf. It’s a lot of pressure for someone to put on a ball.

According to the maker, it is designed to correct the slices and mishaps by up to 50%. This is courtesy of their appropriate self-correcting technology. It has an arrow that is used as a kind of compass. This is to be pointed in the direction that you want to take to get your shot going.

Any deviation from the direction shown by the arrow is minimized by up to 50%. Their target demographic is anyone that plays a fun game. They are by no way sold as professional golf balls. They do work well, though. There is a strong degree of stability that the player retains as he takes shots on the green.

They get a decent amount of boost while you push them, too. This is thanks to their increased aerodynamic lift. They’re going to fly high and add to the distance you’re going to get out of your target.

There’s a higher trajectory because you’re longer on your rides. The name XD stands for extra distance. That, we’re happy to hear they’re delivering. Every ball is just over one inch and a half in diameter. They’re 46 grams in weight.

The compression factor is 90. An ionomer is used as a shielding material. This is complemented by the 336 dimples that make up the surface. There are 12 balls in each box. They’re doing the job as balls for a bit of fun or casual play. However, if you’re trying to improve your game, try another ball.

3. Best Golf Ball To Reduce Slice: Wilson Smart Core Golf Ball

  • Delivers straighter shots off the tee, lowering slicing.
  • You will also get more distance on your shots.
  • Performs well on the green too.
  • Some golfers may find these to be too hard.

Wilson is the next pick. This ball is crafted to deliver both distance and direction. Their Smart-Core technology is built to be a direct reflection of the pace of swing of the player. This is done by minimizing the amount of spin produced when you hit a ball over a long distance.

Luckily, if you’re on the green, this phenomenon is easily turned on its back. On the green, you’re going to get more spin and power of your shots.

This is the same thing you’re going to find on chip shots as well. The ball has two centers. The outer cover of the ball is composed of an ionomer. It’s got 432 dimples. It’s got a compression score of 85. This composite is renowned for providing longevity, even when subjected to adverse conditions.

There are counter-responses on the tee and the green. The ball responds to the iron by zooming off the tee. It is the kindness of the inner heart. One of the green ones, the ball is smoother on touch.

It’s got a gentle feel to it as you put it. The beauty of this is that you will be able to play this ball as your game improves. Each box comes with a total of 24 balls. Eight sleeves of three balls each are just what you’re going to find. They were released in 2017 and had been going high since then. It can take a strong swing, too.

How To Pick The Best Golf Ball To Reduce Slice Within Your Budget

best golf ball to reduce slice

The best golf balls are also the most expensive ones. Budget-friendly choices are available, which offer a perfect alternative for players who always miss their golf ball or don’t want to think about costing too much. Cheaper golf balls will be a perfect way to play the same ball without running up your whole golfing budget before you get to the course. Although optimum output is reserved for top-level best golf balls, you will find a great ball for your swing pace at a great price.

What’s The Golf Ball Diameter?

The conforming golf balls must be no less than 1,68-inch (42,7 mm in diameter according to the golf course rules. Each golf ball must also be formed in a 360-degree uniform radius sphere.

How Much Do Golf Balls Weigh?

The official mass of the golf ball will not be more than 1,620 ounces or 45.93 grams. Heavier golf balls may provide a particular benefit in the wind, and thus the weight of the golf ball is closely controlled.

What Are The Dimples On The Golf Ball Do?

Dimples on a golf ball keep the ball from slipping out of the air easily or from being swept away by crosswinds. When a golf ball is produced without a dip, it flies straight, without a raise. Dimples generate a turbulent coating around the golf ball, allowing it to keep its flight through the air and do well. Observed examples equate a perfectly smooth ball struck with a driver moving roughly 130 yards with the same ball made up of dimples going up to 290 yards.

How Many Dimples Are At The Golf Ball?

The dimple pattern on the golf ball varies between the equipment manufacturers. Usually, the number of dimples per ball is between 350 and 450 dimples with extremities between 300 and 500. Dimple pattern size and number can influence efficiency, and engineers can exploit this to create golf balls that perform differently for different golfers. Each golf ball model has a different dimple pattern.

