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Between the trusty old driver and the versatile hybrid, fairway woods can very often get overlooked but when you’re on the course, you’ll still reach for your best 5 wood more often than not. For most golfers, the fairway woods remain a vital part of their set.

While fairways like the 3 wood can be slightly more difficult to master, the 5 wood can be handled more confidently. So there’s no wonder why the 5 wood is among the most widely used clubs among players.

However, using them at your convenience is one thing; buying a new one is an entirely different matter. With hybrids becoming more popular, golfers can often get confused about which clubs to get. The 5 wood remains an irreplaceable club on the fairways in any serious golfer’s arsenal. So, getting the right club fit for you is a crucial step in bringing your set together.

So, what’s the best 5 wood you can get today? Well, the answer, for a range of players, depends on a few different factors. But worry not! We’ll take you through the different aspects to consider as you choose the best 5 wood for your game. Once you get the hang of the factors, we’ll share with you our top picks for 5 woods that suit most styles and swings. As a bonus resource, we’ll also give you a brief guide on how to use it correctly. Let’s begin!

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What To Look For In A 5 Wood

It’s good to have a sense of what matters in these clubs. That way, you can go through the specs of a 5 wood and decide if it’s right for you. Here are some of the basic features to check out on a fairway wood.

·       Loft

Your 5 wood’s loft determines the launch trajectory of the ball and the distance it covers. With increased lofts, you’ll get a much higher trajectory, but the ball will not travel as far. Manufacturers generally describe the lofts in terms of degrees.

 So, for a 5 wood, the lofts can be anywhere from 18 – 22 degrees. Different brands often move between this range to suit players of varying skills and handicaps. So, choosing the right loft degree is vital as you look for any fairway wood.

·       Shafts

Traditionally, fairway woods usually came with wooden composition (Hence, the name). But over the decades, the shaft material has evolved to more cost-effective and performance-driven materials. Some woods can come with graphite shafts that are lighter. They allow you to swing faster. Others come with steel shafts for those who want more accuracy.

The shaft’s flex can also affect your swing and shot. If you’re a fast swinger, a stiff flex may suit you better. A regular flex can work well for those who swing well below 100mph.

·       Length

The wood’s length is a really important factor to consider when picking your 5-wood. The 5 wood usually stands around 41-42 inches, just shy of the longer 3 wood. But minute differences in length can affect how you swing. You can use a static measure to get a rough idea of the ideal length for you. This is when you use your posture and wood height to get an estimate of what works for you. However, if you have a launch monitor, the readings are much more accurate. So, you’ll get a much closer fit if you get a dynamic measurement with a monitor.

·       Adjustable woods

Today, adjustable woods and drivers are changing the way golfers work on their game. Woods with adjustable features give you more control over distance, loft, angle, and direction too. If you’re an average golfer, having an adjustable wood can give you that final push to the next level.

Modern adjustable features can come in the form of hosels or even weights that you can move around. You can correct the face and angle or even adjust the center of gravity for your wood. With enhancements like these, you understand your game better. More importantly, you can fine-tune your swing and shots for much better results.

·       Fairway Head Design

The head design for your 5 wood can also come in different varieties. Some newer technology variants include options like ‘Neutral,’ ‘Offset,’ or ‘Draw.’ These designs are meant to compensate for problems in holding and handling the club during your shot. However, for most golfers, the standard head design works just as well as long as you correct your posture and style.

How to use a 5 wood correctly?

Using the 5 wood skillfully can give you the edge over competitors in many situations. However, the correct execution is almost an art. Also, there is no single style that will fit every golfer out there. But here are some general steps to remember.

1.    Choosing your 5 wood

Golfers typically use the 5 wood to tackle shots that are less than 230 yards and maybe more than 180. But high handicappers may use it for the second shot on par 5s. Don’t force the 5 wood in a play where the 3 wood may perform better.

2.    Use a descending blow.

In most cases, the 5 wood works the best when played like an iron. It sounds counter-intuitive, but it works for most golfers. Don’t try to scoop the ball up for increased launch. Your 5 wood’s swing arc should be bottoming out at the point of impact.

3.    Position of the ball

To ensure accurate bottoming out of the swing, you need to have the golf ball in the right position. A good location is usually a few inches into your left foot and closer to the center of your stance.  This will prevent you from cutting a huge divot before you make contact with the ball.

4.    Correct Stance

The 5 wood should work well even with your standard stance. Stand with both your feet an equal distance apart (shoulder-width). If you’re right-handed, lower your right shoulder so that it’s below the left shoulder.

5.    Weight

The key is to distribute your weight evenly on both feet. The general tendency is to lean more on your right foot as you swing. But getting that 50-50 balance over both feet will give you the best results.

So, these are some general tips that should help you get the most out of your 5 wood. For refining your stance and swing if you don’t have a golf launch monitor, we recommend getting in touch with a professional who can show you the ropes. 

Best 5 Wood Our Choice

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  • Low-Resistance Tip fpr less friction
  • Plastic material lasts longer
  • Packaging may vary
  • 3/14" long
  • For drivers over 360cc
  • Special low-resistance tips
  • Reduced tee friction generates maximum distance
  • Assists in longer drives

 Some others are Ping G410, Titelist TS2, Titelist TS3, Cobra Speedzone, Callaway Mavrik