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Wide Fitting Golf Shoes for Men – The Best of 5!

Many men golfers always find buying golf shoes as one challenging part of playing golf. Most of the time, they have to consider the width of their foot. And, it is generally painful to shop for the best golf shoes if you have wider feet compared to the normal. This is where the wide fitting golf shoes for men come in.

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We reviewed here five of the best golf shoes that are perfect for men golfers with wider feet. Basically, this means that if you are one of them, you can comfortably perform excellently as you find your exact match. So, if this sounds interesting for you, then you land on the right track!

What to Look for When Buying the Wide Fitting Golf Shoes for Men

Historically, golf shoes usually come with a narrow-toed feature. This is actually comfortable for those who have narrow feet. So, does this mean that golfers with wide feet may suffer the pain of wearing narrow-toed golf shoes? Before, that was the dilemma of men golfers with wider feet. Fortunately, manufacturers are becoming more versatile in producing golf shoes with a wider feature.

However, in order to play golf in a more enjoyable manner, the first things to have are shoes that generally support the feet and make it feel comfortable in any situation within the course. That’s why men golfers with wider feet need golf shoes that highly meet that requirement. But, it is important to remember that buying for new golf shoes involves numbers of features to consider.

Also, keep in mind that whenever you are on the green with uncomfortable golf shoes on, chances are getting into the ninth hole would be impossible. Yet, with having the appropriate wide fitting golf shoes for men, passing each hole would never be as hard as you think. Below are the important factors for consideration when you buy the wide fitting golf shoes for men.

1. Breathability

In terms of shoes, breathability equals comfort. If shoes are not breathable enough, users may experience excessive sweating on their feet. Actually, this may lead to potential problems later on. Moreover, as you along the green the feet can sweat too much very quickly.

To address this, the upper part of the wide fitting golf shoes for men must be composed of breathable material. This may generally help in maintaining the coolness of your feet all throughout the day. Additionally, it will also result in dry feet thus avoiding irritation.

2. Style

Actually, like other ordinary shoes, the style and design of the wide fitting golf shoes for men are also essential to look for. Yet, the appearance of golf shoes almost changes a little since the initial launch of these shoes. And, along with that modification, there also tends to have a variety of style choices.

Generally, the main style categories of the wide fitting golf shoes for men fall into the traditional and the athletic style. Most of the time, the traditional one is more costly and may stand for a long period of years. Meanwhile, the athletic shoes entail some functionality that the traditional golf shoes do not offer. 

Traditional Golf Shoes Style

As the name implies, the traditional shoes have that classic appeal and have thick leather as its material. These are highly durable and may last for more years. However, the important thing that you must have to consider when you opt to buy the all-leather golf shoes is its waterproofing ability. And, one drawback to take into here is that it is not breathable since leather material does not have a breathable feature.

Athletic Golf Shoes Style

You can generally consider having an athletic wide fitting golf shoe for men if you are more after breathability. Most of the time, the athletic wide fitting golf shoes for men have sporty looks making similarly alike with the daily cross-training or running shoes.

The advantages of using the athletic style golf shoes are flexibility, lightweight, and breathability. Aside from that, this is a perfect buddy during any types of outdoor conditions. And, this golf shoe may also have the waterproof ability that comes with it.

3. Material

Wide fitting golf shoes for men come out generally from materials that act to offer comfort. In conjunction with the style, the materials that made up wide fitting golf shoes for men also have two options – the leather and the synthetic.


When we speak of extreme durability, the leather would never be out of the number one spot. But, the all-leather wide fitting golf shoes for men can easily make the feet sweaty. On the other hand, this material guarantees that the upper part gives flexibility. Yet, this material also contributes to the high cost of the wide fitting golf shoes for men.


The synthetic materials which make and improve the golf shoes breathable feature are polyester and other lightweight materials. Generally, these wide fitting golf shoes for men tend to be lighter than that of the leather golf shoe style. And because of its lightweight, wearing it is highly comfortable. Yet, its main disadvantage compared to leather materials is that it is not that durable.

These wide fitting golf shoes for men are perfect companion while playing in hot weather. Moreover, it can also enhance the comfort of the user letting them enjoy playing for longer hours. And, compared to leather golf shoes, these are more affordable and a budget-friendly option than the leather golf shoes.   

4. Waterproof

Waterproof material that made up the wide fitting golf shoes for men basically maintain the dryness of the socks and skin. This applies true most likely when you step out on the green in the early morning as it is generally wet from morning dew.

5. Soles

Generally, the wide fitting golf shoes for men have various options to choose from. In addition to the design and qualities of the golf shoes, other features to consider include the soles type and the presence of spikes.