Best Golf Ball To Reduce Slice: What’s Golf Ball Compression?

best golf ball to reduce slice

When you drive a golf ball, the compression factor will determine how the ball responds. Compression is a measure of the golf ball’s deformation after being hit by a golf club with a different swing speed. Many manufactures report the compression of their golf balls on the packaging or online on specification sheets. Higher compression factors suggest a golf ball that deforms less as it is hit. Low compression ensures that slower swing players can get more rebound and better results from these balls. It’s important to note that during your golf rounds, the ball will encounter several different swinging rates, your driver and your wedges will vary greatly.

The Various Styles Of Balls Of Golf

Golf balls are available in a range of layer numbers and sizes. Single-layer golf balls up to five-layer constructions all offer golfers special performance and benefits. Below, we’ll walk you through several golf ball styles to help you select your subtype layer.

One Slice Of Golf Balls

One-piece golf balls are used mainly in driving ranges due to their toughness. One-piece golf balls are the cheapest golf balls available and are seldom used for professional golf rounds. A one-piece structure’s benefits include its low price, robust exterior cover, and unexpectedly soft feel. Range efficiency is always limited, which is why you can find yourself not hitting these golf balls as far as the range is concerned. These balls are built using a solid sheet of Surlyn enclosed in a sphere and coated with dips. Right golf balls for beginners and the art of hitting.

Two-piece Balls Of Golf

Two-piece golf balls will make an ideal alternative for golfers trying to hit the golf ball offline or trying to save money during their rounds. Weekend golfers or new golfers mostly use this type of ball. The two-piece golf ball blends longevity with optimum distance in a cost-saving model. These types of balls are made of a single rigid core of high-energy acrylate or resin and are covered by a durable, cut-proof blended cover of Surlyn. The cover of the two-piece golf ball combined with the sturdy center allows it more reach than any other ball form.

Three-piece Balls Of Golf

Three-piece golf balls will vary in terms of performance and price. Any tour-level golf balls are constructed from three layers. Many of these balls consist of solid rubber or liquid heart, a strengthened rubber or liquid-produced coating covering the core, and a molded cover made of rough Surlyn, urethane, or balata-like material. Three-piece golf balls provide greater control than one-or two-piece balls and give golfers a more premium feel. Usually, these balls produce more spin and allow more power near the greens.

The Four-piece Golf Balls

The top players in the game also use Four-piece golf balls like the ProV1x. Each of the four layers of each golf ball has its function. These layers work together to create a ball that incorporates distance and an extremely soft feel. The inner core consists of solid, strong rubber, an inner ring that is made to move the energy from the club strike to the hard and explosive core, the third layer of special materials that help to improve the driving distance while still creating mid-iron side spin and feel around the greens, and a fourth cover layer that gives the golf ball its quality sound and feel. One of the finest golf balls is a four-piece style ball.

Five Piece Golf Balls

Five-piece golf balls are a new design providing special benefits under varying playing conditions. By pressing another layer into golf ball makers, the output can be diversified even more during windy rounds and from different golf clubs. Like the three-and four-piece ball, the five-piece ball offers golfers extraordinary reach, side spin, and greenside spin control. While you can expect to hit the wallet when you buy this ball, you can also expect the absolute best results.

The five-pieces are compressed with three layers of the mantle, sandwiched between the high-speed rubber core and the soft urethane shield. These layers of the mantle are engineered to respond differently to various clubs and swing speeds in an attempt to achieve optimal efficiency in the golf bag and crafted to be the finest golf balls on the market for tour players golfers who want to act like professionals.

Final Words

Before you make your final choice, it’s important to consider each of the balls on its merit. Different items are used to stand out in a competitive market. Any of these make it more difficult to pick the right golf ball.

This is not a decision that can be hurried through. The price point for any of these would mean that you can afford to make at least one mistake. We dreamed of perfect golf balls that would minimize the number of slices and, in some cases, eliminate them. Making use of all of them would certainly provide the performance you’ve been waiting for.

We’ve developed a buyer’s guide for those who would like to make their own choices. This is built to ensure that you have the right kind of knowledge to drive your decision-making. Knowing the substance needed to make the perfect ball for a slice would go a long way. You’re going to be able to stop anyone that don’t have what you need in a ball.