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How To: Increasing Golf Swing Speed Exercises

It’s easy to look at golf and dismiss it as a sport that isn’t really that interesting. Many may think it’s simple and easy work that only really involves swinging a club at a ball. But the fact remains: golf is actually at the top of the list of the world’s most technically complicated sports. Indeed, this sport will require a lot of balance with your muscles. If your body isn’t balanced and you are not athletically fit, you’ll find that it’s very likely you will struggle to hit your shots properly. Indeed, you need to regularly do increasing golf swing speed exercises in order to improve your game. That’s because golf athletes need motor skills that are on point so that they can move harmoniously.

An athlete’s physical fitness and health directly correlate to the kind of swings they are able to make. In order to facilitate a swing that is the most efficient possible, it’s important to do exercises that can maximize range of motion. The truth is, with a lot of the newer golfers, there is a misconception that golf will be easy to learn. This is why so many people grow frustrated with the sport. Those who decide to push through because they realize that golf is challenging and fulfilling then learn one thing. They learn that they need to learn how to push past certain physical limitations in order to find their successes.

If you’re here because you want to see what you can do to help yourself get better at golf, welcome! In today’s article, we are going to talk about the different exercises you can do to help increase your range of motion. We’ll look at increasing golf swing speed exercises that you can do to improve your game.

Why is Swing Speed Important?

Increasing Golf Swing Speed Exercises

The general idea among many is that you must increase your swing speed in order to hit your golf ball harder – and of course, make it go faster and farther. This is an idea that is held by many golf novices and people who don’t know much about golf alike. It’s easy to immediately think this idea, because after all it’s generally what people tend to see on the television when pro games are shown. There’s absolutely no questioning the fact that at the professional level, power has become the name of the game. It all began when Tiger Woods rose to the top of the scene.

The name of the game these days is to hit the ball as far as humanly possible off of the tee, then keep it in play, while simultaneously being proficient enough with the wedge and the putter for converting birdies. But that doesn’t mean that that’s what every single golfer needs to do – and that’s certainly not what every day golfers need to learn either. Of course, learning different ways to hit your ball farther is great, but that doesn’t always automatically equate to swing speed.

Hitting Your Ball Farther

In our opinion, you can learn various ways of sending your ball farther away. For example, you can, of course, increase the swing speed. This first method is the one that is most frequently advocated. Go around, and you will immediately see people saying hey, if you want to hit your ball even farther, you should increase the speed of your swing! But there are other methods, too, which should not at all be discounted.

Example, your ball can go much farther if you hit it closer to its sweet spot. On any golf ball there is a specific spot that when hit, gives the best possible results. But this is something you will have to figure out. Another way for hitting your ball so it goes farther is to make sure that you are using the right golf equipment.

You see, there are other ways to increase the speed of your ball and directly increase the distance at which it travels. But that doesn’t at all mean that your swing speed is not necessary.

Why Should You Care About Swing Speed Then?

So if there are other ways in which you could send your ball farther, what’s the point of doing increasing golf swing speed exercises? Why is it necessary to improve your game by making your swing faster?

Well, because speed is still important if you want to have your ball go reasonably far. After all, you could be using the best possible equipment for the job. And you could be hitting the ball exactly at its sweet spot each and every single time. But if you’re trying to get airtime and a far travel with a slow and gentle swing, it simply isn’t going to happen. And so, increasing golf swing speed exercises are necessary to ensure you are able to strike a balance between the three factors laid out above.

What Affects Your Swing Speed?

There are many different factors that can affect the speed of your swing. For example, you’ll be limited by your range of motion. If you are not as flexible as you could possibly be, you will definitely be missing out on some of the angles and positions. Those are the very same angles and positions that would enable you to take advantage of momentum. The very same angles that would give your stroke the power it needs to make your swing faster, and your ball go further away.

And of course, if you aren’t physically fit enough, you will likely struggle to get the kind of power you need out of your body. Although golf isn’t nearly as rigorous as some of the other sports out there, it still does require you to be fit enough to manage your swings. And the fact is, you can work on it – by getting into a fitness regimen and taking more time to practice. But let’s be real here – recreational golfers won’t always have the time to spend doing this. And not everyone is willing to make the commitment to working out and getting fit just so they can improve their swings.

Fortunately, you don’t have to be extremely physically fit in order to speed up your swing. In fact, you can probably just do some specific drills and increasing golf swing speed exercises to help yourself out. That’s exactly why in today’s article, we are going to talk about some specific skills and drills that you can try in order to speed up your golf swing.

Where to Practice Your Swing

Before we do talk about practicing drills and increasing golf swing speed exercises, first we want to talk about where it is you can do your practicing. Well, for your swing specifically, we’re sure that you already know! We understand that you are likely already aware that you can practice your swing at the golf course, and at the practice range. Both places are great for actually rehearsing your swing, although we would probably recommend the practice range more than the actual golf course, as you won’t have to be concerned about your score at the range!

