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7 Top Golf Courses in Cabo, San Lucas

Are you planning a trip to Cabo, San Lucas? Bring your golf clubs and a camera to capture the beauty of your golfing experience.

Golf at Cabo San Lucas is one-of-a-kind. Many of the game’s most outstanding contemporary courses are on great terrain with sandy soils and spectacular shorelines.

It’s the ideal location to relax and have fun with your family and friends. Every photo you take will include a panoramic vista of Cabo, San Lucas. In addition, we’ve reviewed and compiled a list of the finest places to golf in Cabo, San Lucas, to help you narrow down your options for where to go and the most outstanding golf courses in the region. So keep reading and prepare a pen and paper because they will be on your list on your next golf vacation.

Cabo del Sol Golf Club

Golf Magazine selected Cabo del Sol as one of the top 100 courses in the world, and it is a true golfer’s paradise, with picturesque greens overlooking the glistening Sea of Cortez. At Cabo del Sol, the best in course design meets the highest US play standards in a breathtaking environment.

Quivira Golf Club

Quivira Golf Club has the most incredible seaside setting of any golf course, with breathtaking ocean vistas from every hole. It has rapidly established itself as one of the world’s greatest new courses. Quivira owners and visitors of Pueblo Bonito Golf & Spa Resorts get unique access to the golf course.

Cabo Real Golf Course

Cabo Real Golf Club and course is a 2,800-acre resort and residential development centerpiece with 3.2 miles coastline. It is a multi-themed, target-style course. Cabo Real’s lengthier back nine is a tremendous test of golf, with beautiful holes carved into desert slopes at the foot of rocky mountain peaks.

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Questro Golf

Questro Golf has established itself as the unchallenged leader in golf and is home to three world-class golf complexes. In addition, their golf courses have become the crowning element of each one-of-a-kind master-planned property. These characteristics ensure that Questro Golf communities remain the “must-play” golf destination for people visiting and residing in the area.

Eldorado Golf Club

At every bend, El Dorado Park Golf Course offers unbroken vistas of lush, beautiful surroundings. El Dorado Park Golf Course, nestled among rolling greens and beautiful trees, is undoubtedly the ideal location for organizing tournament fundraisers, elegant parties, or simply a peaceful day on the grass.

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Diamante Cabo San Lucas

Diamante is a haven of beauty, seclusion, elegance, and first-rate service. It boasts an extraordinarily distinctive and diversified mix of attractions, including two world-class golf courses. As you swing your club on the golf course, take in the magnificent beauty and serene elegance of the blue Pacific Ocean and gigantic dunes.

Cabo San Lucas Country Club

The Cabo San Lucas Country Club is only minutes from the Ultimate Mexico Vacation Destination of Cabo San Lucas; its clever design and challenging layout make it an excellent course for golfers of all ability levels. There are also spectacular vistas of the Sea of Cortez from almost every hole.

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Health Benefits of Playing Golf

Golf is not only a lot of fun, but it also has a lot of mental and physical advantages. Here are some of the intriguing benefits of taking up golf.

✔️Healthy Mind

Golf is great for your mental health. It keeps the mind awake and provides essential interpersonal interaction, among other mental health advantages.

✔️Lessen Stress and Anxiety

A simple walk in the fresh air boosts endorphin and serotonin levels, resulting in enhanced mood and lower levels of tension and anxiety. When combined with an escape from the stresses of daily life, the game may give a great deal of relaxation.

✔️Physical Fitness

Aside from mental health benefits, a game of golf may be an excellent element of a physical training regimen for players of all ages and genders.


In addition to the amount of walking required, the golf swing is excellent for delivering a full-body exercise. Each entire swing works the arms, legs, back, and tummy, with several repetitions during a round.

✔️Mental Alertness

Weighing the risk/reward factors of a given shot, tallying scores, and other aspects of the game all help to keep the mind alert.

✔️Disadvantages of Playing Golf

Golf is a trendy sport that millions of people all around the world enjoy. Moreover, playing golf may help us unwind from our hectic everyday lives. However, in addition to numerous other benefits, there are some drawbacks to golf.


One disadvantage of golf is that it may be highly costly. You will require a large amount of golf equipment, and the membership cost to play golf courses might be pretty high. As a result, if you are looking for a low-cost pastime, golf is not for you, and you should pursue other interests instead.


