Top 10 Reasons to Learn How to Play Golf

Before heading right into the the reasons to learn how to play golf, let us first talk a little bit about the sport. Golf is one of the most favorite sports around the world. People from different backgrounds find themselves enjoying this famed club-and-ball game which challenges the golfer’s ability to put the balls inside a series of holes in the least amount of swings as possible. The most exciting part of it is that it doesn’t have a standardized playing area. Meaning that the greatest challenge is to cope with the varying terrain in the utilized courses.

Contrary to its reputation as a “lazy man’s” sport, golf surprisingly has a lot of benefits to give. So it might actually be a good idea for you to learn how to play golf if you still don’t know how.

Here is a list of 10 reasons as to why you should try golf. I bet that by the end of this, you will have a change of heart and already think of the nearest golf course to you.

1. Chance to be Outdoors

These days, a greater portion of the world population is stuck behind computers or inside cubicles and offices for varying kinds of work. At the same time, with a lot of things going on around, it is easy to despise the outside world with all the stress and noise. It is easy to forget that the outside has its beauty too.

Golf courses are built in wide and majestic landscapes which showcase the beauty of the outdoors. You will be surrounded by a lot of greens and green is scientifically proven as a color which has the ability to relax your eyes. Think about the amount of time you have your face in front of a computer screen, a television, or a mobile phone. What a tremendous amount of stress to give to your eyes! Also, golf courses are big, so it is therefore a fresh change from the cramped and close space you are so used to in your work. Isn’t a bit of change good from time to time?

2. Opportunity for Relaxation

Even though it is a competitive sport, golfers can relax while engaging in this because it is slow paced in nature. You might have a lot of time while waiting for the player or team before you, so it is a good activity to release all the built up stress inside your body. You will have a plenty of time to clear your mind of tangled thoughts as well.

Add all of that to the amazing view and the breath of fresh air surrounding you, you are definitely in for a treat.

3. Good Exercise

As stated in the beginning of this article, golf is often called as the “lazy man’s” sport because it doesn’t require too much movement from the golfer unlike other known competitive sports. Despite of this, it is still a good exercise for the body. Clutching the club and then controlling it to give the swing that will land the ball into the desired hole entails strength on the arm and upper body muscles. At the same time, a full golf course with 18 holes involves a total walk of around 5-6 miles. Walking is known to be a good physical activity. Now walking for that amount of distance is another thing. What a good workout, right? You are working both your upper and lower extremities!

4. Good Low-Impact Activity

Some people just don’t like activities that are too risky. They rather prefer those which would still require them to move their body but not too much. Sports where the possibility of injuries are high, especially of the joints, tendons, and ligaments, are usually a “no-no” to them. It is understandable and normal to back away from such activities.

Golf, on the other hand, perfectly gives them the chance to do what they want within the scope of their ability and comfort. A swing here and there isn’t that hazardous as well as the actual walks. You won’t break too much sweat so guess what, you would still look fresh! The sun exposure might be a little harsh on you but still, the not-ragged-look would endure.

5. Challenges your Mind

Another good reason to consider how to learn to play golf is this one. A golfer has to think of the right move to successfully land the ball inside the hole and complete the entire course as fast as possible. The sport will be won over by the golfer who has made the lowest number of strokes called a stroke play or the lowest score on the most individual holes in a complete round by an individual or team known as a match play.

This type of challenge is good for the mind as it forces it to strategize, thus paving way to learning numerous skills along the way. Remember that it is not just the body which needs a good challenge. Our brain wants the charge too!

6. A Good Social Activity

You can meet lots of people when you decide to learn how to play golf. You can encounter people from different walks of life and socializing from time to time is always good. We are designed to have relationships and connections with others, so a small talk here and there is nice. Even if you are someone who is deeply introverted, engaging a bit with new acquaintances will do you good.

7. Building Networks

Now this one is funnily obvious. If you are fond of television shows or movies, you will discover how there are a lot of scenes where wealthy businessmen go to golf courses for the sole purpose of meeting prospective partners. They bond while playing and then subtly input business talks or proposals of such nature. This way, such dialogues won’t feel intimidating but rather friendly which is a better way to go.

Playing golf allows you to market who you are and what you do to individuals who you think you can help. It also applies the other way around. You can find people who can do something for your business as well. Whatever the case, you can build a network that is surely important especially if you are passionately career oriented.

8. Building Camaraderie

If you aren’t in it for business, to learn how to play golf can still give you another kind of network. It can give you the opportunity to make real, close friends. The golf course might be the place where you can meet the best kind of people or those who are into the same things as you. Who knows?

9. Building Patience

Even though the sport is slow paced and low-impact, it is a frustrating game by nature because it is easy to learn but hard to master. You might swing the club too weakly that the ball won’t even reach the hole or you might swing too much and it goes way far. It can also be almost near the hole but still didn’t make it. See? It can really be irritating most of the time. While it tests your strategizing skill, it ultimately tests your patience which we all know is an honorable virtue to have.

The patience that you will be able to learn and cultivate in this sport can later be utilized in the other aspects of your life.

10. Opportunity for a Good Challenge

In this generation where depression and anxiety are sadly and unfortunately epidemic, we all need distractions from negative thoughts and emotions that drown us. This is where distractions come into play. The only thing is that we don’t need just any kind of distractions but rather good ones.

Golf as well as any kind of sport is a good kind of distraction that gives a lot of advantages to anyone who decides to try it.

Final Words

So there you have it! The ten reasons why you should learn how to play golf. These encompass physical, mental, emotional, psychological, and social well-being. Look at that! It just shows how trying the sport is a win-win in all levels. Also, did I mention that these are only some of the reasons and that there are so much more? Yes! Who knows, maybe you have an innate talent for it and you might be the next Tiger Woods! Did the thought of being a legend ever cross your mind? If not, think about it now because all things are possible.

Now, if you decided to try it because this blog post persuaded you (which I know to be true), the best way to learn golf is by actually doing it. There are plenty of golf trainings available. There are actually indoor trainings where a professional can teach you with a replica of a real outdoor golf course. These are actually for fun and leisure purposes but still impart knowledge about the basics of golf. Surely, there is one or two in your local area or in any area nearby. If you want to bypass it, you can just go to a real golf course and observe seasoned golfers.

Gather all the equipment you need and be ready to enter the golf course full of wonderful possibilities.

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