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7 Best Putters for Women High Handicappers (Buying Guide For 2021)

A woman can chip and putt just like any guy. With the best putters for women high handicappers, nothing is stopping a lady golfer from winning the match. Everyone is equal in the short game, but the choice of equipment will surely make a big difference. With this, we’ve scouted 40+ putters in the market and came up with these 7 picks that will surely level up the game for every woman:

As with other clubs, there are many things to consider when buying a putter. Below, I also discussed a quick guide to help the ladies pick the right putter for their game.

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TaylorMade Spider FCG
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S7K Standing
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Callaway Odyssey White Hot
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Pinemeadow Women’s
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Ray Cook Billy Baroo
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Women’s putter vs. male putter

While women can use just about any putter they like, manufacturers often have different designs for their male and female golf clubs. The following are some of the key differences between the two:

  • Length. A women’s putter is relatively shorter than those marketed for men. However, this isn’t absolute as some women can be taller, making male putters suitable for them. On average, a woman’s putter is 33 inches long or even shorter.
  • Sweet spot. Women’s putters tend to have a larger sweet spot with a bigger mallet-style head. This gives women players a crisper and more solid putt, especially on long shots.
  • Weight. Many women’s putters are made lighter than those of men. This is due to the varying muscle strengths between the genders. Manufacturers adjust based on average swing power observed on both men and women.
  • Grip. Many women’s putters have a more slender grip since manufacturers assume that the player will have smaller hands than males. However, women experiencing difficulties in hooked ball control are better off using thicker grips.

The differences between a women’s putter and a men’s putter are minor. Still, these variations serve a big purpose.

If you’re looking for the best putters for women, I reviewed three of the best options below:

7 Best Putters for Women High Handicappers


OUR TOP PICK: TaylorMade Spider FCG Golf Putter
best putters for women

Product Name: TaylorMade Spider FCG Golf Putter

Product Description: When it comes to the best putters for women, I always swear by the TaylorMade Spider FCG. This putter has a heel and toe tungsten weighting for optimal forward loading. This is aside from the 25-gram CU29 pure copper roll insert that increases the ball's forward roll and topspin. Moreover, this club has the moment of inertia of a mallet and the release of a blade. It also has improved performance, thanks to its KBS Stepless Stability Shaft. I also like the design that reduces deflection. Aside from that, there’s a perpendicular TRUE PATH T-Sightline on the club. This allows players to follow the right alignment from heel to toe and front to back.

Offer price: $$$

Availability: InStock

  • Forgiveness
  • Response
  • Ball Control
  • Flex
  • Balance
  • Value for Money


This putter also has an adjustable sole weight so that the ladies can customize it for the best performance. It also has an L-neck hosel that offers excellent balance. This suits women golfers who have minimal rotation on their putting stroke. You can also get this putter in single-bend and small slant shaft styles.
Overall, this putter provides a lot of forgiveness. It’s 34” long and available in 350g, 338g, and 333g weight options. Just note that this has a stiff flex, which is ideal for ladies who have a faster swing speed.


TRUE PATH T-Sightline
25-gram CU29 pure copper roll insert
Balanced L-neck hosel


Stiff flex, which may not be suitable for beginners


TaylorMade Spider X Copper Putter

best putters for women

Do you have a problem with twisting putters? If so, the TaylorMade Spider X Copper Putter might be the perfect choice for you. This has a 30% heavier steel frame and a redesigned head that solves twisting issues.

Aside from that, Spider X bears TaylorMade’s TRUE PATH Alignment System that makes it easy to visualize target lines. It also has a 320g frame with added perimeter weighting for better swing control.

Moreover, this putter has customizable weight ports available in 2g, 6g, and 12g. This allows players to achieve the weight setting that they find comfortable to use.

It also has a 15g carbon composite sole and a more streamlined shape. Meanwhile, it has a #3 small slant hosel with a 30-degree toe hang. It feels good in contact, and it considerably improved my putting.

The TaylorMade Spider X is available in 34” and 35” lengths and left and right-hand orientation. I also like its uniflex that becomes stiffer on high swing speeds and more flexible on slower swings. It’s a versatile feature that suits a wide range of golfers.

Lastly, this putter is bundled with a headcover for added value.

  • 30% heavier frame
  • Adjustable weighting
  • True Path Alignment System
  • The copper paint chips after some time, but it doesn’t affect the performance of the club

S7K Standing Putter

best putters for women

The S7K Standing Putter promises to provide the perfect line on every shot. Since it can stand on its own, you can place the putter right behind the ball and take a step back to check your alignment. For the ladies who are still mastering their short game, this putter is a champ.

Moreover, the S7K has a built-in impact position as well as a strike dot. There’s no need to adjust the angle of the shaft or change your grip. The dot will also tell you where to focus on your stroke. With its perfect alignment, impact, and setup, golfers can expect solid putts with the right ‘oomph’.

