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How to Choose the Best Golf Grips For No Glove Plays 2024

The grip is a very important component of your club. It has to be comfortable and snugly to hold so you can swing with confidence. A no-slip grip is ideal for all conditions, especially if you’re not used to wearing gloves and if you sweat a lot. If you always have clammy hands, then you should look for the best golf grips for no glove use. This will keep you on top of your game even without the gloves.

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Type of golf club grips

There are many types of golf grips in the market that choosing is already a challenge. To help you choose the best golf grips for no glove use, here are the most common types and to whom it’s ideal.

-Leather grips

Leather grips are all-weather materials that are a favorite of many pro golfers. The leather material doesn’t wear out easily and it has a natural non-slip feature, especially if textured. It’s ideal for tournaments, even for golfers who don’t like wearing gloves.

As much as leather grips are durable and perfect for all weathers, it tends to be pricier. Nevertheless, it’s a great investment if you’re an avid player. However, you must avoid leather grips if you sweat a lot during the game.

-Rubber grips

Rubber grips are the most common nowadays. It’s cheaper and offers a decent amount of traction. It’s also unbeatable across all weathers, even wetter ones. Another great thing about rubber grips is it has excellent vibration absorbency from the clubhead.

Overall, rubber grips are ideal for casual golfers who play once or twice a week. As much as it’s great for all weathers, rubber grips tend to lose its tackiness despite its initial sticky feel.

-Synthetic grips

Synthetic grips are relatively softer than other grip materials. It’s made for golfers with small hands and those who sweat a lot during the game. Moreover, synthetic grips are made to withstand the rain and will maintain a good texture despite wet conditions.

However, if you have a tighter grip style than most, this grip isn’t the right one for you.

-Corded grips

Corded grips are wrapped in a textured cord that gives a better feel. It’s great if you have sweaty hands, but tends to be very rough. However, you can find modern cord grips that are made with better material that doesn’t chew the skin.

-Putter golf grips

Putter grips have a flat front where you will anchor your thumb. It tapers to the bottom from the thick top. This offers better control of the club, not to mention that it’s widely used in the PGA Tour.

Buying Guide for the Best Golf Grips For No Glove

If you’re looking for the best golf grips for no glove, you must consider the following points:

-Check the size

The size of the grip is probably the most important thing when choosing a grip. Usually, golf grips are available in four sizes: Undersize, Standard, Midsize, and Oversize. Some golfers can also customize their grips to suit their hands better.

Take note that a grip that doesn’t suit your hand size will affect your swing efficiency. On average, poorly fitted grips will result in four missed strokes on each round. This is due to the excess size of the grip that limits your shot distance and wrist movement.

-Get the right firmness

How stiff or soft the grip also matters. Firmer grips offer a mild pressure without compromising the stability of the club. This is widely used by pro golfers since it allows them to achieve the best distance.

Meanwhile, softer grips are advisable for players with slower swings and reduced hand strength. It keeps the golfer comfy, though it takes practice to master. The problem with softer grips is it tends to have lower stability and many golfers may over-grip the club.

-Check the surface texture

The texture of the grip will dictate how easy it is to hold, especially on wet conditions. The pattern on the grip gives it a tacky characteristic so you can grip it easily even without a glove on.

As much as coarse grips might be ideal, you should still consider which you find comfortable to use. Usually, you must look for a rough texture that’s not too abrasive for your hands.

-Consider the condition of your hand

The common problems among golfers are sweaty hands and arthritic fingers. For sweaty golfers, a modern corded grip might suit them well. Just make sure that the cord will not chew the skin through. Rubber grips are also great for sweaty palms.

For golfers with arthritis, lightweight grips are the way to go. Also, they should avoid oversized grips as it’s difficult to control with sore hands.

-Get the right grip for the weather condition

For rainy conditions, a cord grip is ideal, thanks to its tacky surface. If you’re not into cord grips, look for another type with a highly textured surface for added traction.

Smooth grips are no-nos when it’s raining or if you have sweaty hands. Polymer and plastic grips have no place in the golf course during wet conditions.


Your golf grip should withstand the wear and tear of your games. If you play regularly, you must invest in a durable grip that will not crack or chip easily.


Design is just a bonus as long as the grip has nice traction, the right firmness, and proper length for you. Nevertheless, a chic one will add more confidence on every swing.

-Value for money

The best golf grips for no glove should have the right balance of price and quality. You don’t have to spend a fortune on golf grips. Just find a durable one that offers the best value.

5 Best Golf Grips For No Glove


OUR TOP PICK: Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Golf Grip
best golf grips for no glove

Product Name: Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Golf Grip

Product Description: If you’re looking for an all-weather grip, we recommend the Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Golf Grip. This multi-compound grip is made of soft rubber with a simulation of four wraps of tape on the lower hand. It aims to promote lighter pressure and reduced tension. Still, it provides excellent power on every swing.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Firmness
  • Traction
  • Length
  • Performance


The MCC Plus4 has a larger lower hand for better speeds. It can also endure all weather conditions, thanks to the infused cotton fibers on the material. This also gives added stability on the grip. Overall, this grip gives better traction due to its microtexture engineering.

