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Average Golf Handicap For Beginners

When you play golf, you enjoy counting your strokes and completing scorecards. Although you are not a professional, you like to compare yourself to these or up against the average golf handicap for beginners and see how you do.

Average Golf Handicap For Beginners

It is rare to see amateur golfers satisfied with his performance, especially if they compare it to golfers in the PGA. But the handicap system allows the beginner golfer to compete against a more proficient golfer on an even playing field in a handicap competition. Thus opening it up to a range of groups, junior golfers, scratch golfers, amateur golfers, the average golfer, the bogey golfer, the beginner golfer, the college golfer, senior golfers and obviously the professional golfer.  

There is a way to analyze your golf scores to compare yourself to the best or the average golf handicap for beginners, regardless of their skill level. This is the calculation of your golf handicap. In golf, your golf handicap is a rating given to each golfer based on their skills to be compared to normal.

To calculate your handicap in golf correctly and to have correct data, you must base yourself on the last 20 games you played. It is still possible to calculate your golf handicap with the last 10 or 5 games. On the other hand, the result obtained will be much less representative of reality.

To correctly calculate your handicap, you must also know the evaluations (rating) of each of the fields corresponding to your score. Of course, the terrain’s difficulty contributes to establishing the handicap, which is a measure of returning your score to normal.

The First Step In The Handicap System

Is the evaluation (rating) of your score for each of the courses you have played. Each country has an organization that evaluates the courses.

The second step is to subtract each rating from your scores for each round.

The third step is to multiply the result obtained by .95, which gives you the handicap for each round.

It is then a question of choosing the better half of the handicaps or the first ten or the last ten.

It only remains to calculate your average golf score from these results and you get your handicap in golf. Your handicap varies after each round of golf you play as your scores will differ hopefully improving over a period of time as your strokes per hole and the maximum number of shots to complete the round comes down. It must take into account the improvement or deterioration of your game.

Therefore, it is fascinating to have accurate handicapping by updating after each round of golf played Now that you know how to calculate it, it is up to you as an avid golfer to improve it. You can then set realistic goals and be satisfied with your next round of golf! But remember as a golfing beginner practice often and use a golf practice plan don’t just see how hard you can hit the golf ball from the tee. If you can form a practice routine you will then be able to see improvements to your golfing skills. Rather than jumping about from one shot to the next.

There are several free software options available on the Internet for calculating your golf handicap. You can also use a spreadsheet (example: Microsoft Excel) to calculate your handicap more easily.

Note that golf courses’ relative difficulty is determined by the governing body using the course and slope rating system. Course evaluation teams who have received special training assess the course’s difficulty by taking into account variables such as the length and the number of elements constituting obstacles (for example topography, bunkers, water obstacles, the height of long grass, etc.).