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5 Best Winter Golf Gloves in 2024 to Keep You on Top of the Game

Playing golf during winter? The cold weather shouldn’t stop you from having a nice game. So to ensure that your hands are toasty while making each swing, we reviewed here some of the best winter golf gloves that you can use. Unlike the typical golf gloves, these picks have a special thermo-regulating material that keeps your hands warm. That way, your hands will stay steady for the most critical shots on the green.

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Why golf gloves matter

Although golf gloves aren’t a requirement, many golfers wear one for good reasons. So if you’re wondering if you should also wear it for the next game, here are some of the things you need to know:

-Preventing blisters

If there’s one big purpose of wearing golf gloves, it would be protecting your hands from blisters. Gripping the club too stiffly and swinging with utmost power will chafe your skin. After several rounds, you will start to feel the sting.

As much as gloves alone don’t prevent injuries, it can reduce the risk of superficial injuries on your hands thus allowing you to have a comfortable grip.

-Better grip

During hot or cold weather, golf clubs give additional texture to your palms for a solid grip. Also, if you tend to have sweaty hands, absorbent golf gloves would help wick the moisture. If you’re someone who has a loose grip, wearing golf gloves will benefit you well.

-Added warmth

If you’re playing in cold weather, there’s a chance that your fingers will feel stiff and your hands can’t grip properly. This is why there are thermal golf gloves. It retains body heat into your hands while preventing the cold from seeping through your palms.

Types of golf gloves

There are five known types of golf gloves: leather, synthetic, thermal, all-weather, and mitt gloves. Each one of these apparel plays a specific role in your game. To know which one suits you, we took a quick look at each type below.

-Leather gloves

Leather golf gloves are a common sight in the golf course. It comes in a plain white color with perforated finger sleeves. It has a snug fit that feels like a second skin for golfers. Also, it resists moisture and can last for long. However, you shouldn’t get a larger leather glove as it will stretch over time.

Leather gloves offer moderate protection against the cold temperature during winter. However, since it has perforated surfaces, it is not wind resistant allowing cold air to get through your fingers.

-Synthetic gloves

Next, we have synthetic gloves. These are made of synthetic materials like nylon, polyester, and others. It has a stretchy feel as well, but more lightweight than leather gloves. And if you’re looking for durability, synthetic gloves are a champ.

Some could be equipped with insulation, but it’s not as warm as thermal gloves intended for winter use.

-Thermal gloves

On the other hand, thermal gloves save the day during a cold weather golf day. It has a warmer material ideal for colder months, that keeps your hands warm in the golf course. It has a thick material and often worn on both hands, unlike typical golf gloves that are only used on one hand.

Usually, thermal gloves are black to retain as much heat as possible and can come with a double layer high quality fleece.  Offering extra protection against the elements.

-All-weather golf gloves

Next, you can also consider all-weather gloves. It’s perfect for humid and wet conditions on which the grip of the player might be compromised. All-weather gloves have a water-resistant layer that will wick moisture for long periods. Still, it doesn’t provide ample warmth for wintery conditions.

-Golf mitts

Last but not the least are golf mitts. You can’t play with these gloves so it’s only used to keep your hands warm while waiting for your turn. Usually, a pair of winter gloves are worn under golf mitts. So once it’s your turn, you can remove the mitts right away.

What to look for the best winter golf gloves

Planning to purchase the best winter golf gloves? Before you do so, make sure that you have considered the following points:

-Winter Golf Glove Materials

Always check the material of the thermal gloves. Usually, synthetic leather is used together with neoprene insulation. This will vary per brand. Just make sure that the gloves have excellent insulation to keep your fingers warm.

Nevertheless, you can also find one with a fleece interior for added warmth. Some pair this with a water-resistant lining.

Just take note that fabric gloves don’t hold as much warmth as leather does. Still, it suits most chilly temperatures. Unlike a regular golf glove you are looking for windproof and water repellant gloves for the wet conditions you will most likely be playing through.

-Lowest temperature

The lowest temperature refers to the temperature level on which the cold will start penetrating your gloves. Most of the golf gloves we’ve perused hold up well at 40F. Anything colder than that could be a challenge. Thin gloves alone can’t deal with such temperatures.