You may find some models of wide fitting golf shoes for men that have the presence of spikes below the outer sole. The spikes are generally beneficial for the players to walk easily and comfortably over any type of surfaces. Additionally, spikes or cleats under the sole enhance the golfer’s stability and traction. Moreover, the latest models of spiked shoes come with lightweight and more stable features.


The spikeless sole of the wide fitting golf shoes for men is generally the latest technology in the production of the golf shoes. These shoes usually have soles that are composed of either thick rubber or small spikes of rubber. Generally, the design acts to enhance traction without damaging the green. Because of this, the requirement of using spikeless golf shoes is already becoming a trend in the numbers of golf courses.

Since the spikeless golf shoes or rubber spiked shoes do not use metal spikes, these shoes are definitely lighter than the traditional style. Aside from that, another advantage of the spikeless golf shoes is the increase in comfort that it offers.

Plastic Spikes

Another good sole option for wide fitting golf shoes for men is the plastic spikes. Moreover, it is more common than the spikeless golf shoes and it is better for giving traction and stability. Yet, it will not also tear up the green as well. This type of wide fitting golf shoes for men also tends to be much lighter compared to the other two options.

6. Lining

There is also a shoe material that acts to make to the upper part of the wide fitting golf shoes for men waterproof. This material is actually known as the Gore-tex which is thick enough to be supportive and preventive of wetting the inside portion of the golf shoes. But, this material can cause too much sweating of the feet once used, so better to avoid it in countries with hot weather conditions.

7. Lacing

Even with an updated design and style, most wide fitting golf shoes for men come with the conventional lacing system. But, more golf shoes already involved the Velcro fastening technology that offers a more casual method of fastening the shoes. Basically, this lacing system becomes easier in securing and removing the shoes. However, the Velcro has the tendency to lose its sticking ability thus losing its effectiveness to close the golf shoes properly.

Moreover, the Velcro mechanism gives better stability as it prevents the wide fitting golf shoes for men to loosen up while having a round on the course. Basically, this is the common concern being faced by most golfers that still use the conventional approach of the lacing system. Meanwhile, this mechanical lacing technology is quite expensive since it has enhanced stability and comfort.    

The List of Wide Fitting Golf Shoes for Men

OUR TOP PICK: Callaway Men’s Golf Shoes

Product Name: Callaway Men’s Golf Shoes

Product Description: Basically, Callaway already established its name as the creator of top golf gears. And, it is no surprise that it also stepped-up to a new level in making outstanding models of golf shoes. Since time and technology is the recipe for producing this golf shoe, the Callaway Men’s Golf Shoes is one of the best within the market. It includes synthetic material making the upper portion of the golf shoes waterproof. This will basically help you to play golf regardless of the weather condition. Moreover, the lining on the inside part is made of mesh that acts to lower the heat to keep the feet cool and comfortable all day.

Availability: InStock

  • Comfort
  • Waterproof
  • Design


Generally, the Callaway Men’s Golf Shoes is better to make a grip excellently especially over slippery courses. The cushion that it has prevents the feet in getting sore resulting it to be a great wide fitting golf shoe for men.


  • With removable spikes
  • Highly comfortable
  • Waterproof


  • Not good for those with high-arches

Wide Fitting Golf Shoes for Men: RUNNER-UP

Adidas Power Golf Men’s Shoes

wide fitting golf shoes for men

When it comes to sports shoes, Adidas is already a well-known brand from Germany. Because of that, seeing amazing golf shoes bearing their brand is usually normal. The Adidas Power Golf Men’s Shoes is designed mostly for wide feet golfers.

This wide fitting golf shoes for men will allow you to experience extreme comfort plus a bouncy feel underneath the feet. So, staying long hours within the golf course is not as challenging as before.

Moreover, the spikes that it has are highly removable allowing you to change them if needed. And, a great feature that it has is the Adiwear traction surrounding the spikes giving better grip.

Product Features

  • With bouncy foam layer at the center
  • Provides great cushioning and extreme level of comfort
  • Combination of leather and synthetic materials
  • Includes Clarino microfiber for producing a climastorm upper construction
  • Highly comfortable
  • Removable spikes
  • Excellent grip
  • High maintenance leather material

Adidas Boost 360 Golf Men’s Shoes

wide fitting golf shoes for men

Another good candidate of wide fitting golf shoes for men from Adidas is the Adidas Boost 360 Golf Men’s Shoes. It has an additional cushion for an extra level of comfort. Aside from that, a particular torsion control is also present around the heel area.

