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Bazooka Golf Clubs Review

Playing and watching golf is fascinating as it requires great mental power and skill to succeed at this sport Bazooka golf clubs can help you with the second part. Great golfers like Dustin Johnson and Rory Mcllroy make the game look effortless, but anyone who is accustomed to golf knows how tough it can be!

Golf clubs are the most crucial when it comes to playing the sport. No other game might need as many equipment varieties as golf does. It would be best to have a putter, driver, fairway woods, irons, and wedges. In addition to that, hybrid clubs are also available if you want the perfect mix of a wood club and an iron.

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Do You Need A Set Of Bazooka Golf Clubs?

You can use as many as fourteen clubs on the course, although that might not be necessary, especially if you are a beginner. Bazooka golf clubs are a great choice for both professionals and amateurs if you are looking for high-quality equipment. 

The following are the five types of golf clubs you need:


The longest club in your possession, a golf driver, is the club that has the largest head. It is used to hit the ball on the tee shot and send it to the farthest distance possible.

  • Fairway Wood

Representing the wood category of golf clubs besides the driver, the fairway wood is what you will be using on the fairway. It has a shorter shaft and a head smaller than the driver; however, it still has aspects of wood compared to irons. This club helps lift and get the putt out of the fairway and provides decent accuracy and distance.

  • Irons

You can use your irons in various circumstances to enable you to bring the ball to the green as they are quite versatile. A golfer’s bag constitutes mainly of this type of club, often numbering from three to nine. The main intention of using iron clubs is to strike the ball onto the course from where you can putt it. 

  • Wedges

With loftier clubface angle and shorter shafts than those of irons, wedges are used to hit the ball to the green from closer in. You can use a wedge club to strike a ball at a high trajectory, ideal for a suitable landing near the green and hopefully not very far from the hole. There are four types of golf wedges- pitching, gap, sand, and lob.

  • Putter

You will typically use a putter as a golfer to hit the ball and get it into the hole. This type of club has a flat clubface that helps make the ball go on a straight line. It used to be the shortest among all other clubs, but not anymore since the long putter’s origination and the belly putter.

Womens Bazooka Golf Club Set

Highlighted Features
  • New lightweight technology is progressive through every set, creating ideal club weights for each age group
  • All sets available in right and left hand.
  • Custom grip size tailored for each age group.

Our Choice Mens Bazooka Golf Club Set

Buying Bazooka Golf Clubs

Golf equipment has seen and undergone many improvements with technology. 

The wide range of golf clubs available on the market may overwhelm you if you don’t know what exactly to look for. And that is why here is a list of some of the essential factors you need to consider while purchasing golf clubs.

What to Look For when buying Bazooka Golf clubs are:

  • Length

The standard club length for women’s 5-inch club irons is 37 inches, while for men, it is 38 inches with a 43 inches driver. Unless you’re very short or tall, this standard length can be a good start.

  • Shaft flex

The speed of your swing determines the correct type of shaft flex for you. They come in categories such as ladies (highly flexible), regular, senior, stiff, and extra stiff. Sadly, there isn’t a standard when it comes to flexibility. But one thing you can remember as a beginning golfer is- the more shaft flexibility, the better.

  • Club weight

The shaft material (graphite or steel) will determine the overall club weight. You will be able to swing the club faster if you have a lighter one. Experienced golfers can go for either heavy or light clubs. But if you are starting as a golfer, graphite clubs will be the better option.

  • Grip

Your comfort while holding the golf club depends on the grip’s size and how it feels too. Women’s club grips come smaller, even if the rest of the club fits perfectly to size and lengthwise. You can try holding the club and test it before buying. And even if you are getting your equipment online, you can also build up the grip until you feel the size is right.

Now, consider these when purchasing woods:

  • When it comes to drivers, the size will matter. You will have better chances of hitting the sweet spot if you have a driver with a larger head. Even when you don’t hit the ball in the clubface’s center perfectly, it will still fly straight and far.
  • If you want to get the ball into the air easily, get a driver with more loft. 

Things to look for while buying irons:

  • Consider getting hybrids or woods with higher loft instead of long irons. Using longer irons that have less loft will make it less accurate and harder to hit.
  • If the iron’s weight transfers more to the club’s perimeter, forming a back cavity, you will get a club that is more forgiving and with a larger sweet spot.

Things to look for while buying hybrids:

  • A mixture of an iron and a wood, hybrids are great options if you want the best of both of them. Try and check as many kinds of hybrids as you can to see how far you can strike and which your favorite ones are.
  • If possible, use the hybrids on various grounds. It should perform without any issues on both rough and short grass.

Things to look for while buying putters:

  • This is the easiest club you can test if you are buying in the store. See how each putter feels as you try them out, as comfort and “feel” is what putting is about! Try the different types of putters, including blade, mallet, belly, short, and long.
  • If you are a beginner, you might feel more comfortable and get a better outcome with heel-toe putters. They are also more forgiving if you can’t hit the right in the center.

Why Choose Bazooka Golf Clubs?

The Bazooka golf clubs line of the Tour Edge brand is one of the most popular golf clubs among golfers worldwide. They carry excellent options for both beginners to middle and high handicappers. 

While giving you clubs with a lot of forgiveness, which is excellent for those who are just starting to play golf, the Bazooka clubs also look and feel traditional enough for experienced players.

Another great thing about this line of clubs is that they come at a reasonable price point, despite their superior quality.