-Proper fit

Getting the right glove sizing is crucial when purchasing golf gloves. A very tight one will restrict finger movements and affect your swing. On the other hand, very loose ones will cause your grip to slip, again, making an impact on your game.

High performance golf gloves should feel like a second skin to the wearer. That means a snug fit where you can still clench your fingers without feeling too tight.

Also, you should check how far the Velcro fastener goes. It shouldn’t overlap for more than 75% at the top of your hand. If the fastener does go beyond this fit, you may have a very large golf glove.

-Grip quality

Even with a warm and properly fitting glove, your game will be compromised if it doesn’t have an excellent grip. Check the material does it have a synthetic leather palm, a suede palm or even a grain leather palm. The last thing you want to happen is going glove-less in the middle of a 50F match.

-Touchscreen capabilities

If you want added convenience, you can look for actual golf gloves with a touchscreen-friendly design these are not your typical gloves but they are an option. However, you should know that to achieve the touchscreen abilities of the glove, a level of the traction has to be removed.

Nevertheless, you can always take chances on the ‘glove mode’ of your smartphone even if the pair you got isn’t touchscreen-friendly. Besides, one of the pet peeves of golfers is a guy who keeps checking on his phone while on the course.

-Wind-proof and water-resistant

For winter gloves, you need one that will not let the wind go through your skin. This is to prevent the wind chill effect while you’re concentrating on your swing.

Also, if it’s humid and a little rainy, you should look for the best winter golf gloves with a water-resistant layer. This way, your hands will remain dry during the game.

-Tear-proof construction

This is yet another feature that you should prioritize. If you have a powerful swing, you should look for a golf glove with a lightweight yet tear-resistant construction.

Some manufacturers use spandex inserts to add more stretch on the fingers to prevent tearing. Also, double stitching protects the material from unraveling the seams.

-Color and design

When it comes to the best winter golf gloves, the color and design aren’t usually paramount for golfers. For the color, we recommend sticking to darker ones as it retains heat.

As for the design, you can choose between a glove with a Velcro strap enclosure or a slip-on type. Slip-on gloves offer the best coverage and heat retention. Aside from that, it will stay snug on your hands all day long.

-Value for money

Is the quality of the glove worth it for its price? Take note that the cheap golf gloves option rarely perform well under wintery condition. On the other hand, expensive types don’t always mean excellent quality. You should always check the overall value of the glove before putting your money on it.

5 Best Winter Golf Gloves


OUR TOP PICK: FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves
best winter golf gloves

Product Name: FootJoy WinterSof Golf Gloves

Product Description: If you’re looking for the best winter golf gloves, we recommend the FootJoy WinterSof pair. It has a Cool-Weather Grip that resists moisture while giving a soft and comfy feel like a second skin. Also, it has a weather-shield cuff that extends the protection from cold temperatures up to your wrist. It’s also wind-proof and guaranteed to stay warm during the game.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Insulation
  • Comfort
  • Durability
  • Grip


What we love the most here is the weather-shield fleece at the back of the hand for added warmth during very cold days. Also, it has a tee holder at the side of the glove!

This is designed for avid golfers who don’t let the cold weather stop them from their games or practice. Also, this is sold in pairs, unlike other gloves that you have to purchase each hand individually. 


✔️Fleece lining at the back of the hand

✔️Wind-proof and water-resistant

✔️Extended up to the wrist


❌None so far


Mizuno ThermaGrip Golf Gloves

best winter golf gloves

If you want the classic Velcro design, you shouldn’t miss the Mizuno ThermaGrip Golf Gloves. It has a Pittards Cabretta leather palm, full-grain for the best traction and grip.

Aside from that, this pair of golf gloves is wind-proof with a flexible upper knitted fabric for added warmth. Also, we like the 3D pre-curved patterning, which gives a snug and comfy fit for every game.

Take note that this glove has enough insulation for mild temperature changes. If you think that the temperature will drop further, it’s best to consider FootJoy’s WinterSof.

This is also sold in pairs and comes in a combination of black and red colors. If you’re not using it for golfing, these gloves also make a great driving pair.