As we have mentioned, however, increasing the speed of your swings does not solely rely on your actual swing. Rather, you’ll also probably have to do certain drills and exercises. And these, you can do off of the course. You don’t even need to be at the practice range while you’re doing your increasing golf swing speed exercises.

Some of the exercises we will be talking about today can be done right from the comfort of your own home. If you so please, you can certainly also do them at the gym. You can also do some of these at the park, or wherever you feel like working out – it doesn’t matter, not really. What’s important, however, is that you do them regularly and consistently. Because that will be the only way that you will get consistent and reliable results.

Now, if you are ready to talk about the drills and exercises you can do to help improve your game, so are we. And so, here are…

Increasing Golf Swing Speed Exercises

Increasing Golf Swing Speed Exercises

For you to get better at golf swings, you need to do increasing golf swing speed exercises that will improve your range of motion. The fact is, a lot of golfers struggle with their physical limitations, at least with regards to their muscle balance. When this is the case, there becomes a lack of capability for the hips’ internal rotation. And, of course, another thing that happens is a lack of the shoulders’ external rotation. To help correct this, here are some physical exercises that you can do.

Pelvic Rotations

The first exercise that we recommend you do is the pelvic rotation. Sure, it may seem trivial and not really necessary, but the fact is that pelvic rotations are important. This is for the reason that they help in correcting both your external and your internal hip rotations. This is actually a problem for many out there, which is why this exercise is truly so helpful. Most noteworthy as well is the fact that doing this exercise can also help you to warm up for your golf session. Plus it will allow you to increase your balance, giving you a better time at the country club over all.

To perform this exercise, here is what you must do:

  • Stand only on one of your legs. Hold one of your golf clubs – or, alternatively, hold a broomstick. Hold it out in front of yourself, on the ground.
  • Stabilize yourself. Once you find your balance, slowly and carefully rotate your pelvis out in both directions as far as possible. Do it in a controlled but slow motion, around your leg which you are using to support yourself.
  • Perform about twenty to thirty rotations on one leg. Then, change to the other leg and repeat.

Windshield Wipers

The next exercise we’re recommending that you do is what is called the Windshield Wiper. This exercise will help you to correct your limited hip rotation. As a result, you’ll experience an improvement in your swing. After all, your internal hip rotation helps to drive your swing’s forward portion.

Note that this exercise shares a name with another exercise, but is not the same thing.

Here’s how you can perform the windshield wiper:

  • First, you must lie down on your back. Once this is done, bend your knees at about 90 degrees.
  • While your legs are up, clench both your fists and put them in between your knees.
  • Begin to separate your two feet as much or as far as you can, making sure not to allow your knees or your hands to separate and lose contact.
  • Perform three sets, each set having fifteen reps or repetitions.

Tube Walk/Anti-Rotation Band

Next up, we have one of the increasing golf swing speed exercises that is meant to help stabilize your core. With a stronger core, golfers will be able to improve their trunk rotation, which also immediately means a more powered swing. Sounds good, doesn’t it? To learn how to do this exercise, here are the steps:

  • Anchor a piece of tubing onto something. Hold the free handle with both hands, making sure to have your wall side hand (the hand closer to the wall) on top.
  • Hold your straightened arms out towards the front of your body. Do this at your chest height.
  • Make sure to keep your arms and your torso steady as you slowly walk out and away from the wall. Do this a foot at a time.
  • Continue to walk away from the wall until the band’s tension is too much and can’t be maintained anymore. Then, walk towards the wall, making sure to keep the same posture.
  • Repeat on both of your sides.

Shoulder Wall Slides

After the above, we now have what’s called the shoulder wall slides. These will help you to correct any mobility limitations and restrictions on your upper back and your shoulders. This is very important if you want to be able to perform a swing that is not just fluid, but also effortless.

Here’s what you need to do to perform this exercise properly:

  • Stand with your back against the wall. Your feet should be 6 inches to 12 inches away from said wall.
  • Without bending or arching the back, put the head, the shoulders, and the butt against the wall.
  • Place your elbows and forearms against the wall. If you are unable to, instead rotate them towards the wall, as far as you can go.
  • Slide the arms up and then down the wall. Do this in a slow but controlled motion.
  • As you move downwards, pinch the shoulder blades towards each other/together. The goal is to try and get as much range as you can, in both the directions.
  • Do 3 sets with 15 reps each.

