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Best Golf Pants for Hot Weather – Our Top 5!

Among the other sports, golf is the one that does not require a specific uniform for golfers. However, if you engage yourself to be on the golf course, you should have to make sure that the pants you’re wearing are not only comfortable. But, it should also tell something about your decorum. And speaking of comfort, consider the season as well so; it is important to choose the best golf pants for hot weather.

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If you are looking for a golf pant that would make you feel comfortable on the golf course, we have here five of the best golf pants for hot weather. Actually, there is a wide range of golf pants available in the market. But, these golf pants recommendations are definitely worth buying. 

List of the Best Golf Pants for Hot Weather

OUR TOP PICK: Under Armour Men’s Golf Vented Pants

Product Name: Under Armour Men’s Golf Vented Pants

Product Description: The thing that makes the Under Armour Men’s Golf Vented Pants one of the best golf pants for hot weather is its mesh body fabric material that is highly breathable. Because of that, it provides extreme ventilation with ultimate durability. And because it comes from premium-quality material, once you sweat, the pants dry up quickly. Moreover, it offers excellent mobility and extreme comfort due to the presence of numbers of stretches that it has. Basically, its simple look makes it elegant to wear even at the office.

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  • Material
  • Comfort
  • Easy to wash


Easy airflow, quick sweat drying, and good stretch for more comfort are all these best golf pants for hot weather can give. Because of that, golfing could never be as comfortable and enjoyable as it can be.


Product Features

  • Made from 100% Polyester material
  • Machine washable
  • Engineered with stretchable waistband
  • With UA logo embroidery
  • Designed with flat front and 4-pockets


  • Stretch well
  • Highly comfortable
  • Well-vented
  • Versatile


  • Inaccurate sizing
  • A little bit costly


Adidas Ultimate Golf Pants

best golf pants for hot weather

If you are looking for the best golf pants for hot weather that extremely features mobility and great comfort, the Adidas Ultimate Golf Pants would never disappoint you. The printed gripper that it has generally come from silicone material. In terms of breathability, this one of the best golf pants for hot weather contains pockets made of micromesh fabric.

Generally, the waistband that it has is highly stretchable so that the golfers will experience wearing water-resistant golf pants. So, aside from being one of the best golf pants for hot weather, the Adidas Ultimate Golf Pants is also excellent to wear during golf events on rainy seasons. 

Product Features

  • Made from 88% Polyester and 12% Elastane material
  • Machine washable
  • Designed with moisture-wicking system fabrication
  • UPF 50+ protecting property
  • Lightweight
  • Breathable
  • Great fit
  • Highly comfortable
  • Too small inseams

NIKE Flex Golf Pants

best golf pants for hot weather

Generally, the style of NIKE Flex Golf Pants comes on a classical look with 5 pockets. Because of the comfort that it gives on and off the golf course, this becomes one of the best golf pants for hot weather. Moreover, the detail that it has come from a denim-inspired design and the waistband which is highly stretchable offers great golfing performance.

Aside from that, the NIKE Flex Golf Pants are good for leaner golfers. Your favorite color for the golf pants that you want could never be so hard to find as there are a variety of shades to choose from. The best color options range from navy blue, muted beige, and dark red. Good thing is that there is much more color to choose from. 

Product Features

  • Made from 51% Cotton, 45% Polyester, and 4% Spandex materials
  • Designed with 5-pocket that provides more room for storage
  • Include button closure
  • Secured fitting due to the presence of metal shank button closure
  • With the embossed name of the brand “NIKE” on the internal part of the waistband
  • Suitable for slim and tall golfers
  • Highly durable
  • With breathable fabric
  • May be tight for bigger golfers

PGA Tour Men’s Expandable Waist Golf Pants

best golf pants for hot weather

Wearing this PGA Tour Men’s Expandable Waist Golf Pants can let you experience a one of a kind game inside the golf course. The interwoven fabric that it has offers stretchable seams which result in performance-ready golf pants. Aside from that, the sun protection and moisture-wicking system that it features let to achieve a great golfing experience.

Moreover, this one of the best golf pants for hot weather features the classic golf pants fit and style. The flat front generally offers more rooms for the legs to move. And since it is very easy to dry up, washing it in a washing machine is highly convenient so it can be worn up easily.

Product Features

  • Made from 100% Polyester material
  • Machine washable
  • Designed with moisture-wicking system
  • Include button closure
  • With dry flux, motion flux, and sun flux that offer better moisture absorption and dry fitting,  innovative stretching, and sun protecting property
  • Better fit
  • Highly comfortable
  • Great looks
  • Low waist

Oakley 2.5 Men’s Golf Pants

It is generally surprising that Oakley offers golf pants in the sports industry. But, just like their well-known line of sunglasses, the Oakley 2.5 Men’s Golf Pants becomes the best golf pants for hot weather. Actually, it is not disappointing to wear this pant on the golf course due to its fabric material that comes from nylon. Due to that, the Oakley golf pants dry up easily and tend to be highly comfortable.

