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How to Hit Irons Correctly in 3 Easy Ways

In terms of golf, most people believed that getting off the tee box is one of the biggest drives to strike for. Yet, there is more than about the game that must be played between that, and that’s none other than hitting good shots within the irons. So, the question is how to hit irons correctly?

As we go along, we will share the different ways of hitting the irons correctly. These strategies will generally help you to take it correctly and successfully. Moreover, we also have here some advice from the pros on how they get a correct hit on the irons. If you’re ready, then let’s check them out below!

Ways on How to Hit Irons Correctly

To be able to execute the ways on how to hit irons correctly, here are some of the basic and easy ways that you must have to follow:

1. Hitting the irons correctly: Having the right grip

how to hit irons correctly

Check below for the step-by-step guide to make use of the right grip. This way you can able to do the proper way on how to hit irons correctly.

Use an appropriate sized golf clubs

Generally, a great swing highly depends on the right size of the iron. Aside from that, also consider that the length of the driver and the putter must be of different size with the irons. The following are the factors that can able to determine the right size of the clubs for you:

  • Height
  • Posture
  • Skill level
  • Swing style

In case you are just only renting or buying golf clubs, it is better to ask for some assistance in identifying the correct size of the clubs.

Hold the club using the dominant hand

The proper of holding the club is through gripping the golf club using the dominant hand in which the grip connects to the shaft and as the head of the club rest on the ground. Basically, grab the club through your fingers positioning below the shaft and your thumb lying within the top of the grip. Remember to grip the golf club firmly yet it should not be too hard. Moreover, do not lean or bend just to hold the club because doing so may make the club too short.

Lay the golf club over the palm of the non-dominant hand

Generally, put your left hand at the back of the right one. Afterwards, grab the golf club within the palm of the left hand. This applies true if you are a right-handed person. In case you are left-handed, just simply do the opposite way. But, keep in mind to lay the thumb of the non-dominant hand over the grip. Just make sure that it is relaxed and comfortable.

Lock the pinkie finger across the index finger

Basically, already having the position mentioned above, you can achieve a thumb of your dominant hand lay flatly over the golf club shaft. From here, interlock the pinkie finger of the dominant hand together with the index finger of the non-dominant hand. Eventually, allow the rest of your fingers to cover within the golf club to guarantee a tight grip. However, do not make a hard grip so that it will not give you a non-fluid and non-smooth swing.

Consider making a baseball grip as an option

In case you find it hard to do the standard golf grip or it is uncomfortable for you to do so, you can use a baseball grip. Basically, hold the golf club grip using the dominant hand. Afterwards, put the non-dominant hand at the back of the dominant hand and put your fingers around the grip. This will basically result on a baseball bat grip that is also highly suitable for kids and novice golfer.

2. How to hit irons correctly: Look for the correct stance

If you want to know how to hit irons correctly, then try to do the following steps below:

Stand on your feet apart

Usually, standing on your feet that is a shoulder-width apart will provide a good base and let the body shift the weight within the backswing and on the follow-through. Keep in mind that you cannot get off the target if you have a too narrow stance. On the other hand, the too-wide stance will result in a more difficult way of having a good rotation. In order to confirm this position is stable enough, shift your weight around and rock your body back and forth.

Lay the club head on the ground close to the ball

Generally, let the club be on a comfortable position off the ground as you are placing the club into a comfortable grip. This will usually help you to find an accurate position. Remember that setting the grip without knowing the space from the ground will not give you the right position for the shot. Aside from that, if you will already rest the club head near the ball without the grip, it may have the tendency to tap the ball and cost a stroke.

Slightly bend the knees

Actually, slightly bending off the knees is one of the best steps on how to hit irons correctly as it may help to determine the stance. If you will do this position, you will also achieve a better distribution of weight, good rotation, and comfort as you swing. Keep in mind that staying in comfort is very important as you make a swing.

Moreover, it is important to remember to avoid squatting too far and do not attempt to see that the knees are aligned with the feet. A poor shot is always a result of a rigid posture. Always remember that if you want to properly execute the ways on how to hit irons correctly.

