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The Best Golf Shoes For Women

Putting your best foot forward in golf starts with wearing the right shoes. Wearing the best golf shoes for women on the market will help you play comfortably, avoid slipping accidents, and provide a carefree golfing experience. Female golfers have a wide range of options when it comes to choosing the best golf shoes. 

Starting from style, golf footwear can look like working flats or running shoes. Golfers have diverse preferences, so golf shoes now have available models from the trendiest to the most traditional. First-time golfers may use their sneakers or ordinary running shoes in playing the sport. However, if one is planning to get involved in golf as more than a seasonal player, they might invest in proper footwear. 

The best golf shoes for women will keep their feet stable, protect the toes from wet weather and protection, and provide better traction. Such benefits are not mostly found in ordinary shoes if you use them for golf or any playing field. Looking for the right golf shoes means considering several factors and conditions that can challenge the shoes’ durability. Fortunately, today’s golf shoe industry has a larger focus on style, build quality, comfort, and performance.


The Best Golf Shoes For Women Below

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Skechers Go Golf...image Skechers Go Golf Women's Max Golf Shoe, Black/Multi Knit Check Price On Amazon
Ecco Women's Biom...image ECCO Women's Biom Hybrid Hydromax Golf Shoe, Gravel Check Price On Amazon
adidas Women's Pureboost...image adidas Women's Pureboost XG 2 Golf Shoe, core Black/Grey six/Silver Metallic Check Price On Amazon
adidas Women's Response...image adidas Women's Response Bounce BOA Golf Shoe, FTWR White/Silver Metallic/Real Coral Check Price On Amazon

 Skechers Go Golf Women’s Max Golf Shoe

Designed to look and feel like an ordinary shoe, the Skechers Go Golf Women’s Max Golf Shoe is exceptionally comfortable, lightweight, and comes in different style variations. The Women’s Max Golf Shoe is called a spineless golf shoe that offers excellent traction while golfing. It is composed of nubs or tiny plastic grippers. 

 The Skechers Go Golf Women’s Max Golf Shoe is a reliable golfing footwear best for grips even on 18-hole golf sessions. It also eases foot and back pain and prevents the toes from aggravating the heels. The fabric used in the shoe is a mesh material that gives off a relaxed feeling throughout the game. 

 Featuring the benefits of mesh fabric of the golf shoe, the Skechers Go Golf Women’s Max Golf Shoe models are breathable, especially during summertime madness. The mesh fabric cools the feet to suffice the comfortable feeling amid the hot weather. However, such a component is not advisable to use during rainy days since it is not waterproof, and even the tiniest water drops can get into the shoe. 


– Machine washable

– Different color and style options

– Easy to clean

– Breathable and comfortable fabric

– Spikeless golf shoe

– Gripping traction

– Sneaker-like comfort

– Price


– Mesh fabric is not waterproof

ECCO Biom Hybrid Women’s Golf Shoe

 The ECCO Biom Hybrid Women’s Golf Shoe offers ultra-comfort to all lady golfer. Manufactured by one of the world’s renowned high-quality soft weather producers, this golf shoe assures a high-end golfing experience and proven spineless technology. The Biom Hybrid Women’s Golf Shoe is designed with four dots embedded in the show that symbolize the shoes’ main features — style, technology, comfort, and quality. 

Being a comfortable walking shoe, the ECCO satisfies the golfing needs of many women. Thy hybrid women’s golf shoes are manufactured with firm protection against weather or rainy day conditions. The shaft of the golf shoe reaches low and top of the arch. It’s proven traction technology is composed of wear-resistant material, superb grip, and is highly durable.

 The ECCO Biom Hybrid Women’s Golf Shoe is formulated from a technical insole system that prevents unwanted foot movement when performing a swing to release the ball. Overall, the Women’s Golf Shoe is a stylish and fashion-conscious golf shoe that meets golfers’ expectations.


– Comes in 3 colors

– Spikeless

– Breathable, soft, high-quality leather

– Comfortable for walking 9 or 18 holes

– Waterproof using hydro max technology

– High-quality shoe and brand


– Not Cheap 

 Adidas PureBoost XG 2 Women’s Golf Shoes

The Adidas PureBoost XG 2 Women’s Golf Shoes encourages women to dive into the world of golfing with its great shoe designs and perks. Flexible and lightweight, the Adidas PureBoost XG 2 offers a comfortable feeling of playing around the field and walking the golf course with zero hassle and carefree time. The shoe provides firm arch support with the energized cushioning formulated by the technology.

 Made with mesh fabric, the Adidas PureBoost XG 2 Women’s Golf Shoes are completely breathable and flexible in keeping the feet at ease, even on long golfing sessions. However, the Adidas PureBoost XG 2 is not waterproof and cannot shield the feet from any rain. On the other hand, the shoes extend their offers to support hilly and terrain giving environments. 