Another thing I like about this putter is the ultra-light grip. The shaft also transfers a lot of feedback to your hands, which results in better distance control and swing speed. So far, this putter has performed well on putts inside 10 feet from the hole.

In addition, this putter has a 3-degree loft, 72-degree lie, and a 34.5” length. It’s a tad heavier at 400 grams, but many women golfers prefer the added weight for more swing power.

Lastly, this has a 40-degree toe hang and a graphite shaft. It’s also legal for tournament play, not to mention its 1-year warranty against manufacturer defects.

  • Stands on its own
  • Built-impact strike dot
  • Excellent alignment and weight
  • You need to secure the shaft to prevent bends and dents when placed in the club bag

Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Golf Putter

best putters for women

The Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Golf Putter spots a re-engineered white hot insert that boosts the feel, sound, and putting performance of the club. The insert also underwent a laser milling cutting process for consistent and unbeatable performance.

For women, this club is made with optimal heel/toe placement to increase its forgiveness. It’s very responsive on strikes done across the face. This is a face-balanced putter, which is easy to use even for beginners.

Aside from that, this has a crank neck hosel that maximizes the feel and a full-shaft offset that adds accuracy on every putt.

You can also get this putter in styles #1, #3, #5, V-Line, and Rossie. Each one is suitable for various types of golfers based on their putting technique.

Moreover, this putter has a jumbo grip and a 33” length. Its shaft is made of steel, which is pretty standard on most golf clubs.

For this price range, I just wish that it comes with a headcover. Other than that, this is an amazing putter for the ladies and even shorter guys. It’s also in the cheaper range, so you don’t have to dip into your savings just to buy a decent putter.

  • Excellent forgiveness
  • Face-balanced design
  • Re-engineered white hot insert
  • It doesn’t come with a headcover

Pinemeadow Women’s PGX Golf Putter

For the ladies who are finding it hard to align their putts, the Pinemeadow Women’s PGX is an excellent option. This has a white color that stands out on the green. I also like the integrated lines that serve as guides as you plan your shot.

Moreover, this is a 380g putter, which is just the right balance between performance and comfort. The added weight is also considered ‘tour weighted’ for more accurate putts.

Aside from that, you’ll receive a club headcover to prevent the paint from chipping and sustaining dents.

Also, this has a regular putter grip, which works well for most. But if you prefer a fatter grip, you’ll need to change it and buy the replacement separately.

Overall, this has a 3-degree loft and a 90-degree lie. You can also get this in 34” and 33” versions to suit your preferred height. Pinemeadow also accepts custom fitting for the ladies who want their putters made the way they want it.

I’m actually surprised by the performance of the PGX putter. It’s a club that looks cheap but works great. This is, by far, one of my best finds for under a hundred bucks.

  • Tour-weighted
  • Bright white color that stands out on the green
  • Excellent alignment
  • The grip is regular

Wilson Staff M2 Harmonized Women’s Putter

For the ladies on a budget, I highly recommend the Wilson Staff Harmonized Women’s Putter. This club has a semi-mallet design with multiple density areas for the best balance. It also has a micro-injection face insert for solid and controlled ball contact.

This club also has a larger grip size for your comfort. I also like the clubhead’s horizontal lines that make it easy to align and set up each putt accurately. The vertical seam grip at the backside of the handle also adds a nice feel and movement during each stroke.

Aside from that, this has a plumber hosel that creates a substantial offset for upward strikes into the ball.

Overall, this is a 35” putter that’s currently only available in a right-hand version. Don’t let the length fool you because the extra inches suit tall women golfers very well.

While this is marketed as a woman’s putter, I’ve proven that this is great for men, too. I’ve sent this as a gift to a friend, and it’s been in his bag for weeks and has nothing but great things to say about it.

  • Budget-friendly putter
  • Plumber hosel design
  • Larger grip with vertical seam
  • Only available in a right-hand version

Ray Cook Billy Baroo 300 Ladies Putter

My last pick for this roundup is the Ray Cook Baroo 300. This women’s putter has a vibration-dampening aluminum insert that delivers topnotch performance on the green.

Aside from that, this sports a PU paddle grip with a headcover included. You can also get this in 33” to 35” lengths, whichever suits your height and putting technique.

I couldn’t ask for more in terms of performance, quality, and forgiveness for this price range. This club has a 3-degree loft, 70-degree lie, and a headcover included. It’s a great choice for women golfers across skill levels.

It’s a little heavier than other putters, but it adds excellent momentum to every swing. It’s also well-balanced, and the learning curve is far from steep.

The bonus part is the putter’s striking appearance that will stand out on the bag. Just remember that this is a right-handed club, and I don’t think a left-handed version is already available.

For those who want a putter that works without splurging too much, this Ray Cook Billy Baroo 300 might be the one you’re looking for.