✔️3D pre-curved patterning
✔️Full-grain leather palm
✔️Wind-proof construction

❌Not as warmth as FootJoy’s

FINGER TEN Men’s Winter Golf Gloves

best winter golf gloves

Next, if you’re looking for warmth on a budget, the gloves from FINGER TEN can be your best bet. It’s made of a microfiber fleece lining, which is snow-proof, wind-proof, and moisture-resistant.

Also, this has a soft suede microfiber palm for the best grip even on the harshest conditions. Like the one from Mizuno, this has a 3D pattern for the utmost comfort of the wearer.

This glove shares the construction of the FootJoy pair, which extends up to the wrist.

Another thing that we like about this glove is it comes with a ball marker on the left glove. That’s a big plus that you can’t find on other pairs of gloves.

In addition, this pair has a 30-day return and replacement guarantee if there are damages to the product.

✔️Ball marker on the left hand
✔️Opti-Fit adjustable closure
✔️30-day warranty

❌No major cons so far

HJ Glove Winter Performance Golf Glove

For those who prefer the feel of leather, they should try the HJ Glove Winter Performance Pair. The palm is made of Cabretta leather with a terry wrist band. Take note that the leather palm is specially tanned for added insulation. Also, the top of the hand has a Thermofleece material that stays comfy for the whole match.

This also provides an excellent grip, with an adjustable Velcro enclosure. It’s also moisture-resistant, though not completely waterproof. It also has fine-stitching that will last long.

What we love the most about this glove is it works for Samsung smartphone touchscreen. However, we’re not sure if this is the case for other phones.

Overall, this glove will give your hand enough protection during moderately cold situations.

✔️Thermofleece layer
✔️Cabretta leather palm
✔️Touchscreen-friendly on some phones

❌A little tight but loosens up once broken in

Callaway Golf Thermal Grip Gloves

Lastly, we recommend the Callaway Golf Thermal Grip Gloves. The palm area is made of synthetic and digitized leather with a textured surface for an excellent grip. Also, it has an Opti Shield Microfiber sell that wicks water and keeps wind from getting into your skin.

Moreover, it bears the Opti Therm Thermal Fleece Lining to keep your fingers warm all the time. And to ensure that the glove will stay snug while you swing, it has the Opti Fit adjustable Velcro closure.

Overall, this pair from Callaway is thin, lightweight, yet durable. It gives the best feel, even for puttings.  If your hands tend to slip on the club, this one from Callaway might be the solution.

✔️Textured palm for better grip
✔️Thermal fleece lining
✔️Water-resistant and wind-proof

❌You may need to get a size up for the best fit

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why do some golf players take off their gloves when putting?

A: The reason for this is to get the most accurate feel of the club. This way, golfers can have better distance control. Take note that the layer of the gloves reduces a player’s feel of the equipment. This is the reason why some opt to take it off when putting, a move which requires utmost control.

Q: Will a one-size-fits-all glove suit me?

A: When it comes to golf gloves, you have to get one that suits your hand size properly. The one-size-fits-all idea isn’t ideal here. Wearing very tight or loose gloves will affect your grip on the club and your game. The last thing you want is an airborne golf club due to your slippery gloves.

Q: On what hand do you wear a golf glove?

A: On most occasions, golfers would only wear a golf glove on one hand. But for winter, they may wear a complete pair. For right-handed golfers, the glove should be worn on the left hand and vice versa. If you dread calluses and blisters, you can wear gloves on both hands.

Q: Should I always wear golf gloves?

A: Golf gloves aren’t really a requirement but a matter of choice among golfers. It depends on your preference. If you want to avoid shivery hands during winter, a pair of winter golf glove would be a big help. On other days, golf gloves are worn for protection against blisters.

Q: How long does a pair of golf glove last?

A: On average, golf gloves can last for up to 12 rounds. However, most average 8 rounds depending on how sturdy the material is. If the golf gloves aren’t well maintained and made of substandard material, it will only last half as long as other gloves.

Final words

The best winter golf gloves will keep your fingers and palms on top of the game. So even if the surrounding is chilly, you can still focus and perform the best swing. Also, you can use the glove for added traction on the grip and prevent blisters.

Do you have anything to add to our guide? What do you think of our picks? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below!