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Best 3 Wood 2024

Looking For The Best 3 Wood

Regardless of your game’s expertise, fairway woods are one of the most reliable clubs you can have. And the 3 wood is arguably the most widely used on the fairway and effective across all skill levels.

With the growing technology of golf clubs, there is a wide variety of designs you can get in fairway woods today. With this variation, it’s tough to choose the suitable wood for your playing style.

Today, we’ll take you through all that you need to know for getting the best 3 wood for your game. We’ll include what to avoid, what to look for, and some of the best 3 wood for golfers today.

Best 3 Wood
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Callaway Big Bertha...image Callaway Big Bertha B21 Fairway (Right, RCH 65gr Graphite, Regular, 3 Wood) , Silver Check Price On Amazon
Callaway Golf 2020...image Callaway Golf 2020 Mavrik Fairway Wood (Right Hand, Project X Evenflow Riptide 60G, Regular, 3 Wood) Check Price On Amazon
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Cleveland Golf Launcher...image Cleveland Golf Launcher HBTurbo Fairway Wood 3 R RH , Black , Large Check Price On Amazon
TaylorMade Golf M6...image TaylorMade Golf M6 Fairway, 3 Wood, Right Hand, Regular Flex Shaft: Fujikura Atmos Orange 6, Large Check Price On Amazon

Common Problems In Choosing A 3 Wood

Here are some challenges golfers usually face when picking a 3 wood.

· Most modern woods are available in single clubs, not to have to buy a whole set. But it’s hard to decide which 3 wood will go well with your existing set of clubs.

· The loft angles for the woods can vary depending on the make and model. Both the range and dimension can vary based on the manufacturer or the design.

· With the increasing use of ‘in-between’ clubs like the 2 and 4 woods, average golfers may end up getting the wrong woods for their swing.

The first thing to understand with 3 woods is that it’s ok to be a little confused. Both beginners and average golfers can face situations like this when buying equipment. Just make sure that you don’t dive into buying a club blindly.

With the correct information and guidance, you can get an optimum club for your swing and strength to gain the most significant distances with accuracy.

How To Choose The Best 3 Wood

Finding the suitable 3 wood can be a tricky exercise because of the sheer variety of models available today. But if you know what features to look for, you can overcome the confusion and narrow down your pick.

Here are some essential aspects to consider when you get a 3 wood

  • Your Swing Speed

Your swing speed is probably the single biggest factor to consider here. Generally speaking, if you have higher swing speeds, it usually means you’ll need less loft for your launch. So, if you can swing upwards of 100mph with a 3 wood, you can go for lower lofts. And if your swing is below 100mph, you’ll be better off with higher lofts.

Swing speeds can vary from golfer to golfer. So, having a launch monitor can really help here because it gives you correct estimates along with a host of other useful information.

  • The right shaft

The shaft has a more critical bearing in fairway woods than in any other club. So, pay attention to the kind of shaft you want in your 3 wood. Longer shafts usually deliver better distances and speeds. But they also compromise your control over the shot. So, if your control isn’t great to begin with, don’t go for the longest shaft in the store. Getting a shaft that fits you correctly is one of the first things you should look for.

  • Head Design

Many people don’t consider the head design carefully when picking a fairway wood. Your 3 wood’s clubhead is the part that has the most contact with the ball. So, it’s vital to get the right head-size and design. Heads with broader faces are better when you launch off the tee. But slightly shallow faces can work better in the fairway or the rough. So, think of where you might need it the most when picking your 3 wood.

  • Your Handicap

When choosing a 3 wood, you can also go for a loft degree that suits your handicap. Traditionally, a 3 wood mostly came with a 15-degree loft. Today, you can find anything between 14 – 18 degrees, depending on which brand you go for.

If you’re a high handicapper, it’s more advisable to go for loft degrees at the higher end. They’ll help you get more accurate and solid hits. As a low handicap player, you may perform better with a 3 wood of lower loft degree. This way, you’ll generate better ball speed because your swing and skill come into play.

  • Adjustable Lofts

Many fairway woods today come with adjustable features. They allow you to tweak your woods so that they compensate for any weaknesses in your shots. They’re not an all-in-one solution for poor playing. But they certainly give you an edge as you play and improve. Having an adjustable loft will allow you to have more control over the ball’s distance and trajectory.

On average, it’s good if you can adjust your loft to several degrees. Increasing your loft will give you better results on the fairway. On the flip side, lowering it can increase your launch off the tee.

Our Choice Of 3 Wood

3 Wood Misconceptions

The 3 wood is the most crucial club in most players’ sets. And it’s an essential wood to have in your fairway arsenal. Cut yourself some slack if you can’t get your shots right in the beginning. Even as a regular player, you can have bad days on the course. Many times, the problem is not with the club. It can merely be an issue of time and patience. Getting a complete hang of your 3 wood can take some practice. So, continue working on it, and you’ll see improvements in the long run.

Remember, don’t limit yourself to a fixed shaft size or loft degree. These are essential parameters to consider, but they’re not the ultimate factor. Having the right attitude in the game and a positive mindset overall can take you further than an expensive golf club.

The 3-woods mentioned here are the top picks based on input by experts, professionals, and manufacturers. But they can’t replace your skill or determination to improve. They’re here to aid your progress and add that extra edge over your previous clubs and woods. Keep checking back on this space to see updated information on the products, buying guides, and loopholes to avoid. 

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