Jackknife with Stability Ball

To further strengthen your core, your hip flexors, your shoulders, and your back, you can do jackknives. This exercise should be done with the assistance of a stability ball, just to make it more challenging! In fact, this exercise overall is one of the best you can do since it works pretty much all of the body parts you need to improve on. And so, this is arguably one of the best increasing golf swing speed exercises that you can do.

To do the stability ball jackknives, here’s what you need:

  • Get in the push up position. When in position, get a stability ball and put it under your ankles and feet. Your feet must be slightly apart.
  • Doing your best to maintain your core stability, begin pulling your knees inwards, towards your chest. As with the other exercises, do this carefully in a slow, controlled motion.
  • As you pull the ball into your chest, do your best to angle your knees outwards to the sides.
  • Do 3 sets, 15 reps each (both directions).

One Leg Squat w/ Rotation

The single-leg squat w/ rotation is one of our favorite increasing golf swing speed exercises. Truth be told, it really helps to quickly improve and get results! This exercise can be done with the help of a golf club. But, it can also be done with just body weight. If you really want to get even better results, you can use some additional weight. This way, you can have some resistance as you strive to improve both your balance and your stabilization.

Here’s what you need to learn to do this exercise safely and effectively:

  • Stand on one leg. Stabilize yourself, then begin to squat down. Squat as far as you can.
  • As you squat, rotate your upper body slowly towards the side of the leg you’re standing on.
  • This will require 3 sets, 10 reps each – on each side!

Sword Pulls

To help with your shoulders’ external rotation, you can do some sword pulls. These exercises help golfers to keep their golf club on the right plane when at the top of the backswing. Want to learn how to perform this exercise to speed up your swing? Here’s how you can do it:

  • Start yourself in golf posture. As you do this, hold a dumbbell in the right hand. Your left hand should be held behind your back.
  • Rotate your shoulder internally, so that your right hand’s thumb is pointing toward your left hip.
  • Extend the weight simultaneously away from your body as you externally rotate your shoulder, so that your thumb is now pointing behind you.
  • Do 3 sets, 15 reps each side.

Multi-Direction Step with Medicine Ball

Increasing Golf Swing Speed Exercises

We have included this exercise because it simulates golf swings. Doing this with an added weight will help to improve your rotational power and your strength. All in all, you’ll definitely be able to improve your swing with this.

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Hold a medicine ball out in front of you. Stand tall, w/ your feet together.
  • Begin the motion by first swinging your ball back and then immediately taking a step forward.
  • Make sure that your front foot is down. Your weight must transfer towards that side at the point that the ball finishes the backswing movement.
  • Swing arms downward, then throw your ball out towards your front.
  • Do this motion at the speed of your normal golf swing. Throw the ball out as hard and as far as you possibly can.
  • Do 3 sets, 10 reps each side!

Lawn Mower Pulls (Cable)

If you want to learn the ways to create torque going from ground up, do this exercise! It’s a way for you to do this properly, but you must remember not to allow yourself to shift your weight.

Here’s how you can perform it:

  • First, stand tall in your golf posture. Make sure to face the stack of weight.
  • With the right hand, grab the low cable’s handle.
  • Begin the motion. Do this with a hip rotation towards the right, and a push off the floor.
  • Follow this up immediately with a pull and a rotation of the arm and the upper body.
  • Do this exercise as quickly and as explosively as you can.
  • Do 3 sets of 10 reps, both sides.

Cable Wood Chops

The last exercise, of course, is the cable wood chop. Wood chops are an exercise that work out your body specifically to improve your swing – since it mimics the motion of your swing all in all. This will help you to build both mobility and strength in your back and shoulders, and in your core.

You can perform this exercise with a cable machine, or you can do this with free weights like a dumbbell. To do this, here’s what you perform:

  • Attach a cable handle, on the top setting of the cable machine.
  • With feet positioned shoulder-width apart, stand next to this machine.
  • Extend the arms upward and grab the cable handle, of course with both of your hands above 1 shoulder.
  • With fully extended arms, pull the handle downwards across the body, going to your body’s opposite side.
  • You must do this exercise as quickly and as explosively as you can.
  • Do 3 sets, 10 reps, each side.

Final Thoughts

As we mentioned previously, there are many ways in which you can increase your golf swing speed. And of course, the best way is to do what you can in order to strike the ball correctly, and to use the correct equipment. But of course, no matter what kind of equipment you have, and how well you position your hit on the ball, you will need to hit the ball with enough speed and power. If you’re struggling to be able to do this properly, then you can simply do the increasing golf swing speed exercises that we have mentioned here today. Do these regularly, and you should be able to improve your swing significantly. And it won’t even take too much time to do!

Just take your time to practice and do these exercises, and you’ll be able to improve your game continually. And with the right commitment, even with a little bit of working out and exercising you should be able to see results. Even if you don’t spend all your time exercising and working out. Happy golfing!