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Fix My Slice off the Tee – Ultimate Guide 2020

In general, almost ninety per cent of golfers finds it a challenge to face a slice during the game. Some of them may not grip very well, others create a thin swing within the ball, or they do not know the techniques on giving a hand to have a good release. These are generally the contributing factors to end up having weak shots. In order to address this, we need to know hitting the shots, but one of my concerns is how to fix my slice off the tee.

In this article, I will show you several helpful ways on how to fix my slice off the tee. These steps will generally work effectively every time you play the game of golf. So, if you want to consistently play the game, let’s check them out below!

Ways to Fix My Slice off the Tee Quickly

Basically, wanting to fix my slice off the tee requires figuring out what is my major flaw and create a plan for practising the techniques in reverse of that flaw. Actually, giving too much focus on the fix makes me really feel the change. And, generally, slicers attempting to fix my slice off the tee actually want to have a quick fix out of the blue.

Below is a simple yet quick way to fix my slice off the tee. With just about five minutes, you’ll definitely find the right path within the course.

Get a suitable driver

Generally, evaluating and checking on your golfing equipment is the primary thing that is needed to create the very first practice swing. Most of the slicers use a driver that has little loft as it usually responds to the weak flight of the golf ball. Having a suitable driver will basically elevate the loft and transfer the weight into the heel of the clubhead.

Release the hands by setting it

Once I make two grip errors, it almost produces an unchangeable slice. Basically, numbers of golfers have a weak grip with thumbs pointing down the handle. In order to fix my slice off the tee, I make it sure that my grip is stronger. This will make the hands turned farther from the target and the palms paralleled.

Fix my slice off the tee

Here are three way drills to fix my slice off the tee:

1. Make a backward loop

Basically, the first step that I do to fix my slice off the tee is to create a backward loop. In order to do that, you need to take a normal stance and establish it just in front of the golf ball. Afterwards, create a circle through your hands slowly. Do it while swinging the golf club going to the target. Continue doing this step over the head and downward within the ball.

fix my slice off the tee
2. Add some turn

The next thing to do to fix my slice off the tee is to add turns within the drill. Basically, lift up the clubhead behind the golf ball until the hands are placed in front. Eventually, turn the shoulders at the back and check on the weight of the clubhead. Finally, swing over the ball.

3. Release

The drill on how to fix my slice off the tee also involves the alteration from practice swing into a real swing. With this, you need to lift the golf clubs about two-thirds of the backswing position using the left arm gearing towards the front of your chest. Afterwards, do a full turn of the backswing. This will finally let you to hit an actual shot.

Simple Steps to Fix My Slice off the Tee

Generally, a slice produces losing distance, accuracy and the temper of the golfer. But, the problem is most golfers always asked themselves this question – how to fix my slice off the tee? Actually, regardless of the chipping or drills on putting that you make, doesn’t hit the fairway let you feel that playing golf is a tough game.

A swing from an outside-in pattern is the most popular cause of a slice. Meaning, the golf club is outside the ball line via the initial portion of the downswing. You basically need to create a contact with the ball by swinging the golf club from the outside to the inside line of the ball.

If this is something interesting for you, then you might be wondering how professional golfers successfully do it. Luckily, there are simple ways that are of big help when I fix my slice off the tee. And, that’s what I want to share to you. Assuming that you are right-handed, the following steps really work as I fix my slice off the tee. Basically, just reciprocate the directions of similar steps in case you are not.   

* Do not goal for the left

Generally, the slice occurs once one off the tee crush and it flies downwards the center of the fairway. Eventually, it begins to fade on the direction on the right. Mostly, golfers respond on this slice over their drivers by aiming left.

On a lighter note, it makes sense if you are confident enough that the ball will freely move either left or right, then go for left. Yet, the problem worsens when the golfer continuously commits the same error to maintain the ball in play. In general, this is actually a bad habit of playing golf.

So, the solution in order for me to fix my slice off the tee is to goal straight. Make a play in which you think you will be having a good shot even the best shots fade a bit. Yet, you can aim left if you prefer to hit fades. But, if you opt for this, just ensure that it is actually gearing on the left portion of the fairway and not into the rough.

On the contrary, if the shots go dead straight continue going that way even if there is a little fade, just play. This will allow you not to encourage bad habits.

