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Hot Tip: What Causes Fat Shots in Golf?

Hitting a beautiful golf shot is one of the greatest emotions in sports. But a lot of things have to go right for you to hit the ideal shot, and one of the most common problems that golfers have is what’s known as striking the ball fat. Various golfers are wondering what causes fat shots in Golf?

A fat shot in Golf occurs when a golfer miscues his swing and chops the ground with his club prior to hitting the ball. Hitting your fat shot in Golf, the ball, may be expensive on your scorecard since the ball will only move a short distance after collision with the ground, costing you valuable yards on the fairway.

It is one of the difficulties that plague many golfers, but there are some easy remedies that we will look at and how you can get back to striking the ball more consistently. Let’s take a closer look at what causes fat shots in Golf.

Ball Positioning

A golf ball may be positioned in a variety of ways, depending on the stroke you’re playing or the sort of golfer you are. A lot of coaches will tell you to have the ball somewhat further front when you’re squatting. That way, the club will remain central to your body, allowing you to contact the ball at the appropriate time throughout the downswing and preventing fat shots in golf

However, many golfers hit the ball too far forward in their stance, causing them to hit it fat. If the ball is too far ahead, your swing arc will bottom out before you reach it, causing you to contact the ground too soon.

The easy answer is to just return the ball to your body’s central location. But don’t draw it back too far, or you’ll do the reverse and thin the ball by striking it too early in your downswing, resulting in a terrible connection and the ball spraying off low and fast.

Don’t try to broaden your viewpoint. On your address, keep your feet shoulder-width apart. Widening your stance shortens the distance between your body and the ground, but your club remains the same length, which means that when you bottom out, the length of the club to the ground becomes disproportionate, causing you to contact the ground too early.

Weight Transfer

Golfers who hit the ball fat frequently exert too much weight on their rear leg during the takeaway and downswing. Moving rearward on your downswing and pulling your hips out behind you can cause your weight to shift in the wrong way, favoring your back leg.

This will shift your swing arc back a few inches, forcing you to come down on the ball much sooner and narrower, chunking the grass too early.

The solution is more difficult and will feel awkward at first, but after you’ve learned appropriate weight transfer, you’ll notice yourself hitting vastly better golf shots and preventing fat shots in golf

During your backswing, be sure your weight is equally distributed over both feet. The more you lean on your rear leg on the takeout, the sooner your swing arc will fall down. Keep your body motionless and your weight evenly distributed across the ball.

Ultimately, you want to shift your weight onto your front leg on impact, moving your hips and pelvis into the shot and delivering your hands before making contact with the ball.

Finally, on impact, you should shift your weight onto your front leg, pushing your hips and pelvis into the shot and delivering your hands before making contact with the ball.


You will not strike the ball accurately if your head and body move too much throughout your swing. Many golfers who hit the ball fat have a tendency to crush down into the shot. Crunching up your body on the downswing causes your body to go closer to the ground, causing your club to contact the soil before the ball.

You wish to do the polar opposite. Keep your head and body as steady as possible until you make contact with the ball, at which point the natural action of your swing should force you to twist your pelvis into the shot, straighten your legs, rise up, then open your chest.

Also, when addressing the ball, don’t sag your knees too much. This will again decrease the distance between you and the ground, giving you a better chance of chunking your shot and preventing fat shots in golf

Tips for New Golfers

Thousands of new golfers have joined the game in recent months, as Golf cements itself as the ideal sport for the modern day. Here are some pieces of advice to help you kick start a career or a hobby in Golf.

✔️Solid Stance

Make a broad, firm, secure, and balanced posture. Create your own golf swing from the ground up.

✔️Strong Grip

Even when you’re not playing Golf, practice holding the club in the proper posture, bring a club into the home, and hold it for 30 seconds every time you pass past it; eventually, your hands will be properly wedded to the club.

✔️Range Sessions

Before you hit the course, practice your swing on the driving range. Each range session should contain at least 50 balls and last at least 30 minutes, with two practice swings for each ball and purposeful practice.

✔️Driver In The Bag

Begin with your pitching wedge and work your way through your bag of clubs, learning each one as you go. Avoid using a longer, more challenging club until you can hit the shorter ones consistently and confidently.

✔️Dead Aim

Not just for the feet but also for the knees, hips, shoulders, and clubface. Most right-handed golfers aim right, but this does not always imply that the ball will go right because their swing typically compensates for faulty alignment.

✔️Perfect Posture

Maintain good posture by tilting your hips rather than your waist.

✔️Down Swing

Almost every downswing flaw is caused by starting with the upper body rather than ‘bumping the hips.’ Consider skimming a stone or throwing a baseball and how the lower body initiates the movement, followed by the upper body.

✔️Use Plenty Of Loft

Practice using a short, lofted club to improve posture and ball hitting. Everyone gains confidence when they watch a beautiful high ball flight. A lack of loft encourages novice golfers to employ a damaging scooping motion to propel the ball skyward.