For added flexibility, this one of the best golf pants for hot weather also has Spandex as part of its material. Ventilation is not actually a problem while wearing the Oakley Golf Pants as the hems allow a smooth flow of breeze inside. This basically results in the maintenance of coolness and regulation of heat over the legs.

Product Features

  • Made from 94% Nylon, and 6% Spandex materials
  • Designed with side seam vents on the leg opening
  • Machine washable
  • With anti-bacterial action which reduces microorganisms that cause odor
  • Breathable material
  • Excellent stretch
  • Quick-drying fabric
  • The front “O” logo is somehow distracting

Things to Consider When Buying the Best Golf Pants for Hot Weather

Looking for the best golf pants for hot weather also entails some important factors to consider. Check below for the things that generally make the excellent golf pants especially during the summer season.


If you want to play golf, you need to be comfortable playing. And that comfort comes from wearing good fitting golf pants. In order to know if the golf pants that you want to buy are generally comfortable, it is advisable to try the pants and walk around. Taking a few swings while wearing the pants is also a big help to know if you can move your body properly.

Keep in mind that in terms of fitting, the best golf pants need to be flexible enough as it also provides a complete range of motion. In general, the regular fit and the slim fit are the most popular types of fitting.

Regular fit

Basically, the regular fit offers the traditional style of golf pants. Among the other type of fitting, this one is the most breathable most likely on the thigh parts. Moreover, the regular fit golf pants give a wider bottom cuffs. The straight and more professional looks are what this type of fitting offer. Larger golfers or those who have muscular legs generally need this golf pants fitting.

Slim fit

Generally, the difference between the slim fit from the regular fit is highly noticeable. This kind of fitting for golf pants usually has lesser space in the thigh area and the cuffs are narrower. Slim golfers come in perfect fit with this type of golf pants.


Actually, the best golf pants for hot weather give a more classical look if they have a waistband that includes belt loops. Aside from the looks, it also provides assurance that the golf pants stay around the waist.


In terms of color matching, golf is a sport that actually creates a great impression. When it comes to golf, the colored usually comes in bright tones. The best examples are neon colors or blue and red in bright shades. But, if the golfing shirts are already bright, the best golf pants for hot weather should be in more muted color. Doing this will generally give a more balanced golf attire pairing.


Basically, this factor comes in conjunction with the fit as this offer a major effect on the way the golfer feels while playing within the course. And, when you look at the market, you will find wide varieties of pants materials. Yet, for golfing pants, the most common materials being used are the following:

  • Cotton provides traditional look, easy to wash and dry, and a breathable material type; perfect to combine with other materials like spandex and polyester
  • Linen the best material to be used for the best golf pants for hot weather; with lightweight feature and can be combined with cotton
  • Woolvery rare type of golf pants material and also tends to be more costly, but if you are after a more classic appeal, this could be a great material choice
  • Polyesterthis is a very popular material for most sportswear because there is no restriction in the coverage of movements; aside from linen, this material is also a good choice of material for the best golf pants for hot weather because of its breathability
  • Microfiberthe material type that is easy to wash and dry; it generally comes from the combination of polyester and nylon material


Because of its elegant, professional, and classical look it doesn’t mean that golf is a sport of the rich. This means that a good pair of golf pants does not need to be expensive. In fact, there are well-known brands that offer high-quality golf pants for a reasonable price.

Frequently Asked Questions


A: Usually, attending golf events during the hot season, it is better to wear skirts for ladies that come in synthetic or light-hued design. That way, you can generally feel cooler. Moreover, for those who are a little bit conscious about creating a swing motion, a skort or a skirt and short combination is a good alternative.

But for men, golf shorts are recommendable. However, if golf pants are preferred, better to choose the one that features a moisture-wicking system.


A: During the hot days, fashion could never be out of the way. However, always remember that sun protection, especially from the UV rays, must be the number one priority. This should also apply true when playing golf under the sun.

So, aside from golf visor, clothing would be the primary protection of golfers against the sun. It is also important to bear in mind that it is much better if there are more parts of the skin is covered. This means that wearing golf pants has better covering property than shorts.


A: In order to stay cool in the golf course during the hot weather, you may consider doing the following:

  • Have a specialized towel with cooling property
  • Choose an early playing time like in the morning
  • Wear golf clothing or golf pants that are in light color
  • Consider to take an umbrella
  • Don’t forget to use sunscreen
  • Stay hydrated all the time

Final Thoughts

The best golf pants for hot weather will generally help you to have a great golfing experience. Having the right outfit on the golf course that is comfortable and breathable is a perfect choice. However, when buying, you need to consider several important factors that include fitting, waistband, color, material, price, and other features that may come with it.

What do you think of the golf pants we reviewed here? Please share your thoughts with us!