* Properly position the golf ball

Another highly noticeable problem that may cause a slice is when the golfers have the ball too far gearing the target. This will generally result in an unchangeable swing on the outside- pattern. Basically, this will happen the time the golfer will be reaching for the ball and do not have the ability to release the club properly.

fix my slice off the tee

I address this by moving the ball further back the stance. This is actually one of the simplest solutions how I fix my slice off the tee. Additionally, this one can also create an immediate impact. Once you slide the ball a little bit back from the target, you will notice a more natural swing.

Moreover, you will able to know where within the stance you will position the ball. In case you hit a driver through the golf club that usually produces a damaging slice, then the ball should be a bit inside the left heel.

* Don’t forget the divots

Basically, one way to check your swing path once you hit the iron shot coming from the fairway is checking your divot. Remember that the position of the divot is pointing to the left side of the target which is reflective of the right to the left portion of the golf club.

Actually, this is not a tip that is too much related on how to fix my slice off the tee. But taking note of the divots provides some of the essential information about the reasons behind hitting a slice. Another important thing is the severity of the swing on an outside-in pattern.

Generally, you can also use the divots as an indication of performance especially when you move towards consistent crushing shots going down the center. As you move along, the divot will start to gear closer to the target. This is a great indication that your swing habit is already improving.

* Set your grip

fix my slice off the tee

As I fix my slice off the tee, I actually do this step right before the swing. In order to have more control over the golf shots, you need to have a proper golf grip. There are lots of slicers find out that the left hand is too far below the club at the setup point. This unchangeably opens up the clubface contributing to have a slice.

The solution for this is to rotate the left hand on a clockwise position until such time you notice three knuckles. Moreover, a firmer grip will allow you to maintain the clubface in the appropriate position within the point of impact as it contributes to fixing the slice.

* Always tucked in the elbow while doing the backswing

One way in order for me to fix my slice off the tee is to fix the backswing. You can basically do this by focusing on the right elbow. For chronic slicer, they will usually notice that their right elbow flares out away from their body as they do the backswing. This will allow the golf club to go away from you.

Aside from that, this action will let you pull back within the ideal swing pattern as you go downswing. It will also impart a left to right spin on the ball as there is too much steep downswing. The ending, it will let the ball higher than what you expected it resulting in losing control and distance.

To solve this, just basically keep the right elbow near your body while doing the backswing. Yet, this will make you uncomfortable at first, but it will generally urge you to maintain the golf club on a better swing pattern as the backswing goes through. Moreover, this will allow you to have a straight swing within the ball line of the downswing and follow-through.

The Towel Drill: Basically, hold a towel positioned between the right elbow and the body during the swing. This position will urge you to maintain your elbow in an inside position all throughout the swing.

* Distribute the weight

Actually, distributing the weight while doing the swing is very simple, but surprisingly, many players do it incorrectly. Basically, during the backswing, the weight must move to the back foot. Eventually, it will return in the front foot once the downswing starts and hit the ball.

Most novice golfers usually commit a mistake in transferring their weight to the back foot during the backswing. Mostly, they leave it there until the downswing and follow-through. Generally, when you leave the weight on the back foot, there will be an opportunity for the clubface to open and swing on the outer part of the line ball.

For me, the perfect way to fix my slice off the tee is to know the proper way of distributing my weight during the swing. It would be a big help if you put something to the front foot while touching the left thigh during the setup, for example, a golf bag. Your thigh will basically move away from the bag a little bit as you do a backswing. This is a good indication of weight transfer.

* Release the club before the impact

Releasing the club or rotating the forearms by the impact with the ball is the final step on how I fix my slice off the tee. It is actually unnoticeable, but during the swing, the right arm including the wrist and hand will rotate into the left. But, many slicers do not do it until they notice that it’s too late.

Generally, a proper release is the most crucial step to fix my slice off the tee. In order to practice the release the club in an enjoyable way, just simply take a club on a wide-open area. Mimic the normal swing and let go of the club once you already feel that your right hand through the forearm rotate over the left.  

Most likely, this will result in releasing the club up in the air or to the left, even on the left shoulder. The cause of this is usually the late release of the club. Remember, you need to throw the club within the target’s direction as you also keep the actual golf swing.

Final Thoughts

The way how I fix my slice off the tee generally involves different methods. There is actually a quick and easy way to fix it. With just a few minutes, you can already fix those devastating slice. Somehow, there is also a basic way to address it. Involving only several steps, the slice will generally resolve.

However, doing the above-mentioned steps also need your temper in practising and executing it in the actual game. Aside from the golfing skills required within the play, you importantly need to have patience and self-discipline in doing so. Following all of the steps correctly will basically help you to land on a successful shot fixing off those slices.