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Best Golf Umbrella for Push Cart 2024 – 7 Editor’s Picks!

During rainy or sunny days, golf umbrellas come in handy. It shades the golfer and the caddy from the weather conditions. Unlike typical umbrellas, the best golf umbrella for push cart is larger and bears unique features. In this post, we will help you find the right model that fits in your cart and the one that provides the best protection for the price.

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G4Free Automatic Golf
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Team Golf NFL Golf Umbrella
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Procella Double
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RainStoppers Windproof
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Athletico Automatic Open
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Why Use Push Cart Umbrellas?

Golf umbrellas are intended to shield golfers from outdoor elements. With an umbrella, golfers can keep on playing even it’s raining or if the sun is scorching hot. By staying comfortable, golfers can read the green better and perform well.

It’s a staple on every golfer’s bag. Regardless if you’re planning to use it or not, it should always be on standby so you can pull it out whenever it rains.

How to choose the best golf umbrella for push cart

The best golf umbrella for push cart is helpful for regular matches. You should always find the right one that will last long. Consider the following points before purchasing one.

-Push Cart Umbrella Size and Weight

The first thing you have to check is the coverage of the umbrella. This is dependent on the size of the umbrella, which could range from 30 to 70 inches. Just remember that the bigger the umbrella gets, the heavier it becomes.

The rule of thumb for most golfers is an umbrella that’s 60 inches on its arc size. For your convenience, opt for a lightweight umbrella that has a decent size.

-High Quality Material

The fabric of the umbrella should be windproof and durable enough to resist tearing. Aside from that, you should also check the material of the umbrella’s shaft.

The most common is steel since it’s cheaper, lighter, and easy to find. You can also find fiberglass shafts. This is also light and durable. Usually, golf umbrellas with fiberglass shafts are pricier, but it has an unbeatable quality.

Meanwhile, wood shafts are classy, but it can be heavier than the two other options. Also, it may not endure repetitive exposure to wet conditions.


Always look for a golf umbrella with an ergonomic comfortable handle. Golfers play for long hours. The last thing you want to happen is feeling arm pain by holding an umbrella with a slippery grip.

Depending on your hand size, get an umbrella with a grip that rests properly on your palms. A textured rubber grip is a great choice.

-Wind resistance

Golf umbrellas should have a very low wind resistance since golf courses are often located in windy areas. Umbrellas with canopies and ventilation are ideal for windy situations as it allows the wind to pass through the umbrella. That way, the person who holds the umbrella won’t have to fight the wind.

Umbrellas that resist wind are prone to tearing and damages. Some would even fold and get peeled off.

-Closing speed

Your golf umbrella should be easy to open and close. Just imagine being caught in the middle of the rain while struggling to open your umbrella. This is the same reason why many golf umbrellas nowadays have a push-button mechanism that allows you to open and close the gear with just one hand.

-UV protection

Always opt for the highest UV protection available. High-quality golf umbrellas offer up to UPF 50+. This protects golfers from as much as 99% of all UV rays.

Aside from that, look for an umbrella with double coating, which will have an added repellent on harmful sun rays. 

-Color and design

The color and design of the umbrella is just a bonus part. But to get the most out of your purchase, you should look for the style that matches your taste. 

7 Options for Best Golf Umbrella for Push Cart


OUR TOP PICK: G4Free Automatic Golf Umbrella
best golf umbrella for push cart

Product Name: G4Free Automatic Golf Umbrella

Product Description: For those looking for the best golf umbrella for push cart, we recommend the G4Free Automatic Golf Umbrella. This has a 54/62 to 68-inch size with a canopy. It has a professional and business look that will suit every golfer, pro or not. This is large enough to fit four people underneath.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Windproofing
  • Material quality
  • Durability


It’s made of 210T pongee fabric that resists tearing and moisture. This is also rated with an SPF 50+ protection against the harmful UV rays. Most of all, this is virtually windproof with an automatic push-button opening.

This has a steel shaft that’s 37 inches long. Also, it has an EVA grip that makes it easy to use. This umbrella has a single-hand operation as well as a lightweight build for long-term use.


✔️Tear-proof and windproof material

✔️SPF 50+ UV protection

✔️Ergonomic EVA grip


❌The canopy material is less moisture-wicking


BAGAIL Canopy Vented Golf Umbrella

best golf umbrella for push cart

Another best golf umbrella for push cart we recommend is the BAGAIL Canopy Vented Golf Umbrella. It’s made of 190T pongee micro-weave fabric. This has a silky material that wicks water excellently. Aside from the large main umbrella, this has a canopy design that allows wind to pass through. It also dries fast so you won’t have a wet umbrella on your cart.

We also like the SPF 50+ UV ray protection rating. Unlike other golf umbrellas, this has fiberglass ribs and shaft that can endure the strongest winds without breaking. Also, the shaft will not conduct electricity, making it a safe choice on and off the course.

Like most modern golf umbrellas, this one has an automatic push-button control so you can open and close the umbrella in a snap.

✔️Lifetime replacement guarantee
✔️Fiberglass frame and shaft
✔️SPF 50+ protection
❌The handle is a little thin but manageable to use

Team Golf NFL Golf Umbrella with Protective Design

best golf umbrella for push cart

If you want to flaunt your favorite NFL team on the golf course, you should check out the TEAM GOLF NFL Umbrella. This is made of nylon fabric that wicks away moisture and provides decent UV ray protection.

