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SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Swing Trainer Review

The SKLZ Gold Flex golf swing trainer has a fishing rod type flexible fiberglass shaft is 48 inches long with a heavy ball at the end. It works like a pendulum. Since the weights on the shaft allow you to swing it naturally in a rhythm that is hard to counter. 

By adding weights on the trainers shaft, it allows you to adjust your swings, thus forming new good habit. 

This  Gold Flex training aid is particularly useful for golfers with rhythm and tempo problems, allowing you to fine-tune your downswing to achieve the desired shot allowing you to  achieve your full potential. with an ideal swing 

SKZL Gold Flex Trainer

The Sklz Gold Flex Trainer is for all golfers left handed, right handed whatever size or shape, men, women and children.     

It works for anyone. However, as a general rule, beginners can benefit more from it than more advanced golfers. Using this swing trainer would definitely help with stability, continuity, and, eventually, keeping your swing in check by learning about proper weight transfer. 

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How Do You Use Sklz Gold Flex Trainer

Beginners should be using the classic style grip with this gold flex training aid as a starting point to direct them as they position their hands and fingers as a starting point to form the correct swing path. 

The Gold flex warm up can also help you protect yourself from injury when training the muscles essential to golf, as well as allowing you to warm muscles up that you will need during a game of golf  to prevent injury and muscle stiffness

Is SKLZ Gold Flex The Best Golf Swing Trainer

The SKLZ Gold Flex Trainer is the ultimate tool to help you perfect your swing. The weighted head makes this club easier to control and gives you a great warm-up that saves you time and energy. This model is made with durable polyurethane and a flexible fiberglass shaft, so you can concentrate on your swing and achieve perfect form.

The fundamental core muscles are the hip abductors, external obliques, and abductors of the lumbar spine . By swinging a weighted training aid, you will increase your core strength. This helps prevent injury and promote a more efficient golf swing.  In addition to building core strength, gold flex golf trainer will improve golf mobility and stability. This training aid helps you develop the muscle memory of a perfect golf swing. It quickly becomes a habit, not a practice, and is better than anything you could do by yourself.

Investing in high-quality golf products for beginners and intermediate players is a great idea. The 48″ length is perfect for those who are stronger or more advanced in their game, while the 40″ length will be ideal for beginners and intermediate players. The SKLZ Gold Flex Golf Trainers are made of durable materials that can withstand time, use, and accidental beatings.

 The weighted golf swing trainer encourages proper weight transfer and a full follow through. The SKLZ Gold Flex golf swing trainer is designed to improve swing tempo, strength, and flexibility. By making your golf hitting as comfortable and natural as possible, the exaggerated flex in the club shaft helps you extend your swing and maintain balance through impact.

Are SKLZ Golf Swing Trainers Worth It?

If you are a beginner golfer, then this training aid may be the best purchase you could ever make. Proper swing tempo will allow you to develop more distance, while encouraging less lag in your swing.

Highlighted Features
  • 10-20 swings every day will improve swing tempo, strength, and flexibility
  • Easy to use - simply “swing” the Gold Flex back and forth continually without stopping at impact position, as if swinging to a metronome
  • Fights slices and flattens the swing
  • Low-impact stretch for pre- round warm-up
  • Fits easily in golf bag – legal to carry on course