Currently, this grip is available in Standard to Jumbo sizes that range from 52 grams to 82 grams in weight.


✔️Soft rubber with excellent traction

✔️Microtexture engineering

✔️Infused cotton fibers for moisture-wicking


❌-Less tacky that the Winn Dritac reviewed below (still a nice grip!)


Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Golf Grip

best golf grips for no glove

If you’re looking for the best putter grip, we recommend the Super Stroke Slim 3.0. This is USGA-approved and bears the parallel technology of Super Stroke. It ensures even pressure on both hands while relaxing the forearms and wrists.

We also like its high-tech PU material paired with the Cross Traction technology for excellent tackiness. It has a 1.30” diameter and a length of 10.50”. Its round core is .580 and weighs 60 grams.

It has a textured surface and may feel a little large than most putter grips. Its non-tapered design will sit comfortably on your hands. This grip becomes tackier on hot conditions, making it an excellent putter grip on summer matches.

✔️Highly textured grip
✔️Very stable feel
✔️Reduced pressure on the forearms

❌The package doesn’t come with a grip tape (you can purchase it separately, though)

Winn Dritac Golf Grip

best golf grips for no glove

Another great option that gives Golf Pride a run for its money is the Winn Dritac Golf Grip. It has a wrap-style construction with a layer of WinnDry polymer to prevent slipping and for all-weather performance Aside from that, this grip has high shock absorbency, perfect for those with powerful swings.

The core of this Winn Dritac grip has a size of .600” and a total weight ranging from 28 grams to 50 grams. It’s currently available in Junior, Ladies, Standard, Midsized, and Oversize options.

This has comfort firmness and a moderate texture for the right feel. It has a tapered construction that can outperform other golf grips in the market.

✔️High shock absorbency
✔️All-weather performance
✔️Perfect for powerful swings

❌A little less durable than Golf Pride

Golf Pride MCC New Decade Golf Grip

If you’re looking for another Golf Pride option, we recommend the MCC New Decade Grip. This is made of pure rubber for all-weather performance and excellent firmness. It has a rounded design that tapers gradually to the bottom.

Another thing that we like about this MCC New Decade grip is the fusion of rubber and cord, ideal for non-glove use. This gives the grip excellent responsiveness and unbeatable comfort.

Overall, the MCC New Decade has better tackiness than the MCC Plus4. However, it’s less comfortable, though it still performs well on all games.

The MCC New Decade has great durability and it also does well on wet conditions. Just watch out for the lower part of the grip which has less texture.

✔️All-weather performance
✔️A fusion of rubber and cord
✔️Can endure wet conditions
❌Not as comfortable as MCC Plus4

Champkey Multi Compound Golf Grip Set

If you’re looking for a set of grips, you shouldn’t miss the Champkey Multi Compound Golf Grip Set. This set is composed of 13 brushed tech grips with cotton threads on the upper grip. It gives this set a nice texture and feel.

Champkey’s proprietary rubber material gives excellent feedback on every shot. It gives you confidence on every swing. Aside from that, this has an unbeatable texture control that has the right firmness and softness as one of the best golf grips for no glove.

Lastly, we really love the 100% money-back guarantee if you’re not happy with the grips.

✔️100% money-back guarantee
✔️Infused cotton threats on the upper part
✔️Excellent feedback
❌Don’t use the tape included, buy a different one

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are bigger golf grips better?

A: Larger golf grips are sometimes better since it absorbs the vibration really well. It also gives the golfer a nice feel on the club for better swings. Still, it’s not always a good choice for all players, especially those with smaller hands.

Q: Does grip pressure affect my golf swing?

A: Yes. Gripping your club too tightly will prevent you from achieving the highest head and swing speed. This will directly reduce your power and distance. Aside from poor performance, your arms will feel sore due to the unnecessary tension.

Q: What does a bigger putter grip do?

A: Some players prefer bigger grips on their putter as it gives a better pendulum effect. It also makes it easier for them to manipulate the club and to angle the face for excellent impact. However, larger and thicker grips aren’t always ideal, especially for players with small hands.

Q: What is the most popular putting grip style on the PGA Tour?

A: When it comes to grip styles, the reverse overlap grip is the most popular among PGA Tour players. It’s also the putting group taught by many golf instructors in and out of the PGA.

Q: What’s the difference between the standard and midsize golf grips?

A: Standard grips are the most common size you’ll find on grips in the market. It suits small to average-sized hands. Meanwhile, midsize grips are best for players with larger hands.

Final words

The best golf grips for no glove use help boost your performance on every swing. Just make sure that it has the right material, size, feel, and features for your swing strategy. Above, we reviewed five of the best options in the market that will give you excellent value for money.

What do you think of these golf grips? Let us know in the comment section!