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What is Short Game in Golf? Guide 2021

Most novice golfers would ask ‘what is short game in golf’? For an overview, a short game in golf is usually golf shot that is located within 100 yards of the greens. Aside from that, a short game in golf is typically an important tool in playing golf successfully.

In this blog post, we will share the meaning behind the short game in golf and the short shots involve in playing inside the greens. Moreover, we will also give you the importance of making short golf shots and the proper ways of enhancing those shots. So, to be successful in playing golf, check the following short game in golf that you need to know.

What is Short Game in Golf? The Definition

Basically, if you are asking what is short game in golf you may find that it is one of the categories under golf shots. This usually results from a golfer who resides close to the green or inside the green. Moreover, if you notice shots coming within the 100 yards which is the opposite of those within the long game category, then this will generally determine what is short game in golf. With that, the shots on the greenside bunker and the putting usually belong to the short game.

In case the shots of the golfer under a good short game exhibit finesse and accuracy, surely, the golfer will shine. In conjunction with that, the ability to recover from methods missing the green will also achieve the golfer’s success. Golfing gear such as short clubs or wedges will also contribute to the golfer’s excellence.

What is Short Game in Golf in Terms of Shots?

Below are the shots that usually belong to the short game in golf. Come and check them one-by-one.


Generally, the pitch is a golf strategy that results from the golfer hitting the ball high using a high lofted club. This usually ends up landing softly over the green. As its name implies, the pitching wedge is highly responsible for producing the pitch shots. However, this is not a strict restriction to follow.

Pitch and Run

In case the golfer limits the increase of the pitch shot, this is usually the time that the pitch and run technique work. Typically, the goal for this is to make the ball land just prior to its rolling over a good distance gearing the hole. During windy environmental conditions, the pitch and run are generally beneficial. Moreover, pitch and run are also good for hard grounds where it permits the bouncing and rolling of the ball rather than falling gently close to the landing area.


Another shot that defines what is short game in golf is the chip. This usually occurs when the ball falls on the grass near the green. The golfer’s requirement for executing a chip is generally the high lofted club like the wedge. Popping the ball into the green where rolling takes place most likely towards the hole is the goal of this shot.

Usually, there is a restriction within the swing motion of the short shot. This is due to the position of the golfers who are too close to the green and the holes around it during the chip shot. Most of the time, the movement of the chip tends to be similar to that of a putt.


What happens during chip-in? Actually, it is a type of chip shot that permits the travelling of the ball into the hole and landing into it after getting struck. Luckily, during the chip-in, the golfer doesn’t need a putter to follow on his shot off the green.

Bump and Run

Another shot that helps to identify what is short game in golf is the bump and run. Here, the golfer needs to hit the ball by making it hop with a little distance prior to rolling into the further distance. The best golfers position for this shot is within the short distance not too close to the green. Aside from that, there should be no trouble areas around the ball’s trajectory after landing.


Usually, a flop shot occurs when the golfer strikes the ball too high within the short distance. The lob wedge which is an example of the high lofted club is the one being used here. Usually, the ball needs to rest closely where it landed within the green which it really aims for.

Meaning to say, this just ensures that the ball does not rotate farther after falling within the green. The flop shot is generally beneficial while standing close to the green but in a position facing the obstacle in the middle of the ball and the green. Aside from that, if the speeds of the green are generally high the flop shots are also advantageous.

Bunker shot

To further define what is short game in golf, the bunker shot is generally a term used to describe a shot performed by the golfer. Usually, in this shot, the golfer sees himself while in the sand bunker and uses that shot to get through it. If ever the bunker runs down beside the green, the shot is known as the greenside bunker shot.

Normally, a high lofted club helps the golfer to execute a good level of bounce known as a sand wedge. During the greenside bunker shot, the clubhead works entirely below the ball. However, the clubhead will not get in touch with the ball. Yet, the sand between the ball and the clubhead will do the ball pushing upward into the air.

On the other hand, the fairway bunker shots are bunker shots executed by the golfer who is at a far distance from the green. However, in this kind of bunker shot, the golfer does not need to make use of the sand wedge.

Blast or Explosion

The blast is generally the shot coming from the sand bunker that transmits both the ball and the sand in the external part of the bunker.


Any shot performed through a putter is the putt shot. Generally, the green uses this kind of shot in which the last hits can send the ball directly into the hole.


Usually, the lag shot occurs once the goal of the golfer is to send the ball near to the hole and not directly inside the hole. Most of the time, the lag putt is helpful during difficulties within the putt that is actually impossible to hole it in a single stroke. Another scenario in which you can use the lag putt is in times of utilizing dual putts that are sufficient to succeed in the competition.


The off-green putting may also help in defining what is short game in golf as it generally refers to the usage of a putt within a shot. During this putt, the ball is usually placed on an external part of the green like the fringe, rough, or fairway. In case the chip is difficult, the off-green putt can be a great alternative.


Performing the up-and-down shot happens when there is a series of two-shot of a chip succeeded by a putt that transfers the ball to the hole. Usually, the ‘up’ in this shot refers to getting the ball up within the green until to the chip. Meanwhile, the ‘down’ means dropping the ball down the hole which will then be followed by a good putt.


