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Best Golf Clubs for High School Players

If your teenager has fallen in love with golf, you need to purchase the best golf clubs for their age. Check selections on the market for the best golf clubs for high school players. It is crucial to remember that the teen years are a period of transition. Even if your child believes he is old enough for professional adult clubs, he may not be. Your choice will depend on how hard your kid plays. Currently, there are a variety of clubs targeting transitional teen years.

These clubs are called by different names such as ladies, varsity and junior. These are lightweight versions of men’s clubs. Regardless of what you purchase, there are crucial features to look for in golf clubs for teenage players. Overall, the right choice will help your teen improve their game while being durable enough to last the teen years as they transition from junior player to pro.

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What to Look for When Checking out Golf Clubs

Best Golf Clubs for High School Players

Keep in mind that the teen years are a period where a lot of changes will occur. Transitioning from teen to adult means that the golf clubs that you purchase now maybe only transitional. Thus, it is crucial to select wisely.

Giving your child an old set of clubs or dusting off an old set from their grandparents may not be the perfect solution.

There are several things you need to consider when purchasing a set that will provide your Junior golf enthusiast the best opportunity to achieve those lofty goals.

Choose comfort over form

It is crucial that your teen feels comfortable handling the equipment. Ensure that the shaft has an ergonomic grip, adequate length, and flex, which suit their posture and height. It makes them comfortable in the game.

Consider everything included in the set

It would help if you considered where your teen stands in their golfing career. You may not need to load their bag with every club for pros.

These extra items will only add weight and drag and may not be necessary to cover every distance. Another thing to keep in mind is your teen will change rapidly in height, weight and strength. Purchase something necessary for the medium term and regularly add as your child increases in height and strength. Ensure that every piece you add to their bag will level up their enjoyment of the game and experience on the fairways.

Junior Golf Club Versus Men Golf Clubs: Which Is the Best Choice for My Teenage High School Golfer?

Best Golf Clubs for High School Players

The big question is, should you buy a Junior golf club or a men’s golf club? This is a decision that should be based on individual differences. Some people grow in height and strength quicker than others.

It might be a good option to buy them men’s golf clubs when it comes to male teenagers. Men’s golf clubs do not make much of a difference for teenage boys compared to Junior golf clubs. Teenagers need to develop their muscles, so a slightly heavier men’s golf club produces better results than junior clubs.

Every teenager wants to have fun on the golf course. They don’t want to be laughed at by their peers for using tiny small boy’s golf clubs. High school boys can be brutal with their teasing and mean.

If your teen is smaller and weaker than others in his age group, he can still manage the men’s golf clubs. He will need to grip the golf club up to 2 inches lower than at the top of the grip. As they develop, they can slowly choke down less until the clubs fit them perfectly.

In most cases, your teen will not outgrow men’s clubs. In contrast, Junior golf clubs will be outgrown in several years. It is especially true if your teen has a growth spurt down the road. Men’s golf clubs will never be outgrown.

Complete Set Versus Individual Clubs

If you are purchasing men’s or women’s golf clubs, your next consideration is whether to buy a complete set or individual clubs. Consider the needs of your teen.

Complete golf club sets are awesome for several reasons. First, they are convenient. You have everything you’ll ever need to play. After months of practicing with this set, your teen will be ready to try out for the school team.

Another bonus is sets are affordable. It is awesome for teenagers and high schoolers that don’t have money to burn. You also know that there will be no gaps in your equipment since the manufacturer has ensured that you have every club you will ever need. On the downside, sets can be low-quality and break at the hosel relatively quickly. You will need to replace or upgrade the pieces constantly.

The price eventually adds up when you factor in everything you need. You have to make sure that you do not have a large distance gap. It is crucial to select clubs to purchase cautiously. For example, if you have a 25° iron, you may require a 21° hybrid, so you don’t have a wide gap between irons. 

For a teen or high school golf amateurs, a complete set is highly recommended for several reasons:


Golf sets are more affordable. You are not sure your teen will like golfing after a year. It is better to spend a small amount and upgrade at a future time if necessary. You will regret spending a huge amount on golf clubs if your teen decides that it is not their game. 


Golf sets are more convenient. Choosing from numerous clubs can be daunting. You need to check if clubs have the right shaft and length. You must also purchase every piece you will ever need individually. In contrast, complete sets allow you to be assured that everything you require will be covered in one purchase. It is less stressful, which is a good thing.

Good performance

Best Golf Clubs for High School Players

Complete sets perform comparably well as premium golf clubs. If your teen is a golf amateur, playing with expensive golf clubs, provide little benefit. They still need to practice their movement and mental focus. Once you become better at the game, you can provide them with better equipment, giving added value.

