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Best Driver for Beginners with a Slice – Top 5!

In playing golf, it is actually normal to see drivers producing the largest slice. The reason behind this is primarily due to the design of the driver. As a beginner, it is important to know that the driver is the club inside your bag having the longest length. Being an amateur in the world of golf, you need to learn the different clubs involve and the best driver for beginners with a slice.

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We reviewed here five of the best drivers available in town today. If you consider buying one, check here for our recommendations and some considerations when buying the best drivers for beginners with a slice.

What to Look for When Buying the Best Driver for Beginners with a Slice

Here are some of the things that you must have to consider before you head out and buy the best driver for beginners with a slice:

1. Design

Basically, the clear vision of the golf ball for the purpose of alignment should be given credit to the design of the driver. That the reason why this feature of the driver is also an important feature to consider.

The offset face is the latest feature that draws bias drivers is offering. It allows the golfers to have a bigger and clearer sight in aligning the golf ball into its target. Moreover, this feature also gives the golfer the chance to have additional height and distance over the drives.

2. Feel

Generally, the feel has a direct relationship in the way golf club responds to the golfer. In golf, one can basically assess the driver if a solid response to the shot would be elicited. Another thing is the behavior of the golf club if the shot is actually gearing on the hosel or the toe.

Moreover, the feel is also an important feature to take into account when you are buying the best driver for beginners with a slice. It basically offers an immediate response to the golfer and let them come up with an opinion on the way the golf club will effectively react on the game.

3. Loft options

There are actually two loft options available in playing golf that highly depends on how golfers visualize in correcting the slice. The initial loft option is via the removable loft sleeves that either increases or decreases the lofted club. Selecting a degree of the loft via the manufacturer is the next loft option available.

4. Weight distribution

In order for a golfer to address the slice, spreading out the weight is a necessary thing to do. The top-tier clubs mostly give off either a stationary or adjustable weight at the head part of the driver. Generally, this results in a slice or customizable strategy to stretch out the shape of the best driver for beginners with a slice.

Meanwhile, the draw-bias drivers gained some weight in order to create a closed face at impact. Also, the weighted driver in an adjustable manner gives a lesser approach in lowering the side spin at impact. Usually, the best driver for beginners with a slice that is also great in weight distribution is based on the frequency of the slice of the golfers.

5. Shaft

Slice creation for golfer also depends on the shaft of the best drive for beginners with a slice. The shaft flex that is related to the swing speed must be executed by all golfers. A too stiff or too soft shaft flex generally produces a whipping effect by taking the club from the square position at impact.

Moreover, in order to have synchronicity of the body and the golf club, the shaft should fit in the golfer’s swing speed. With just the distance of the drives that relates well with the shaft flex, the type of flex to be used by the golfers can be greatly identified.

6. Offset

Another thing that can correct the slice is having more offset or face angle that increases the frequency of the slice. However, the offsetting features operate in those ways with the best driver for beginners with a slice. It is generally at the impact where the closed offset is emulated by the draw-bias driver. Moreover, this type of offset is highly suitable by using the best driver for beginners with a slice as it lowers the damaging side spin that wreck a drive.

7. Face angle

Basically, the best driver for beginners with a slice can have an effect on everything around starting from the shape of the shot to the angle of the launch. The requirement here is a closed face at an impact. Novice golfers who usually struggle from the slice require assistance, unlike skilled golfers in which a neutral face angle is already their preference.

Moreover, finding a driver that has the ability to change the face angle in a more closed position can give the opportunity for the golfer to decrease the side spin which produces the slice. Golf shoe manufacturers usually do this via weighting of the sole that lets the toe to gear toward the heel at an impact forcing the face to close out.  

Best Driver for Beginners with a Slice

OUR TOP PICK: Callaway Riptide 50G Driver

Product Name: Callaway Riptide 50G Driver

Product Description: One best driver for beginners with a slice is the Callaway Riptide 50G Driver that gives off excellent and top-rating performance. In fact, this driver also got a good shot in the heart of most PGA Tour pros. The Callaway is also too much to be considered as a club for beginners having a periodic slice. Yet, this driver could generally enhance the shot of the tee box. Moreover, this best driver for beginners with a slice boasts for its patented Jailbreak Technology. This innovation utilizes two rods made of steel which gets behind the middle of the face. Doing this will generally stiffen the spot for a great response and feel.

  • Lightweight
  • Swing speed
  • Adjustable loft

Product Features

  • Having an excellent response and additional distance through the utilization of the Jailbreak Technology
  • Customized height of the shot through the use of adjustable loft sleeve
  • With aerodynamic crown that lowers the downswing drag to create optimal swing speed


  • Great response and additional distance
  • Full-swing speed


  • None so far

Best Driver for Beginners with a Slice: RUNNER-UP

TaylorMade 460cc Driver

best driver for beginners with a slice

Another best driver for beginners with a slice is the TaylorMade 460cc Driver that caters multiple material structures. Aside from that, this driver also realigns the center of gravity into the low and back. Moreover, carbon crown is present as one of its materials which make up six layers. The body of the crown is typically surrounded by skeletal titanium that spreads out some weight.

Sole shaping of the TaylorMade 460cc Driver creates excellent curved shots through the use of the geocoustic technology. Another thing that would seem to be beneficial in this driver is the elevated forgiveness to have several direct shot. Using this best driver for beginners with a slice can help you execute the play using different playstyle. Additional features include lightweight build, grip, and loft options.