Golf is likewise not an easy sport to learn. In reality, getting the ball where you want it demands a high level of coordination, and learning such coordination abilities takes time. As a result, many individuals get dissatisfied with golf since they do not notice much improvement at first.


Another disadvantage of golf is that it is a time-consuming activity. If you want to excel at it, you may need to practice many times a week for a few hours, which few people are ready to put in.

✔️Personal Coach

To advance to the next level, you will most likely want the services of a professional golf coach who can teach you how to enhance your talents. Sure, there are some fantastic training videos on the internet that you should watch, but they may not be able to substitute for a competent golf instructor.

✔️Requires Equipment

To play golf, you will also need to purchase a large amount of equipment. For example, golf has many different golf clubs required. As a result, you must not only incur significant expenditures, but you must also transport a large amount of equipment.

✔️Lots of Practice

There is no other way to improve your golf game but to put in a lot of practice time. You will only get better if you put in the effort, like many other things in life. Unfortunately, however, many individuals are unwilling to do so. If you are reluctant to put in the work, especially initially, you will most likely never become a decent golfer.

Golf Facts You Should Know

❕Invented in Scotland

Golf was invented in 1457 by Scots. Nobody knows what happened in the sport’s early days. The most widely recognized hypothesis holds that People from the High Middle Ages pioneered the game.

❕It was Banned

Golf is no longer regarded as a rebellious sport. However, there was a period when it was. Between 1457 and 1744, golf was outlawed not once but three times in Scotland, and this was due to the government’s belief that it interfered with military training.

❕Tiger Woods Record

Tiger Woods hit his first hole-in-one when he was eight years old. He is a professional golfer, has had some intriguing exploits in the headlines. But one thing is sure: he’s a fantastic golfer.

❕Women’s Golf

Misogyny has a long history in sports. Golf is no different. As a result, the first round of women’s golf took place 400 years after the sport began. Musselburgh, Scotland, hosted the opening round, and the first women’s club happened in 1867.

❕Golf Balls

Consider striking a golf ball across a course made of leather. Back in the day, golf balls were composed of leather covered with feathers.

Why is Golf Unique?

Golf is a unique sport; thus, there are numerous peculiar features to the game.


You keep your score in golf. While most people, especially beginners, allow themselves some slack on the course or even “mulligans” (do-overs), it is in your best interest to keep yourself honest to notice the inevitable progress you will make the more frequently you get out on the course.


The location is essential and has a significant influence on your score. Each golf course has its distinct set of obstacles, ranging from slope and length to numerous hazards. Some courses are challenging, with long or narrow fairways, tricky greens, steep slopes, or complex hazards.


Even when you’re playing with or against others, you’re playing against YOURSELF. While some golfers are competitive and may even play for money, others go for the fresh air, exercise, and develop their abilities. Some golfers are highly friendly and do not even keep score. Regardless of the sort of golfer you are, you are constantly competing against your own best score.


Golf is a sport that both youngsters and centenarians enjoy. Youngsters junior golf clubs begin at size zero for children aged 3-5, and the pleasure never stops as long as you are mobile enough to get out on the course.

👍Golf Etiquette

Good manners are essential in golf, as they are in life. The fact that both experienced/advanced and completely inexperienced players may play together is made possible by a pretty well-established etiquette, which makes golf an extremely social activity as well as a terrific workout for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the cost of golf in Cabo San Lucas?

A: Depending on the season, green fees range from $110 to $285.

Q: How many golf courses can you find in Cabo?

A: There are 18 courses available.

Q: What exactly does “complimentary green fees” imply?

A: A green fee is the fixed charge golfers must pay at the pro shop or clubhouse to enter the course.

Q: Is golf a popular sport in Mexico?

A: Every year, over 700,000 golfers visit Mexico to play on one of the country’s numerous world-class courses.

Last Thoughts

If you want to broaden your golfing experience, Cabo San Lucas is the place to go. These locations provide the most outstanding courses and scenery when you swing those fantastic shots. You will thank us later if you visit one, two, or all of the locations on our list above. Cabo San Lucas boasts a breathtaking vista of nature that will excite you with every swing.

Please share with us your thoughts about golfing in Cabo, San Lucas, in the comment section.