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Best Golf Drivers For Women

The best golf drivers for women have vastly improved over recent years. These are one of the essential clubs in a golf bag as they allow players to reach the most distance from the tee. Consistently hitting good tee shots are barely possible without a golf driver. It maintains greater accuracy, gains distance, and adds forgiveness. 

Golf drivers are under the wood club category and are usually classified as 1-wood. Such clubs are also the longest and have the biggest heads. Golfers use the driver to power the ball to the green. Some beginners find drivers a little confusing since the clubs mostly look the same.

Players who can hit the driver straight and long direction have a higher chance to set up a great score since the aim is toward the accurate hole. Golf drivers vary for different players, specifically for lady golfers. Thus, it is best to settle with a driver that hits well and provides more control of the golf swing.

Choosing the Right Ladies Golf Driver 


 Golf drivers in this day and age come with various adjustability features. The adjustable driver provides convenient options for conditions, sizes, and swing patterns. A driver’s adjustability can be broken down into three specific aspects: weight, loft, and face angle.

Weight – The weight is a factor that pulses the alteration and movement in different parts of the driver’s heads. Whether weight is positioned or adjusted, one must find the optimal gravity center to get the best golf ball flight possible. 


Loft – It is crucial to find the right loft to successfully alter the spin, height, and carry of a driver. With adjustable hostels, the loft can be set to a right shaft angle that will benefit your game. 

  • Face angle – The face angle points to where the face of the club is currently addressing. If the club is not facing the golfer, the angle is open, and minimize the loft. When the face is fronting the player, the angle is considered close; hence, the loft will be added. 

Higher loft, slower wings

 Big golf club manufacturers produce ladies drivers in high lofts. They take the most common swing abilities of women that fall under slower speeds. Depending on your strength and stamina status, the average loft advisable for women is around 12 to 16 degrees. You can always choose to increase your drive loft’s standard, depending on what works for you best. 

 According to facts, the female recreational swing is at an average speed of 64mph.

Shaft length matters

 The stature of a woman determines what shaft length is for her. Ladies’ drivers are 1-inch shorter than men’s; the standard ladies driver measures around 43.5 inches regarding the size. Knowing the right club length can be an advantage in the golfing field. 

 With the proper club length, the players can maximize their ball control and full swing. Longer shafts can be challenging to control. Hence, you will also be needing a longer drive to hit consistently and accurately. 

Graphite composition

 As much as the length, a golf driver’s weight also plays a significant role in choosing the right one. Graphite is a driver composition that is highly recommended for lady golfers. Drivers made of graphite material are known to be significantly faster compared to other materials. 

 Graphite is also lighter than most golf driver compositions. Lightweight and easy to maneuver, graphite drivers are recommended for women. For ladies who have a quicker tempo and more substantial swing, they may use steel drivers to better golfing experience. 

Difference Between Female & Male Golf Drivers 

Clubhead Design For Ladies

 Compared to golf drivers for men, women’s club heads are smaller. The manufacturers intended to shape ladies’ golf drivers differently to increase the area allocation of the sweet spot. Ladies golf drivers have more loft on the shot, and the club’s head is lowered into the center of gravity.  

Female Golf Driver Loft

Men’s driver lofts range between 9 to 11 degrees. Since women do not commonly release a hard hit to the ball, the shot trajectory must be higher to shield the ball from bouncing into the ground. A ladies golfing driver is around 12 to 13 degrees. When using a driver with the right loft, the ball will have a higher chance of reaching the target than hitting the ground early. 

Weight Of Ladies Golf Driver

A golf driver cannot be too heavy as the players will not swing the shaft fast enough. Ladies golf drivers are made with lighter and smaller heads. If you desire a significant amount of strength and power, you should look for a clubhead that is more proportional to your body and needs. 

 Grip On A Females Golf Driver

 Generally, women have smaller hands compared to men. The handle of a golf driver must also be adjusted accordingly. Ladies’ golf drivers are narrower and shorter, considering the measurement and body stature of women. The grip is the handle where swings are better controlled and adequately held. Women can also acquire men’s golf drivers if they turn out to be more comfortable for them.

Shaft flex On Ladies Golf Driver

 The driver’s main power functions come from its rebound and shaft flex. Manufacturers try to adjust the shaft flex instead of adding extra weight. Women’s shafts tend to be graphite rather than aluminum, steel, and the like. The shaft flex of a women’s golf driver is subject to less force and comes in handy in any golfing session. 

Female Golf Driver Size

 Ladies’ golf drivers are smaller in size compared to the ones for men. They are 2 to 3 inches shorter, which makes it quite tricky for tall women. Taller women need to use longer clubs, but they will also have to deal with stiffer and heavier clubs. However, there are various drivers today that provide suitable ones for different body types.

Top Materials Used For Golf Driver Heads 

 Carbon steel

 For hundreds of years, carbon steel has been the primary material for irons, wedges, and putters. Experienced golfers use carbon steel drivers as they can attest to the different advantages of such clubs. 