  • Vibration dampening
  • Comfortable PU paddle grip
  • Affordable women’s putter
  • Not tour quality, but it works well for recreational purposes

How to choose the best putters for women

Choosing the perfect putter takes a few tries. To help you find the one that suits your game, here are some of the things to consider:

✔️Your putting stroke

The very first thing you should consider is how you putt on the green. Women golfers often use an arc stroke and straight back-straight through techniques.

With an arc stroke, the putter is swung back and then driven into an arc-shaped path. For this putting stroke, an anser or blade putter head will be a more suitable choice.

Meanwhile, those with a straight back-straight through technique will do better with a mallet style putter. This is because the putter design promotes a straighter stroke without the arching effect.

✔️Head shape

Next, you should choose the right head shape for the putter you’re going to get. There are four common options in the market: the blade, mallet, and semi-mallet. The following are the differences between the three types:

  • Blade. Blade putters are traditional options. It has a straightforward design, which is similar to muscle back irons. It has a slimmer head and an equally smaller sweet spot.
  • Mallet. A mallet putter has a large clubhead that offers more forgiveness and a larger sweet spot. Most mallet putters have built-in target lines to help you align your putts.
  • Semi-mallet. A semi or mid-mallet has a smaller head than a full mallet but still larger than a blade. It’s the middle ground between the first two types, which offers a good target line without excess weight. 

✔️Head balance

Putter clubs are either toe or face-balanced. A toe-balanced putter has the weight concentrated on the toe of the clubhead. This is often seen on blade types and suitable for women golfers who have an arched stroke.

On the other hand, a face-balanced putter has the weight spread through the club’s face. This is the head balance of mallet putters, and it doesn’t open or close too much during the putting stroke.

✔️Putter face

Putters in the market are either milled or has an insert on the clubhead. Milled putters are made of a single piece of steel. It’s found on most blade putters, and it doesn’t have any insert to boost the club’s forgiveness.

The good thing about milled putters is they last a long time. While rust is your leading enemy, it’s easy to deal with, and it won’t require special maintenance.

On the other hand, insert putters have a rolled material placed inside the clubhead. This is found on many semi and full mallets. The purpose of the insert is to provide better roll and ball control, not to mention increasing the club’s sweet spot.

✔️Shaft length

For the ladies, most club brands offer shorter shafts at around 33”. You can find longer shafts at 34” and 35”, though this is typically marketed for men. Nevertheless, women can use it just the same.

Most of the time, lady golfers with a height of 5’ to 5’6” will thrive in a 33” putter. Meanwhile, those taller at 5’8” and up will need an equally longer shaft. This is to reduce slouching while putting.

Aside from the height, golfers also consider their putting stroke. For this, you should perform the putting position and ask someone to measure the distance between your wrist and the ground. This is the comfortable length based on how you make a putting stroke.


MOI or Moment of Inertia pertains to the club’s resistance to impact and twisting. It also dictates how forgiving the club will be on each stroke. A higher MOI is suitable for high handicappers since it reduces mishits. However, it also limits your chance to play the ball and improve your short game.

✔️Grip type

Aside from the clubhead’s specific features, it’s also important to check the grip of the putter. Regular grips are suitable for slimmer hands, while those with longer fingers should consider an oversized grip.


Another thing you should check is the weight of the putter. It can range from 300 to 400 grams, depending on how large the head is and how long the shaft is. Usually, mallet types are a tad heavier, though some blades can also be cumbersome due to the solid steel putter head.

✔️Price and warranty

Lastly, always invest in a putter that will last for years. While there are many cheap options, it may not give you the best performance in the green. The seven putters I reviewed here will surely provide the best bang for the buck, no matter what your putting stroke is.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you aim when putting in golf?

A: When putting, your putter must be facing the target squarely. Also, the putter’s sole must be aligned behind the ball. Intense swing control is also necessary to ensure that the golf ball will land close to, if not in, the hole.

Q: Where do you look when putting?

A: When putting, you should always look at the spot right in front of the ball. Never gaze too long on the ball, or it’s going to mess with your swing’s direction. Look at the spot in front of the ball and guide your ball through it. This will likely sink the putt.

Q: Can I change a damaged ball to putt?

A: The answer to this depends on the league rules. Most of the time, it’s not allowed to change the ball inside the green. Golf rules indicate that a player must hole out with the same ball he or she used at the beginning of the hole.

Q: Should you interlock your fingers when putting?

A: It depends on what you prefer and find most comfortable while putting. When you interlock your fingers, the grip lands on your palm, which isn’t the ideal position for putting. Always wrap your fingers on the grip and not your palm.

Q: Is a heavy or light putter better?

A: Many golfers prefer a heavier putter since it offers more control over ball direction. However, you should avoid very heavy putters as this will affect distance control. For beginners, you may need to try a few putters to find one that suits your style.

Final words

The best putters for women for high handicappers will boost your short game. Just make sure that your choice of club is suitable for your stroke, height, and handicap. I hope that the seven picks I reviewed above help you find the one that fits your needs in the green.

What do you think of these putters? Share your thoughts below!