Balance the weight between the heels and balls of the feet

The next step for you to follow the ways on how to hit irons correctly is to distribute your body weight evenly. Do this by generally putting the weight on both feet without letting the weight shift back. Usually, the weight should be put on an even distribution between the toes and heels.

Moreover, effective rotation of the upper body means having the ability to rotate within the balls of the feet. Checking the weight distribution is generally done by wiggling the toes. If ever you are not able to raise your toes, it means that your weight is too far in front. But, the inability to raise the front foot basically means that weight is far at the back from your heels.

Slightly bend forward through the hips

As you bend a little bit forward through the hips, also maintain your back in a straight position. Always keep in mind that the spine is an important part of the body to be used while playing golf because it is where the arm and the club will rotate. Generally, the proper positioning lies on a straight back vertical axis having a similar angle on the head and neck.

Aside from that, the chin must be up and a little bit far from the chest. This position is important to achieve as part of the ways on how to hit irons correctly as it prevents any rounding within the upper back. Additionally, it is also very important that the shoulder is relaxed and not hunched.

Keep in mind that every bit of bend at the back will reduce the ability of the shoulders to rotate. That’s why it is very much important to keep the back straight. Also, ensure that bending at the waist and lower back is prevented. Swing rotation can generally make an injury if there is no proper alignment.

Slightly line up the ball in front

Within the centerline of the chest in front of you is the correct position to line up the ball. This step will also let you know how to hit irons correctly. Moreover, ball alignment with your stance is also an important factor to have a good shot.

Basically, put the golf ball having one ball apart from the chest centerline towards the non-dominant arm. Having this position can give you a better catch within the downswing. A good trick is lining up the ball within the logo of your shirt especially if you’re right-handed.

Ensure the right position of the feet and shoulders by using a golf club

Another easy way on how to hit the irons correctly and to see where your goal is by checking the right feet and shoulder position through a golf club. Basically, get into a stance and put the golf club within the tips of toes. If the club pointed at a direction where the ball will go, then you are having in the right position. But, if the club does not achieve that direction, it is better to adjust the stance.

Once you already place the club on the ground, the next best thing you can do is to step back and see the direction where it points to. You could also consider to lay down a club lining within the stance and then aim for a shot.

3. Way to hit irons correctly: Swing the club

Another way on how to hit irons correctly is to swing the club. In order to have a proper swing, then check and follow the steps here:

Position the center of the clubface beneath the ball

The club connecting to the ball is also another important thing to consider when you want to execute the way on how to hit iron correctly. Once you already knew a good grip and the right position at the back of the ball, place the wide center of the clubface at the back of the golf ball. However, in doing this, just ensure that your position is comfortable and relaxing. Also, keep in mind not to get in touch with the ball prior to swinging the club.

Take the club back while keeping straight the front arm

Basically, golf requires good strategies in conjunction with great strength. How to hit irons correctly cannot be achieved if the clean stroke is not utilized. It is actually better to get the golf club within the backswing lower and slowly.

Having that in mind, do not ever try to demolish the ball. And always remember that the front arm is at all times straight. Yet, staying relaxed is the key to have the fluidity on your swing.

Hinge the golf club using the wrists

Actually, if you will properly do the way on how to hit irons correctly you will let the club to get into your head. Moreover, explore the functions of your wrists and use it to incorporate an extra range of motion into the swing. Also, let your wrists to flex while keeping the arm in front in a straight position.

Generally, doing so will allow the clubs to travel at a great distance behind. Aside from that, it also provides more torque and momentum of the swing. Modify the swing the time you notice restricted movements over the wrists or if the hinge on the wrists hurt.

Rotate the hips together with the torso

If you want to achieve a good way on how to hit irons correctly, then let the golf club to swing further. Basically, rotate your hips and the torso together so that the swing would be powerful enough to hit the irons correctly. Aside from that, you need to execute the full strength of your body.