Carbon graphite

 Golf clubs such as fairway woods are carbon graphite. Carbon graphite is a lightweight material incorporated with other elements to build the structure of a club. However, carbon graphite can make a huge difference compared to heavy clubheads. 


 Aluminum was first used in golf club production during the 1960s. It became famous and inspired other manufacturers to use aluminum because of its lightweight composition. The only disadvantage of aluminum clubs is that they are not as durable as other materials. Aluminum cracks and dents quickly. 

Stainless steel

 The most used material in making golf clubs is stainless steel. Affordable and suitable for creating club shafts, stainless steel is used to produce hybrids, irons, and metal wood clubs. Stainless steel can be classified into two types: 

  • 431 steel that is used for irons and putters
  • 17-4 steel that makes up the metal woods, hybrids, and some irons. 


Popular and widely known, titanium is still the number one choice for golf club options. The alloy is flexible, tough, and supports maximum power without being heavy. Titanium is in various alloys that offer great strength to weight ratios. Ninety percent of most golf drivers are titanium. 

Knowing Which Ladies Golf Driver Hits the Furthest 

Club shaft

 The longer the club shaft, the further you get from the tee shot. Golfers should pick the proper shaft length that best fits their body measurements. You have to determine if the standard size is suited for you. Avoid choosing a longer club shaft, as it can give you a tough time hitting accurately. 

 The tendency to use long shafts is that golfers may be overwhelmed by its length and lose control while playing the sport. 

 Launch and loft angle

 Some people believe that launch and loft angles are of zero differences. Lofts come in ranges, and they can even determine the optimal launch angle of the ball. Ladies with slower swings need a high loft in their drivers to launch the ball in maximum distance. Weighing in the perimeter helps players achieve a farther distance. 

Titanium Or Steel?

Titanium materials provide a leeway if the launched shot is not hitting the center target. On the other hand, steel is much smaller and heavier. Also, titanium, carbon graphite, and others are lightweight materials, making them more manageable for players who still have trouble releasing a hit. 

Drivers made of titanium have a weight that can aim to stay in the center of the face to claim a larger sweet spot.  

Best Golf Drivers For Women

Photo Title Our Rating Buy
AGXGOLF Ladies Magnum...image AGXGOLF Ladies Magnum 460cc Regular Length (44 inch) 10.5 Degree Driver wLady Flex Graphite Shaft with Head Cover, Made in USA! Check Price On Amazon
TaylorMade Golf M6...image TaylorMade Golf M6 Women's D-Type Driver, 12.0 Loft, Right Hand, Ladies Flex Shaft: TaylorMade Tuned Performance 45 Check Price On Amazon
Cobra Women's Fly-Z...image Cobra Women's Fly-Z XL Golf Fairway Wood, Right Hand, Graphite, Ladies, 22-Degree Check Price On Amazon
Callaway Golf Big...image Callaway Golf Big Bertha Fusion Fairway 5FW (Left Hand, Regular Flex, Adjustable Loft) Check Price On Amazon
Cobra Golf 2019...image Cobra Golf 2019 F-Max Superlite Offset Driver Black-Lexi Blue (Women's, Right Hand, Graphite, Ladies Flex, 15.0) Check Price On Amazon

AGXGOLF Ladies Magnum 460cc Lady Flex Graphite Shaft

 Specifically designed to offer utmost convenience to lady golfers, the AGXGOLF Ladies Magnum 460cc Lady Flex Graphite Shaft is available in three sizes: a tall size of 5’6″ to 6’1″; a regular size of 5’2″ to 5’8″; and a petite size of 4’8″ to 5’3″. Featuring an oversized head and a glossy navy blue finish, this golf driver provides more soaring tee shots and forgiveness in style. 

 The AGXGOLF Ladies aims to increase the MOI or Moment of Inertia by lowering the center of gravity. The notion accords with the general theory in which the higher the MOI, the more distance your tee shots can reach. The Ladies Magnum graphite shaft golf driver is suitable for beginners and top golfers. 

The slight offset feature maintains the direction of the clubface square. Made of a graphite material, the Ladies Magnum golf driver is a lightweight tool yet definitely durable. 


– Impressive price considering the driver’s high-class benefits

– Has a stunning iridescent finish

– Keeps your shots straighter and longer

– An ideal option for beginners and petite golfers


– Not at par with more expensive drivers

– Poorly weighted

TaylorMade Golf M6 Women’s Driver

 If you are looking for a golf driver that can provide you with increased forgiveness, the TaylorMade Golf M6 Women’s Driver is the best candidate in the market. Although the TaylorMade Driver does not come with adjustable weights, it proudly offers the ‘Twist Face’ feature to keep the ball on a straight path and minimize the side pins. 

The TaylorMade golf driver opens the possibility of sustaining ball-speed on mishits and creating a wide sweet spot through its Hammerhead 2.0. The Ladies Magnum also has a ‘Speed Injected’ feature incorporated with tuning resin to elevate the ball’s speed and enable it to reach farther targets. 