Doing a series of two strokes of bunker shot succeeded by a putt that transfers the ball inside the hole is known as the Sandie. Generally, this series is oftentimes compared to the up-and-down. However, the difference is that instead of a chip on the first stroke, it is actually a bunker shot. Most of the time, the Sandie will typically restrict the golfer to get himself into danger. Few times, this shot could basically be saved par.  

What is Short Game in Golf? The Importance

If you are into golfing, you basically aim to create beautiful swings using the driver or making the ball fly for hundreds of yards within the fairway. Wanting to achieve this, many golfers end up striping down the game within the middle or take up golf classes online.

Yet, hitting good drives is not actually enough to shoot a good score. Keep in mind that this is just a start of it. What is short game in golf means to have a well-rounded game to reach the goals. Below are some important points based on short game in golf.

*Lots of opportunities

In playing golf, you will generally try to use the short game as much as possible in every hole not unless if your hole is out of the fairway. Generally, the normal 18-hole golf session mostly includes more than 30 short golf shots. So, if you want to know what is short game in golf, then it could be playing lots of golf shots or more than that for beginners. Playing online games is also providing lots of opportunities. For example, at the icecasino platform, you will find a broad range of games and enticing offers, including a welcome bonus. Visit and start an exciting and rewarding journey filled with entertainment.

*No complicated computation

Hitting short golf shots generally means improving the scores once you already improve the area. Actually, the computation for this is so easy. For example, in the succeeding 18-holes, there are eight greens within the regulation that you hit. With this, you will lose ten greens and get ten chip shots as an outcome.

Moreover, there will be a number of strokes to be added to the score if there is a single up-and-down from the ten opportunities. In case you already enhance the short game and get six up-and-downs, it will result in shaving five strokes within the card without modifying your swing.

*Enhance confidence

what is short game in golf

Generally, if you have an idea of what is short game in golf, then there’s no surprise that improving it will give a great impact on your scores. In addition to that, you can also boost your confidence in the full swing by enhancing the short game at the same time. This is actually possible by standing back within the fairway and hit the up-and-down in case you lose the green. With this, you can generally relax and produce a free swing using the iron.

How to Enhance the Short Game in Golf?

Now that we have an idea about what is short game in golf, here we have some tips from the pros on the proper way to enhance the short game in golf.

1-Have gentle hands in executing the chip shots

Generally, over tight grip is the most common mistake committed by amateur golfers. In reality, the grip is basically a round-changer as it can make it or break it. This applies true mostly when you already have an idea of what is short game in golf.

The number one tip is in terms of the chip shot in which you need to make your hands gentle. Just try to have a grip within a scale of 4 to 5. Basically, this grip scale will help relieve the pressure within the arms and wrists. Afterwards, keep an eye on the basic chipping posture such as maintaining the straightness of the back and highness of the chin.

2-Permit body rotation

what is short game in golf

Basically, knowing what is short game in golf may lead us to identify the included short shots such as the chip and pitch. With these two, moving your whole body is actually not a requirement. However, if you really want to have a solid connection with the ball, then rotating your body forward while you swing is highly crucial.

Primarily, begin with swinging the clubhead in the back position. In order to trigger the downswing, just kick the right knee going to the left knee. Doing this will allow freedom for the whole right part of your body. Moreover, it will also help the body in rotating smoothly via swinging.

3-Look for the appropriate pace

If you gear towards the ball using high speed, then you are already committing a novice mistake. Typically, both the speed and power are important off the tee. However, within the short game in golf, it needs to take the other side of the coin.

Just make it slowly and do not rush the ball. What you’ll need is to have a comfortable grip and make your hands gentle. Also, take a deep breath before counting off. Start the count on one once making the top of the backswing and follow it by two within the downswing.

4-Get help with the bounce

Basically, if you want to use the pitch shots, you have to use the natural bounce once it gets down the green. This will generally help you to take the ball closer to the target. You just need to ensure that the hands are in-line with the clubhead. Afterwards, press them towards the front like that of the clip shot. Doing this will guarantee that the club won’t get trapped on the grass.

5-Keep an eye on the left arm

Another important way of improving the short game in golf is to focus on your left arm. Keep in mind that the left arm is responsible for controlling your action during chipping. Knowing this, target to have a dimple at the back of the ball and consider hitting it using the middle part of the clubface.

In this case, allow your left arm, wrist, and the hand to be the leader of the movement for the backswing. Also, let the left portion of your arms make it through as it is in direct contact with the ball.

Final Thoughts

What is short game in golf is usually identified through taking short golf shots. Those shots should involve finesse and accuracy in order for the golfer to outshine within the greens. Luckily, there are numbers of short shots in golf that you need to take into account so that you can successfully achieve your goal.

Moreover, the short game in golf is also beneficial and caters some advantages to the golfer. This basically includes opportunities, absence of complicated computations, and boost confidence. Knowing that it is also important to follow the proper ways of improving the short game in golf. Doing so will generally help you to be successful within the greens.