 A perfect golfing shoe for adventurous players, the Adidas PureBoost XG 2 Women’s Golf Shoes provides a stable snug and sturdiness that guarantee your toes with full protection. It has a synthetic strip in a solid build to withstand impacts and balance obstructions. The Adidas PureBoost XG 2 Women’s Golf Shoes uses the technology to improve their shoe models in any way. 


– Stability through the golf swing 

– Flexibility and breathability

– Spikeless golf shoes with extra small treads for grips 

– Lightweight cloudfoam 

– Great cushioning

– Light arch support 

– Comes in 3 colors


– Mesh fabric not water-resistant

– A slip-on sneaker, the tongue is attached

– Snug fit runs a bit narrow. Best with ½ – 1 full size up

FootJoy DryJoys Women’s Golf Shoes

 Footjoy released their flagship on golfing with a long-standing shoemaker- hoes with the FootJoy DryJoys Women’s Golf Shoes. The brand is known for function, fit, style, craftsmanship, and technology. The FootJoy DryJoys Women’s Golf Shoes provide the utmost comfort, enhanced traction, and midfoot stability.

 If you are looking for top-of-the-line traction, then FootJoy DryJoys Women’s Golf Shoes is the best option for you. The shoe helps improve your swing and gripping performance as the manufacturers formulated the shoe with an impressive cleat technology. Composed of full-grain leather, the golf shoe is guaranteed durable, breathable, and flexible.

 It might feel stiff on the first try, but the FootJoy DryJoys Women’s Golf Shoes provide ease to your toes as you get the hang of its structure. The shoe can last up to many years and maintains its best features in all weather conditions. For improved gripping performance, one can never go wrong with the FootJoy DryJoys Women’s Golf Shoes.


– High-quality full-grain leather golf shoe

– Great traction with Soft Spike cleats during your golf swing

– 2-year waterproof guarantee

– Long-lasting golf shoe


– Can be slightly stiff and tightish, may take time to wear in

Adidas Response Bounce Women’s Golf Shoes

 All-around golf shoes are what the Adidas Response Bounce Women’s Golf Shoes can offer to all lady golfers out there. Featuring maximum stability performance, comfort, and cushioning, the Adidas Response Bounce Women’s Golf Shoes is developed under Bounce Foam technology that introduces outstanding comfort while walking an 18-hole golf course. It has actual soft spikes that can help your toes have a firm grip on the ground.

 Light and comfortable, it keeps your feet dry even with several wet conditions. The Adidas Response Bounce Women’s Golf Shoes allow excellent extra traction in your golfing experience and cushions your feet from any impact during the play. The spikes improve the swing almost accurately since launching the ball can sometimes get the players off their feet.


– Microfiber leather and climastorm water-resistant protection

– Improved gripping performance

– Spikes for traction

– Made comfortable with Bounce Foam technology

– Affordable price


– Stiff leather  

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Skechers Go Golf...image Skechers Go Golf Women's Max Golf Shoe, Black/Multi Knit Check Price On Amazon
Ecco Women's Biom...image ECCO Women's Biom Hybrid Hydromax Golf Shoe, Gravel Check Price On Amazon
adidas Women's Pureboost...image adidas Women's Pureboost XG 2 Golf Shoe, core Black/Grey six/Silver Metallic Check Price On Amazon
adidas Women's Response...image adidas Women's Response Bounce BOA Golf Shoe, FTWR White/Silver Metallic/Real Coral Check Price On Amazon

Factors to Consider When Looking for the Best Golf Shoes for Women


 It is crucial to consider the weather and area condition of your golf game’s environment. Rainy or sunny days cannot always be guaranteed, so you need waterproof golf shoes that can sustain in any weather.

Spikeless shoes will be the best option for you, especially if comfort is your top priority. There are also spikeless summer shoe options designed for unstable weather conditions. 

Playing routine

 Durability and comfort are two of the main factors that most golfers are wanting. The sport is exposed to various impacts, weather conditions, environment types, and levels of playing intensity. Break the assumption that just because they’re considered high-end, they can magically offer you long-lasting durability at all costs. 

Golf shoes have a limited amount of use. Each pair of golf shoes has a fair share of features and cons at the same time. Choose the pair of golf shoes that aligns with the intensity of your playing time. 

Level of quality

 The most critical factor in helping with your purchase decision is the quality of the product you will be paying for. With such considerations, it will also help you understand the various choices from specific brands. Start with a budget in mind and find a golf shoe with the qualities you are looking for. 

 Golf shoes that fit your criteria must have a reasonable price and serve your golfing lifestyle accordingly. Comfortable and durable mid-range golf shoes may range from $85- $200 for each pair. 


 Part of enjoying the golfing sport is having confidence and feeling good both inside and out. Style is not a crucial factor, but it boosts your inner power in the playing field. From wacky patterns, bright colors, neutral vibe, and only sporty, rocking a golf shoe that matches your style is not a crime. 