Product Feature

  • Latest material and composition
  • Using geocoustic technology
  • With active speed pocket
  • One of a kind technology
  • Affordable
  • Not adjustable


The TaylorMade 460cc Driver is the best driver for beginners with a slice utilizing outstanding technologies. Moreover, this is not a deal-breaker so you would not have any problem with it at all.

Cobra F-Max Driver

best driver for beginners with a slicee

If you are looking for the best driver for beginners with a slice that has offset style, you could never go wrong with the Cobra F-Max Driver. Its design draws bias and aids with shot accuracy. Moreover, it is lightweight due to the shafts and swing weights. Due to this, it creates optimal speed for the shots and produces a curve to have a sliced shot.

Basically, in Cobra F-Max Driver, you can find that the back of the heel is the location of the center of gravity. Other features that make this driver a great pick are the crown alignment and the titanium face which imparts the impeccable quality of this Cobra F-Max Driver.

Product Feature

  • Crown alignment
  • Offset style
  • Back or heel center of gravity concentration
  • Ti-6-4 face
  • Excellent premium quality
  • Produces curved shots
  • Does not include clubface covering
  • Weak shaft


Actually, when you are looking for the best driver for beginners with a slice that comes with a clubface covering, then having the Cobra F-Max Driver is not a good choice. But, despite the inconvenience that you will experience here, this driver works smoothly in every circumstance and could perfectly give you a slice.

Pinemeadow PGX 10.5O Driver

best driver for beginners with a slice

Basically, if you will find Pinemeadow PGX 10.5O Driver in the market, you will be surprised with it being a new player in the industry. It uses excellent quality materials and the most innovative technology in giving the best driver for beginners with a slice. Despite being affordable, the center of gravity is weighted within the heel to avoid too much spin. Moreover, the Pinemeadow PGX 10.5O Driver has offset style and loft selection until a maximum of 14 degrees.

Aside from that, this best driver for beginners with a slice also includes a carbon fiber crown structure that enhances the ball speed and the distance. Another good thing to hear about this driver is that the weight is highly adjustable to comply with the swing. Moreover, addressing the ball properly makes the driver easy to align.

  • Offset style
  • 460 cc club head
  • Heel weighting gravity concentration
  • Adjustment and weighting are too complicated
  • Relative price

MAZEL Graphite Drivers

The new cup face style is one of the features that the MAZEL Graphite Drivers can boast for. It generally gives a high rebound that is very effective in offering extremely fastball speed over the face. Aside from that this best driver for beginners with a slice can cover a significantly average distance. An equally sharp shot also gives a good shot.

Moreover, the clubhead is extremely lightweight with a sturdy titanium material on the face. In addition to that, the face is thick that helps in lowering the weight of the driver. Generally, it also offers faster swing speed. The MAZEL Graphite Drivers have an overall volume of about 460cc having a low center of gravity.

Meanwhile, there is a removal of weight from the crown to place it properly in the low position. The speed channel is also present which actually aims to reduce the face thickness. It also offers increment in the ball speed.

Product Feature

  • Cup Face Style
  • Extremely lightweight head
  • Minimum center of gravity
  • With speed channel
  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable hold
  • Poor quality


You can generally hold the MAZEL Graphite Drivers conveniently as it is light in weight and have a comfortable grip. This is also really the best driver for beginners with a slice by being a forgiving one. Overall, its advantages and excellent features that it offers outweigh the build quality that had been complained by some golfers.

Frequently Asked Questions:


A: Keep in mind that the loft on the driver for amateur golfers highly depends on the average club head speed that is produced. However, within the said range, it is usually recommended for a beginner buying a driver that is in the range of about 12 to 14 degrees in loft. This range offers the optimal ball distance.


A: Inside the golf bag, you will generally notice that the driver is the lowest lofted club which produces the greatest ball speed at the same time. This combination of shots is the reason behind the difficulty of maintaining the tee shots within the fairway. Remember that shots create by the driver seem to get strayed in a higher degree compared to the shots produce with lofted irons of the lowest speed.


A: Generally, when you are just a beginner in the game of golf, players tend to come on over the top of the ball having an in/out swing pattern. There are many factors behind this error but starting on a little using an iron is the solution for this.


A: Average golfers always find hitting down the driver by launching it low and spinning it extremely. It is actually important to hit up on the driver so that the launch will be increased and lower the spin as you hit down and compress the ball. This will basically result in controlling with the irons.


A: It is actually inside the right foot where the weight should be concentrated. But, this is where most golfers tend to lose the power. The left body must shift the weight through the help of the lower part of the body. Basically, begin the downswing by sliding the right knee gearing on the target allowing the right elbow to get down on the right side.

Final Thoughts

The driver is usually the longest golf club inside the golf bag. Aside from that, the best driver for beginners with a slice generally acts to produce a slice. There are varieties of drivers available in the market today. But, buying one need the consideration of some important features such as design, feel, weight distribution, loft option, face angle, shaft, and other features that may come with it.

Moreover, when we speak of the golf driver, going after the premium quality is a good idea for investment in the long run. So, instead of buying an affordable one, it is better to risk your money on golf drivers that keep its durability and great features over the years.