The Adidas Boost 360 Golf Men’s Shoes is generally waterproof performing at their best while in the wet. However, this golf shoe collects grass in the green which may give a high potential of becoming slippery over smooth surfaces.

Product Features

  • Use Climaproof technology
  • Sole, which is highly removable, is made of synthetic material
  • Made of 100% high-quality leather
  • Excellent grip
  • Highly comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Costly

Sketchers Go Elite 3 Golf Men’s Shoes

wide fitting golf shoes for men

Generally, knowing Sketchers and knowing golf, you wouldn’t be able to realize that these two would collide. But the creation of the Sketchers Go Elite 3 Golf Men’s Shoes, the possibility of doing so turned into reality. Having this golf shoe would make you think that you are just wearing normal shoes because of the absence of spikes around.

Yet, there’s no need to worry because even so, this wide fitting golf shoes for men also have excellent grip. Its waterproofing feature generally makes Sketchers Go Elite 3 Golf Men’s Shoes a top-rated one. However, they only lack something around the tongue area.

Product Features

  • Spikeless wide  fitting golf shoes for men
  • The leather and synthetic materials perfectly combined
  • Upper portion is made up of leather materials which have decorated stitches
  • With TPU base sole for a more durable hold
  • Includes Resamax foamed insole
  • Waterproof
  • Flexible
  • Lightweight
  • Appropriate sizing is difficult to acquire

New Balance Men’s Comfort Spiked Golf Shoes

Similar to the Sketchers, New Balance is also another game-changer in the world of golfing and shoe manufacturing. With its New Balance Men’s Comfort Spiked Golf Shoes, it will give you the modern appearance of a boot at a reasonable price. The excellent comfort that this golf shoe offers is actually one of the favorites of the users making it the perfect wide fitting golf shoes for men.

Breathable waterproof material is what the upper portion of this golf shoe is made off. And, with just a good price, you can already have a golf shoe that greatly satisfies your needs and preference.

Product Features

  • Uses a super light FantomFit technology through a waterproof microfiber leather material on the upper portion of the golf shoes
  • With Exoskeleton TPU outer sole
  • The mid-sole is made up of REVlite substance which highly offers lightweight foaming
  • Insole uses CUSH+ technology for better comfort
  • Highly comfortable
  • Waterproof
  • Budget-friendly
  • Require the replacement of inner sole in some instances

Frequently Asked Questions


A: When you’re into the game of golf, wearing a pair of golf shoes offer a great difference. It basically supports you all throughout the game by the firmer base, highly flexible, and extremely stable features. However, using sneakers is good for some time like during a casual walk within the course, but as you hit the greens, it is actually better to put those golf shoes on.


A: Actually, an extremely tight fit golf shoes may make you feel uncomfortable on some occasions on the range. Perhaps, snug-fitting is one of the requirements of the golf shoes in order to avoid movements as you do the swing. The general rule is that you must provide half an inch between the tip of the big toe and the tip of the shoe.


A: Golf shoes also have the same mechanism, wearing method, and tearing process as regular shoes. So, this basically means that the golf shoes also have the tendency to stretched out and loosen with time. In order to securely fit the golf shoes as you walk over the range, tight fit shoes are actually good. However, if you are a person with high arches, buying insoles is a good option for comfortable walking.


A: Generally, most golf shoes are designed in according to the shape of the foot. The golf shoes usually have snug-fitting within the heel and a wider toe box at the same time. These features allow the user to move their foot fingers inside the shoes naturally while feeling comfortable. Moreover, there are golf shoe manufacturers that provide a size chart reflecting the length measurement of the barefoot.


A: Most of the professional golfers generally prefer wearing spiked golf shoes even those golf shoes featuring the conventional metal spikes. However, as a trend, many of the well-known golfers are already changing their preference to spikeless golf shoes.

Final Thoughts

Golf shoes also improve with time. From having the traditional style to the development of athletic design featuring the latest technology, the golf shoes already have lots of improvement. One of these is the birth of varieties of wide fitting golf shoes for men as an additional option in buying golf shoes. Actually, the shape of the feet basically has different curves and forms. That’s why even golfers with wide feet are suffering from pain when wearing normal golf shoes.

Moreover, buying this kind of golf-related products entails various features to take into account. These considerations include the breathability, style, and material, sole, lining, lacing, waterproof, and other features that may come with it. Aside from that, you must also come after high-quality golf shoes as it is a good option of investment in the long run. Having a pair of golf shoes of good quality that satisfy your needs actually helps you to have a comfortable playing and an excellent hit on the course.