As the weight spreads out over the balls of the feet, rotate the hips and shoulders in its original position. This will usually intensify the backswing of the golf club. Afterwards, move in a smooth action to have the fluidity on the swing.

Swing the golf club as your body rotates

When you create a backswing, remember that you do not need to stay longer at the top. Once you reach the entire extension and rotation swing the golf club downwards from the top of the backswing. While you do this, let your eyes to focus on the ball. Strengthen your front arm as you create a contact with the ball.

how to hit irons correctly
Continue swinging

The way on how to hit irons correctly does not end on hitting the ball by the clubface. Continue swinging all throughout until the golf club positioned over the front shoulder. Keep in mind that a consistent swing will let the clubface stay on a similar plane. Moreover, avoid slicing the ball on the right or hooking at the left position.

Have a small divot from the grass

Generally, a correct swing executes an iron continuously moving on a downward motion after striking the ball. Aside from that, proper swing will also dig a little bit over the grass. However, the ball must initially strike first by the golf club. Eventually, just a little scrape on the continuous swing is an indication of a good way on how to hit irons correctly.

How to Hit Irons Correctly – Words from the Pros

Here are some of the best teachings from the experiences of professional golfer regarding the techniques on how to hit irons correctly.

Hit slightly low and slowly” – Geoff Ogilvy

Basically, this golf professional suggests hitting the longer irons with great power. Doing this will generally crucial to getting the club back easily within the backswing. Keep in mind that longer irons need additional sweeping action.

Also, consider taking the hit back low and slow on the initial few feet. Moreover, having a toe up on a halfway behind, keep the club shaft pointing down on the target line.

Be aware of the posture always” – Annika Sorenstam

how to hit irons correctly

According to Annika Sorenstam, a helpful way on how to hit irons correctly is to always be conscious with the posture. As you go all throughout your swing, it is generally better to stay in good posture. For her, keeping the right arm straight forward is good to go with the swing.

Additionally, this position is a big help in making the shoulder to turn. Another thing is to start from the bottom by pushing the right foot. The weight on the left side is also helpful in turning the hips to produce room for arm swinging. Generally, this is highly useful for right-handed golfers.

Engage your whole body to move” – Sean Foley

Sean Foley also suggests that you should get the distance and contact of the irons by letting the body to move behind the ball and eventually finish the swing. Foley also said to use a little tilt on the shoulders to address the ball. This will also allow your spine to angle far from the target. Another thing to keep in mind is to position the left shoulder higher than the right part.

Moreover, take out the left foot quite a little. Doing this position will create an extreme rotation of the body as you do the shot. However, it is better to shift the hips to the target with a few inches prior to the hips rotation within the downswing.

Make a divot” – Tiger Woods

The most important part on how to hit irons correctly is to make a divot based from another golf legend, Tiger Woods. He also recommends shallowing out the backswing or swinging some bit more around in order to make a small divot and to strike the ball a little bit better. Another helpful tip is to turn your top hand knuckles to the ground.

Allow the ball to get up itself” – Butch Harmon

Actually, taking the ball up in the air is one of the common mistakes that golfers usually commit. But, Butch Harmon says that this will only end up on a short, disappearing shot. Just keep everything in action towards the front via an impact such as the weight, hand and arms combination, and the grip end of the golf club.

Have enough clubs” – Tim Clark

Most golfers do not have enough clubs with them to address the distance. This is another mistake that most golfers do, based on Tim Clark. So, the best thing to do in order to achieve a way on how to hit irons correctly is to have an additional club on hand and take a little powerless swing with a shorter finish.

Generally, a three-turn of quarter swing let you stay in control. That actually depends not only on your body but also on the ball as well.

Final Thoughts

How to hit irons correctly generally involves various methods of executing it successfully. If you take it seriously, you will be successful in hitting it the right way. Moreover, you could also consider following the footsteps of the professional golfers. Their experiences on hitting the irons are actually a big help to take into account. And, aside from strength and power, bring with you perseverance, patience, and self-discipline to have a great and successful swing.