This has a double canopy design with an easy-grip molded to suit all hands and golf carts. It’s great for hobbyists who want to take pride in their favorite team.

The TEAM GOLF umbrella is 39 inches long and 62 inches wide. It’s big enough for professional games. Overall, this works well in keeping you dry on strong rains and cool during humid days. 

We also like its double Velcro enclosures that keep the flaps in place while on the bag. It’s also sturdy and long-lasting considering its low price.

✔️Double Velcro enclosures
✔️Decent UV ray protection
✔️Very durable and lightweight
❌The fabric is a little thinner than most but works well anyway

Procella Double Canopy Golf Umbrella

best golf umbrella for push cart

If you’re opting for a simple option, we recommend the Procella Double Canopy Golf Umbrella. This one is made of 210T pongee fabric that can withstand extreme winds. Say goodbye to flimsy and thin umbrella once you purchase this one.

Its 62-inch span will keep you dry and cool regardless of the weather. It’s also 100% water repellent and designed to last long, not to mention its SPF 50+ protection.

The fiberglass frame and shaft of this umbrella makes it extremely durable. This has been tested to winds of up to 46 mph. Thanks to its canopy design, this umbrella won’t send you pulling and fighting against the winds.

We also like that it has an automatic opening and a safe closing that prevents your fingers from getting into the material.

✔️Made with a fiberglass frame
✔️SPF 50+
✔️Tested to winds up to 46 mph
❌A little difficult to handle for those with small hands

RainStoppers Windproof Golf Umbrella

If you’re just looking for an umbrella to shield you under the sun and during light rains, the RainStoppers umbrella might be a good choice. This is made of 190T nylon fabric with fiberglass ribs and shaft. Take note that it’s oversized at 68 inches and doesn’t have a canopy.

Although it’s not the best choice for windy conditions, it’s still unbeatable for its price. Also, unlike other golf umbrellas, this one has a manual opening and closing. What you’ll get is a non-slip foam rubber so you can grip this one easily.

Overall, this is durable enough and it won’t flip on stronger than normal winds. The bonus part here is the color options as well as the alternating color design.

✔️190T nylon fabric
✔️Non-slip foam rubber
✔️Made of fiberglass shaft and ribs
❌Not for very strong winds

ACEIken Windproof Golf Umbrella

For those who are looking for an affordable golf umbrella that lasts long, don’t hesitate to check the ACEIken Windproof Golf Umbrella. This has a 210T pongee fabric with fiberglass ribbing and tips. This is guaranteed to endure the strongest winds, thanks to its well-designed double canopy that resists water as well.

Overall, this has SPF50+ protection that blocks 99.9% UV rays. And since it has a microweave fabric, this isn’t susceptible to tearing. It also has a non-slip handle with a push-button opening mechanism.

What we love the most about this umbrella is the lifetime replacement guarantee. If anything goes wrong in your umbrella, you’re entitled to a free replacement. That’s quite a warranty for the very low price of this umbrella.

✔️Lifetime replacement guarantee
✔️Fiberglass ribbing and shaft
✔️Ergonomic EVA grip
❌A little heavy but quite normal for its size

Athletico Automatic Open Golf Umbrella

Last but not the least, we have the Athletico Automatic Gold Umbrella. This is also made of the durable 210T pongee fabric as well as fiberglass tips, ribs, and frames. We also like the superior stitching that makes it durable even on strong winds.

The double canopy of this umbrella makes this windproof without the need to pull the grip. It also has a silky smooth material that gives a professional look while you’re on the golf course. This umbrella dries quickly and keeps you cool and dry.

Most importantly, you’re entitled to a 100% money-back guarantee. That’s a great value for the price of this golf umbrella.

✔️Lifetime 100% money-back guarantee
✔️Double canopy design
✔️Rubberized grip
❌A little bit hard to close

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How big is a golf umbrella?

A: Golf umbrellas range anywhere from 60 to 65 inches in size with some as large as 70 inches, though it could be cumbersome and difficult to handle on the golf course.

Q: When should I use a push cart golf umbrella?

A: This is used for rain and sun protection. Still, it’s not easy to handle during windy days as these are oversized umbrellas offering maximum coverage for golfers and their equipment. Some pro golfers don’t usually use golf umbrellas, but still handy for extreme conditions.

Q: What’s the difference between a regular umbrella and a quality golf umbrella?

A: A regular umbrella is smaller than a golf umbrella. Also, it’s not durable enough to withstand windy conditions. Also, the ones used in golf are sturdier and made with specific wind-proofing features offering sufficient coverage for the golf clubs and other equipment. Quality umbrellas basically.

Q: What is the best color for a golf umbrella?

A: The color of your golf umbrella should be easy to see on the golf course. It could be white, red, and black. Many golfers prefer black golf umbrellas since it doesn’t reflect the sunlight, which could be blinding for other golfers.

Q: What is the largest golf umbrella available?

A: The largest available golf umbrella is around 68 to 70 inches. Going bigger than this will make the umbrella difficult to handle and can be very heavy.

Final words

The best golf umbrella for push cart will keep you cool and dry no matter what the weather is. Unlike typical umbrellas, the ones made for golf has a special construction to withstand strong winds on the course. Here, we have reviewed five of the best options in the market so you no longer have to sieve through hundreds of options.