 Suppose you are a golf player and a fashionista by heart, good for you because luxury clothing brands are now eyeing to be more involved in the golf industry. Maybe you will get yourself a suede shoe that is both heat and water-resistant. However, remember style fluidity from head to toe for the sake of fashion and excellent golfing time.

Types of Ladies Golf Shoes 

 Golf sandals

 Golf shoemakers realized the need to create sandals because of the players who usually play during hot climates. Perfect for rainy and sunny outdoor activities, golf sandals are flexible footwear for a more breathable playtime. Aside from keeping your foot dry and cool, golf sandals are also very affordable.

 Like any footwear, golf sandals have downsides too. Golf sandals are not advisable for walking long distances and could cause your feet some blisters. Moreover, they cannot guarantee full support to your feet or from wet weather. 

 Golf boot

 A golf boot is a rare golfing footwear that resembles mountain hike shoes. It has a superior waterproof feature far beyond regular shoes. Golf boots provide warmth to your feet and outstanding traction. They are preferable to use for golfing sessions during the winter seasons.

Being an almost perfect golf shoe alternative, it is unfortunate to know that golf boots are quite heavy and limit your freedom to angle your shot for a swing. 

Spikeless Golf Shoes

 If you have a big love for sneakers, stylish spikeless golf shoes are now widespread in clubhouses. Spikeless golf shoes are comfortable, and lightweight golfing wear perfect for golfing sessions or even outside the sport. These street-style shoes can ease foot and back pain. 

 However, spikeless golf shoes do not have enough stability, lack waterproofing features, and less grip. The lesser grip from the molded soles is mostly felt in a golfing environment with wet and long grass. 

Classic Spiked Golf Shoes

Characterized by tassels and leathers, classic spikes shoes are old school golfing footwear with white and black wingtips. Classic spiked shoes offer protection to golfers from water and provide comfort, breathability, and traction. 

Selecting the spiked shoes for you is best when you find a pair that aligns with your preference and personal taste. The main advantage of classic spiked shoes is that they offer more stability than other types and bring your swing together. 

Benefits of Womens Golf Shoes 

Comfort and support

 Golf shoes come in extra padding, which is very helpful in providing shock absorption and supporting midfoot. Every time you launch the ball, the midfoot renders its purpose in supporting your whole foot balance. Most players land their ball stroke off their feet. 

 The leather composition in most golf shoes, on the other hand, gives off flexibility and comfort, making the golfing experience more manageable. Injuries can happen in any sport, but a golf shoe with enough comfort and support minimizes dangerous possibilities. 


 Manufacturers are continuously updating the materials used to make golf shoes to provide the players’ desired breathability. Materials like Gore-tex is one way to solve the problem of feet sweating. It can absorb the moisture of the feet and allow the toes to breathe. 

 Other golf shoes have footbeds that consist of polyurethane and charcoal. Polyurethane is an element that can warm or cool the feet. Polyurethane and other footbed agents can soak up moisture. 


 Good-golfing shoes are the ones that have increased sturdiness. Shoes that aim to provide sturdiness to players have wide track rubber soles. Such shoes also have sharp tongs to avoid slipping on the grassy ground. Golf shoes are usually lightweight but with maximum strength. 

Sturdy golf shoes ensure reliable arch support and stability. Ordinary shoes have sturdy compositions but cannot guarantee total firmness when tried on the field. Consider sturdiness in choosing the right golf, and you will be completely indestructible.


To keep the feet from slipping every time a golfer launches the swing, golf shoes are made with suitable fitting and quality materials. This is also the reason why golf shoes are more advanced compared to ordinary ones. Golf shoe manufacturers incorporate physics to build a feature that can shield from slipping properly. 

The shoes can handle different forces and keep your feet in place. In making a swing, the golfer exerts downward pressure; wearing golf shoes can support the rotational process and prevent slips. 

Top Materials for Ladies Golf Shoes 


An alternative to leather and a cheap option in making golf shoes is a synthetic material. Rather than natural elements, synthetic golf shoes are made of a man-made polyester layer covering the footwear. 

It is not par with the breathable advantage of leather, but other golfers are down to it since it’s thinner, lighter, and way more affordable. Frankly, synthetic golf shoes are not as dependable as their counterparts. 

Waterproof linings

Many golf shoes are composed of waterproof linings. For example, Gore-tex is an example of waterproof lining with pores that are 20,000 times smaller than a standard water drop. Breathable and water-resistant shoes bring a lot of benefits, especially during rainy seasons. The protective layers are warm, so golf shoes with waterproof linings are not favorable on sunny days. 


 The number one choice for golfers when it comes to shoe material is leather. It provides a tightly filling protection from water and establishes stretch free footwear. Perfect for summer golf, leather shoes are breathable and stabilized.