Once your teen has outgrown their first complete set, it is recommended that you purchase individual clubs for the following reasons: 

If they maximize the use of their first set of clubs, they want to play golf for the long-term. Because of this, they will require equipment that performs better and is more durable and consistent.


Keep note that individual clubs have better value. If you purchase a set for $300 and use it for two years, you will only be able to sell it for $50. Of course, this is assuming you only broke one club. But if you buy individual clubs for $300 each and use them for several years, you can sell them at a sweet price of $150-$250. It isn’t such a bad deal.

Top 3 Best Golf Clubs for High School Players



Product Name: Precise Teenager Complete Golf Set

Product Description: This complete golf set can accommodate your teen golfer between the height of 5 feet to 5’8. Since this is a complete set, your enthusiastic teen can attempt all shots following Pro player moves he adores. Everything in this set has 100% graphite shafts. Irons utilize true temper steel shafts. The length of the standard shaft reaches up to 43 inches. Precise teenager complete golf is comprehensive, consisting of clubs that can enable your junior to get as close as possible to the pro golf experience. Construction is lightweight and accommodates your junior golfer’s swing speed. Aside from being lightweight, the clubs are super durable and forgiving. It is an awesome combination for someone who is just learning golf. Although the set is lightweight, there is enough weight in the irons to provide a solid feel. However, it is not too heavy to challenge the strength of teenagers. The standard putter has an ideal combination of markings to assist alignment on the course.


The precise teen package set is awesome for improving the game of a young golfer. It provides distance, forgiveness, and accuracy. This set is specially designed for teens to help with their game. It has every club they will need to get started.


  • Graphite shaft utilizing Steel Shafts on the Irons
  • Comes with a matching golf bag and headcovers
  • Carry your bag like a backpack


  • No negative reviews so far

Runners Up

Precise M5 Teenager Complete Set

Best Golf Clubs for High School Players

This set is aimed at golfers between ages 13 and 16. It can accommodate heights between 5 foot one and 5 feet six. The clubs utilize titanium inserts in the heads allowing teenage golfers to enhance their game via fantastic feedback and a greater feel.

The shafts are made from 100% graphite. True Temper steel shafts on the irons are standard to every club. Compared to the competition under this category, Precise M5 Teenager Complete Set has a more mature look and feel.

Golfers with advanced abilities will benefit as well from the sets. The contact’s feedback is high-quality and will allow rapid growth and improvement in your junior’s skill.

Precise M5 Teenager Complete Set is what every teenage golfer requires. It is a no-fuss set of golf clubs. Everything is ready for action and provide your teen with a full range of clubs yet keeps it simple enough to concentrate on the game and not too much on the technology.

Play at any skill level. Regardless if you are a beginner, an experienced player, or someone who enjoys golfing a few times a year, this Precise M5 Teenager Complete Set is the ideal choice. The oversized club heads are easy to use, and the offset allows beginner and intermediate golfers to get the ball in the air more effortlessly. It not only improves your game but also looks stylish. This Precise M5 Teenager Complete Set was crafted specifically for the swing of a teen. It is a deal golfing set for teens aged 13 to 16 with a height of 5’1 to 5’6.

  • Oversized clubheads are user-friendly.
  • Off-set allows getting the ball in the air easier.
  • Looks stylish
  • No negative reviews so far

TaylorMade P790 Irons


TaylorMade P790 Irons is the best set to purchase for those who are focused on game improvement. All levels use it in many tournament levels.

The body design is hollow. It improves forgiveness and allows for exceptional distance. It utilizes Thompson weights placed on the inner core of these irons. The patented technology improves the face’s trampoline effect for further distances.

Choose from color combinations of matte chrome or black finish. The black versions come with color-coded black shafts for easier identification.

These golf clubs produce a soft feel and enhanced responsiveness. The refined shape features a straighter topline, shallower face, and progressive offset. It is minimally designed with streamlined aesthetics. 

The tungsten is strategically placed on improving inertia. The super-thin internal leading-edge has cut through speed pocket for low face forgiveness. The hollow construction provides optimal weight placement.

The club’s irons have forged construction and state-of-the-art technology, allowing for an incredible feel and a clean and compact design. At the same time, the P790 irons deliver awesome distance numbers and impressive forgiveness. It allows for effortless high launch conditions. These irons are a popular option for a wide range of players at every ability level.

  • Forged construction and new technology
  • Offers incredible feel
  • Features clean, compact head designs
  • No negative reviews so far

Final Thoughts

Your teen will greatly benefit from playing the sport of golf. It helps them with their mental focus and ability to strategize. Golf requires patience and skill. If your teen is ready to make golf the game of their life, it is crucial to invest in the best equipment for them. For high school age players, the best option is complete golf club sets. You can switch them to pro equipment as their skill improves and their body develops.