✔️Par 3 Course

Par 3 courses are excellent for honing your grasp of the game as well as your course management abilities. You’ll spend less time hunting for golf balls and more time honing those crucial short-game abilities.


There will be days when you will question why you are playing at all. There will be moments when you feel as though you are not progressing. Golf is an odd game, but if you are patient, it will always reward you.

✔️Chip Shots

When you’re a total beginner, starting with short chip shots will help you master the most fundamental and crucial basis of the golf swing: how to put the clubface on the golf ball.

✔️Stay Balanced

Swaying your golf swing back and forth will make it more difficult to place the clubface on the ball when you’re just starting out. Maintain your equilibrium throughout your swing, and always finish strong.

✔️Play Fast and Don’t Lose Your Temper

The majority of golfers don’t care how excellent you are at the game. You may be a superb golfer as well as an enjoyable player to play with. Maintain control of your temper and play quickly and then you’ll be a joy to play with.

✔️Have Fun with the Sport

It’s the most crucial. In the end, it’s only a game. It’s important to have fun and to enjoy the adventure.

Reasons Why You Should Play Golf

Here are the reasons why everyone should pick up a set of clubs and make an appointment to play around. It will soon become apparent that there is a golf game for everyone, so be ready to discover how this activity may help you.

👍Great Exercise

Playing Golf is a great approach to get in shape. A lot of time is spent on your feet, and you walk a lot. So, you’ll definitely meet your daily step targets.

👍Make New Friends

Even while playing Golf with a buddy is fine, you may also make new friends by playing Golf. Make it known to the clubhouse that you’re interested in joining other groups, and they’ll be delighted to connect you with others. There will be a celebration drink with a few new friends before you know it.

👍Character Builder

Golf may be difficult at times, and that’s part of the challenge. We, on the other hand, see this as a chance to develop character. Whenever you miss a putt or end yourself in the bunker, you have to make a decision. Your game will suffer if you get irritated, but you may also take a big breath and accept that life doesn’t always go as planned.

👍Business Relationship

The golf course may be the best place to strike a new business deal. Why? Simple. The game of Golf is popular among businesspeople. Because it is a wonderful method to exercise and get out of the office for a bit, it shouldn’t come as any surprise. Take up Golf if you want to advance in your job.

👍Experience the Great Outdoors

Whenever you play Golf, you’ll be outside. As a result, you’ll need lots of sunscreens, but you’ll also reap the benefits of spending time outside.

👍Challenge Yourself

Golf, on the other hand, is an individual sport. Many times you play against yourself in order to beat your own record. Making an effort and trying to perform better than the prior time is a lot of fun. Many things may be done to improve your game, so you can keep learning and become better at it.

👍Family Activity

Do you have children? Next time you go golfing, why not invite them along for the ride? It is possible to walk the course with your children if they are old enough. For younger children, you can aid them using a golf cart to get them to their destination. For this reason, there is no need to limit your children’s golf activities to the putt-putt course.


When playing alone, this is especially true. Everything else seems to go away when you’re all alone with your club and the ball. This way, you’ll be able to focus solely on getting the ball in the hole. Taking a break from work or home might help you put things in perspective.

👍Better Health

You may enhance your health on the golf course by doing all of these things at the same time. However, even better relationships can have a good influence on your health.

Frequently Asked Questions about Fat Shots in Golf

Q: What Is A Golf Shot Thinning?

A: Not to be confused with the term “hitting it big.” The ball is struck too early in your downswing when you hit a thin shot, generally with the butt of your clubface high up on the ball. As a result, the ball’s trajectory will be drastically altered.

Q: What golf swing fault creates a fat shot?

A: A thin or fat shot is generally caused by having your swing center too far behind the ball at contact.

Q: When striking irons, where should your weight be?

A: When using an iron, your stance should be narrower, and your weight should be evenly distributed on both sides.

Q: Can’t stop hitting behind the ball?

A: On the takeout, a typical mistake is to whip the club inside and excessively twist the hips. To avoid this, feel as though the hands, arms, and club all move as one during the takeout.

Q: How much turfs Should I Use for My Divot?

A: You’re doing something incorrect if you’re taking a deep piece of ground out after you’ve hit your shot. Taking too much turf indicates that you are too low to the ground; attempt to stand up over the ball more, straighten your knees, and hold your club higher up.

Q: Should I Hit The Ground Before Shooting From A Bunker?

A: The tour experts recommend hitting a few inches behind the ball when playing out of the sand. This allows you to loft the ball above the bunker’s lip, add spin to the stroke and prevents you from topping the ball.

Final Thoughts

It is not difficult to address the problem of hitting a fat shots in Golf. It’s simply a matter of fine-tuning your swing arc by improving your weight shifting and movement over the golf ball to assist you in contact with the ball better before you reach the ground. Don’t forget to rethink how you address the ball. Is your stance very broad? How can I make the perfect draw shot? Is the ball being pushed too far forward? Small changes to your game might have a significant impact on your scorecard.

Are you planning to explore the world of Golf? Here is a guide for a novice like you.

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