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What Is A Mulligan In Golf?

What golfer has not heard phrases like “Oh no, I don’t take that, a Mulligan!” “Or” It’s not part of the regulations, this is the case! “? A player who says he takes a mulligan in a place where several golfers will surely hear these kinds of comments. So what is a Mulligan in golf? Before explaining my point of view, let me first tell you about the famous Mulligan’s origin.

 Legend has it that a  Doctor Mulligan, a member of the Saint-Lambert Montreal Country Club golf club, played golf with his friends between visits. Unfortunately, this dear Doctor was always late. He was rushing to the tee, where his friends were waiting, without warming up, without having hit a single ball. Of course, that first ball was often disastrous, and his friends would often allow him to replay a ball. It was Doctor Mulligan’s ball. 

What Is A Mulligan In Golf

The golf term Mulligan is used in several instances, except for professionals and tournaments where it is against the rules of golf. If he is mentioned in a few places, we can safely say that he is not an unknown entity but a game dynamic that applies in specific scenarios. The pros don’t use Mulligans, nor do they use electric carts or gps scope rangefinders. 

Taking a Mulligan In Golf

For the average player won’t change his scorecard much, but he will have to do so under specific rules. Initially, it is essential to establish an understanding within the players. A common practice is that only one Mulligan is used as needed during the game, either at the first hole or any of the 18, depending on the players’ agreement. Of course, it is essential to have a consensus and that whoever does not take it does not take a hit at the end of the game! 

The most important thing is to understand that in non professional golf, if the player decides to take a Mulligan after a tee shot, being judged to be a mishit, the first ball is now out of the game. And must stick to the second ball, even if it is worse shot than the first. Politeness obliges; the one who decides to take advantage of his privilege will withdraw and play his new shot after all his partners have hit their tee shot. 

Whether or not to take a mulligan is a matter of choice, along with respecting other players. Everyone has to find what they want with their playing partners beforehand, and the most important thing is to respect etiquette and others, so Mulligan or not, it won’t change the aspect of the game much unless.