Combining the three highlights, golfers will get the perks of an all-around performance driver. The head of the club comprises an aerodynamic carbon sole, which increases the MOI and lowers the center of gravity. All in all, the Ladies Magnum enables golfers to launch the ball straighter and higher. 


– Easy to release straight and high ball launches 

– Able to achieve better ball distance (approximately 20 – 40 yards)

– Excellent feel at the ball impact

– Stable shaft


– Too many spins

– Quality issues (can crack or get snapped when heavily exposed to impacts)

Cobra Golf Women’s Fly-Z XL Hybrid Club

The Cobra Golf Women’s Fly-Z XL Hybrid Club is perfect for high and middle handicappers for more effortless distance upon impact. The Fly-Z XL Hybrid Club comes with three unique features: Offset Design, Speed Channel Face, and Back CG Zone Weighting. 

The Offset Design functions to correct rightward tendencies so golfers can maintain the club’s face at impact. Speed Channel Face is a product of Cobra innovation, which allows the face to flex by its thinner wall structure wrapped around the border. As a result, the speed will be increased impressively and experience incredible distances. The Back CG Zone is a yellow sole weight situated at the golf driver’s back and low parts. This feature transfers the weight to the deeper back and lower center of the standard gravity. 


– Increases ball speed

– Engineered to provide more distance regardless of its off-center hits

– Suitable for diverse golfers, including older people and beginners 

– Impressively forgiving clubface which gives players more confidence

– 3 features in one driver

– Lightweight due to its graphite composition

– Maintains clubface to hit accurately 

– Technologically improved


– May not come with a headcover

– Some users are not satisfied with the hybrid driver

Callaway Big Bertha Fusion

 With a titanium “Exo-Cage” feature, the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion is a golf driver that establishes a higher launch angle and more forgiveness. It is also composed of Triaxial Carbon, a lightweight feature that shifts the center of the low and back part gravity. The Big Bertha Fusion is the solution for golfers who do not want to sacrifice yardage to stay in the game. 

 Designed by aerospace specialists, the Callaway Big Bertha Fusion Speed Step Crown ensures that airflow from the headcover runs smoothly. In such a way, the golfers will experience faster swing speed during the play. The Big Bertha Fusion is available in three loft heads: 13.5 degrees, 10.5 degrees; 13.5 degrees; and 9.5 degrees. 

 For amateurs and golfers with slow swing speed, the Big Bertha Fusion suggests a 13.5-degree driver. The Callaway brand ensures a control-oriented and powerful shaft in its golf driver models. 


– Good feedback and pleasing tone

– Perfect for seasoned and beginner golfers

– Keeps your stroke on the target line

– Does not have a learning curve


– May not always come with an adjustment tool

– Stickers on the club are hardly removable

Cobra Golf Women’s 2019 F-Max Superlite Offset Driver

The Cobra Golf Women’s 2019 F-Max Superlite Offset Driver promotes an ageless game improvement. Whether you are a beginner, middle-handicapper, average player, senior expert, or a late bloomer, this golf diver offers the ease of moderate swing speeds and establishes stability, overall speed, and consistency. 

Created with the Sweet Zone feature and powered by E9 Face Technology, the F-Max Superlite Offset Driver increases ball speed with more than 5,000 MOI. 

For those who have trouble straightening their drivers out, the F-Max Superlite has an oversized head of 6 grams. Such features can maintain your drive stability and helps you perform more consistent straight strikes. The F-Max Superlite Offset Driver takes pride in its brand and assures a lightweight golfing experience with unmatched forgiveness, distance, and precision. 


– Increases distance with reduced effort 

– Easy to swing since it is has a lightweight composition

– Consistency is good balancing throughout the swing

– Easier for women to keep the head on plane


– Tight headcover

– Takes time to get used to the more oversized head

Photo Title Our Rating Buy
AGXGOLF Ladies Magnum...image AGXGOLF Ladies Magnum 460cc Regular Length (44 inch) 10.5 Degree Driver wLady Flex Graphite Shaft with Head Cover, Made in USA! Check Price On Amazon
TaylorMade Golf M6...image TaylorMade Golf M6 Women's D-Type Driver, 12.0 Loft, Right Hand, Ladies Flex Shaft: TaylorMade Tuned Performance 45 Check Price On Amazon
Cobra Women's Fly-Z...image Cobra Women's Fly-Z XL Golf Fairway Wood, Right Hand, Graphite, Ladies, 22-Degree Check Price On Amazon
Callaway Golf Big...image Callaway Golf Big Bertha Fusion Fairway 5FW (Left Hand, Regular Flex, Adjustable Loft) Check Price On Amazon
Cobra Golf 2019...image Cobra Golf 2019 F-Max Superlite Offset Driver Black-Lexi Blue (Women's, Right Hand, Graphite, Ladies Flex, 15.0) Check Price On Amazon