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Best Putters for Women

When it comes to putting, females golfers have the exact requirements as their male counterparts. Finding the best putters for women to ace your game is a blend of discovering your personal preferences and combining that to the technical needs and the clubhead style. Luckily over the past few years putter technology has improved vastly.

Used to roll the golf ball into the hole, a putter is an essential golf clubs you should own. It differs from other clubs due to the putter head being a flat, 3-4 degree loft, a low-profile face, and other features like positional guides, non-circular grips, and bent shafts. 

Best Ladies Putter

There are many different styles of putters, grip, and the shaft length is crucial to ensure that you get your best chance on the green. Golf putters for women are designed to give increased control on the course, more forgiveness, and enhanced putting strokes. Obviously price and design come into play when buying clubs just as much for women as they do for men.

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Types of Womens Club Head Style Putters

Blade Style Putters– One of the most identifiable putter types is the blade putter, preferred and used by pros and amateurs alike. Blade putters feature a toe-heavy style, making them the ideal choice for players who have vast arcing paths. Modern blade putters typically have an offset hosel and a cavity-back build.

Mallet Style Putters– this type of putter is great for those who need a little more help with the visuals while setting up their shots. Its name comes from the big putter head at the club shaft’s end and is quite unique compared to the other types. 

A mallet putter has weights on the heel and the toe of the club head, giving the same weight distribution throughout the clubface. Its weight helps in reducing wrist movement by promoting a pendulum-style stroke using the arms and shoulders.

Cavity Backed Style Putters– These types of putters are ideal for female golfers who seek a balance between the blade putters and mallet putters. Cavity-backed putters have a hollow-back design, giving uniform weight distribution across the putter face. If you want a putter that is not too straight or too arcing, this one should be the right choice for you.

Looking For The Best Womans Putter

Finding the ideal putter is challenging for women, much like looking for the perfect pair of female golf shoes. Are you a bad putter do you have a high handicap. Customizing womens golf clubs can be a great option as they can provide you with the best balance, weight, and other features for your golf game. However, they come at a price, which is why researching and finding out the design features of your perfect womens golf putter is vital before you start looking for one. But what are the factors you should be looking for while shopping for that perfect putter? Are you looking for a standard putter, a forgiving putter or are you checking out the premium putters for women.

Head balancing 

This is one of the first features you should see before buying a quality putter. You will require either a toe-hang putter or a face-balanced one depending on your stroke path. A face-balanced putter lets you keep a square putter face all through the stroke. In contrast, a toe balanced putter allows you to putt with an arc consistently. 

  • Weight and shape of the putter head

Once you have decided whether you require a toe-hang or a face-balanced putter, you need to consider the head weight and shape. Although this feature might depend on each golfer’s personal preference, the type of course and your playing standard will also determine it. 

Go for the mallet putter if you think you need a little assistance for consistent strokes. And if you are a more experienced player and can strike the spot without a miss, opt for the blade-style putter. 

  • Putter Shaft Length

The standard womens shaft length is 34 inches, but sometimes they don’t feel quite right. To know if your putter’s length is correct, stand in your putting position while holding the club. 

Extend your arms towards the ball and see whether you can swing comfortably. If it is too extended or too tight, you know that the shaft length isn’t right for you. 

  • Grip

When searching for putters on the market, you will find numerous grip styles on them. This factor is also much of a personal preference; however, there are some things you have to consider. 

If you go for a wider grip, it will reduce wrist swinging by setting your hands apart on the club. Also, when you use a heavy grip, it would give you the feeling of light head weight. On the other hand, holding a more lightweight grip will make it seem like you have a heavy head weight.

Our Choice Best Putter For Women

Highlighted Features
  • Item Package Dimension: 36.79L x 6.5W x 3.29H inches
  • Item Package Weight - 1.45 Pounds
  • Item Package Quantity - 1
  • Product Type - GOLF CLUB

Close Second

Highlighted Features
  • Loft: 3*
  • Lie: 70*
  • Offset: Double Bend Full Shaft Offset
  • Head weight: 360 Grams

Best Budget Putter For Women

Highlighted Features
  • TIMELESS TWO WAY GOLF PUTTER DESIGN:The THIODOON golf putter adopts 2-way cast iron putter designed, It Can Meet the practice needs of different groups of people, suitable for any golfer, whether you are right-handed, left-handed, advanced or beginner, using this two-way golf putters can play your best level.
  • ADJUSTABLE SHAFT FOR ALL AGES:This golf putter adopts an adjustable shaft design for easy placement and storage. You can adjust the shaft length to 21-37 inches (53-93cm) according to your needs. It is suitable for people of all ages, including children and teenagers and adults.
  • RUGGED AND DURABLE HIGH QUALITY MATERIAL:This golf putter adopts high-quality aluminum alloy custom shaft, which has higher hardness, corrosion resistance, solid feel and more durable. The scientific non-slip texture design of the rubber grip makes it more comfortable to hold. The silicone wrap design of the putter head provides more protection, This golf putter can withstand the daily training and practice of outdoor or indoor putting greens and the harsh tests of physical education classes.
  • EASY AND PORTABLE & PRACTICE GOLF ANYWHERE:This golf putter can be adjusted in length, It is light and portable (only weighs about 0.8LB), and can be easily put into a golf bag. You can use this golf putter to practice golf putting in the office, home, balcony, backyard, garage and outdoors to improve your golf skills, reduce work pressure or teach your children to practice putting, and enjoy family happy time in the backyard.
  • UNIQUE AND INTERESTING GIFT IDEAS: This golf putter is the perfect gift for Christmas, birthday, New Year and any other occasions. Suitable for all golfers, it is a good choice for children, teenagers, adults, male and female golfers to experience the fun of golf.

Should You Get A New Putter?

If your current putter seems to be giving problems, it could be just the putter that is not performing well and not the putting stroke. Having a good putter is crucial if you want to make a mark on the scoreboard no lady golfers wants to be dropping strokes. If you are unsure whether you need a new putter or not, here are two indicators that it’s time to change your putter.

  • Speed is inconsistent 

If you have difficulty hitting putts to the correct distances, striking the golf ball either or both long and short of the required length, the problem may be in the face material or the putter’s loft. An incorrect loft can make the ball bounce rather than roll by causing it to propel high up in the air. And if you have a putter with the wrong face material, the ball will strike the putter face differently every time, causing speed control issues.

  • Off-center shots

Besides problems in the face material and the loft, another cause of not being able to hit putts to the correct distance could be because you are hitting it off of its center, also known as the sweet spot. Being unable to strike the ball at consistent areas on the club’s face will let it go at different speeds every time. Look for putters with high MOI (moment of inertia) and get one with the correct head shape and size to maximize your chances of hitting the center.